8 Best One-Handed Keyboards to Buy [ 2022 ]

Are you a big gaming freak? Are you searching for a one-handed keyboard for your gaming or any other function? Well, one-handed keyboards are the need of the hour with their enhanced selling in gaming and entering the data. This article presents a list of the best one-handed keyboards with qualitative features that can help you find the right product for you.

8 Best One-Handed Keyboards In 2021

Redragon K585 One Handed Keyboard
Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keyboard
AULA 30 One Handed Keyboard
NAMERedragon K585 One Handed KeyboardRazer Orbweaver Gaming KeyboardAULA 30 One Handed Keyboard
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DIMENSIONS10.3*8.5*28.1 x 6.07 x 2.1612 x 3.25 x 8.5
  1. Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed
  2. Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keyboard
  3. AULA 30 Programmable Keys One-Handed
  4. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad
  5. NPET T20 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard
  6. GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard
  7. Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad
  8. ENHANCE Gaming Keypad One-Handed

1. Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed

Redragon K585 DITI One Handed

It comes in a premium, yet the conventional design with no additional extraordinary features yet is efficient in its working. Also, it contains macro keys that further ease the process. The palm rester with the keys is intelligent with perfect balance to make the user feel at ease.

From performance potential, it has the perfect response system and is quick to recognize the keys overall. Besides, it offers the blue switches that make the system more proficient. The keys are responsible and comfortable with the perfect bounce and plastic. However, the space button can present issues.

Moreover, it offers 42 keys with a variety of RGB modes. So, you are provided with the option of choosing the backlighting with your preference. Besides, it can only be connected to the USB Type-C port.

If you are looking for compatibility with the operating system, this Redragon k585 is the ideal choice for you. It is explicitly designed to remove the problems of availability during shopping. It can work correctly with the Mac and Windows operating systems.

It also has a dust-proof feature that provides the magnetic blue buttons that made the laptop dust free. So, the user is not bothered by cleaning the keyboard and maintaining it. Also, keeping in mind the price range, we can say that it is the most convenient and best pick for one-handed gaming users.

  • Macro keys Dust-free Perfect response Budget-friendly Blue switches
  • Stretched keys

If you are searching for a budget and user-friendly keyboard with extraordinary efficiency, this Redragon K585 DITI is the ideal choice for you. It provides a perfect response with the blue switches and perfect bouncy plastic. Also, the keyboard is compatible with any operating system that marks its selling factor among all the competitions.

2. Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keyboard

The Razer Orbweaver keyboard comes with two different settings, including the mechanical and the mecha-membrane setting that facilitates the user in the overall experience. The user can change the form performance point according to whatever game the user is experiencing.

It offers 20 programmed keys that possess six different colors that come from the braided fiber within the system. It also provides the thumb controller and the palm rester that enhance comfort and convenience use.

Another feature of this Razer Orbweaver is its compatibility. If your concern lies with the compatible usage of the keyboard with the operating system, this choice is ideal for you. Hence, it can be connected with the Mac as well as Windows.

Having equipped with the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, this device has a wireless feature that makes it less messy to work with and clean the tablespace. Also, the software can be substituted with another one if the user preferences change somehow with their own choice.

  • Excellent durability Perfect key recognition Customizable software RGB color variety Comfortable to use Compatible with any OS
  • Lack of waterproof feature Only one year warranty

If you search for a convenient keyboard with an excellent response system and perfect tracking, this Razer Orbweaver is ideal for you. It provides excellent two modes that are changed according to user preference impaired with the compatibility that can work correctly with both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

3. AULA 30 Programmable Keys One-Handed

AULA 30 Programmable Keys One Handed

The AULA one-handed keyboard is perfectly refreshing with the breathtaking customizable feature. It provides easily amended back lightning with the perfect variety of color spectrum within the LED it offers. The keys are programmed according to the user preference and possess excellent critical recognition.

The buildup quality is high-end and top-notch, which makes it excitingly durable and concrete. Also, the convenient palm and wrist rester provide the best comfortable experience. Moreover, the keys are smooth to the touch and do not feel tired even after extended typing.

It also comes with a unique sleep idle mode. The sleep idle mode shuts down the keyboard when not used for ten minutes. Hence, until you do not press the key to reactivate it, it does not use the battery and can increase the working hours.

Another feature that makes it best selling, among others, is its compatibility. Yes, it is perfectly compatible with Windows as well as Mac. So, the user is not bothered by the compatibility option while buying this masterpiece.

  • Highly durable Sleep idle mode Compatible with OS Perfect response system Budget-friendly Comfortable to use
  • Not waterproof Lack of innovative design

If you are investigating a perfect and well-suited one-handed keyboard, this AULA one-handed keyboard is best for you with a variety of color spectrum that aids the user in amending the lights according to mood and preference. Also, its idle sleep mode impaired with the compatible operating system, makes it best to sell.

4. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

It has a high-quality design with the three functions or portions primarily for wrist rest, finger grips for typing, and the thumb controls that can ease the process and provide convenience. Also, the back LED light offers perfect brightness to work comfortably and type with proficiency.

It is made up of the black plastic quality that is above average in comparison to many other cases but relatively not excellent with its concrete material and durability. Moreover, it has 16 buttons with a transparent joystick that declares it one of the small, one-handed keyboards for comfortable usage.

It comes in a compact unit size that can ultimately lead to it getting the smallest place on the table. Hence, it is efficient for small tables with large computers. It also facilitates the closely attached keys that do not bother the user to stretch the fingers and contain a palm rester for enhancing convenience.

Also, it is compatible with both the operating systems, either Mac or Windows, that is the ultimate beauty of this keyboard. It can assist you while buying the product and is one of the selling points of this product.

It has the best performance potential, having been equipped with intelligent design. It provides a unique response system with a brilliant distance between the keys. It is best for data storage, entering, and gaming because of its unique and close keys with the perfect response.

It comes with its own customizable software known as the Razer pre-date synapse 2.0 that is necessary for the operation of this keyboard. When installed, it offers customizable features, including a variety of functions and programmed keys.

  • Excellent design Brilliant performance Compact size Personal software Perfect response-ability
  • Thumb control issues Not for small hands or extra large

If you are searching for a one-handed keyboard that is efficient in its design without burdening the user with massive technology and the large size, this Razer Tartarus is the best and ideal keyboard for you. It offers an excellent tracking and response system with bouncier keys made up of plastic to facilitate you with a long typing experience.

5. NPET T20 One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

NPET T20 One Handed Gaming Keyboard

NPET T20 keyboard is the perfect and innovative designed device with the imaginative and concrete buildup quality that makes it perfectly durable. It is designed specifically for left-handers that is unusual and makes it perfect for the ultra gaming experience.

It possesses 38 keys that are equipped with perfect bounciness and the buildup quality that does not tire you out despite the excessive typing. Also, the three macro programmings allow complex functioning that perfectly fits the advanced mechanism.

It is a user-friendly one-handed keyboard that provides excellent working with its thumb controller and the palm rester. Its palm rester is highly-designed for comfortable palm positioning. Hence, this feature is responsible for it standing in the list of the best one-handed keyboards.

From performance potential, it is equipped with perfect response-ability and critical recognition. This essential recognition enhances quality typing with the efficiency that can facilitate in the long run. Also, the keys are not stretched enough to mess the user with side problems.

This NPET laptop is also perfect for the RGB with a variety of the color spectrum. It has eight different colors that offer an excellent variety of color spectrum, providing the comfortable back lightning. The backlight is chosen according to the mood and preference of the user.

  • Innovative design High buildup quality User-friendly RGB color variety Perfect key recognition
  • Not waterproof Less warranty

If your concerns are primarily concerned with the perfect response-ability and the critical recognition, this NPET T20 one-handed keyboard is well-suited. It provides an excellent variety of color spectrum with perfect backlight with its programmable keys. Its keys are highly designed for complex functions.

6. GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard

GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard

It is made up of strong buildup quality with minimalist design and the concrete body. Its strong quality makes it reliable and durable. With its concrete and bouncy keys, the upper body is made up of the aluminum body that contributes to the perfect balance between both.

The bottom and behind the keys is made up of plastic with the rubber material on the bottom that helps to have a perfect grip of the keys. The backlighting is also excellent, providing it an edge over the other in the typing experience.

From a performance point of view, the first thing to notice is the versatility it provides when it comes to connectivity. It can be connected to a PC, a laptop, or any other device with its 2.4 Hz wireless feature. It also is equipped with a perfect response system that makes it one of the best.

It has one of the extraordinary battery life when it comes to working hours. Its wireless technology can capacitate it with a large battery having a 3600 mAh range. This can work for 30 hours, which makes it work under rigorous conditions without any trouble.

  • Excellent buildup quality Wireless technology Excellent performance Versatile Long battery
  • No software Can’t adjust the key tilts

If you are looking for a one-handed keyboard that can present you convenience and the pleasant data storing, this GameSir GK is the best keyboard for you under $150. It offers excellent and solid quality material with perfect finger gripping, having the ideal response that can ease the process and makes it quicker.

7. Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad

This Razer Tartarus Pro gaming keyboard is perfectly designed for the left-handed users having the perfect and comfortable usage. It offers 30 keys with shift and ctrl on the right corner. Also, the buildup quality is the best, containing predominantly plastic that makes it perfectly durable and concrete.

It comes with the excellent buildup quality that is mixed plastic. The high-end and top-notch quality makes it utterly trustworthy, and concrete that can be the main concern for durability. Also, it’s compact size makes it best for small tables and does not mess around.

Having the design similar to the Razer V2, it is additionally equipped with an excellent D-pad that is a round cover to improve the thumbstick that is placed there to improve the design further. The keyboard also provides us excellent experience with its palm rester and the wrist rester that has enhanced the comfortable use of the keyboard.

It also comes with the software known as pro-date synapse software that is necessary for the keyboard mechanism. Downloading the software it contains customizable features that can perfectly suit the user’s choice without messing the proficiency and lagging.

It also has a unique feature of the adjustable actuation that makes sit one of the best one-handed keyboards. In simple words, it is the force with which the key is pressed to be recognized by the mechanism. Hence, the Tartarus pro contains perfect recognisability that aids it in its working. Also, all other inputs are perfectly compatible with this function.

  • Buildup quality Innovative design Adjustable actuation Customizable software User-friendly
  • Keys are stretched Unnecessary dual activation

This keyboard, specifically designed for the left-hand users, provides excellent, convenient, and comfortable usage with its perfect palm and wrist resters impaired with the elastic and bouncier keys made of plastic. If you are looking for a brilliant and efficient keyboard containing customizable features, this Razer Tartarus Pro gaming keyboard is the best for you.

8. ENHANCE Gaming Keypad One-Handed

ENHANCE Gaming Keypad One Handed

The Enhance gaming keypad is the best for the ultimate gaming experience with its excellent and reliable body material that enhances the durability of the product. Also, it is equipped with LED backlights that can be changed with user preference. It comes with eight different colors providing the options between multi-color spectrums.

An interestingly unique feature is its water-resistance system that leaves no space for worrying about liquid spillage. It contains no room for water with its drainage holes that come with each membrane that is backed by the braided fiber. Hence, it does not worry about the user and facilitates in the best way possible.

The design consists of programmable keys where some keys are specifically designed for efficient and tricky working. These keys are there enough to provide a smooth experience. Also, these are impaired with the resting pads for Palms with thumb controllers.

From the performance point of view, the keyboard provides efficient key recognition with the perfect response. The keys are also near distant, so the user is not messed with continuous stretching that can ultimately tire you out.

Moreover, this Enhance gaming keyboard provides a three-year warranty that adds to the keyboard and also facilitates the user in understanding the worth of the keyboard. It also contains the software that is present to make adjustments according to your own taste.

  • RGB backlight Innovative design Perfect response system Complex functions Customizable software Excellent durability
  • Can’t adjust the key tilts Needs maintenance

If you are in search of an efficient and user-friendly keyboard for gaming, this Enhance gaming keyboard is perfect for you. It provides an excellent innovative design with an ideal response system that is able to perform complex functions. Also, it helps to provide a quality experience with customizable software and water resistance technology.


What is the best one-handed keyboard?

The Razer Tartarus Pro keyboard is the best one-handed keyboard with its personalized software. It offers a comfortable user experience with the perfect adjustable activation feature making it efficient at response system and key recognition.

Is Redragon a good keyboard?

Redragon K585 is an excellent one-handed keyboard that provides superior ability to cope up with the perfect key recognition. Also, its blue switches with the RGB are extraordinary in performance and provide users a wide range of color spectrum within a limited and mid-price range.

Are left-handers better at video games?

Left-handed keyboards are better for video games as they provide ultra gaming experience. Also, they provide the perfect finger grip and excellent key recognition. The best left-handed keyboard of all times is the NPET T20, specifically designed for left-handers.

What is the point of a one-handed keyboard?

The one-handed keyboard is perfect for data analysis, entering, and massive gaming experience. It can also facilitate the user with an ideal grip, palm rester, and even thumb control in some. It can also help users with excellent user experience with convenience.

Is a one-handed keyboard worth it?

One-handed keyboards are the best when it comes to multiplayer gaming and heavy gaming impaired with better key recognition and fast experience. However, if you are up for single-player games, these one-handed keyboards are not made for you.


Finding the perfect one-handed laptop can be a challenging and tolerance checking activity for you. However, you must not feel under pressure and must remain calm while outlining the needs and wants of your expected product. Hence, these outlined characteristics impaired with the quality guide can assist you in the long, exhausting process.

It would help if you inquired before shopping for the gadget. Are you searching for comfort? Are you searching for long hours? Do you desire innovative design or versatility? Is the capability of the OS affect you? All these answers can help you decide what you need and want. Hence, having patience and conducting thorough research is the key to crack this code.

Therefore, all these regarded steps must be followed in buying the one-handed keyboard. Here is a list of recommended products that are based on the qualitative features with in-depth research.

  • Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keyboard is famous because of its compatibility with the operating system and the buildup quality.
  • NPET T20 one-handed keyboard is popular because of its complex key functions and RGB color spectrum with eight lights.
  • AULA one-handed keyboard is the best selling because of its unique sleep idle mode and the compatibility with the operating system impaired with the RGB.

In essence, always go for the better quality product with the perfect response and the key recognition functions, the most significant operations of the keyboard. Also, never compromise on the quality and comfortable usage that is the most significant consideration for the one-handed keyboards. Hence, improve your gaming experience with these one-handed keyboards.

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