7 Best Mouse For Shoulder Pain – Ergonomic Picks of 2022

Are you looking for the best mouse for shoulder pain? Today many power users are either suffering from shoulder and wrist pain or at risk of getting this pain. If you are spending more than eight hours on your computer, it’s necessary to get an ergonomic mouse that can reduce shoulder pain and release muscle stress.

Many brands have introduced science-based designs that are comfortable to use and reduce the risk of joints or shoulder pain. These included wireless mouse, trackballs, joystick, and vertical designs. Keep in mind that every design is not for everyone. Before buying a mouse, make sure that whether this mouse suits your palm size and serves your purpose or not.

In this article, we have reviewed seven best for shoulder pain. All these mice feature ergonomic designs, and each of them targets the needs of different individuals.

Best Mouse For Shoulder Pain – Ergonomic Design

  1. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse
  2. LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse
  3. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse
  4. 3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse
  5. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse
  6. J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wireless Mouse
  7. Adesso iMouse E90

1. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse
Rating: 4.3 /5

Built with class, functionality, and comfort in mind, Anker 2.4G is an attractive option for offices and individuals. The mouse has been carefully designed to relax the muscle’s stress and relieve the wrist and shoulder pain.

The mouse has a vertical and sleek design that creates a comfortable and neutral position for the wrist. In Addition to the vertical structure, the thumb rest on the mouse makes it extremely comfortable and reduces shoulder pain.

In addition to its ergonomic design, the mouse features some cool specs, making it an ideal option overall. Anker 2.4G is a heavy and bulky mouse, but most users don’t find its weight problematic as it tends to sit on your desktop. As it is a wireless mouse, therefore it is pretty easy to use and sit on any corner of your desk.

The mouse has six non-programmable buttons but still adds a lot of functionality and helps easily navigate the screen. Anker 2.4 G works on three different DPI settings like 800, 1200, and 1600, which adds maximum precision to your work.

The mouse relies on AA batteries for power, and you need to buy them separately. It is recommended to buy rechargeable batteries as they are more reliable and give a good performance than disposable batteries. The mouse automatically shuts down after eight minutes of no movement and automatically saves the power.

  • Science-based vertical design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Three DPI settings
  • Automatic power-saving mode
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Relies on AA batteries

Anker 2.4G comes in an ergonomic vertical design, which is the best option for reducing muscle strain and relieving shoulder pain. Moreover, its optical sensor that works on three DPI settings makes the tracking easy and precise with this mouse.

2. LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse

LEKVEY Vertical Wireless Mouse
Rating: 4.3 /5

Lekvey Wireless mouse is another vertical muse that features a scientific design that is exceptionally comfortable to use for extended periods. This design has comfortable and neutral positions for the wrist and arm, which eventually reduces the risk of shoulder and wrist pain in users.

In addition to ergonomic design, this mouse is a complete package for office or personal use. It is a wireless mouse. It means you get rid of cumbersome wires and can use it conveniently on the mouse. It is also an excellent choice if you work in a small cabin and you need to save space. Moreover, it has six programmable buttons. “Page Back” and “Page Forward ” buttons are handy for quick and convenient browsing.

You can control the sensitivity of the mouse by choosing from three DPI settings. This personalized sensitivity helps you accomplish the task that requires precision and accuracy.

The best thing about the mouse is the built-in rechargeable battery. This high-capacity battery gives the mouse a clear advantage over those recharged with disposable AA batteries. The mouse is compatible with windows and other operating systems, but unfortunately, it is not compatible with Mac devices.

  • Wireless device
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Multi-function buttons
  • Three sensitivity settings
  • Incompatible with Mac

The mouse design encourages comfortable hand and wrist positions, which reduces muscle stress and shoulder pain. In addition to its comfortable usability, this mouse has a lot of functionality and precision, and convenient tracking, making it an overall best mouse for office use. Lastly, its a perfect multi-button & function mouse to use if you’re having pain.

3. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse
Rating: 4.5/5

Logitech MX Ergo trackball mouse is an excellent option for those who don’t appreciate the mouse’s vertical design. It is a finger-operated trackball mouse that is only available in a right-handed version.

The thumb rest is on the side of the mouse, while the rest of the hand is positioned slightly elevated on the mouse’s body. This hand-position is ideal for people who complain about shoulder pain.

Logitech MX Ergo is an excellent device for gaming and many other demanding applications like music production and video editing. There are six customizable buttons, and you can assign tasks of your choice to these buttons easily.

Logitech MX Ergo Mouse

Moreover, the tracking speed is also adjustable, which adds the precision and accuracy of your work. You will be able to use all these settings if you have Logitech Options software installed on your device.

The best part of this mouse is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, and you can switch from one OS to another by pressing a single key. The adjustable hinge allows a tilt from 0 to 20 degrees so you can achieve the optimum comfort level with this device. The clickable and tiltable scroll wheel makes navigation quick and easy.

The mouse features a compact design, but it is a somewhat heavy device overall. It supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and its specialized USB unifying receiver. As a wireless device, it saves a lot of space and is also more convenient to use than the wired mice.

The mouse has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is exceptionally potent and lasts for more than a month once fully charged.

  • Only right-handed version

Logitech MX Ergo is one of the best trackball mouses currently available in the market. With its impressive features, it is the best device for users like gamers and content creators. Moreover, its adjustable design with thumb rest makes it the best mouse for shoulder pain.

4. 3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse

3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse
Rating: 4 /5

3m Wired optical mouse features an award-winning patented joystick design. The arthritis foundation formally praised the design, as it offers ease of usability, comfort, and stress relief. The vertical design encourages the neutral position for the hand, wrist, and arm, eventually relieving the shoulder pain.

The mouse is available in two different sizes. These sizes are developed according to palm size. For people with large palm size, it measures 3.75inches, and for those with smaller palms, it measures 2.5 inches.

The two buttons are located on the top of the mouse while the third button and scroll wheel are on the base. These buttons are well-positioned and easily accessible by the fingers.

It uses optical sensor technology, which ensures accurate and smooth navigation. For best performance, it is recommended to use a mousepad underneath.

The mouse supports a wired connection, and you can start working right after connecting it via 6.5 foot long USB cable. Some people don’t like the cumbersome wired connection, but it has its advantages. For example, with a wired connection, there is no need to charge the mouse.

  • Award-winning joystick design
  • Available in two sizes
  • LED optical sensors
  • No wireless connection

The 3M wired optical mouse features a unique vertical design that offers a comfortable grip and neutral angle for the wrist and arm. Users may take time to get used to its unusual design, but you will love the mouse once you get used to it. In short, if you are looking for a mouse to reduce the shoulder pain, this is a definite choice for you. Lastly, its an excellent small hand mouse.

5. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse
Rating: 4.5/5

Logitech MX master 2s is a classical two-button mouse that features an excellent design to relieve wrist and shoulder pain. It is a wireless mouse with a compact design that saves space and offers a lot of portability.

The mouse’s surface is elevated with a thumb rest on the side that creates a neutral angle for the wrist and arm. This natural position is favorable for muscle strain and releases the pressure from joints. Therefore it’s the best mouse for shoulder pain.

This mouse has a basic design with two control buttons and a scroll wheel for easy navigation. There is also a scroll button on the thumb rest that supports the side-to-side scroll.

This mouse’s best feature is its multiple connectivity options, as it supports both wired and wireless connectivity. Moreover, you can connect this mouse to three devices at once and easily switch between them via a single control button. Moreover, if you are a power user and working on multiple PCs at a time, you can quickly transfer files, copy-paste, and perform other tasks on all of them.

The 4000 dpi darkfield sensor is highly responsive and works great on multiple surfaces, even on the glass. In addition to that, it has an auto-sleep feature that saves the battery when you are using the mouse wirelessly.

It uses a built-in rechargeable battery that works for more than a month with a single charge.

  • Portable and wireless
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Cross-computer use
  • Easily switch between devices
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Limited control buttons

Logitech MX Master 2S comes in an ergonomic design that creates a natural angle for the wrist and arm, making it a comfortable device for power users. Moreover, it comes in a size that is equally favorable for people of all palm sizes. In short, we can safely recommend this mouse for power use and to relieve shoulder pain.

6. J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wireless Mouse

J Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wireless Mouse
Rating: 4 /5

If you are obsessed with the vertical design of mouses, here is another option for you. J-Tech digital wireless mouse is ergonomically designed for the people who are at risk of getting wrist and shoulder pain due to the extended use of the mouse. It comes with detachable wrist support. This support is suitable for some users, while others may find this support uncomfortable.

The functionality of the mouse is equally important as its comfort and ease of usability. The J-tech comes with essential left and right controls with a scroll wheel. In addition to that, two thumb-operated buttons help in the back and forward browsing.

It’s a wireless mouse and comes with a USB nano receiver that enables you to connect the mouse with the computer. It creates a robust and reliable connection, and the mouse works from a distance of 10 m. Keep in mind that it’s the only connectivity option, and you won’t be able to use the mouse if you lost or misplaced the USB receiver.

It uses a high-resolution optical sensor for impressive and responsive tracking. It works on three sensitivity settings like 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 1600 dpi, which adds accuracy and responsiveness to the mouse. It relies on AA batteries for power, and these batteries are included in the box.

  • Ergonomic vertical design
  • Removable wrist support
  • Wireless connectivity
  • No built-in battery

J-Tech Digital scroll uses a high-resolution optical sensor that makes it a highly responsive and accurate tracking device. With its vertical ergonomic design and removable wrist support, this mouse can relieve muscle stress and reduce shoulder pain risks in power users.

7. Adesso iMouse E90

Adesso iMouse E90
Rating: 3.8/ 5

Most of the ergonomic devices in the market are only available in right-handed versions, which is disappointing for left-handed people. The Adesso iMouse 90 is specially designed to meet the needs of left-handed people.

This mouse comes in a vertical design that allows a handshake grip on the mouse. This is the natural forearm position and provides exceptional comfort and relaxation to the users. This mouse prevents the muscle strains and releases the pressure from joints. Therefore it is the best mouse for shoulder pain and muscle strain.

Moreover, fingers can easily access two side buttons and enable you to navigate back and forth while browsing. Adesso iMouse 90 uses a highly sensitive optical sensor, which increases the device’s responsiveness and accuracy. The mouse works on three different dpi settings, i.e., 800dpi, 1200 dpi, and 1600 dpi. These settings enable you to work on the sensitivity level of your choice.

It supports the wireless connection via a 2.4GHz RF router. The on and off switch is also available, and you can save the battery by switching the mouse off when not in use.

  • Specially designed for left-handed users
  • Excellent grip
  • Reduces shoulder pain
  • Wireless connectivity
  • No rechargeable batterie

The mouse is extremely useful as it has six control buttons and works on a highly sensitive optical sensor. It is one of the rarely found devices that are specially designed for left-handed people, and its impressive design makes it an excellent choice for reducing shoulder pain.


If we keep using the wrong design mouse for extended periods, it can result in serious health issues like muscle pain, wrist pain, and shoulder pain. It is necessary to choose an ergonomic mouse that suits your palm and fingers so that you may not face these problems in the future.

This list contains seven best for shoulder pain, and all of them have their own specialties. If you are still confused to make a decision, here are the top three favorites

  • Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse with eight programmable buttons for maximum comfort and excellent performance
  • 3M Wired Ergonomic Optical Mouse has an award-winning design that is recommended by the arthritis foundation to the people facing joint pain issues
  • Adesso iMouse E90 with an ergonomic vertical design for left-handed people

All the above-mentioned products have their own specifications and every product is a good choice for you.

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