Tips for Choosing a Gaming Keyboard That Is Cute

One advantage gaming keyboards offer over standard keyboards is that they may be modified with features that improve both the functionality and aesthetics of the keyboard. This is because one of the key factors of the gaming business is design, and customers frequently rate games based on how their interface appears. A gamer’s need for something unique, and aesthetically pleasing could even mean choosing a gaming keyboard that is cute.

To choose a gaming keyboard that is cute, go for a mechanical keyboard that comes with aesthetic keycaps, an RGB backlit keyboard, a compact keyboard, and an ergonomic design with comfortable features and a unique design. 

In this article, you will get all the required knowledge to enable you to purchase a cute gaming keyboard. We discuss tips for creating a cute gaming setup with fun accessories and where to find aesthetically pleasing keyboards. 

A gaming keyboard that is cute is designed in many different ways to be unique with some features that are also cute.
Gaming keyboards come in a range of unique designs to suit every gamer’s aesthetic requirements. Image Source: Amazon

How To Choose A Cute Gaming Keyboard That Meets Your Needs

Gaming keyboard choices vary greatly, and the sheer amount of options available might be confusing. The best gaming keyboard is more than just a robust-looking device. For starters, most of the best keyboards are inlaid with RGB LEDs, making them anything but dull. However, there's more to a great gaming keyboard than flashing lights, and the actual key to success is to balance aesthetics with functionality. 

To choose a gaming keyboard that is cute, first look for a mechanical keyboard with unique keycaps, and RGB lighting. A compact keyboard will allow users more flexibility when traveling, and an ergonomic keyboard will ensure maximum comfort when playing for long periods of time. 

Our article about why a gaming keyboard is important explains the features that make gaming keyboards like this ideal for gamers. Your goal should be to make sure you end up with a keyboard that you can use effectively when playing your favorite game and that still looks good. 

Features that make a gaming keyboard cute include keycaps that are decorated with various pictures or animated scenes.
A cute gaming keyboard can also have illustrated keycaps with different color combinations and designs. Image Source: Amazon.

Consider these tips when choosing a gaming keyboard that is cute:

Tip 1. Look for a Mechanical Keyboard With Cute Key Caps.

The most important feature to look out for when choosing a mechanical keyboard is the type of switches it has. Based on switch types, there are two types of keyboards, mechanical keyboards, and membrane keyboards. Our article comparing membrane gaming keyboards vs. mechanical gaming keyboards looks at their differences with regard to durability and customization with swappable keycaps. 

The best keyboard for games is a mechanical gaming keyboard because they are made with switches that allow for a quicker response time, reduced latency time, and are easier to use. Our article about the different keyboard switches for mechanical gaming keyboards takes a look at the noise factor of each switch type as well as their tactile feel when typing so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Once a mechanical keyboard is purchased, you can then go for more aesthetic key caps since they are the obvious part of the keyboard.

According to this article by, when it comes to keycaps, there are 5 types each unique and styled aesthetically based on height, shape, and row shape. These characters are combined in several ways to give each key cap type a unique look. The design of keycaps also differs based on color, so look for keyboards with cute keycaps like these in terms of color and design pattern like this keyboard has.

Make sure that the design and color of the gaming keyboard you choose suits the rest of your gaming setup.
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Pink Round Caps. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. Choose a Keyboard With RGB Backlighting 

According to this article from, Backlights, as the name implies, are lights placed within keycaps that illuminate the keycaps. There are basically 2 types of backlights found on keyboards, these include white light and colored light. Keyboards with just white light perform the primary function of illuminating your keycaps when working or gaming in a poorly lit room. Such lighting also performs a limited aesthetic function.

This article from Lenovo explains that the best colored back-lit keyboards are RGB keyboards. RGB back-lit keyboards conveniently light up your keys with several colors generated from the combination of red, green, and blue colors. They transform your keyboard into something magical.

RGB lighting also provides extra functions beyond aesthetics. Some RGB Keyboards allow users to group keys on the keyboard based on function using specific colors. This would make it easier for users to easily identify required keys. Our guide on how to change gaming keyboard light settings provides tips on how to customize your lighting setup. 

A mechanical gaming keyboard should have backlighting to allow for gaming or working in low-lit environments.
The Black Retro Punk Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlighting is funky and unique. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Choose a Compact Keyboard

A compact keyboard is a great option for gamers who value portability, ergonomics, and a stylish appearance, while still providing good performance and functionality. 

According to this article by, the size of a gaming keyboard does have an effect on how attractive it looks. Gaming keyboards come in different sizes:  full-sized keyboards, tenkeyless keyboards, mini keyboards, and one-handed keyboards. Our article that explains how many keys are on a gaming keyboard walks you through the multiple sizing options so that you can choose a keyboard with the best dimensions for your gaming setup. 

A full-sized keyboard like this one, and its variants are often bulky, with groups of keys that are not useful for gaming functions. These keyboards do not offer the required cuteness you might want from your keyboard.

However, compact keyboards often have a sleek and modern look, which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your gaming setup. Hence, a Tenkeyless keyboard like this one, a mini keyboard, and one-handed keyboards may provide the cuteness you might need. These smaller keyboards are portable, and comfortable to use wherever necessary with all their features well positioned due to their fewer keys. 

Choose a gaming keyboard that is cute as well as compact enough to be practical.
The iLovBee i61 60 Percent Wired Mechanical Keyboard is cute and portable. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Choose an Ergonomic Keyboard 

According to this article from Posturerite, ergonomic keyboards are designed to suit the anatomy of users to limit the dangers of using keyboards for prolonged periods of time. Keyboards like these are designed based on research on how users interact with their keyboards with features to ensure keyboards are safe and comfortable to use.

Gaming keyboards are often ergonomic, which is why most are mechanical, which aids the easy use of keypads; they come with backlighting to aid users in the dark, different types of keycaps to aid ease of use, and angle tilts that facilitate better comfort.  

However, more specific features like a wrist rest, and the shape of the entire keyboard,  often give keyboards distinct looks that make them more beautiful than common gaming keyboards.

A gaming keyboard that is cute can also be ergonomic for comfortable gaming.
The Cloud Nine ErgoTKL ergonomic Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. Image Source: Amazon.

You may also want to read our related article regarding keyboard hand placement to help with your wrist-resting needs.

Summary of Cute Gaming Keyboard Accessories

Accessory for Making Your Gaming Keyboard Look Cute Why It Is Cute and Functional Example
Cute key caps Used to replace boring keycaps Keyboard Keycaps, Stoga Cute Keycaps for 61/87/104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
Cute matching gaming keyboard and mouse Matching gadgets are cute and reduce the cost of buying separately. Rgb Pink Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo.
Cute matching gaming keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse pads Matching gadgets are cute and reduce the cost of buying separately. Pink Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Headset Headphones and Mousepad. 
Aesthetic and ergonomic table Well-spaced ergonomic desk to aid ease of work Eureka Ergonomic L60 Corner Gaming Desk. 
Aesthetic and Ergonomic Chair Cute chair perfect for playing to prevent Computer Related Illness Pink Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Miniature lamp Appropriate for limited but beautiful lighting of desk space Jostic Led Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, Usb Charging Port, Desk Lighting with 10 Brightness, 5 Color Modes

Once you have a cute keyboard, you may want to look into how to choose a case for your custom keyboard. Be sure to read our related article to find out more.

Tips for Creating a Cute Gaming Setup With Fun Accessories

A gaming setup just as the name implies includes the gadgets, the furniture, and the environment in which you play games. The gaming setup is extremely important as it affects the overall performance of a gamer both directly and indirectly. 

To create a cute gaming setup replace the stock keycaps with attractive illustrated ones, consider a matching gaming mouse, phone charging plates, cord clips, and a cute mouse pad. An attractive gaming chair and desk lamp that match the gaming equipment and the room's decor can really add to the setup. This along with good lighting will give the room a well-put-together feel. 

Gaming setups are unique and personal, so choosing the right accessories will depend on your budget and tastes. These accessory choices include a desk, chair, PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset, speakers, and lighting. The key to creating a cute gaming setup would be to purchase cute components that are compatible both in use and aesthetics. Our article about choosing mouse accessories for your gaming setup is a good resource for finding unique gadgets to complement your devices. 

Follow these tips to get the cutest gadgets and furniture for your game setup.

Tip 1. Replace Boring Caps With Cute Keyboard Caps

If you already have a keyboard with regular keycaps, you can change some of the keycaps replacing them with more colorful and graphic versions. Make sure to read our related article on how to change switches on a gaming keyboard for more details.

Replacing some of the keys of a gaming keyboard with novelty keys can help to make it cuter.
Keycaps with custom graphics and cute icons can be added to the function keys in the top row. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. Cute Matching, Gaming Keyboard, and Mouse

Matching keyboard and mouse combos like this one give a gaming setup a more cohesive and pleasing aesthetic look. A cute gaming mouse and keyboard combo will also only need one USB dongle to connect both devices, so you will only need to use one USB port. 

A matching keyboard and mouse could help to make a gaming setup cute and unique.
One USB dongle can connect both the mouse and keyboard. The matching combo also makes the gaming space look more cohesive.  Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Find Cute Matching Gaming Gadgets

Some manufacturers produce matching gadgets that gamers can buy as a package like this. These sets often include the keyboard, mouse, mouse pads, headset, and headphones. These gadgets serve as a one-off buy, especially for new gamers who are just getting their gadgets and for those who just want to overhaul their device collection. More importantly, they often come in the most beautiful, and patterned designs.

Choose a matching set that includes a cute gaming keyboard and other peripherals that may be needed for gaming.
A pink gaming keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse pad could make for a cute gaming setup. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Get an Aesthetic Desk

Desks are an important part of every gaming setup. They come in different sizes, styles, and types and of course, all of these affect their prices. In choosing a gaming desk, there are key factors to consider like the size of your room, your budget, and the type of gadgets you intend to place on it. 

However, if you want a cute desk, there are several options like this. These include patterned desks, colored desks, and desks made with plastics, metal, and finished wood. The finish of the surface of the desk plays a significant role when using an optical mouse. 

Our tips to choose an optical mouse vs. a laser mouse explain the reflection issues associated with optical mice and when a laser mouse would be a better option for gaming. 

Make sure that the desk of the gaming setup is the right size and design.
The desk surface of a gaming desk adds to the look of the gaming setup and helps with better mouse tracking when playing. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 5. Get an Aesthetic and Ergonomic Chair

Similar to a desk, and even more so, the choice of a gamer’s chair can affect the entire gaming experience. Chairs are extremely important and beyond just gaming comfortably, using the right chair can prevent computer-related illness and other health implications from gaming, as this article from the Journal of Behavior and Information technology explains. 

So, when searching for a cute chair, go for one like this one that is both ergonomic but that is still beautiful. Fortunately, there are several brands of ergonomic chairs each with their own unique aesthetic quality.

Invest in a stylish ergonomic chair for the ultimate gaming experience and improved health.
An ergonomic chair that also fits with the look of your gaming setup is worth the investment because of the many health benefits. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 6. Find a Fun Miniature Lamp for Gaming at Night 

The use of lighting to generate an aesthetic ambiance is a simple method to completely change the look and feel of a room. There are several ways you can use light to enhance the cuteness of your overall game setup. From the lighting of the room to the use of table lamps like this stylishly positioned on your desk, there are several options.

In choosing light gadgets, consider your keyboard. The more generic white light might not give you the look you desire, so it is always better to go for a keyboard with backlights so that whatever choice of lighting you go for won't clash with the look of your keyboard. 

To create a cute gaming setup choose a desk lamp that matches your gaming keyboard, mouse, and mousepad.
An attractive desk lamp provides better lighting to reduce eye strain and also creates a cohesive look in a gaming setup. Image Source: Amazon.

When gaming at night, you may also be interested in learning how to make your gaming keyboard quiet. If so, be sure to read our related article for more information.

Tip 7. Use A Cable Management System

Using a cable management system can greatly improve the overall appearance and functionality of your gaming setup. It helps to organize cords and cables, reducing clutter and improving the aesthetic appeal of your setup. 

With a cable management system, you can route cords and cables in a way that keeps them out of sight, giving your setup a neat and organized look. Additionally, it reduces the risk of cable tangles, making it easier to move and adjust your setup as needed. This can also help to extend the lifespan of your cables by reducing stress on the connectors and reducing the risk of damage. 

Use a cable management system to hide and organize cables from all your electronic devices.
An expandable cable management system can gather all your cords and cables together and neatly tuck them away, creating a clean and organized setup appearance. Image Source: Amazon.


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