E-Gaming Keyboard Shortcuts – A Quick Guide

Comfort and ease are some of the key components of a great gaming experience. When gaming is done in an easy and comfortable manner, a gamer has a better gaming experience. Game designers and engineers understand how important these factors are, and try to enable gamers to implement certain actions faster and with less stress. That is the main reason they provide various e-gaming keyboard shortcuts.

An e-gaming keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that are used to perform specific actions on the computer. Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative and faster way of performing in-game actions that are typically done with the mouse. Keystroke combinations allow gamers to execute faster maneuvers with or without using a mouse.

This Yout Tube video tutorial by ThioJoe explains a number of easy-to-use e-gaming shortcuts. 

E-gaming shortcuts allow the gamer to perform certain actions or commands quickly.
Keyboard shortcuts help gamers perform in-game moves quickly. Image Source: Amazon.

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Popular Gaming Keyboard Shortcuts For Gamers

There are more than 100 e-gaming keyboard shortcuts that can be used by both gamers and non-gamers. Keyboard shortcuts are determined by the operating system; so Windows users will have different key combinations than iOS users. 

Popular keyboard shortcuts are keystroke combinations that reset the graphics driver, force a game into full screen, quick toggling and closing of windows, moving a window between monitors, quitting a game by force, taking screenshots, and recording the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

This article from Microsoft.com outlines some of the basic and commonly used keyboard shortcuts for Windows users, while this article from Apple.com highlights the most popular iOS shortcuts. We will be taking a look at some of the best and most commonly used gaming keyboard shortcuts.

Gaming keyboards are designed with robust features to ensure gamers enjoy many hours of intense gameplay without experiencing worn-out or damaged keys. The materials and switches that are used in gaming keyboards can withstand repeated strokes, especially because keyboard designers understand that gamers will utilize the same shortcut key combinations repeatedly. Our article about the best mechanical keyboards lists 10 of the most popular keyboards used by gamers.  

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Gaming keyboards are built to handle the rough pressing of keys when issuing basic commands and using e-gaming keyboard shortcuts so that the keyboard can last longer.
Keyboard shortcuts help to perform popular tasks with minimal game interference. Image Source: Amazon.

Shortcut to Reset the Graphics Driver

A graphics driver is a software program that allows the computer operating system to use the graphics hardware of the computer. The graphics driver is that thing that makes it possible for your computer to run games with high definition and crisp resolution. When the graphics driver is corrupt or malfunctioning, some display issues are the screen going blank, freezing, or displaying some weird colors. 

One of the most effective, and non-technical ways of fixing this issue is by resetting the graphics driver, and to do this, press the  Windows + Ctrl + shift + B keys on the keyboard. Our article about how to fix a keyboard that is stuck in shortcut mode has helpful tips on how to fix keys that are not functioning correctly.  

Here are some of the commands that require shortcuts:

Shortcut 1. To Force a Game Into Full-Screen

Gamers can play games usually in two main types of screen mode: full-screen mode and window mode. In full-screen mode, the video game occupies the entire width of the screen, while in window mode, the video game occupies just a portion of the screen. Both screen modes have their various advantages. 

The full-screen mode creates a better user experience, and it increases the gaming performance of games that require the full attention of the gamer. However, window mode is great for multitasking. Depending on the gamer’s preference, they can switch between screen modes by pressing the Alt + Enter keys.

Shortcut 2. To Toggle and Quickly Close Windows

The Alt + Tab key combination is a keyboard shortcut that is useful both to gamers and non-gamers. This shortcut allows users to quickly switch between windows, bringing the selected window to the foreground. This shortcut is particularly helpful for those who are fond of multitasking and doing other things while gaming, like listening to music on their PC. 

By pressing this keyboard shortcut, you can easily select the window you want to be opened on your screen. To delete any window, hold the Alt + Tab key, then press the Delete key. Using a gaming keyboard instead of an ordinary computer keyboard ensures gamers have all the necessary keys and functions that games typically require. Our gaming keyboard recommendations explain the main reasons why gamers should invest in high-quality keyboards that are manufactured for game use. 

Shortcut 3. To Move a Window Between Monitors

A dual monitor screen makes multitasking fun and enjoyable. A gamer can easily play games with one screen while doing other things on the other screen. One challenge that gamers encounter when playing with a dual monitor setup is the game may display on the wrong monitor. Since there are often no in-game options that will enable a gamer to choose the display monitors they want, the keyboard shortcuts Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow will give the gamer the liberty to choose the monitor they want the game displayed on.

Shortcut 4. To Force a Game to Quit

Due to unknown reasons, a game may sometimes freeze, interrupting the flow of the game. In some cases, the gamer will just have to wait a bit before the game returns back to normalcy. In other cases, the gamer will have little control over the freezing and will have no other option than to close the game. The keyboard shortcut Alt + F4 allows a gamer to force a quit not just of a game but any other app that may freeze or misbehave. Another viable option is to install the SuperF4 app which is a more powerful version of the Alt + F4 shortcut and is used to force-quit a game.

Shortcut 5. To Take Screenshots

There are times when a gamer will want to take pictures or screenshots during gameplay. The keyboard shortcut Window + Shift + S makes it possible for gamers to make use of the snipping tool, which is the best tool for taking screenshots on the computer. Unlike the traditional screenshotting Alt + PrintScreen key combination which gives the user less control over the images that are being captured, the snipping tool allows the user to take screenshots of specific areas of the screen. The snipping tool also allows users to save the screenshots wherever they want them saved.

Shortcut 6. To Record the Last 30 Seconds of Gameplay 

Gaming can sometimes be filled with exciting experiences. Many of these experiences will often want to be captured by gamers. Gaming designers and engineers understand gamers will often want to record and save these exciting in-game moments, which is why they have made it possible for gamers to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay. By pressing the Window + G key combinations, a gamer will be able to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, capturing these exciting in-game moments.

Summary of Popular Gaming Shortcuts and Their Functions

Popular gaming shortcut Function
Windows + Ctrl + shift + B It is used to reset the graphics driver
Alt + Enter It is used to force a game into full-screen
Alt + Tab It is used to toggle and quickly close windows
Windows + Shift + Left or Right Arrow It is used to move a window between monitors
Alt + F4 It is used to force-quit a game
Window + Shift + S It is used to take screenshots
Window + G It is used to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay 

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Other PC Gaming Shortcuts

So far, we have discussed some of the most commonly used gaming keyboard shortcuts that can have a positive impact on the gaming performance and day-to-day work productivity of a user. 

Use Windows + I to open windows settings. Use Windows + L to lock a computer and step away temporarily. Use Windows + A to open the action center and modify Bluetooth or wifi settings.

Our article about changing keyboard speed for Mac and Windows keyboards explains ways that you can make your keyboard more responsive. But, that is not all, there are still several keyboard shortcuts that can be added to your arsenal.

E-gaming shortcuts make it possible for gamers to quickly issue commands while gaming.
Popular keyboard shortcuts allow users to quickly open and close windows, as well as toggle the WiFi and BlueTooth connections. Image Source: Amazon.

These are other PC Gaming Shortcuts used by gamers:

Shortcut 1. Windows + I 

This e-gaming keyboard shortcut is used to open windows settings to quickly customize the operating system or other applications. 

Shortcut 2. Window + L

This shortcut is used to lock a PC and is handy when the user steps away from the computer for a brief time but doesn't want to shut it down completely. 

Shortcut 3. Windows + A

This shortcut opens the action center where one can turn on the BlueTooth or Wi-Fi of the computer.

Shortcut 4. Windows + E

This shortcut is used to open the file explorer to quickly locate folders, files, and recently accessed documents.

Shortcut 5. Windows + Number keys

This shortcut is used to open the app on the taskbar that corresponds to the numbered position.

Shortcut 6. Windows + K

This shortcut opens the connect pane which allows the user to have quick access to any connected devices like printers, and other computer peripherals.

Shortcut 7. Windows + Alt + R

This shortcut is used to start or stop recording and is particularly handy when recording gameplay for posting to YouTube or other social media platforms. .

Shortcut 8. Windows + Ctrl + D

This shortcut allows the user to create a new virtual desktop which can be useful for multitasking.

Shortcut 9. Windows + Ctrl + Right/Left Arrow key

This shortcut allows users to move through different virtual desktops.

Shortcut 10. Windows + Ctrl + F4

This shortcut is used to close any virtual desktop that may be currently opened.

Shortcut 11. F5 or Ctrl + R

This shortcut is used for the hard refresh of any webpage or app and is helpful when a website starts to hang due to connection issues.

Shortcut 12. Windows + M

This shortcut is used to minimize all the programs that are currently opened.

Shortcut 13. Ctrl + Z

This shortcut is used to undo or correct any mistake that has been made on the computer, while the Ctrl + Y shortcut will redo this undone action.

Shortcut 14. Ctrl + Shift + T

This shortcut is used to restore any tab that was accidentally closed.

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Xbox Game Bar Keyboard Shortcuts 

The Xbox game bar is a tool designed by Microsoft and built into Windows 10 and 11. This integrated tool allows gamers to have access to more functionalities, without having to exit or leave whatever game they may be playing at that moment. This is really a cool feature, and there are shortcuts that make it possible to access these functionalities of the Xbox game bar.

Xbox game bar shortcuts include Windows + G, Windows + Alt + G, Windows + Alt + R, Windows + Alt + B, Windows + Alt + PrtScn, Windows + Alt + M, Ctrl + Tab. Some functionalities that the Xbox game bar provides gamers are recording gameplay, taking screenshots, checking and managing the performance of the computer, playing music while gaming, and chatting and interacting with other gamers. 

When playing Xbox games, the game bar provides more commands without having to exit the game.
The game bar in Xbox gives gamers access to more functionalities without having to exit the game. Image source: Lifewire.com.

The following shortcuts are useful for players when playing Xbox games: 

Shortcut  1. Windows + G

This shortcut is used to open the Xbox game bar.

Shortcut  2. Windows + Alt + G

This shortcut is used to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

Shortcut  3. Windows + Alt + R

This shortcut is used to start or stop a recording.

Shortcut  4. Windows + Alt + B

This shortcut is used to turn the HDR on or off.

Shortcut  5. Windows + Alt + PrtScn

This shortcut is used to take an in-game screenshot and is particularly useful for capturing images that can be used to produce enticing thumbnails.

Shortcut  6. Windows + Alt + M

This shortcut is used to start or stop the recording of a microphone for voiceovers.

Shortcut  7. Ctrl + Tab

This shortcut is used to open widgets while pressing just the Tab key will navigate between widgets.

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