Step-by-Step Guide to Wireless Gaming Keyboard Installation

Keyboards are input devices that are used to enter data into the computer for further processing. Over the years there has been a shift to wireless keywords because of their portability and clean wireless look. All wireless keyboards are plug-and-play, but many high-end keyboards come with software that is specifically designed to enhance the keyboard’s features and would require specific steps for the wireless gaming keyboard installation. 

To install a wireless gaming keyboard with a USB receiver, first, insert the wireless USB receiver into the computer’s USB port, then turn on the keyboard. If the wireless keyboard is a Bluetooth model, put it in pairing mode, navigate to the Bluetooth setting, and select “add a new device”. 

The main reasons behind this wireless keyboard trend are that they are convenient, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. You can take a wireless keyboard like this everywhere and work anywhere, and stay a reasonable distance away from your screen when you use them. They also come in a variety of designs to suit each user's taste. 

When it comes to installing a wireless gaming keyboard, it can be done easily by following some simple steps that will be listed in this article. You do not need to be a computer guru to install the wireless gaming keyboard effectively. Even wireless keyboards that have assigned software are easy to configure because the software prompts will guide you through each step of customization. 

The installation of a wireless gaming keyboard is really easy and they are preferred because they can be used from anywhere in a working or gaming environment.
One of the main reasons why people prefer wireless keyboards is their mobility, and you can easily carry them around wherever you go. Image Source: Amazon.

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Types of Wireless Keyboard Connections

More and more gamers are opting for wireless keyboards because of their sleek designs and enhanced features. Wireless keyboards have a lot of advantages over wired keyboards. You can learn all about the pros and cons of each in our wireless vs. wired keyboard for gaming article, where we discuss what situations best suit each keyboard type.  

There are two types of wireless keyboard connections: Bluetooth and USB receiver. Bluetooth keyboards are practical because they are easy to manage, can be used far from the screen, and work in places where cables are restricted. They require batteries to operate and may be affected by radio, cell phone, and router interference. USB receiver keyboards do not require cords and are more convenient than Bluetooth wireless keyboards because they work across greater distances. However, they are more expensive and cannot be used if the receiver is damaged or lost.

Because wireless keyboards like this can experience some interference from other devices in the same vicinity it is important to determine whether a wireless gaming keyboard is ideal for you. Sometimes simply resetting or reconfiguring the keyboard is enough to permanently eliminate this problem. This article from Microsoft explains how to reconnect a wireless keyboard that has lost its connection due to interference. 

A wireless keyboard that has lost its connection due to interference can just be reconnected.
A keyboard with a fast wireless connection and low interference will maintain its connection. Image Source: Amazon.

Gaming keyboards typically come with two types of wireless connections:

1. Bluetooth Connection

A Bluetooth connection is the most popular option for connecting wireless keyboards to computers. Bluetooth wireless keyboards like this come in a variety of colors and styles and are compatible with Windows and Mac. They do not require receivers and can be connected directly to the computer. They are easy to use and offer better convenience because they enable users to sit wherever and however they want without worrying about the keyboard cables getting tangled. 

These features make wireless keyboards very popular among gamers. A major limitation to these wireless keyboards that use Bluetooth connection is the fact that the connection may be interrupted due to interference from devices such as mobile phones, routers, and radios. Though, when you invest in a high-quality Bluetooth keyboard like the Logitech MX Keys keyboard and install the Logi Options software you can monitor the keyboard's connectivity and battery life from the app, so possible interference becomes a non-issue. This article from IEEE Xplore discusses the benefits of using Bluetooth technology for wireless keyboard and mouse applications. 

Another benefit of using a Bluetooth keyboard is not having to change batteries when they go flat, because you can simply plug the keyboard into the computer and continue working while it charges. Our article about how to charge a wireless keyboard discusses these features in depth. 

The installation of wireless Bluetooth gaming keyboards is very easy but the connection may be interrupted by devices around you.
Bluetooth wireless keyboards, like the Logitech K380, do not require receivers or cables, however, the connection may be interrupted due to interference from devices like mobile phones, routers, and radios. Image Source: Amazon.

2. USB Receiver and Dongle

The use of receivers or dongles for your wireless keyboard is an alternative to using a Bluetooth connection to connect the keyboard to your computer. In this model, there is a USB receiver that is inserted into the computer’s USB port. This connection is only possible if the computer has a suitable USB port. These may however be more expensive than conventional Bluetooth wireless keyboards.

Our article about the ten best wireless mechanical keyboards lists some of the most popular keyboards and their features as well as prices so that you can see which one best suits your gaming needs. 

A wireless gaming keyboard that has a USB connector can only be connected to a computer that has a suitable USB port for the installation.
Wireless keyboards with USB receivers, like the Arteck HW193, do not require cables. However, they cannot be used if the receiver is damaged or lost. Image Source: Amazon.

Examples of Wireless Keyboards 

Wireless Keyboard Connection Type Price
Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse, Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, and Mouse Combo, Ultra Slim Bluetooth ~$45
Rapoo Multi Device(Bluetooth 3.0/4.0/2.4G) Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Support 4 Devices Bluetooth ~$70
Logitech Mk470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Modern Compact Layout USB Receiver ~$50
Cherry Dw 9100 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Combo Rechargeable with Sx Scissor Mechanism Bluetooth & USB ~$90

How To Turn On a Wireless Keyboard

Several wireless keyboards from major manufacturers like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and Steelseries have batteries that are built into the devices. Their packaging and product information brochures will explain how to safely dispose of a battery when the keyboard is discarded for whatever reason. 

Many wireless keyboards come with built-in rechargeable batteries. If the keyboard does not have a battery compartment,  it is likely to have a built-in battery.  Before using the keyboard, ensure that the battery is fully charged, and turn on the keyboard. For wireless gaming keyboards that have a battery compartment, insert the appropriate batteries, and switch on the keyboard. 

This article from Logitech explains their approach to global recycling and sustainability and is an excellent resource for information about disposing of old computer hardware in an environmentally-friendly way.

This is how you turn on the different wireless keyboards:

1. Keyboard With Built-In Battery

If a wireless gaming keyboard like this has a built-in battery, make sure to fully charge it before turning it on, especially if you're using the battery for the first time. Most Bluetooth keyboards come with a half charge out of the box, allowing you to use them right away. However, this means that the battery will run out sooner if you don't plug it into the computer the first time you use it. 

A new wireless keyboard should have its battery at least half-charged and can be used straight out of the box after installation.
When purchasing a new wireless keyboard with a built-in battery, choose one that has a high-capacity battery to have an extended life. Image Source: Amazon.

2. Keyboard With External Batteries 

Some wireless keyboards do not have built-in batteries and require you to insert batteries into the battery compartment. The instructions on how to insert the batteries typically come with the keyboard packaging, so be sure to look for them. Once the batteries are inserted, you can turn on the keyboard. It's always helpful to have a set of rechargeable batteries on hand when using a keyboard with external batteries like these.

Check out this handy video tutorial by Gadget Lover that shows exactly how to install and use a gaming keyboard with external batteries.

A keyboard that doesn’t have a built-in battery will need batteries inserted into the appropriate slot before it can be used.
Keyboards that do not have a built-in battery, have a battery compartment. Open it and insert the batteries before turning the keyboard on. Image Source: wikiHow.

How To Connect a Wireless Gaming Keyboard With a USB Receiver and Dongle

Wireless keyboards are easy to set up because of the plug-and-play technology they have. Occasionally though, they can run into some connection or unresponsiveness problems. 

To connect a wireless keyboard with a USB receiver and dongle, ensure that the keyboard is fully charged. Then, insert the receiver into the computer's USB port, and install the appropriate driver if necessary. 

Our article about how to fix gaming keyboard issues takes a look at difficulties that users encounter most often and offers some troubleshooting techniques and solutions to solve them.

Here are the steps to connect a wireless keyboard with a USB receiver and dongle:

Step 1. Charge the Built-In Battery or Insert New Batteries Into the Keyboard

As stated earlier, before you can connect your wireless keyboard to your computer, you need to ensure that the battery is charged and the keyboard is turned on. It is advisable to fully charge the keyboard battery especially if you are turning the keyboard on for the first time.

Step 2. Plug the Receiver Into the Computer’s USB Port

Check for the USB port on your computer and ensure it is compatible with your USB receiver before you plug it in. The USB receiver can usually be found in the battery compartment of the keyboard package or the wireless mouse compartment of the package if the keyboard comes with a wireless mouse like this combo. 

The USB port is a rectangular slot found on the sides of laptops or the back or front of desktop towers. Once the USB receiver and the USB port have been located, you can plug the receiver into the computer. Our article comparing USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 takes an in-depth look at the various types of USB connectors and explains the benefits of each one. 

For the successful installation of a USB wireless gaming keyboard, the USB receiver has to be inserted into the correct USB port of the computer.
To connect your wireless keyboard to a USB receiver, you must first locate the USB port on your computer and make sure it is compatible with the USB receiver. Image Source: wikiHow.  

Step 3. Install the Driver if Necessary

After plugging the receiver into your computer, you may need to install a software driver from the keyboard manufacturer’s website before you can start using your keyboard. If that is the case, it would be mentioned in the user’s manual or you might be prompted by the computer’s operating system to install the software. Once the driver is installed, your keyboard is ready to use. 

How To Connect a Wireless Keyboard Without a USB Receiver

If your keyboard does not come with a USB receiver or dongle, it will require Bluetooth to connect to your computer. 

To connect a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that doesn’t have a USB receiver, put the wireless keyboard in Bluetooth pairing mode. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on the laptop or desktop, and pair the keyboard with the computer.

Bluetooth keyboards are very versatile devices, and high-quality ones, like this Logitech K380, can allow users to connect wirelessly to three different devices and change between devices with the simple click of a button. They also come in cool colors.

Certain Bluetooth gaming keyboards allow for the connection of multiple devices that can be changed and selected with the click of a mouse.
Logitech’s Bluetooth K380 keyboard allows you to connect to three devices wirelessly for the ultimate workstation setup. Image Source: Amazon.

Here are the steps to connect a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that doesn't have a USB receiver:

Step 1. Put the Keyboard in Pairing Mode

After you ensure that the keyboard’s battery is charged and turned on, put the keyboard in pairing mode. This can be done by holding down the button labeled “Bluetooth” on your keyboard. This button may also be labeled “pairing” or “connect.” On most wireless keyboards, there's usually a light that starts blinking once the keyboard is in pairing mode and stops blinking when the keyboard has been paired with your computer. 

The first step of the installation and connection of a Bluetooth wireless gaming keyboard is to turn Bluetooth “pairing” on.
To put your keyboard in pairing mode, hold down the “Bluetooth,” “pairing,” or “connect” buttons. Image Source: wikiHow.

Step 2. Turn On Bluetooth on Your Computer

Turn on your computer's Bluetooth by going to the Bluetooth setting in the settings menu. Turn on the Bluetooth by toggling on the Bluetooth button. Very often the Bluetooth icon will be located in button on the right-hand corner of the taskbar.

Turn on the Bluetooth mode of your computer by clicking “Start” and navigating to the connectivity settings.
Turn on the Bluetooth on your computer by clicking the start menu, locating the Bluetooth setting, and sliding the Bluetooth icon on. Image Source: wikiHow.

Step 3. Pair Your Wireless Keyboard With Your Computer

When the Bluetooth feature is turned on, the “add device” option will pop up. Click on “add device” and your computer will then display a list of devices that are available for pairing. You should see the name of your wireless keyboard on this list. Click on your keyboard to pair.

If you do not see your keyboard on this list, two things can be done. You can try turning off your keyboard and turning it back on, and then repeating the pairing process over again. Or you can turn off the Bluetooth setting on your computer and try putting it back on and repeating the pairing process. 

After these steps, your keyboard should appear on the “add device” list for pairing. Once pairing is complete, click on “done” which will appear on your screen. Your Bluetooth wireless keyboard is ready to use.

For your computer to pair with your gaming keyboard the Bluetooth settings have to be turned on and the computer has to pick up the gaming keyboard under its list of available devices.
Pair your computer with your wireless keyboard by adding a new device to your computer. Image Source: wikiHow.

How To Install a Wireless Gaming Keyboard Software Driver

When connecting your wireless keyboard to your computer, you may need to manually install the keyboard driver software on your computer. 

To install a software driver for a wireless gaming keyboard, first, visit the website of the keyboard manufacturer and locate the driver for your specific keyboard model. Download the driver and save it to your computer. Run the downloaded driver file and follow the prompts to complete the installation. After the installation is complete, restart your computer to ensure that the driver is fully integrated. Finally, test your keyboard to ensure that it is working correctly.

Purchasing a keyboard that is easy to connect and set up, as well as one that meets all your functional needs is a personal process that involves tons of research and trial and error. Whether you're looking for a wired or wireless keyboard, our article about how to choose the best gaming keyboard will help you determine what functions you need and which will be nice to have. 


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