Tricks for Choosing the Best Mouse for FPS Games (First-Person Shooter)

Shooter games have long been many gamers' favorite game type. This doesn’t come as a surprise as first-person shooter (FPS) games create a virtual environment that makes it very easy for gamers to get fully immersed in the game experience. No wonder gamers of almost all age groups love them. However, gamers need to ensure they choose the best mouse for FPS games.

The best mouse for FPS will be lightweight, have low click latency, a claw grip, reliable laser sensor, and high polling rate. The Razer Viper and Logitech G502 are examples of excellent gaming mice for FPS games.

Apart from the absorbing experience an FPS player gets during gameplay, research that the Scientific American Mind conducted shows that first-person shooter games improve the cognitive abilities and learning skills of gamers. Though playing FPS games can be fun and exciting, it’s also important for a gamer to play FPS games with the right mouse, as the quality of the gaming experience during gameplay will often depend on the type of mouse used. This article will highlight what to look for when choosing a mouse for FPS games. 

To enjoy FPS games you should ensure that you choose the best mouse for FPS games.
First-person shooter games are loved by gamers of almost all age groups. Image Source: Android Authority.

Reasons Why Choosing the Right Mouse for FPS Games Matters

The most popular video games played around the world are FPS games with the participant usually being the protagonist and “good guy”.

The right mouse for first-person shooter games can improve the speed, increase the accuracy of the gameplay, and can help the gamer stay comfortable while playing.

A worldwide study that was done in 2021 ranked shooter and action games as the most loved video game genre among gamers of almost all age groups. How well an FPS player performs often depends on the type of mouse used during gameplay. With the right mouse, a gamer is sure to perform well and also have a pleasant gaming experience. Though FPS gaming mice like this are generally designed to have fewer buttons or features, they provide lots of benefits. Check out this FPS gaming mouse video review by 10BestOnes to learn more about this type of gaming mouse. 

Accuracy and comfort are greatly improved when a gamer uses a mouse that is specially designed with FPS gaming in mind. Our article about gaming mouse specs explains the types of features of various gaming mice that are available and what to look out for when choosing a mouse for FPS games. 

If you’d like to know why getting a mouse that is optimal for FPS gaming matters, here are a few reasons:

Reason 1. To Improve Your Speed

The dots per inch (DPI) is the measure of the sensitivity of a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse with a high DPI is usually more sensitive than one with a low DPI. Apart from influencing the sensitivity of a mouse, the DPI can also affect the speed of the mouse cursor. When the DPI of a gaming mouse is high, the cursor of the mouse will move faster across the screen, covering more screen distance whenever the mouse is moved across the mouse pad. Our article about choosing gaming mouse DPI for optimizing gameplay explains how to select the appropriate DPI for the particular type of game you’re playing. 

Since success in FPS games depends on the quick response of FPS players, the best mouse for FPS games will have a high DPI and will make it easier for FPS players to move their cursor from one point on the screen to another faster. This allows FPS players to swiftly target and shoot in-game enemies at any point on the screen. The high DPI feature of FPS gaming mice makes it possible for gamers to make quick turnarounds, dodging bullets and shots fired by enemies. When purchasing a mouse for FPS games, it is recommended that you go for a gaming mouse like this one that has a DPI shift button which will help you adjust the DPI level of your gaming mouse any time you want to.

A gaming mouse that is suitable for FPS games should have a higher DPI and a button to change or adjust DPI when necessary.
A DPI shift button will allow gamers to quickly change DPI settings during a game. Image Source: Amazon.

Additionally, you may find interest in our related article explaining how to choose a gaming mouse with lots of buttons so be sure to check that one out too.

Reason 2. Increase the Accuracy of Your Gameplay

The sensor in a gaming mouse determines the accuracy of gameplay. A good FPS gaming mouse will track the movement of the mouse accurately, and will also allow a gamer to target in-game enemies quickly and accurately. However, playing with the wrong gaming mouse can negatively impact the accuracy and performance of the gamer, causing the mouse to jitter, and also suffer acceleration or tracking problems which create an awful gaming experience.

Likewise trying to play FPS games (which are intense high-speed games) with an ill-suited ordinary computer mouse will also be frustrating because these mice can't keep up with swift gaming maneuvres. 

Our article comparing gaming mice and regular computer mice explains in detail why computer mice can cause frustration when gaming. 

Reason 3. Impact Your Comfort

According to this article from, because of the addictive nature of shooter games, there is a tendency for gamers to be immersed in these kinds of games, and spend long hours gaming. That’s why it's good for FPS players to go for mice like this that have the best ergonomic and spatial design. With an excellent ergonomic mouse, gamers will play FPS games for a long period without feeling fatigued or experiencing any kind of muscular strain or pain.

Ideally, an FPS gamer requires an ergonomic gaming mouse for optimal and comfortable gaming.
An ergonomic FPS gaming mouse will ensure maximum comfort during long gaming hours. Image Source: Amazon

Make sure to learn how to choose an ergonomic gaming mouse in our related article. Additionally, these articles will help explain what is a gaming mouse, how to choose a cheap gaming mouse, and how to optimize gameplay. 

Tips For Choosing the Best FPS Gaming Mouse

Having seen the benefits that come from choosing the right FPS gaming mouse, it’s also important to consider useful tips that can help you select the best mouse for FPS gaming. 

To choose the best FPS gaming mouse, look for a mouse that is lightweight, has a low click latency, an ergonomic shape, reliable sensors, a high polling rate, a low lift-off distance, and feet that offer a smooth glide.

Applying these tips can help you choose the best mouse that will positively impact your gaming performance and experience:

Tip 1. Find a Lightweight Mouse For Easy Maneuverability 

As surprising as it may seem, the weight of a mouse can influence your gaming performance. This is the main reason FPS gaming mice are lightweight. The lightweight nature of FPS mice makes it very easy for gamers to move the mouse across the mouse pad quickly. Since precision is crucial when playing FPS games, lightweight mice like this make it easy for gamers to execute larger, faster flicks. 

Besides the positive effect a lightweight mouse can have on in-game precision, it also reduces fatigue, stress, and strain on the hands that could arise because of playing games for long periods. According to this article from the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, a light mouse not only reduces wrist and shoulder strain but also improves user efficiency. 

Tip 2. Look for Low Click Latency To Ensure Quick Reaction Times

Click latency refers to how long it takes for a computer to register the click of a mouse after the button of the mouse is pressed. Click latency differs from mouse to mouse. A mouse with a low click latency has less lag and is usually very responsive, registering the in-game actions of a gamer quicker than one with a high click latency. A mouse with a low click latency like this one is ideal for shooter games as it enables the gamer to respond swiftly and also to fire shots at in-game enemies quickly and accurately.

Since a mouse with a low click latency can increase the gaming performance of FPS players, it’s important to note that the latency of a gaming mouse depends on the mouse's connection. The click latency of wired mice is much less than those of their wireless counterparts. So, you may decide to factor this in when choosing whether to go for a wired or wireless gaming mouse. Our article comparing wireless gaming mice vs. wired explains the key differences to consider when choosing between these options. 

The latency of a gaming mouse depends on the type of connection making a wireless mouse slower and possibly not the best option for FPS games.
Wired mice typically have lower latency than their wireless counterparts. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Choose the Shape That’s Best for Your Hand and Grip Style

When choosing an FPS gaming mouse, you need to take into consideration the shape of the mouse. The right FPS mouse will be shaped to suit your preferred mouse grip style, thus increasing your gaming performance. Have a look at our article that explains how to choose the ideal gaming mouse grip type for you. 

There are 3 different mouse grip styles:

Palm Grip

This is the most popular grip style among FPS players. When adopting the palm grip style, the fingers are laid flat on the mouse buttons while the entire palm rests on the body of the mouse. A large and wide mouse like this one is ideal for gamers who play with the palm grip.

Most FPS gamers prefer a palm grip when playing.
A palm grip is when the palm and fingers rest on the mouse’s body. Image Source: Howtogeek.

Tip Grip

The tip grip means that the hand doesn’t touch the body of the mouse at all, only the tip of the index, middle, and ring fingers touch the wheel of the mouse and the mouse buttons. Lightweight and short mice like this one are ideal for those who make use of the tip grip. Furthermore, you might be interested in learning how to choose a left-handed gaming mouse. Be sure to read our related article to find out more information.

When adopting the tip grip, only the fingertips are in contact with the mouse.
The tip grip is popular with professional gamers because it allows for better agility and control in first-person shooter games. Image Source: Howtogeek.

Claw Grip

The claw grip is a combination of both the palm grip and the tip grip, where the palm rests on the back of the mouse while the tips of the fingers and thumb are positioned over the mouse buttons. A narrow mouse like this one is ideal for this kind of grip.

A claw grip is basically a combination of a finger-tip grip and a palm grip.
A claw grip is when the fingertips and lower part of the palm rest on the mouse. Image Source: Howtogeek.

Tip 4. Pick a Mouse With a Reliable Sensor for Uninterrupted Gameplay

The sensor is one of the most important components of a gaming mouse. The function of the sensor is to track the motion of the mouse across various surfaces and translate this motion to the cursor which is seen on the computer screen. The sensors in gaming mice are usually of two types: optical and laser sensors. They both have the same working principle, just that they differ in the light they illuminate on the mouse surface. While optical sensors illuminate LED light, laser sensors illuminate laser beams.

The quality of the sensors in a gaming mouse used for gameplay can determine how well your gaming performance will be. To choose the best mouse for FPS games, choose a mouse like this with a high-quality sensor that can improve gaming performance, while a mouse with a low-quality sensor will cause a lot of problems for gamers. A mouse with low-quality sensors will often have precision problems, causing the mouse cursor to freeze or skip. All of these are counterproductive for a successful FPS gaming performance, which is why you need to ensure the sensor is reliable. Our easy gaming mouse quality test tips explain what types of tests are performed on gaming mice to ensure users get high-quality devices for their gaming setups. 

A mouse will have to have a high-quality sensor to be suitable for FPS games.
A high-quality sensor will ensure uninterrupted gameplay. Image Source: Amazon.  

Tip 5. Choose a Mouse With a High Polling Rate For Smooth Cursor Movements

Polling rate simply refers to the time it takes a mouse to report its position to the computer. The polling rate of a mouse is usually measured in Hertz (Hz). Let’s say a mouse has a polling rate of 500 Hz. What that means is that the mouse reports its position to the computer 500 times per second. To have an optimal gaming experience while playing FPS games, a mouse must have a high polling rate.

A high polling rate will make a mouse cursor move smoothly, making the mouse respond faster to the actions of the gamer. This is quite useful in FPS games where quick response is a big deal. Gaming with a mouse that has a high polling rate can be better, but it can reduce the battery life of wireless gaming mice. For optimum performance, gaming experts and professionals recommend gaming mice with a polling rate of between 500 Hz and 1000 Hz like this one. 

Tip 6. Find a Mouse With a Low Lift-Off Distance That Won’t Affect Your Aim

Lift-off distance is the height at which the sensor will stop tracking movement whenever the mouse is lifted off from the mouse pad. The lift-off distance of a mouse can be divided into two main categories: low lift-off distance and high lift-off distance. A mouse with a low lift-off distance, like this one, will stop working quickly as soon as the mouse is raised, while a mouse with a high lift-off distance will stop working only when the mouse is raised higher.

During gameplay, you will often move the mouse across different areas of the mouse pad, sometimes even to the end of the mouse pad and so the best mouse for FPS games will have a higher lift-off distance. The lift-off distance of a mouse comes into play when you want to raise the mouse and reposition it back to the center of the mouse pad. If you are playing with a mouse that has a high lift-off distance, the cursor of the mouse will carry on moving, disrupting whatever you are about to do on the computer at that moment, but the cursor of a mouse with a low lift-off distance will not.

This is the main reason FPS players often go for a gaming mouse that has a low lift-off distance, as the cursor will not move whenever the mouse is moved in the air. And this is quite beneficial as the gameplay will not be disrupted during the mouse repositioning. Some gaming mice make it possible for you to reduce the lift-off distance if necessary. To reduce the lift-off distance, Zowie suggests, in this article, that you disconnect the mouse, and reconnect it while holding the 4 + 1  button.

A gaming mouse with a low lift-off distance will stop working as soon the mouse is lifted off the mousepad which is beneficial for FPS gamers.
The lift-off distance of a mouse is the vertical height at which the mouse stops registering movement. Image Source: Justgestures

Tip 7. Look for Feet That Offer a Smooth Glide

Mouse feet or mouse skates are those small pads underneath a mouse. Their function is to reduce the friction between the mouse and the surface whenever the mouse is moving across the mouse pad. They’re like the wheels of a car. Without the mouse's feet, the mouse won’t glide smoothly across the surface. 

Because of the constant movement of the mouse during FPS gameplay, it’s often important for you to examine the mouse feet of the mouse you will purchase, making sure they offer the best mouse sliding experience. You can also replace the existing feet with replacement feet if you feel that the current feet don’t glide as smoothly as you want them to. The best mouse for FPS games will have a smooth glide that allows you to aim quickly.

Our tips for choosing gaming mouse accessories suggest several other popular items that can improve your gaming experience. 

The mouse feet of a gaming mouse have to allow for smooth movement to ensure optimal FPS gaming.
The mouse feet prevent friction between the mouse and the mouse pad. Image Source: pcmag.

Examples of The Best Gaming Mouse For FPS Games and Features That Benefit FPS Gaming

Product Example on Amazon Features for FPS Gaming Price
Razer Viper  Extremely lightweight. Low click latency. Low mouse lift-off distance. Comfortable design ~ $100
Logitech G502 Comfortable design. Low click latency. Sensitive sensors ~ $45
Steelseries Rival 3 Comfortable design. Sensitive sensorsLightweightLow click latency ~ $40
Corsair Harpoon Rgb LightweightGood sensorsLow click latency. High polling rate ~ $30
Roccat Burst Pro Extremely lightweight. Very low click latencyGood mouse feet. Comfortable Design ~ $55


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