Can You Use a Gaming Chair on a Carpet?

Do you sometimes find yourself sitting uncomfortably in front of your PC? Feeling discomfort can not only impact your gaming or work experience, but it can also be a sign that you are developing health issues. Believe it or not, besides posture, the chair you are using is often the cause of the discomfort, and one of the causes of discomfort is using your gaming chair on a carpet.

To ensure the stability of a gaming chair on a carpet with a low pile, it is advisable to use a floor mat or carpet and allow the wheels to roll smoothly. If using a gaming chair on a carpet with a medium pile, it is recommended to replace the standard wheels with larger ones to make it more comfortable and stable.

A gaming chair is a special kind of chair that is designed to make gaming comfortable. For example, the high backrest in gaming chairs supports the upper back and shoulders. They also have adjustable armrests and a headrest allowing for posture to be optimized to a great extent. Check out our article that discusses what a good gaming chair is to learn more about the features of gaming chairs.

Using a gaming chair like this as part of your setup not only increases the quality of your gaming experience but also allows you to play for longer periods of time without experiencing discomfort. However, you might feel hesitant to use a gaming chair on your carpeted floor, as you fear the chair will ruin it.

We created this practical guide that discusses tips to help you use a rolling gaming chair on carpeted floors, and we explain measures you can take to protect your carpet from getting damaged.

When used correctly, a gaming chair on a carpet should not cause any damage, making it a safe option for gamers.
Gaming chairs are designed to ensure that the user’s posture is optimal. Image Source: Amazon.

You may also be wondering if investing in a gaming chair is worth it. If so, be sure to read our related article to find out more.

Can Gaming Chairs Roll on a Carpet?

While most chairs allow for very limited movement, gaming chairs can be adjusted or moved in whatever position or direction a gamer wishes. Making it possible for gamers to play in very comfortable positions. 

When using a gaming chair on a carpet, the movement of the chair may not be as smooth due to standard caster wheels getting stuck in the carpet fibers. To avoid this, consider

swapping out the regular caster wheels for heavy-duty ones that can handle carpeted surfaces. 

According to this article from the proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, one unique trait that differentiates gaming chairs from other types of chairs is their flexibility.

To use a gaming chair on a carpeted floor it would be best to swap the wheels for bigger ones that can roll easily on a carpeted surface.
Gaming chair casters are not designed for the purpose of rolling on carpeted floors. Image source:

This survey on whether gaming chairs can roll on carpeted floors was carried out by In the survey, 78.33% of gaming chair owners reported that their gaming chair did not roll smoothly on carpets, while only 22.7% of gaming chair owners said their chair rolled well. AmplifyDIY explains this phenomenon clearly in this video tutorial. 

Given the common issue of gaming chairs not rolling smoothly on carpets, it's important to address concerns about potential carpet damage caused by gaming chairs.

It is reported that a much larger percentage of gaming chair users feel that their gaming chairs do not roll smoothly over carpets.
Most gaming chair owners do not recommend rolling a gaming chair over a carpet. Image source:

Can Gaming Chairs Ruin Carpeting?

Prospective buyers of gaming chairs may wonder whether using a gaming chair on a carpet can cause damage to the carpet fibers. The answer depends on the quality of the gaming chair and how it is handled. Additionally, the length and material of the carpet pile can also impact the chair's ability to move smoothly on a carpeted surface. 

Gaming chairs can ruin the carpet. A low or substandard gaming chair will often cause more damage to a carpet than a higher-quality one. This is because lower-quality gaming chairs tend to have casters that are rougher and sharper, which may tear the carpet whenever the wheels are rolled. The way a gaming chair is handled also determines if it ruins a carpet or not. Gaming chairs that are handled roughly are more likely to ruin an indoor house carpet.

This article from the Journal of the Textile Institute explains how wool and other natural fibers have a thicker pile that can cause more friction for rolling chairs.

Constantly moving a gaming chair on a carpet can cause friction, which can lead to wear and tear on the carpet fibers, especially if the chair has sharp or rough edges. Using a carpet or floor mat can reduce this risk. Likewise, continuously moving a gaming chair on a hardwood floor can cause rubbing on the wood grain, which can lead to scuffs and scratches. It's best to use a floor mat like this to protect the hardwood floor and reduce the risk of damage. 

You might want to consider going for a high-quality gaming chair if you own a carpet. Brands like DXRacer, Noblechairs, Thunder X3, and Vertagear are known for producing high-quality gaming chairs.

A gaming chair that is of a better quality will have wheels that will move over a carpeted surface.
A high-quality gaming chair with high-quality wheels will roll easier on a low-pile carpet. Image source: Amazon.

Tips To Protect a Carpet From a Gaming Chair

There are ways that you can protect the carpet from wear caused by a gaming chair on a carpet. This includes placing a floor mat under the gaming chair to protect the carpet from friction and snags and making sure the legs of the gaming chair have large wheels to prevent damage to the carpet. When moving the gaming chair, lift it gently to avoid pulling or dragging it. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the carpet to keep it in good condition, especially in areas under the gaming chair, will ensure the wheels roll smoothly.

To protect a carpet from a gaming chair, replace the casters if they are sharp or rough or lock them to prevent movement, and get a floor mat that will serve as a buffer between the gaming chair and the carpet.

If a gaming chair has wheels that cannot roll smoothly on a carpet simply use a durable mat under the gaming chair.
A durable mat under a gaming chair can help the chair move smoothly and prevent wear on the carpet. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 1. Replace the casters

Casters are the small wheels that are typically attached to the legs of a gaming chair or office chair, allowing it to roll around easily. Cheaper or lower quality chairs may have sharp casters that can damage carpets or scratch floors. Fortunately, it is often possible to replace the casters on a chair with better quality ones that will work more smoothly and won't cause damage to flooring, just like these.

Replacing the casters is an easy task. Sometimes buying a cheaper chair and changing out the caster wheels is enough to protect the carpet. Our article about buying a budget gaming chair lists some popular chairs that can have the wheels changed. 

Follow these easy steps to change the wheels of your gaming chair:

Step 1. Lay the Chair Down

Before starting to remove the casters, lay the gaming chair down on its side or back so that you have easy access to the wheels. This will help you to see the casters clearly and make it easier to remove and replace them. 

Before changing the casters on a gaming or office chair, lay the chair on its side.
Laying down the chair, you are in a better position for the task. Image source:

Step 2. Wearing a Hand Glove or Using a Towel, Turn the Casters To Pull Them Out From the Chair

Next, you should put on a hand glove or use a towel to protect your hands while handling the casters. Then, turn the casters to pull them out from the chair. It's important to note that different types of casters may require different techniques for removal, so be sure to follow any specific instructions that come with your replacement casters.

To ensure a better grip when pulling the casters out, use a glove or use a cloth.
Using a glove or towel improves your grip. Image source:

If the casters are not pulling out, use a flathead screwdriver from a set like this to pry the wheel from the socket.

Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the casters from the office chair if they are stuck.
Casters that are stuck tight require the use of a screwdriver to loosen. Image source:

Step 3. Once the Casters Are Out, Measure the Diameter and Length of the Grip Ring

After removing the old casters, it's important to measure the diameter and length of the grip ring to ensure that the replacement casters you purchase are the right size for your gaming chair. Most office and gaming chairs have caster wheels with a stem size of 7/16" x 7/8", but some no-name brands may differ. To measure the grip ring, you can use a caliper like this or a tape measure like this one.

To get an accurate measurement of the caster stem size it would be best to use a caliper.
While a tape rule does the job, it is better to use a caliper for the most accurate measurements. Image source:

Step 4. Install the New Casters by Pushing Them Into the Base Socket of the Chair

Once you have purchased the correct replacement casters for your gaming chair on a carpet, install them by pushing them firmly into the base socket of the chair. Make sure that they are securely in place before standing the chair back up. Test the chair to make sure the new casters are rolling properly and that they are not causing any damage to the flooring.

Tip 2. Lock the Casters

While the casters typically move and swivel freely, you can choose to lock them if you want to. Buying caster wheels with a quick lock feature like these will limit the chair's motion to forward and backward, preventing swivels and random movements. This is yet another effective measure that can be taken to prevent gaming chairs from damaging carpets.

Caster wheels that have a locking system help to stop the gaming chair from moving around on a carpet unnecessarily.
Caster wheels with a lock feature will help minimize damage to the carpet. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Place a Floor Mat Underneath the Gaming Chair

If you love rolling your gaming chair on a carpet and can’t be bothered to replace the casters, you may choose to get a floor mat. This mat, when placed underneath the chair, serves as a buffer between the chair and the carpet, preventing damage from being done. A computer or gaming chair mat like this one is made from non-woven fabrics which means it is anti-slip and will protect the floor surface from scratches. 

If you're looking for guidance on how to choose the most appropriate chair mat to safeguard your carpet, this article from FirstMats can provide you with a comprehensive guide. It takes into account various factors such as the floor type and size and shape of the mat to ensure you make an informed decision.

Tip 4. Buy a High-Quality Gaming Chair

If you do not want to go through all the stress of changing and locking the casters or getting a floor mat, and you have enough money, you may go with the simple solution of buying a high-quality gaming chair like this with suitably large casters. While this may be the most expensive of all methods, it keeps your carpet safe. 

Our article comparing a gaming chair to an ergonomic chair will help you choose the best type of chair for your needs. 

Make sure that the wheels of a gaming chair don’t damage a carpet by getting a high-end chair with large casters.
A high-quality chair with large caster wheels will limit damage to the carpet. Image Source: Amazon.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Mat for Your Carpet

For most gamers, getting a mat is usually the best way to protect their carpets from damage. This is because it is a cheap and easy solution to protect a carpet. When choosing a mat for a gaming chair make sure the mat is big enough to accommodate the chair and any movements while in use, and choose a mat made of durable and non-slip material, such as plastic, rubber, or PVC, to ensure stability and prevent the chair from sliding.

Factors to consider when choosing a mat for your carpet include the size and shape of the mat, the backing of the mat, and the material the mat is made of. Synthetic fibers like polyester, polyurethane film, and recyclable materials are better for gaming mats than natural fibers like wool because they reduce friction on the caster wheels. 

Ensure the mat is compatible with the type of flooring you have, such as hardwood, carpet, or tile like this one is. Choose a mat that matches the style and color of your gaming setup or room. Consider the cost of the mat in relation to your budget and quality needs. Consider the thickness of the mat to provide cushioning and protect the floor from scratches. 

These are the factors to consider when choosing a mat for your gaming chair:

1. The Size and Shape of the Mat

The size and shape of a mat are the first things you need to consider when choosing a mat for your carpeted floor. To get the best protection, the mat needs to be wide enough to cover the most vulnerable areas of your carpet. Hence, it is important you take note of areas on your carpets that may be prone to damage.

2. The Backing of the Mat

The backing of a mat is the flip side of the mat facing the floor. There are basically two main types of backing in mats, the gripper back and the flat back mat. The gripper back mat is best for protecting carpeted floors, while the flat back mat is best for protecting hard, non-carpeted floors. When purchasing a floor mat, you need to go for a mat whose backing fits the kind of floor you are trying to protect. Hence, for carpeted floors, you will need a gripper back mat.

3. The Material Used To Make the Mat

How long your carpet will be protected by a mat often depends on the type of material the mat is made of as it affects durability. There are usually two types of materials used to make floor mats; PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and‌ polycarbonate. These two materials differ in their strength and protective powers.

A mat for a gaming chair should be compatible with the floor surface.
The mat material needs to suit the floor surface. Image Source: Amazon.

Summary of Gaming Chair Accessories That Protect Carpeted Floors

Accessory Purpose of the Accessory Example Product
Round Mat For gamers who swivel around a lot on their chairs. Ileading Gaming Chair Mat, Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, 47 Inch Round Floor Mats
Rectangular Mat For gamers who mostly move backward and forward. Office Chair Mat, aidoupetPrivateorder Opaque Office Desk Chair Mat
Grip Backed Mat To protect carpeted floors.  HiiARug Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor Gaming Chair Mat Anti-Slip Office Chair Mat for Carpet
Flat Backed Mat To protect hardwood and laminated wood floors. Office Chair Mat for Hard Wood Floors 36"x47" Heavy Duty Floor Protector
Large Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels To make sliding easier and reduce wear on the carpet. Gaming Chair Wheels - 2.5 inches Heavy Duty Caster Wheels
Lockable Caster Wheels To limit the swivel motion of the wheels and reduce damage to the carpet. Office Chair Wheels with Brake, Replacement Rubber Chair Casters


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