How to Change Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 10 – 2022

Windows 10 gives you the freedom to change keyboard shortcuts according to your own choice. Changing keyboard combination to a particular one will allow you to launch a program quickly and enable you to get easy access. Customized keyboard shortcuts will help you to locate your favorite program effortlessly, this is common when it comes to budget gaming keyboards. The customization of keyboard shortcuts allows you to do your stuff quickly in no time.

The key combinations help you to open a program and perform repeated tasks rapidly. It also enhances your work productivity without wasting much time searching for a particular program or icon. In this review, I will tell you about the customization of keyboard shortcuts. You can choose between three options to change the existing keyboard shortcuts with the new combination very quickly.

How To Change Keyboard Shortcuts On Windows 10

You can change keyboard shortcuts by using windows, third-party programs, and from the inside applications. Before changing keyboard shortcuts, it is essential to know about the already existing shortcuts. Learning about the keyboard shortcuts ensures that the combinations you create do not exist already or are not identical to those already set up.

Adding New Shortcut Keys To A Program Or Website

Adding a new shortcut combination to a program or a website on a desktop is easy and the simplest method. First of all, open a file explorer. Right-click on the desired program for which you want to change a keyboard combination. Click on the properties and then on the shortcut option. Now enter the shortcut combination of your choice for the desire program or website.

Add a letter for the new shortcut combination like, for example, the letter “S.” The shortcut along with your assigned letter will be read as “Alt + ctrl +S. On the shortcut key text bar, you can also choose function keys (F1 to F12). Now click Apply and then OK to proceed with the operation. Press the new shortcut key combination you have set to test it out. You will see the desired program will open when you press the new combo of keyboard shortcuts.

Adding New Shortcut Keys To Shutdown, Restart / Logoff

Create a new shortcut for shutting down your computer, restarting, and logging it off by right-clicking on the Desktop. Click on the new and then shortcut. A window will appear with the option “type the location of the item.” For setting a shortcut of shutting down a computer, type “shutdown.exe – s – t 00.” use “shutdown.exe – r – t 00” for restarting a computer and type shutdown.exe – L – t 00” for logging off a computer. Click on Next and write the title for the shortcut you have typed.

For example, you can write log off if you have given the shortcut “shutdown.exe – L – t 00”. Click on the Finish. A new shortcut will appear on a desktop. Repeat the process as discussed above for adding a shortcut combination to these operations. Right-click on the shortcut on the desktop, now click on the properties. Click on the shortcut bar and type a shortcut key combination for the operation. Once you are finished with the process, test the shortcut key.

Creating A New Shortcut Key With Third-Party Programs

You are available with many third-party software programs to help you set up the new shortcut /hotkeys on Windows 10. I will start with an old one that is WinHotKey. It is easier to use and will cost you nothing. It will help you customize your keyboard shortcuts, and it works perfectly on Windows 10. Download the WinHotKey setup.

Now open it to Windows. Click on the new hotkey bar. Now specify a hotkey for any application you want in the option “I want WinHotKey to.” you can choose ctrl, alt, shift, or the window keys. Associate any action you want with these keys and finish the operation by clicking ok. Another new and advanced shortcut creator is AutoHotkey which you can use to change the keyboard shortcuts.

This app is simple to use. Download it first and when the icon appears on the desktop. Now right-click on the AutoHotkey icon. The option, “New AutoHotkey script,” type the desired shortcut key with its suffix. Click on the Ok when you are finished typing your desired shortcut combination. This app requires more time than the old one. It gives you a complete guide to help you out with the program.

Change The Keyboard Shortcuts With In the Applications

The applications you use regularly can also be given keyboard shortcuts for easy access. Let’s take the example of Microsoft Word. open the Word document. Select file, go to options, then click on the customized Ribbon. Replace the already existing keyboard shortcuts with the ones you desire. If you want to make these shortcuts specific for the document you are using, click the Save changes option.

Another program that gives the freedom of changing Keyboard shortcuts is Adobe Photoshop. For that, click on the Edit option, select keyboard shortcuts. Write the keyboard combinations of your choice. It is important to note that you start with “Alt+Shift+Ctrl+k.”

Tips For Choosing Keyboard Shortcuts

When setting a new keyboard shortcut, note that the first letter of the program conforms with the shortcut you have used. It will help you remember the shortcut in the longer run. Labels to the keyboard also help in remembering the shortcut. Shortcuts work on all the applications.

Your new keyboard shortcuts can change another app’s function, so make sure to press the right combination. When setting a keyboard shortcut, you should start with the “Ctrl” key. Use the second key as “Alt” or “Shift.” Your third letter for the shortcut should be any number, alphabet, or punctuation mark of your choice.

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Locating an application or accessing different programs with the help of your keyboard is an efficient way to save time and enhance your workflow. One of the best features of Windows 10 is that it allows you to customize your keyboard shortcuts within the windows and with the help of third-party applications. This review will guide you to change the keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10, so you can open and close any application with a single keystroke.

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