How Many Keys Are on a Gaming Keyboard?

How Many Keys

Learn how many keys are on a gaming keyboard with a breakdown of 4 types of keyboards, the 5 types of keys on each, the 3 different keyboard layouts used in different regions, and their distinguishing features.

What Is a Gaming Keyboard & Tips To Choose One

what is a gaming keyboard

Find out exactly what is a gaming keyboard by checking out their 4 main features, 5 differences between gaming & regular keyboards, 5 tips making them worth it, and 4 tips for deciding which one to buy.

Differences Between Keychron vs. Other Gaming Keyboards

Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards

Find out the differences between Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards and why Keychron keyboards are good for gaming. Also learn about the different Keychron options available, and how they compare with Logitech gaming keyboards.

Tips To Use a Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox Cloud Gaming

mouse and keyboard for Xbox

Our tips to use a mouse and keyboard for Xbox Cloud Gaming explain the 5 steps to connect Xbox xCloud Gaming, 7 tips for choosing an Xbox keyboard & mouse, and which keyboards and mice to choose from for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Tips To Choose a Left-Handed Gaming Mouse

left handed gaming mouse

Find out how to choose a left-handed gaming mouse by checking out why you may need one, 7 tips to choose a left-handed gaming mouse, how to change a mouse from right to left, and what an ambidextrous mouse is.

Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

ergonomic gaming mouse

See our tips to choose an ergonomic gaming mouse to know exactly what it is, why you need one, the different types to choose from, and how to choose an ergonomic gaming mouse for comfortable & optimal gaming.

E-Gaming Keyboard Layout Tips and Tricks

e gaming keyboard layout

Find out how to choose the right e-gaming keyboard layout by comparing the functionalities, advantages and disadvantages of full-size, tenkeyless, and 75% – 40% keyboards for optimized gaming & work.

Benefits of Gaming With a Keyboard on Your Lap

gaming with a keyboard on your lap

Find out what the benefits of gaming with a keyboard on your lap are and what the disadvantages are, when to use a lap desk and how to choose the right lap desk for your work and gaming requirements.

Gaming Keyboard Recommendations That Fit Your Needs

gaming keyboard recommendations

We share gaming keyboard recommendations that would fit your needs including 7 reasons why you need one, what features your gaming keyboard should have, and we provide 3 great examples with their features and downsides, to help you choose.

What To Do When a Gaming Keyboard Is Not Working 

gaming keyboard is not working

We explain what to do when a gaming keyboard is not working including 7 reasons why it’s not working, the steps to fix each, and the tools needed to fix a gaming keyboard as well as a mechanical keyboard.

Can You Use a Gaming Mouse as a Regular Mouse?

Use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse

Can you use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse? We compare their similarities and differences, how to choose, what makes a gaming mouse good for gaming, and when you shouldn’t use it for work.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Clean a Gaming Mouse

clean a gaming mouse

We show you tips and tricks to clean a gaming mouse including all the tools you will need, all the steps to follow, and also how to clean a mouse pad so that your mouse will work optimally and last.

Gaming Mouse Specs – A Quick Guide

gaming mouse specs

We guide you through 14 gaming mouse specs including pros and cons, how to prioritize specs, and what kind of gaming mouse offers these features so that you can choose the right one for your gaming needs.

Easy Gaming Mouse Quality Tests & DIY Tips

gaming mouse quality test

We explain what gaming mouse quality tests mean and how you can test your gaming mouse yourself. We look at quality, hardware, build, wear, and what to look for in a mouse for your specific type of gaming.