Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Gaming is a sedentary activity because most gamers sit in one position for a long time. That’s why it can be easy to assume that there aren’t any ways to incur physical injuries. However, despite most parts of the body being safe from danger when playing games, certain areas can be prone to injuries. As a gamer, you are prone to develop aches and stiffness in the fingers, wrists, hands, and shoulders. One of the ways to prevent injuries to those areas while playing games is by using an ergonomic gaming mouse.

Choose an ergonomic gaming mouse that is the right size, is wireless, is designed for hand and finger contours, allows for a neutral hand position, and is lightweight. Ergonomic gaming mice improve range of motion, reduce fatigue, reduce shoulder pain, and provide optimal performance.

TechteamGB explain a little more about ergonomic gaming mice in this video tutorial.

In this article, we will dig deeper into what an ergonomic mouse is, the difference between an ergonomic mouse and a gaming mouse, why you need an ergonomic mouse, the available types, and tips for choosing the right one.

Use an ergonomic gaming mouse for reduced fatigue and pain, as well as optimal gaming performance.
An ergonomic mouse can reduce hand stiffness and shoulder aches. Image source: Amazon

What Is an Ergonomic Gaming Mouse?

An ergonomic gaming mouse is designed in such a way that it allows you to remain comfortable even when gaming for long periods of time.

An ergonomic gaming mouse has features that optimize hand movements while minimizing discomfort. It usually has easy-to-reach buttons to prevent injuries, as well as a curved shape, a lightweight design, and is the correct size to reduce arm fatigue while improving mouse efficiency. 

According to this article by Dohrmann Consulting, ergonomy is the study of people in their work environment, specifically, how people relate to the elements within their work environment. Based on this study, the facility, tools, and equipment are designed to fit the uniqueness of people. The goal is to eliminate discomfort and the risk of injury. This article from ErgoLink, explains that an ergonomic gaming mouse is designed to fit gamers so that they don’t experience discomfort in their hands when gaming for uninterrupted periods. A gamer can use an ergonomic mouse without fear of developing any medical issues. 

This Logitech MX Vertical mouse is a perfect example of a mouse built ergonomically to meet the needs of gamers. Its vertical shape helps reduce the pressure on gamers’ wrists. It’s also designed to fit medium to large hands. Its rubber surface ensures proper gripping when it’s being used.

An Ergonomic Mouse vs. a Gaming Mouse

Based on usage, there are several types of mice. Earlier mice were built practically for use with a computer. However, gaming mice come with lots of added features to support the array of games that exist. Consequently, both mouse types can be built ergonomically but they have specific features for different intended uses. 

The term ergonomic mouse describes a mouse built to improve user comfort. This term is used irrespective of whether the mouse is a gaming mouse or a regular mouse. Most gaming mice are designed to be ergonomic because they are built with more functions than ordinary mice.

Our article comparing gaming mice vs. normal mice explains some of these differences and why a gaming mouse like this should be chosen for gaming.

An ergonomic gaming mouse is designed for a gamer to be more comfortable while gaming for extended periods of time.
Most gaming mice are designed with ergonomic features to improve gamer comfort. Image Source: Amazon.

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Why Do I Need an Ergonomic Gaming Mouse?

The purpose of an ergonomic mouse differs for each gamer because what feels ergonomically comfortable to one gamer, might not apply to another, This is why there are several ergonomic mouse models available. This gives the average gamer a variety of mice to choose from.

Use an ergonomic gaming mouse to reduce the risk of mouse arm syndrome, to make gaming more comfortable, and to make gaming easier for gamers who might have existing injuries. 

According to this article from the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, gamers and other frequent mouse and kyeboard users commonly suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome due to the awkward shoulder rotation and wrist positions that result from daily computer use. Physiotherapists who treat patients with acute pain or numbness in the arms, hands, wrists, or shoulders often recommend that users change their mice to ergonomic varieties, and take frequent breaks away from their desks. 

These are the reasons why you may need to use an ergonomic gaming mouse:

Reason 1. Reduce the Risk of Mouse Arm Syndrome

The unhealthy repetitive use of the hands when using a mouse can lead to Mouse Arm Syndrome, according to this article from, which is a combination of several micro-traumas in the hands. The symptoms include muscle tension, pain and a tingling sensation in the hand, weakness and localized swelling, and other more severe conditions. The most effective way to prevent Mouse Arm Syndrome is by using an ergonomic mouse like this

Reason 2. Make Gaming More Comfortable

Games are a fun hobby, a source of entertainment, and even a job for some people. Irrespective of the type of gamer you are, you probably love games and enjoy playing a lot of them. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time doing it, your hardware must be as comfortable to use as possible. This is the purpose of ergonomics and creating an environment and equipment centered around the comfort of users. Therefore, with an ergonomic mouse, you can game all day, and all night with optimal comfort.

Reason 3. Prevent Pain While Gaming

Ergonomic mice prevent pain and side effects of continuous use of the hands. However, they are also perfect for players who already have an underlying issue with their hands. A perfect example is players who suffer from arthritis or who have an old sports injury. 

Ergonomic mice like this come with features that allow you to rest on your palms comfortably on the mouse with fingers naturally splayed in a relaxed grip. This way, you don't have to stretch or cramp up your fingers to reach the buttons. Our article that explains ideal gaming mouse grip types explains the three most common grip types and what mouse suits them. Additionally, this article explains how to choose a gaming mouse with lots of buttons so make sure to check that out too.

Summary of Ergonomic Mice Features And How They Help

Feature of Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Conditions the Feature Prevents  Example from Amazon 
Vertical mouse Prevents palm and wrist pain Logitech Mouse MX Vertical
Suitable external material Makes grip easier SteelSeries Aerox 3
Ambidextrous  Comfortable to use irrespective of the dominant hand of the gamer SteelSeries Aerox 5
Optimal weight Easy to shift on pad  Razer DeathAdder V3

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Types of Ergonomic Gaming Mice

Ergonomic mice are designed to fit users’ hands. However, every gamer’s taste in mice is different based on their hand anatomy, aesthetic preferences, and the particular game they intend to play. 

The three major types of gaming mice that exist include flat ergonomic gaming mice, vertical ergonomic gaming mice, and wireless ergonomic gaming mice.

A person’s anatomy will determine what type of gaming mouse will suit them best. People with large hands would need large mice, while those with smaller hands might want a small lightweight mouse. Our article that provides tips to choose a gaming mouse for large hands will walk you through what to look for when choosing a mouse for large hands. 

You can choose from these types of ergonomic gaming mice:

1. A Flat Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

The flat ergonomic mouse is an upgrade from the traditional flat mouse. Flat ergonomic mice have features that have been enhanced to fit users. Some of the features include the grip, weight, button positions, and the material used for the mouse.  

Based on grip, flat ergonomic mice can be classified into claw, fingertip, and palm grip mice. A lightweight ergonomic flat mouse like this is best suited for gamers who find the average weight of the mouse unsuitable for them. Unlike a traditional flat mouse, the ergonomic flat mouse comes with several buttons positioned for easy reach by the gamer. 

When it comes to hand position, gamers can either get a left-hand mouse, a right-hand mouse, or an ambidextrous mouse like this. Finally, there are flat ergonomic mice classified based on the material used, like a mouse that is made from fiber-reinforced plastic, matte, or soft-touch materials. 

Note that every ergonomic flat mouse comes with a combination of these features. Mouse manufacturers like SteelSeries display mice on their shop page based on the combination of features a gamer desires for their mouse.

This flat ergonomic gaming mouse is suitable for a gamer who prefers a claw grip.
The Aerox 3 from SteelSeries is an example of a claw grip flat ergonomic mouse. Image Source: Amazon.

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2. A Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Vertical mice like this are modern types of mice that are designed to fit the movement of the wrist and the hands in the most natural way. According to this article from Omnicore, they’re considered revolutionary pieces of technology when it comes to mouse design because they are designed to encourage the natural rotation of the shoulder socket and wrist. This more natural posture reduces acute pain in the shoulder, neck, forearm, wrist, and hand.  

Vertical mice are designed to reduce muscle strain, decrease wrist pressure, and improve a gamer’s posture. This is possible because they’re optimized for the vertical’s natural handshake position. Vertical mice are also manufactured to suit different types of gamers based on size, weight, and cover material. Most vertical mice brands come in several angles optimized to suit the different needs of gamers. 

An upright ergonomic mouse promotes the natural rotation of the shoulder and the wrist.
The Logitech MX Vertical is an example of a user tested vertical ergonomic mouse that can alleviate muscle strain while using a mouse. Image Source: Amazon.

3. An Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse 

This article from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Alpha College of Engineering at Anna University, explains how a  wireless mouse works through wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to transmit signals from the mouse to the computer. 

A wireless ergonomic mouse comes with several advantages including more mobility and flexibility allowing the gamer more freedom of movement. They are also often lightweight because of their portability. 

A wireless mouse communicates with your computer through radio frequencies wich is why there could be a slight delay in response when compared to a wired mouse.
A wireless mouse, like this Razer DeathAdder, uses radio frequencies to transmit signals from the mouse to the computer. Image Source: Amazon.

Summary of Types of Ergonomic Gaming Mice

Type of Gaming Mouse Product Example Approximate Price
Flat gaming mouse Tecknet Pro 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouse ~ $15
Vertical mouse Wireless Vertical Mouse, Pinkcat 2.4G ~ $15
Ergonomic gaming mouse - wireless Razer DeathAdder V2  ~ $25

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Tips to Choose an Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Choosing the right ergonomic mouse for yourself could be quite a tricky task. You might need to try out a couple of mice before you find one that fits your anatomy, how you play, and the type of games you play. 

An ergonomic gaming mouse should be properly sized to maximize range of motion and lightweight to reduce strain on the shoulder. A wireless mouse can also help reduce shoulder pain.

Read our gaming mouse cost guide for information about the types of ergonomic gaming mice that are available and what you can expect to pay for them.

Choose a wireles ergonomic gaming mouse for more mobility and for more comfortable and convenient gaming.
A wireless ergonomic gaming mouse offers the user more flexibility as well as comfort. Image Source: Amazon.

We suggest you keep these tips in mind when choosing an ergonomic gaming mouse:

Tip 1. A Properly Sized Mouse Allows for a Greater Range of Hand Motion 

The mouse is a handheld device, so the size of your mouse must be suitable. Ergonomic mice come in three sizes; small, medium, and large and the type you go for is determined by the size of your hand. Our article about finding a gaming mouse for small hands explains the problems that can result from using a mouse that is too big and will help you select the right size mouse for you. 

Tip 2. Choose a Wireless Mouse to Reduce Shoulder Pain

There are wireless and wired ergonomic mice, however, wireless mice like this come with added flexibility and mobility when used. This makes a wireless mouse a better choice for gaming. You can play at any convenient distance from your PC, and you can place your mouse on any comfortable surface at any height without fear of yanking the chord of a mouse like this. Our article comparing wireless gaming mice vs. wired mice discusses the pros and cons of each type so that you select one based on your preferences. 

Tip 3. Choose an Ambidextrous Ergonomic Mouse or One for Your Dominant Hand

Ergonomic mice are designed with gamers in mind, so the dominant hands of gamers are taken into consideration when they’re designed. If you’re left-handed, there are gaming mice like this specially designed to accommodate this difference. The same thing applies if you’re right-handed. There are also ambidextrous ergonomic mice like this that can be used with a left or right hand.

Tip 4. Choose a Lightweight Ergonomic Gaming Mouse 

The shape and size of a mouse determines the positions of the hands and the angle that the wrist rotates which can cause you discomfort and pain. The weight of the mouse could also affect your level of comfort and performance while gaming. If you find that a heavy mouse isn’t comfortable and hinders your performance we advise you to go for a lightweight mouse. Alternatively you could opt for a gaming mouse like this one that has customizable weight configurations so that you can find the weight that is most comfortable for you. 


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