5 Best Heavy Gaming Mice to Buy In 2022

You might be wondering why you would need to buy the heavy gaming mouse when the trend of lightweight mice are on the rise. Massive mice cater to a lot of audiences. Some people find them more precise with the extra useful features they declare. Moreover, they are classic for people with big hands who use the palm grip while playing.

In this article, I will be reviewing the five best heavy gaming mouse available in the market for you. All these listed companies have been producing reliable gadgets for a long time now and appeal the taste of a vast audience. After the end of this write-up, you will most likely find the device that fulfills your gaming needs. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Best Heavy Gaming Mice Of The Year

  1. Best Overall: ASUS ROG Spatha
  2. Best Budget: SteelSeries Rival 650
  3. Best Buy: Corsair Scimitar Pro
  4. Best RGB: PICTEK Gaming Mouse
  5. Best Wireless: Logitech G603

1. Best Overall: ASUS ROG Spatha


The ASUS ROG is the hefty mouse weighing 183g. It works precisely for hardcore games. The highspeed wireless connection allows accurate tracking with minimum latency. However, the rubber USB cable comes in the box for professional and home use. Along with the magnetic charging pier for the quick wireless charging.

ASUS spatha delivers a sharp accuracy with an 8200 DPI laser sensor and 150 IPS tracking speed. The mouse is durable enough to endure 20 million clicks. A unique magnesium alloy framework makes it long-lasting and run smoothly.

Special steel gray nonstick lamination of the mouse gives the sweat-free gaming marathon for long hours. The ergonomic layout provides the perfect claw clasp. Each rubber panel along the mouse’s sides gives you a secure grip and remains comfortable in your hands.

You can adjust twelve programmable buttons on the mouse according to your personal preferences making it further customizable. The outstanding features of three-zone RGB lighting and built-in flash memory for holding up five audio profile make it ideal for many pro gamers.

  • Laser sensor Magnetic charging Ergonomic design Interface (wired/wireless)
  • Expensive

ROG spatha is an ideal mouse for anyone with large hands and prefers palm grip. It’s ultra-precise mouse tracking and stability makes it long-lasting. If you are looking for a great gaming device, this model is one of the best heavy gaming mouse options for you.

2. Best Budget: SteelSeries Rival 650

SteelSeries Rival 650

The steel series has been producing the most refined e-sports gadgets for an age now. Rival 650 is an excellent versatile mouse with useful features and steady performance. The key hallmark of this mouse is a weight tuning advantage. The removable slots on both sides can append additional weight according to your personal choice.

Quantum wireless technology delivers fast 1000HZ, precise response without any latency. The ultra-fast exceptional charging of 15 minutes offers 10 hours of playtime with the 24 hours extended battery life. So, you never have to charge your device in the middle of the intense gaming battle.

The powerful 32- bit ARM processor allows you to adjust seven programmable buttons and sensitivity settings of 12000CPI. The high performer software skillfully arranges the controls and RGB lighting in eight zones. The smart layout elevates your playing ability to the next level with certainty, balance, and swift performance.

The dynamic Truemove3 sensor offers you incredibly accurate crosshair placement and apt flexibility—the mouse features two efficient sensors. The primary detector distinguishes the lateral movement. At the same time, the depth sensor gives the immediate raising of detection for the aimless campaign. As a full-featured mouse, it attracts many people.

  • Adjustable weight Two dynamic sensors Precise response Ergonomic layout
  • Rubber grips may come off

The steel series Rival 650 is durable and extremely flexible. The sensors deliver a quick and precise response without any lag. The weight adjustment feature makes it more balanced and gives it an extraordinary versatility. If you are looking for an impressive performer, this model is the best high-end gaming mouse for you.

3. Best Buy: Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair Scimitar comes in an impeccable design for the people with large hands. The striking palm grips allow you to clasp the gadget firmly, accelerating your execution. The Scimitar elevates your gaming experience with the innovative key slider macro buttons.

The twelve refined buttons on the side offer important resolute feedback. You can effortlessly position these buttons up to 8mm and lock them in your preferred reach for any playstyle. Textured controls give you explicit aim in your gaming sessions.

A 16000 DPI high-speed tracking and optical sensor with 1 DPI resolution give an accurate and precise performance without being a slouch. The onboard memory of the mouse allows you to save and customize three profiles of games according to your flavor.

You can alter your multicolor backlight in four different zones with unlimited settings. The intelligent software of ICUE can synchronize your RGB lighting and control system effectively. It allows you to jump on your desired gaming in-built profile without much hassle. The mouse offers flawless completion to its users.

  • Impeccable design Optical sensor Macro control system Precise aim
  • Software is complex

Corsair Scimitar is an intelligently designed mouse. The irreproachable layout is ideal for people with large hands. Twelve programmable buttons make it comprehensive for the intense games. If you want exclusive precision with comfortable design, this is the best budget gaming mouse for you.

4. Best RGB: PICTEK Gaming Mouse


When it comes to budget-friendly cost, Pictek RGB is a great peripheral for the people in a low price range. It provides you with updated exquisite performance and never lets you down. The comfortable ergonomic design offers an inclusive grip, and the rubbers along the sides keep your hand in the comfort zone even after long gaming sitting.

The ideal size of the mouse allows its users to claw it precisely during the virtual battle. The anti-sweat lamination keeps you sweat-free and gives non-slip experience—the weight adjustment feature comes with a detachable eight-piece weight. You can assemble or disassemble this tunning set according to your preferred flexibility and balance.

The high-precision Pixart PMW3327 sensor of mice grants you the ability to adjust six DPI levels, up to 12000DPI, and four polling rates. According to your desire, the mouse can synchronize 16.8 million LED colors and seven-lighting modes along with RGB lighting speed and brightness.

The DPI lock and fire button feature are ideal for pro players. It gives the scope for the precise shot and constant gun shooting by pressing only one button. The mouse is durable enough to endure 30 million clicks, promising a life long service.

  • Adjustable weight Precise sensor DPI lock and fire button Durable
  • Can’t work with Mac

Pictek RGB offers a steady performance with the updated features. It allows you to personalize your gaming gear with multiple color options. If you want a convenient gaming device for extended playing sessions that doesn’t cause fatigue to hands, this is the best fps gaming mouse for you to buy.

5. Best Wireless: Logitech G603

5 Logitech G603 Wireless

Logitech never fails to impress you by bringing up the new and updated inventions on the board. G603 wireless boosts the surprising features in the fabulous price range. The novel spaceship, layout with the splayed outwing, throws much more beauty on the gadget.

The next generation Hero sensor delivers top-notch performance with the advanced lightspeed technology for ultra-fast response and ten times swift administration than any wired gaming mice. The high-level software can effortlessly personalize six programmable buttons for super-fast DPI shifting and control systems.

The exceptional battery life of 500 hours in standard mode and 18 months of battery life in LO mode(battery saving mode) is ideal for web-browsing or other tasks. However, the in-built LGS notifies you when the battery is low and about to finish.

The mouse gives sky-high tracking and aiming speed amidst accuracy with 12000DPI without any latency. The PTFE base reduces the friction and allows the mouse to glide smoothly on any surface without hindrance. The contoured body of the mouse gives maximum comfort and an inclusive grip to claw it. It is ideal for casual as well as expert gamers.

  • Hero sensor Comfortable layout Long battery life Ultra-fast response
  • No RGB

Wireless G603 comes with a special hero software and delivers a super-fast response. The comfortable design and the long battery design is ideal for long gaming marathons. If you want the advanced quality mouse, this is the best heavy gaming mouse.

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Are heavy mice good for gaming?

Yes, Heavy gaming mice are more precise and accurate with higher sensitivities. So, they are practically suitable for most of the games. Make sure to check out these easy gaming mouse quality tests to ensure you’re getting the right mouse for your gaming needs.

What is the heaviest mouse?

ASUS ROG spatha is the most massive mouse, weighing 183 grams.

How heavy should a gaming mouse be?

Every gamer has his personal preferences. However, the most popular weight demand is 90g to 120g averagely.

Final Verdict

The most appropriate mouse will not fundamentally make you conquer the game, but it will elevate your gaming skills. Having a reliable mouse that satisfies your hand makes a significant difference in your performance. All these listed products are high-quality gaming mice from reputable companies. Any of these would be a great choice. However, these are my personal three choices for you.

  • ASUS ROG Spatha- it is an ideal mouse for anyone who prefers palm grip. The ultra-precise mouse tracking and stability makes it long-lasting
  • SteelSeries Rival 650- it is durable and extremely flexible. The sensors deliver a quick and precise response without any lag.
  • Corsair Scimitar Pro- it is an intelligently designed mouse. The irreproachable layout is ideal for people with large hands.

After skimming through this information, I hope you will heartily agree with my preferences and select the most reliable heavy gaming mouse for yourself, which will meet your gaming demands. Thank you for reading!

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