5 Best Gaming Mice Under 100 $ – [ All Around Picks – 2022 ]

Getting your hands on the right gaming mouse can be challenging. Not everyone is aware of the gaming mouse, but the ones who are, are indeed a fan of these mice. A true gamer knows the immense importance of a gaming mouse. The regular mouse does not help in your gaming mood.

Choosing a better mouse can be frustrating when there is so much to choose from. The gaming industry has grown through times, and it has produced many items for gamers as keyboards, computers, and mice. It is an exceptional era for gamers. There can be expensive mice and inexpensive ones, but what matters is what a mouse’s features have to offer you.

Best Gaming Mice Under 100 Dollars

  1. Best Overall: Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse
  2. Best RGB: SteelSeries Rival 710
  3. Best FPS: Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse
  4. Best MMO: Utechsmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse
  5. Best Budget: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Mouse

1. Best Overall: Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

The first one worth mentioning is this mind-blowing mouse, of Razer Death adder. It is one of the best mice to date, and the users have sworn on it. There has been a ton of positive reviews, and this product surpasses all the gaming mice under such a rate. Some users claim it is hard to believe in the price and the quality of the product. The pros suggest this mouse as a mantra; no flaws have been declared in such a mouse.

It is a user-friendly mouse built with premium materials. It has a perfect grip, and it is a very comfortable mouse. It is easier to grab from your hand. It has a V2 packs 20,000 DPI sensor, which makes it very competitive. It performs its best, and its controls are placed well so that you do not get confused with the buttons. It has seven programmable keys, which offer you remapping of hard macro functions through Razer Synapse. It has chroma lighting with many variable colors, which is RGB.

It is a durable mouse with a reliable sensor. It is first-class for the right hand. It is preferred by the professionals. It has a great quality. It has a wide range of features, and it is designed with style as well. The users love the snake-kind print on the mouse and think that it is unique, being so cool at the same time. They claim the mouse is very easy and ergonomic.

  • Sturdy built
  • Affordable
  • Variable colors
  • 5G sensor
  • The lighting gets under your palm while using
  • No new model introduced
  • Low DPI

This product should be considered for its extremely reliable sensor. It has RGB lighting, and the mouse is straightforward to use and competitive. It has a rigid cover so that it does not slip from your palm and gives you extra control.

2. Best RGB: SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries Rival 710

This mouse is one of the best products of the SteelSeries. The best thing about this mouse is that the features of it can be modified, and it can be used in your own way. The mouse is built strongly and in a unique way. It has excellent performance, and it is compatible with both windows and mac. It is a fantastic product with great feedback.

The mouse feels very comfortable with a sublime grip for the palm. It is comfortable even if used for a longer time. The mouse can be used for gaming as well as a regular mouse; it allows you to use it in different ways. It can be used for video games, too. It has so much to offer. The mouse is built well, and it has extra features. There are three side buttons that make the mouse smooth in mobility. It has RGB lighting, and it is good looking.

SteelSeries Rival 710

It has an OLED screen, and it notifies you when its battery is low. It has a sensor for tracking, and its parts are detachable. It is a very responsible mouse. It has been reported that the wire can be stiff while moving, and it can make one uncomfortable. The mouse is good looking and gives off an expensive look, and among these mice, this mouse is the most expensive one compared to them. Pondering at its price, the product is worth it.

  • Strong quality
  • Comfortable for the palm
  • Great grip
  • Very good at performance
  • The wire can be stiff
  • The cable wire is not premium

This product should be shed light on for its extra grip. The mouse is a multitasker that goes in many useful ways. It is sturdy and has good performance. It gives a classy look, too.

3. Best FPS: Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 Fps Gaming Mouse

Corsair is one of the most valued brands in the gaming world. Their products have been praised ever since they started to introduce them. They are affordable and always worth their price. They have achieved a great place in the market and present a ton of features by winning the hearts of their customers. Once a gamer starts using Corsair, it is hard for them to shift to any other brand.

This mouse is a pro, and it has marvelous technology. It has fine quality. It has many useful features. It is a must-buy for a gamer. It has 8200 DPI and a laser sensor. It has eight programmable buttons. Its weight can be modified for your own choice. It has sterling hardware. The mouse has an extraordinary grip, which lets you have full control over it and fits on your palm. It does not make you feel lousy even after a long while of being used.

It is a strong mouse, and it gives out its best while being user-friendly, as well. It has a scroll wheel mouse, and it comes with unique buttons for its users. The building is aluminum and has three moving zones. The mouse has a laser sensor, which makes it easier to control it precisely. The mouse is stylish and gives its services in order to fill the customer’s needs. It is easy to use the mouse, and it is very comfortable.

  • Perfectly built sensor
  • Sturdy Built
  • Has extra buttons
  • Weight adjustment ways
  • It does not carry standard weights
  • The side of the mouse can get in the way

This product must be considered because it is built outstandingly. It is stylish as well as offers many features. It is very affordable and user-friendly.

4. Best MMO: Utechsmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse

Utechsmart Venus Laser Mmo Gaming Mouse

The fourth one worth mentioning is the UTECHSMART gaming mouse. The users love it, and it is one of the mice they gamers talk most about. Its features are prime and elite in every characteristic. The mouse has a pre-eminent look, and it works as good as it looks. It is very affordable and offers many traits for their users. The product has vital features.

The mouse has up to 16400 DPI and 1000 Hz polling rate. The mouse has a rapid speed and 18 programmable buttons with five profiles memory. The weights of this mouse are adjustable for your ease. The mouse offers many variable colors in LED, which can be modified in the color of your own choice. The mouse has a great memory, and it is convenient for every user. The gamers claim positive reviews for this product.

The mouse has an excellent grip, which allows you to have a proper hold of the mouse with your palm. The material of the palm gives your hand a great sensation. The mouse has an Avago sensor. The mouse is overall light weighted, and it feels good. The build is strong, and the material is premium. The USB connector is gold plated and a superb fiber for the cable. It does not rot. It has a fantastic look, and it boosts the confidence of a gamer.

  • High accuracy
  • Not expensive
  • Gold plated USB wire
  • Good looking
  • Mostly better for right-handed users
  • Driver software is not available for MAC OS

This mouse should be considered significant for the right-handed users, and it boasts energy in the gamers. It is very convenient and has a number of colors in LEDs for your choice. It is very durable and smooth in use.

5. Best Budget: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse

The Logitech mouse is a gamer’s dream, and it is correctly built. It gives out its best performance, and Logitech has proved itself for being one of the great and affordable mice. It is a flexible device that works in your favor. A real gamer knows that this mouse serves a user well. It has all the advanced features, and it takes your gaming to the next level and proves itself.

It has up to 12000 DPI, and it has a gaming sensor. The mouse can be charged, and it works for more than 250 hours. It has a great battery life, and the users suggest it works best with the Polaroid AA Batteries. Only a few minutes of charge can drive throughout the day. It has 11 programmable buttons and five profile memory. It has a power-saving mode. It is easy to use. It is great for both left and right-handed users. It makes a gamer feel on its own.

It is wireless, and it fits right on one’s palm. It has a grip that gives you control over the mouse. The mouse is compatible with most of the windows, which is great news for gamers. It goes with almost all types. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons. It is a very comfortable mouse: the users claim. It is built flawlessly and works well, too. Looking for a cheaper mouse? have a look at the best mice under 10 dollars.

  • Adjustable weight system
  • Premium exterior
  • Easy to use
  • Nine programmable buttons
  • The software can sometimes not work properly

This mouse should be considered because it is excellent in looks as well in its features. The materials used in its build are premium, and it is user-friendly.

What did we end up with?

Choosing the right appliance for yourself without any sources can lead you down the wrong path. It is always good to get some extra information or talk to someone who is the know-it-all. Buying from a shop near you or ordering while sitting easily on the couch at your home is the same when you get the right set of knowledge. Here are our top three recommendations.

  • Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse: An amazon choice product with great features and looks that provide you extra comfort.
  • SteelSeries Rival 710: An amazon choice product being unique and good-looking at the same time offering fantastic functions.
  • Corsair M65 Fps Gaming Mouse: An amazon choice product being sturdy, affordable, and gamers’ best choice.

There you go! All the products mentioned above can lead you right. We have recommended one of the best and world’s famous mice under 100 dollars. Hoping all these products bring you a fortune in your product choice. We wish you the best of luck with your purchase!

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