Tips to Choose an E-Sports Gaming Mouse For Your Budget

Any gamer who is competitive should consider getting a quality mouse to improve performance. An E-sports gaming mouse is perfect for anyone who wants a high-performance mouse that is also comfortable to use. The design is sleek and simple, and the sensitivity, along with the button configuration, is especially suited for various types and speeds of games. In this article, we will share tips on how to choose an e-sports gaming mouse that best suits your needs.

Tips for choosing an E-sports gaming mouse include considering which type of games it will be used for, DPI, weight, grip type, size, the dominant hand of the gamer, and the ergonomic qualities of the mouse.

E-sports players rely on their equipment to give them an advantage during competitions. But because each gamer has their own personal preferences, determining the best mouse for e-sports is difficult. Generally speaking, e-game mice like this are quick and light, equipped with high-end sensors that can track precisely while moving quickly. To prevent unintentional key presses, the majority of them also have a minimalist layout, adjustable sensitivity, adjustable weights, and RGB lighting.

A good e-sports gaming mouse will give a gamer an edge over other players.
A good e-sports gaming mouse has multiple customization features that allow for the seamless issuing of commands. Image Source: Amazon.

Why Should You Use the Right Gaming Mouse for E-Sports? 

Video game competitions are known as e-sports or electronic sports. E-sports frequently take the form of planned, competitive multiplayer video games, typically attracting professional players, whether in individual competitions or in teams. The type of movement required for each type of game differs so some gaming mouse models will outperform others depending on which game is played.

Reasons to use an e-sports gaming mouse include having an edge over competitors, meeting the intense demands of e-sports, and preventing health issues like neck strain and hand fatigue, which typically plague pro gamers.

Consider getting an e-sports gaming mouse for the following reasons: 

Reason 1. To Have an Edge Over Competitors

E-sports are fiercely competitive, and winning is everything. Therefore, having a technological edge over your rivals is essential. Having a mouse that is well suited for the game being played is one of the best methods to obtain an edge.  Our article about what a gaming mouse is and how to optimize gameplay in order to gain a competitive edge will give you tips for choosing the best gaming mouse for your game genre and style.

Reason 2. To Meet the Intense Demands of E-sports

Drag-clicking, double-clicking, and snipping are among the various techniques gamers use. These techniques can be demanding when repeated over the long term and can cause a mouse to quickly degrade or get damaged. Our tips and tricks to optimize gaming mouse drag-clicking explain this popular technique to help you to master the drag-clicking that is required in fast-paced games. 

E-sports gaming mice like these are manufactured to withstand long-term and more rigorous clicking and dragging techniques. Getting a quality e-sports mouse means that you do not have to worry that your mouse will stop functioning mid-game or that you will need to replace it regularly.

But if you are having trouble with your gaming mouse, be sure to reference our related article explaining how to fix a gaming mouse that's not working for more information.

Reason 3. For Safer Gameplay

Professional gamers sometimes develop health issues that are linked to the ways in which the mouse is used. As this article from the International Journal of Human and Social Sciences explains, the most common health problems related to computer mouse use are back and posture problems. 

The best way to limit or prevent some of these health issues is to use an ergonomic-sports mouse like this one. These mice have been designed to facilitate correct hand and arm positioning when gaming. Our article about how to choose a gaming mouse for a left-handed person identifies the common problems that people who have a dominant left-hand face, and recommends what type of mouse to use. 

It is important for left-handed gamers to choose an e-sports gaming mouse that is suitable so that mouse-related injuries can be avoided.
Selecting an ergonomic mouse that is suited to your dominant hand will reduce mouse-related injuries and problems. Image Source: Amazon.

Tips To Choose an E-Sports Mouse

Each mouse advertised as an E-sports mouse is likely optimized for competitive gaming, yet there are distinct differences between models. 

The first tip to keep in mind when choosing an E-sport gaming mouse is to consider its weight because using a light mouse increases speed and agility. Next, consider the DPI, and select a wireless mouse to reduce shoulder fatigue.

Our article about how to choose the best mouse for FPS games discusses what to look for when choosing a mouse that has extra functions and supreme response times.

Consider these tips when choosing an e-sports gaming mouse:

Tip 1. A Lightweight Mouse Improves Speed and Agility

The weight of the mouse determines how easy it is for a gamer to move it around. More importantly, it determines the amount of force needed to rotate the wrist while using it. This article from the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s 2019 Annual Meeting found that most gamers prefer lightweight mice. The weight of a mouse is also a major factor for manufacturers of e-sport mice, as the demand for low-weight mice like this is high. 

According to this post from Steelseries, using a lightweight mouse reduces the strain on your wrist and hand. They make it easier to make lighting-fast swipes and other rapid movements to help you gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Tip 2. Consider the Game To Determine the Best DPI

DPI stands for dot per inch, which is a measurement of the sensitivity of a mouse. This sensitivity is measured by how far your cursor moves based on the movement of your mouse.

The best DPI for gameplay is dependent on the type of game played. Choose a gaming mouse like this one, with a DPI of over 600 to improve agility in fast-paced games, and a gaming mouse like this one with a DPI of around 400 for games that require slower, more precise movements.

Sometimes it is wise to alternate between two DPIs within the same game. When playing an FPS, or First Player Shooter Game, for example, the recommended mouse DPI for sniping and strafing is 400 DPI. For the same game, a DPI of 800 could be optimal for firing from the hip because this technique requires a gamer to fire at several targets in quick succession; hence the cursor has to move fast between several targets. Our tips for choosing a gaming mouse DPI for optimizing gameplay discuss how to choose the correct DPI for a particular gaming situation.

Tip 3. Use an E-Sports Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Wireless mice like this come without cables. They work by sending signals through RF(Radio Frequency). One of the advantages wireless mice have over wired mice is the unrestricted mobility they offer. Gamers can pretty much move the mouse anywhere and at any comfortable distance without the fear of yanking cords.

Use an E-sports wireless gaming mouse for flexibility and improved mobility. Both benefits are important to optimize for if you want to minimize the risk of hand and body pain. Also, if you are concerned about cable drag from moving your mouse around the mousepad, then a wireless mouse will be the best option for you. Our article about wired gaming mice vs. wireless mice explains the pros and cons of both of these mouse choices. 

Tip 4. Always Go for the Best Ergonomic Mouse

An ergonomic gaming mouse is optimized for the size and shape of a player’s palm, the best hand position while playing, the weight of the mouse, and the rotation of the wrist.

The benefits of an ergonomic gaming mouse are multiple, but of main importance is that they help to reduce the risk of developing health issues that are common for e-sports gamers. Our article about choosing an ergonomic mouse offers tips on what to look for when deciding on an ergonomic mouse. 

Summary of E-Gaming Mice and Their Features

What are you trying to improve? Features Your E-sports Gaming Mouse Should Include Why should you select these features? Example Product Price
Faster aiming in FPS games Light mouse with high DPI A light mouse increases cursor movement and the high DPI allows for a faster twitch reflex Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE ~ $70
Improve sniping skills Heavier mouse with a DPI switch The DPI switch enables you to switch from low DPI, high stability sniping to high DPI hip-shooting Corsair M65 Pro Rgb with adjustable sniper button ~$30
Increased mobility Wireless mouse A wireless mouse can be used without movement constraints  Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse ~ $150
Comfort and reduced health risks Ergonomic mouse Ergonomic mice are designed to reduce health risks and increase comfort Nulea Wired Vertical Mouse, Usb Ergonomic Optical Mouse with 4 Adjustable Dpi settings  ~ $20

Benefits of E-sports Gaming Mouse Software

Most gaming mice come with specific software provided by their manufacturers. This software comes in handy when it comes to controlling and adjusting certain features. 

The benefits of e-sports gaming mouse software include being able to adjust the button settings of the mouse, the double click speed, the DPI, and the scroll wheel. Through gaming mouse software, the mouse can be optimized and customized to the gamer’s preferences.

Our guide on how to choose a gaming mouse with lots of buttons explains how to find this software and update it whenever the manufacturers improve its functions.

A few gaming mouse brands offer specific software for their mice. Logitech, for example, provides an all-around software interface for their mice, and Razer also provides software specifically for their products. These mouse brands are among the most popular mouse brands in e-sports.

Do I Need a Specific E-sports Gaming Mousepad?

Whether the mouse is wired or wireless, the sensor of a mouse is located at its base, and the movement of the mouse can only be registered when the base is moved over a suitable surface. An E-sport gaming mouse works on most plane surfaces; however, there are special surfaces designed to optimize the use of a mouse, like mousepads.

Use an e-sports gaming mousepad for wrist support,  greater control, mouse longevity, and improved general performance.

Some tips to determine which e-sport gaming mousepad to get when looking at something like this include considering ergonomic features, the type of material used, and whether the material is soft or hard. Our article that provides tips for choosing gaming mouse accessories for your needs lists the most popular and beneficial gaming accessories that can dramatically enhance your gaming efficiency and enjoyment. 

An e-sports gaming mouse pad provides the ideal surface for a gaming mouse to perform optimally.
A gaming mousepad not only adds to the aesthetics of a gaming setup but also protects the mouse. Image Source: Amazon.

You can enjoy the following benefits if you choose to use an e-sport gaming mouse:

Benefit 1. Wrist Support For Long Gameplay

Wrist support ranks high among the ergonomic benefits that using a mousepad offers. Manufacturers like Gimars produce excellent mousepads with a wrist rest like this one. These types of mousepads prevent gamers from hurting their wrists as a result of repetitive rotations and dragging when gaming which is explained in greater detail in this article from Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy.

Benefit 2. Greater Control

When a mouse can be moved fluidly, it allows for the smooth and effective control of characters and objects in games. A slight increase in the control of your mouse and gaming setup, as provided by this e-sports Tiger Gaming mousepad, with its rubber base that prevents slipping, could be the determining factor in some games.  Some of the key features that differentiate a good mousepad from an average one are the material used in making it, its size, and how thick it is. In general, the thicker it is, the better.

Benefit 3. Mouse Longevity

Using a good mousepad reduces the chances of your e-sport mouse getting damaged at its base, whereas dragging it on just any surface might require you to replace the mouse much sooner.  Using a high-quality mousepad will also reduce the amount of dirt that gets trapped in the mouse and in its skates. Our article on how to clean a sticky mouse and mousepad offers step-by-step instructions for cleaning these important gaming tools.

Benefit 4. Improved General Performance

Equipped with the right mousepad, in terms of ergonomics, the material used, size, and other features, a gamer can experience a substantial increase in comfort and performance in both the short and the long term.

A gamer can enjoy a substantial increase in comfort and performance by using an e-sports gaming mousepad.
An ergonomic mousepad improves the wrist’s posture. Image source: Amazon.

What Mice Do Pro Gamers Use?

Pro gamers are very selective about which mice they use, as it is crucial that their equipment enhances their performance. 

Pro gamers use highly responsive mice for quick movements, which are ergonomically designed for long hours of gameplay and can respond quickly when needed.

Mouse choice is primarily determined by the grip style that the gamer uses most often. Our article explains how to choose the ideal gaming mouse grip type and what mouse design is best suited for each.

These are the e-sports gaming mouse features that pro gamers are usually after:

Feature 1. Highly Responsive For Quick Movements

The sensitivity of a mouse is paramount when it comes to gaming. The sensitivity determines how fast a command is executed in the game. The more sensitive a mouse is, the better it can be optimized for games in the first-person shooter genre. We recommend this Razer Viper 8khz Ambidextrous E-sports Mouse for FPS games due to its high sensitivity. 

An e-sports gaming mouse with a higher DPI is better for FPS games due to its sensitivity.
For games that require fast reaction and movement,  get a mouse with a high DPI. Image Source: Amazon.

Feature 2. An Ergonomic Design For Comfort

Ergonomic gaming mice provide a better range of motion, reduced fatigue, reduced shoulder pain, and provide optimal functioning. This Razer Deathadder Elite Mechanical E-sports Gaming Mouse is an example of an ergonomic mouse with good reviews and is featured in this YouTube video review by Raser.

Feature 3. A Quick Trigger for Competitive Gameplay

Mouse trigger refers to how quickly the mouse registers clicks. Some game genres require the mouse to be able to register multiple clicks within a very short period of time. Certain techniques like drag-clicking and double-clicking only work if the mouse can register the clicks fast enough.

Summary of Popular Pro Gamer Mouse Choices

Gaming Mouse Benefits of E-sports Game Play Price
Razer Viper 8khz Ambidextrous Esports Mouse High sensitivity allows for quick movements ~$60
Razer Deathadder Elite Mechanical - E-sports Gaming Mouse Designed for comfort ~$50
Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Awesome for a quick trigger ~$50


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