6 Best Gaming Mice for Big Hands [ Top 2022 Picks ]

Do you wear out after having the struggle to choose a new gaming mouse for every new game? Do you face struggles playing games with your big hands? Having the wrestle to control the game with your traditional, average optical mouse exhausts you? You are currently in dire need of the best gaming mice for big hands.

Having the best attributive features, including the velocity, acceleration, and accuracy, makes the gaming mice a lead over the conventional mice. These unconventional gadgets are significant for playing awesome games for their quick and brilliant response system. Moreover, the size, shape, usability, and outlook can influence the user, keeping in mind the compatibility of its usage.

In the contemporary era, gaming has taken the world to the heights of technological advancement. Those lagging in the field are out of the gaming competition. For this purpose, you need quality, extraordinary, yet budget-friendly mice for all your games that can assist you in achieving your respective goals.

How can you search for the best gaming mice for big hands? Well, for that, you need in-depth research and your priorities. This article presents a list of best quality mice for big hands within the specified budget that you are comfortable with impaired with the buying guide. Hence, the result will always be influenced by your priorities and demands.

Best Gaming Mice for Big Hands in 2021

  1. Best Overall: Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse
  2. Best Wireless: Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Mouse
  3. Best Budget: Redragon – Wireless Mouse
  4. Best Optical: Razer DeathAdder Elite
  5. Best Grip: Logitech G602 Twister Mouse
  6. Best for PC: Razer Mamba Elite Wired Mouse

1. Best Overall: Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse

Steelseries Rival Gaming Mouse

The unique and innovative design of the Rival gaming mouse makes the best selling among its competitors. Its detachable cable provides it a benefit of bothering with the cable even during traveling. The button placement is unique, and the user gets used to it after some usage. One of the unique features is the adjustable side that is magnetized and can be detached from each side.

The overall performance is extraordinary if you look at the quick response system and a built-in optical sensor. All these mentioned features provide side, wide and sharp movements. It is incredibly efficient for one player or multiplayer games and provides a broad experience. Moreover, it’s easy to grip, and comfortable use makes it one of the best and user-friendly.

The weights that are notable for the performance and easy movements are also responsible for some issues. With the vast movement, it produces the presentable matter of adjusting the weights and having them in place. This is the primary reason for any lag, users might find.

Having good performance potential and sensory abilities, this Rival gaming mouse has space for improvement in its DPI and software. Most people don’t find the DPI troublesome but invite a substantial advancement in the software on finding its average working.

  • Innovative design Adjustable weights Quick movements Brilliant sensors
  • Average software Weight issues

If you are searching for a wide movement mouse for multi-gaming, this Steelseries Rival is one of the best option under $100 in the market. With its sleek design and innovative technology, this can provide a pleasant experience with its intelligent sensors having the ability to respond quickly. Its efficiency, inaccurate, and wide movement potential makes it the ideal choice for you.

2. Best Wireless: Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Mouse

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

The design of the G903 is a smark, aggressive, sharp, yet sleek black design with overall plastic and the rubber lining. The spot-on materials make it better to use and work. It has a matte finish with an average weight that can be removed. The mouse is not heavy with high portability.

The mouse has wire, although it is not necessary. It is portable and lightweight, where the weight can be removed from the mouse. It is exceptionally comfortable and easy to use because it is not specifically designed for any movements. Hence, it aids all types of users with no significant issue.

The performance is extraordinarily perfect, with its excellent sensor having maximum DPI. Its superior acceleration with the quality movements allows it to prove itself among the competition. The working is smooth and presents a lag-free experience without any latent movement or hurdle during the multiplayer game.

It provides customizable and removable buttons. The magnetized and detachable buttons work on personal preference. Moreover, the vertical wheel offers support to the overall game with a slight tilt or a slant. This slant helps in the grip of the mouse and provides extravagant experience.

  • Excellent design Brilliant performance High-end materials Portable User-friendly
  • Expensive than usual

If you are upto give some dollars above your previous fare in exchange for quality and efficiency, this Logitech G903 is the tailor maid mouse for you. It is one of the best gaming mice for big hands in the market with its comfortable use and firm grip. Moreover, the efficiency and performance potential take the game up to avoid any lag or unpleasant experience in the usage.

3. Best Budget: Redragon – Wireless Mouse

Redragon - Wireless Mouse

The Redragon is famous for its comfortable usage and sheen design. Keeping in mind the price range, this mouse is above average in its looks and design. It contains all plastic and rubber material that has a sheen, glossy texture on the mouse.

On using, it feels comfortable and produces no sharp edges that can disturb the user from any unpleasant experience. Moreover, it is made for right-hand users impaired with its usage by the claw grip and palm grip users. It is a plus point in its creation and innovative design.

This mouse offers its own official company Redragon Mirage software, that can assist the user. From the software, you can enhance and customize all the necessary features you want in your mice’s movement. From the precision to the DPI, this software offers a wide range of customizable features.

DPI is above average in this case, with its high technology in the software. The user can change the settings and opt from the existing six DPI from the system. However, you cannot enter your DPI that can be a problem for the few users but not a big issue.

Besides, it has an AA battery with a wireless system that can facilitate the user. However, you cannot go far away because of connectivity issues. The overall performance is a win-win with its innovative design. The optical sensor, DPI, and the software are excellent for this mouse.

  • Excellent design User friendly Customizable software Long battery Performance potential
  • A bit latency

The Redragon is a well-developed mouse having potential in performance. If you are searching for excellent design with a long battery and intelligent software, this is an ideal situation for you. It can provide an extraordinary experience with its comfortable usage that is the primary reason for it among the best gaming mice for big hands.

4. Best Optical: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer Deathadder is a simple yet efficient outlook mouse in the market with high-end plastic material. Its solid plastic makes it easy to control, and a slight curve or slant on the mouse makes it comfortable to grip and promote a horizontal grip. However, there isn’t any healthy weight optimization system that can influence the performance of the mouse.

It is specifically designed for right-handers. However, this is excellent for the right-hand users and users with big hands impaired with the finger or palm grip. In contrast, the mouse is the only-wired mouse that can lack the portability option. This is the primary reason it is not suitable for traveling.

The sensor is the LED optical sensor that does not work on glass. Still, the performance potential of the Razer Deathadder is above average. Its attributive features of DPI, macro programs, controlled acceleration, and the velocity can facilitate the user. In return, it provides sharp and wide movements.

The software in this particular case is above average and assists the user in different dimensions. However, the problems are still associated with the working of the software, including the multiplayer profiles and other features. Also, it is compatible with the Window as well as Mac that is a plus feature of this mouse.

  • Innovative design High-end materials Excellent performance Comfortable use
  • Lacks software features Only wired mouse

If you are hunting for the best optical gaming mice for big hands, this is probably the ideal and win-win situation for you. This mouse can provide you with an extraordinary experience in terms of performance and its user-friendly nature. The innovative design and the up-to-the-mark material used in this mouse can be simple but provide no space for flaws.

5. Best Grip: Logitech G602 Twister Mouse

Logitech G602 Twister Mouse

The extraordinarily significant and notable feature in the creation of Logitech G602 is its battery life of 125 hours. It gives an AA battery with a healthy outlook and a wireless design. The wireless system makes it portable with adjustable weights. The weights can be reduced to increase the performance potential and movements.

Logitech is famous for its built-in software with the USB extension. The USB extension is fed into the computer to install the software. The software is innovative and provides customizable features. The features have a controlled DPI, macro programs, and other settings based on your preference.

The overall performance of this mouse is extraordinary in almost all dimensions. With its quick response system and the lag-free experience, the mouse offers broad movements with incredible results free from any hurdle. However, in the case of first shooters, the mouse does not give an up-to-the-mark performance. This is a trivial matter, but overall the skills are unmatched.

This also provides an excellent and comfortable use for multiplayer as well. It’s easy to grip, makes it perfect for unique users, including the users with big hands or right hands. It is also suitable for the palm and the finger’s grip.

  • Unique design Portable design Excellent software Brilliant performance Comfortable use
  • Low DPI

Hence, in the end, G602 is the best potential competitor for fortnite if the user is concerned with efficient performance and vital capacity. It’s easy to use, and portable design impaired with the excellent performance factor makes it one of the best gaming mice for big hands. Hence, having no major problem, this Logitech is suitable for every kind of user in a unique way.

6. Best for PC: Razer Mamba Elite Wired Mouse

Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse

The design of Razer Mamba Elite is a sleek black mouse with lights going through the body that makes the outlook professional and polished. The high-end plastic material is used overall. However, a small issue in the scrolling might be faced by the users.

The mouse is perfect pc mouse for the right-handers and the users with big hands. It has an easy grip and gives a comfortable experience while using it. The slight slant material makes it better for scrolling. However, it is not portable because of the wired nature of the mouse.

The overall performance is efficient, including the optical sensor present in the mouse. The CPI, DPI, Velocity, and distance between the points provide a range of broad movements with an enhanced experience. One of the plus points of this mouse is its performance potential. Moreover, no latent experience or lag is experienced by users.

This is only a wired mouse with a cable. The cable is a long and traditional design with a braided outlook. However, the desk might feel rigid if there is a small place. But it can give you a long-distance experience.

  • Innovative design Excellent performance Comfortable use Extraordinary buildup Lightweight
  • Only wired mouse

If you are searching for a typical yet extravagant mouse within a specific criterion and budget, this Mamba Elite is significant for you. It provides an excellent experience with its extraordinary and elite design. Having the slanting structure and perfect buildup with performance potential can offer you what you desire. Lastly, it can be considered best gaming mouse for small hands due to its composition.

Additionally, you’re going to want to learn the tips for choosing a gaming mouse for large hands in addition to performing these easy gaming mouse quality tests to ensure you’re getting the right mouse for your gaming needs. Furthermore, you will be interested to learn how much your gaming mouse costs. If so, be sure to read our related article to find out more.

A Detailed and Comprehensive Guide on Buying the Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

It can be challenging for a person to choose between the best gaming mice for big hands when you have a market full of competition. However, a user must not be caught in the hype and opinions around the market based on the promotions of that product. Hence, these are some attributive characteristics you must look while shopping for a new mouse for overall or specifically big hands.


The shape of the mouse is a significant feature while looking at the performance in general. The form of the mouse must be based on personal preference. However, the right shape mouse guarantees a comfortable user experience without any hurdle.

For large hands, people mostly tend towards the immense size of mice. The giant size mice, usually designed for the right-handers, give the large and perfect grip of the mouse. This factor can easily influence the performance and efficiency of the overall gadget.


There are distinct types of grips mice offer, out of which common are finger-grip, palm-grip, and claw-grip. The personal favorite must be taken out by the criteria you have fixed for your games.

For big hands, usually, measuring the size is comfortable. The user must ensure that the size of the mouse is 60-70% of your hand. You can measure all the fingers tied together. However, mostly the finger and claw grip mice have tended to fall in the category of users with big hands to medium length.


The buildup quality of almost every other mouse is plastic. So, how can you tell the perfect material for your use? Plastic can make a big difference. If you are buying a new mouse, always go for the plastic that can prevent and take your sweaty palms and still can prove efficient.

In contrast, do not go for a compromisable deal as it can affect the overall performance impaired with the weights of the mouse. Mostly, look for the material that is in between the wet and dry that did not dry enough to pick the dust. Always go for the one that can offer high material with weight optimization.


There are a variety of sensors you can choose from. However, some features must be kept in mind to ensure the quality outcome in your hand. Hence, some of the things you must look in the sensor are;

  • Large DPI
  • No acceleration
  • Low lift-off distance
  • Free movements without any prediction from the software


Acceleration can be defined as the speed of the cursor. That is, the speed of the cursor and the speed of the mouse must be equal and provide no lagging. This must be perfect because it can directly lead to the response system of the mouse.

Acceleration is facilitated by the software and is proportional to the rate the mouse is working. It should be faster and provide no hindrance to the movement. It can influence the speed of the game (single-player or multiplayer).

DPI Dots per Inches

DPI or CPI is the measurement of the mouse’s sensitivity and how the mouse is working in its movements and response system. A larger DPI ensures an extensive and wide range of movements in the game provided by the mouse.

Many companies provide a customizable DPI range that can be set on personal preference. If you are not used to the fixed DPI and want to adjust according to each game, you must go for customizable options.


Cords are significant for a good mouse experience. However, corded mice can lack portability. The analysis of the cable must be on these factors;

  • must provide a good connection
  • must not chaos or burden space
  • must be flexible, avoid rigid, braided cords

Feet of the Mouse

Feet usually come to use in two or four corners. These provide the gliding experience over the surface, keeping the friction in mind and providing a smooth experience. Many feet out, there are not equipped with an excellent arrangement and material that can create problems in the tracking system.

However, these feet are detachable and can be replaced with new ones. The overall evaluation is based on the arrangement of the high material feet. HyperGlide is a company famous for its feet.


Mostly RGB is used in all the mice out there in their software that is convenient to reach. However, you must look at the typical feature of light and brightness optimization. This software can sync multiple players, that are significant for pro gamers.

However, most wireless mice present can lag efficiency. The wireless mouse leans more towards the lagging experience and response system. Therefore, if you are looking for portability, always examine its lagging and response system.


The wheel must be in good shape while looking for mice. It must be equipped with a quick response system and a good grip. The grip must not deal with the unnecessary movements that can challenge your potential in the game.

Always look for the mice that have no small, empty place that can pick up the dust. The dust can easily change the track of the mouse. Some companies are offering textured materials on the bottom with a scrolling wheel that can prove beneficial for the overall experience.

You may also find interest in learning how to choose the ideal gaming mouse grip type for you. If so, be sure to read our related article as well. Similarly, you may be able to quickly fix a gaming mouse that’s slow. Be sure to take a look at that to find out more.


If you are hunting for the best gaming mice for big hands, you must opt for some specific features that can facilitate you in your distinct gaming. Hence, for your professional gaming experience, quality and efficiency must not be compromised. The overall evaluation must be based on the response system, sensor, software, buildup materials, and the best potential in the best way.

Some recommendations based on quality and experience are as follows;

  • Razer Mamba Elite Wired Gaming Mouse for the excellent buildup and extraordinary performance
  • Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse for its portable nature and innovative software
  • Redragon – Wireless Mouse because of its innovative design and comfortable use

You must look for quality features and a perfectly suited product. To ensure your landing in a safe scenario, you must look for these recommendations impaired with your criteria and merits. However, keeping in mind your personal preference, you must not neglect the benefit and cost factors in this in-depth research. The best product can only be achieved by quality research and set preferences.

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