How To Charge Bluetooth / Wireless Keyboard – Quick Guide

Due to technological advancements, you can forget all about connecting a hundred wires to your PC before you sit down to work. The market is now offering wireless products such as budget wireless keyboards for gaming and mice. Simply connect the device to your PC and start working. Wireless keyboards are a huge hit, not just among tech enthusiasts but also every person who spends hours in front of their PC. Along with the simple use and the elimination of all the wires, another major perk of a wireless keyboard is that it is easily portable. Simply charge it, and off you go.

However, this can also be considered a major drawback. As it is operated on batteries, so when the battery is running low, your keyboard will stop working. This hindrance can be avoided if you fully charge your keyboard’s battery properly and take good care of it. In this article, I will share a few tips on how you can prolong your keyboard’s battery life, along with ways of charging different wireless keyboards.

How To Charge Wireless Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

The sleek design of the wireless apple keyboard is enough to make any tech junkie fall in love with it. However, there is more to the keyboard than just an appealing body. The scissor mechanism added to the magic keyboard offers a highly sensitive and responsive typing experience.

How To Charge Apple Keyboard

Along with other perks, the wireless perk of Apple’s magic keyboard is simply amazing. Wireless keyboards operate on charging, and once you have the battery fully charged, you can take it anywhere and use the keyboard for hours. To charge your Apple keyboard, you will need to connect the lightning to a USB cable to the lightning port of the keyboard. Connect the other side of the cable to a power outlet, and your device will start charging. Keep the Magic keyboard turned on to charge it more quickly.

You can easily check the battery percentage of your keyboard from either the Bluetooth menu or go to System Preferences and select Keyboard from there. A window will open, on the bottom left corner of which the battery level of your Keyboard will be displayed. When the battery level is below 10%, a warning sign also appears.

Logitech Keyboard

Logitech is quite a famous name in the world of technology. They have multiple models of wireless keyboards ruling the market, along with their other creations. Each model from their wireless keyboards range is better and different than the previous. Even though every model is not the same, the charging method is mostly the same in all of their wireless keyboards.

How To Charge Logitech Keyboard

Even if you have fully charged your wireless keyboard, it is bound to run out of battery at some point. When the light on the keyboard goes red, know that it will not be long before your device dies, so it will be better to charge it before that happens.

Take the charging USB cable that came with the wireless keyboard. Connect one end of the cable to a functional power outlet, and connect the other end to the charging port of the keyboard. You can also use your PC or Mac to charge your wireless keyboard. Simply connect the end of the USB cable to the PC or Mac instead of the power outlet. When the light on the keyboard turns green, it indicates that your keyboard is getting charged.

Lenovo Keyboard

The wireless keyboard that Lenovo has introduced is a must-have if you fancy the idea of taking your keyboard with you on travels. It features a slim and sleek design. The lightweight body is what makes it portable and perfect for traveling.

How To Charge Lenovo Keyboard

Once fully charged, the battery of a Lenovo wireless keyboard lasts quite a long time. However, when a low battery notification pops up on your screen, it is time to charge the keyboard. Attach the USB cable that accompanied the keyboard to the charging port. Connect the other end of the cable to a power outlet or to your PC or Mac. You can keep a check on the battery percentage of the keyboard through the Bluetooth option.

Tips To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Wireless Keyboard

If you have a wireless device, whether it is a keyboard or a mouse, you know the frustration of the device running low on battery when you are using it. Battery-operated devices are bound to run low on charge at some point. However, there are a few things that you can do to slow down the process and prolong the battery life of your wireless keyboard.

Power Off When Not In Use

This is one of the major reasons behind the battery of your wireless keyboard draining quickly. People often turn their wireless devices on when they are using them. However, they forget to power the device off when they are done using it or taking a break from working. Always turn your wireless keyboard off when you are not using it.

Keep Away From Other Electrical Devices

When there are other electrical devices such as your cell phone or speakers near your wireless keyboard, it interferes with the signal causing lagging. Place your wireless keyboard closer to your PC or Mac and at a safe distance from other electrical devices or metal objects.

Use Original Cable

Whenever you are charging your wireless keyboard, always make sure to use the original cable that came with the device. Using a different cable may cause damage to the battery of the keyboard, resulting in the battery draining more quickly.

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Owning wireless keyboards comes in handy in many situations. They take up a low amount of space and are also easily portable, which is why the world is going gaga over them. However, with all the perks, there is also a downside. The downside is that the device does not work on a low battery. This can be prevented if you recharge the battery of your keyboard properly and take good care of it.

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