Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Gaming Keyboard for Ipads

If you’re tired of only solving puzzles on your iPad and you want to transform it into a real gaming device, then adding a gaming keyboard for ipads could be an excellent option. While you can opt for a Smart or Magic Keyboard from Apple, these keyboards cost around $180-300 and are not really designed for gaming. Instead, you should consider choosing a wired or wireless gaming keyboard for your iPad. 

Use Bluetooth, wireless, or a wired gaming keyboard for iPads. These keyboards are compatible, ergonomic, have programmable keys, and are affordable. Purchase a budget-friendly gaming keyboard for iPads for improved gaming performance. 

When choosing a gaming keyboard for an iPad it is important to consider the keyboard's size, portability, and ease of connection. The tips shared below will help you find the right gaming keyboard for your iPad. You can also find information about why wireless gaming keyboards like this are so popular among iPad users and whether you can utilize a wired gaming keyboard for an iPad instead. The article also explains how a one-handed gaming keyboard for iPads works and the reasons you should invest in one. 

Using a wireless Bluetooth gaming keyboard for ipads makes it much easier to play games with an iPad.
​​A Bluetooth gaming keyboard can connect to an iPad and improves its gaming capabilities.  Image Source: Amazon.

Is There a Gaming Keyboard for iPads?

Although some manufacturers label their gaming keyboards as “designed specifically for iPads,” any standard Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to your iPad. The only keyboards that were made specifically for iPads are keyboards designed by Apple. 

There is no specific gaming keyboard made for iPads. To find a gaming keyboard for iPads, look for a wireless (with a receiver) or Bluetooth keyboard that can easily connect to the tablet. Choose a wired gaming keyboard with a USB-C or Lightning cable that can be plugged into the iPad’s charging port. 

The majority of standalone Bluetooth keyboards like this will work with iPads. Bluetooth is the simplest way to connect your mechanical keyboard to an iPad. You may, however, connect your wired keyboard by purchasing an extra gadget known as a USB hub. Because most tablets feature USB-C charging and accessory ports, a suitable hub will work.

Some gaming keyboards are optimized for iOS devices while others work better when connected to Windows or Android devices. So, when shopping for a gaming keyboard for your iPad, always pay attention to its connection type and determine if it’s compatible with your device.

When looking for a gaming keyboard for your iPad make sure that it has a connection type that is compatible with your device.
Any gaming keyboard that features Bluetooth connection can be used for an iPad. Image Source: Amazon.

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Summary of Gaming Keyboard Features Suitable for iPads

Feature To Look For Why Is This Feature Valuable For Gaming With An iPad? Product Example From Amazon 
Bluetooth Connection To connect a gaming keyboard to your iPad without using any USB cables or adapters Redragon K624 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Bluetooth
Type-C Connection Lets you plug the gaming keyboard right into the iPad charging port Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Type-C
Stand Slot Integrated stand slots allow you to hold your iPad in place when gaming Nixiukol Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand Slot for iPad
Ergonomic Design To reduce hand, wrist, and finger pain while playing games on an iPad  Corsair K57 Wireless Gaming Keyboard with Detachable Palm Rest
Mechanical Keys To blend well with your gaming setup and offer you the optimal gaming experience Tecurs Bluetooth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Low-Profile Design or Flat Keys Ideal for those who prefer silent keyboards with a shorter actuation distance  Redragon K618 Horus Low-Profile Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Tips To Use a Gaming Keyboard on an iPad

The latest iPad Pro generation is unbeatable and by pairing it with a gaming keyboard you’ll be able to take your iPad gaming to the next level. 

Using gaming keyboards on iPads requires some consideration to ensure compatibility and optimal usage. Firstly, it’s important to check that the keyboard is compatible with the games that you plan to play on the iPad. Secondly, if you also plan to use a mouse with the keyboard, make sure that the keyboard is compatible with a Bluetooth mouse. Lastly, if portability is not a concern, you can choose a full-size gaming keyboard that is compatible with both PC and iPad. This will give you the added benefits of a larger keyboard for better gaming experience.   

The iPad Pro is by far the best gaming tablet on the market. As this promo video from Apple explains, the new iPad Pro features a strong Apple M1 CPU, trackpad, and keyboard capability, and a stunning Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology. 

Although iPads are often advertised as laptop replacements, there are a few factors you should consider when connecting a gaming keyboard like this to an iPad. The first factor to consider is whether your keyboard is compatible with your iPad. For example, this article from has a list of magic keyboards that will work with the various iPad generations. There are also other details to think about when deciding on a keyboard for an iPad like what games you will be playing. 

When choosing a gaming keyboard for your iPad make sure that it is compatible with the types of games that you will be playing.
An iOS-compatible Bluetooth keyboard can be used as a gaming keyboard with an iPad. Image Source: Amazon.

These tips will help you to use a gaming keyboard with your iPad:

Ensure Compatibility: Check if Games are Designed for Keyboard Use on iPad

The very first thing you should do before purchasing a gaming keyboard for iPads is to check if your favorite iPad games support a gaming keyboard. While the majority of iPad games support gaming keyboards, some can only be played using on-screen controllers. So, do your research to avoid wasting time, and money on a gaming keyboard for an iPad. 

Programming for Compatibility: Adjusting Game Settings for Keyboard Use on iPad

While some iPad games do not offer full keyboard support, you can still use a gaming keyboard like this as long as you program the game to the keyboard keys. After connecting a keyboard to your iPad, you’ll need to set it as a game controller by assigning specific taps to keyboard buttons. 

For detailed instructions on how to program gaming keyboard keys to play iPad games that do not support keyboards, take a look at this thread on Stack Exchange. 

Ensure Bluetooth Connectivity: Checking iPad Compatibility for Keyboard and Mouse Use

For some iPad games, it may be better to use a gaming keyboard in tandem with a mouse like this combo has. If this is the case, you should first ensure that your iPad is compatible with the selected mouse. Ideally, you should choose a Bluetooth mouse to easily connect it to your iPad without using any additional receivers, adapters, or cables. 

It is better to use a Bluetooth gaming mouse and keyboard for gaming on an iPad.
A Bluetooth mouse can be connected to any iPad that’s running iPadOS 13.4 or above. Image Source: Amazon.

Keyboard Choice: Decide Between Full-Size and Portable Options

While a full-size gaming keyboard is pretty much a necessity when playing PC games, you may not need a keyboard that large for your iPad. By choosing a portable gaming keyboard like this, you can match the overall aesthetics of your iPad and make it easier to move the keyboard when needed. 

However, if you would prefer using a single gaming keyboard and switching it from your PC to your iPad, then investing in a full-size gaming keyboard like this might be a better choice. Our guide on how many keys are on a gaming keyboard gives you a thorough explanation of the various keyboard sizes to help you choose one that fits your gaming and portability needs. 

A full-size gaming keyboard may not be very portable but it can be connected to either a PC or an iPad for working or for gaming.
By choosing a full-size gaming keyboard, you can use the same keyboard for your PC and iPad. Image Source: Amazon.

Tips for Finding the Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard for iPads

Instead of opting for a random wireless gaming keyboard you find online, take your time to find the best one for you. Bluetooth is the simplest way to connect your mechanical keyboard to an iPad. You may, however, connect your wired keyboard by purchasing extra hardware like a USB hub. 

When searching for the best wireless gaming keyboard for iPads, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, a mechanical gaming keyboard is a popular choice among gamers as it offers a more tactile experience. Secondly, a palm rest is a useful feature for comfortable prolonged use during gaming sessions. Thirdly, versatility is important, so look for a keyboard that offers Bluetooth or multiple connection options. Lastly, it is convenient to have a matching mouse that can be used with a single receiver, so look for a gaming keyboard set that includes both.    

Our article comparing wireless vs. wired keyboards explains the pros and cons of each of these popular keyboard types.

Here are some tips to find the best wireless gaming keyboard for your iPad. 

Tip 1. Choose a Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for a Classic Gaming Feel

Most gamers love mechanical keyboards like this one. While keyboards with mechanical keys offer a classic gaming feel, they also match the overall aesthetics of your gaming setup. While iPads do not really have a “gamer” look, adding a mechanical keyboard can transform them into real gaming devices. This article from Journal of Usability Studies found that mechanical-key keyboards have a clear advantage in both performance and satisfaction over thinner pressure-sensitive keyboards.  

Our article about mechanical switches explains the three most common switch types and the tactile or silent feel each type offers gamers so that you can choose one that fits your needs.

A wireless gaming keyboard can make your iPad look more like a gaming device.
A wireless mechanical gaming keyboard enables you to experience a classic gaming feel, even when playing on an iPad. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. Find a Keyboard That Has a Palm Rest for Better Ergonomics

Choosing an ergonomic gaming keyboard for iPads like this one is essential for reducing pain in your hand, wrist, and fingers. You should select a gaming keyboard with a palm rest to make your gaming experience more comfortable while boosting your performance during long gaming sessions. 

You should also consider purchasing an ergonomic mouse. Check out our article that provides you with  tips to choose an ergonomic gaming mouse

The added comfort of an ergonomic gaming keyboard will mean longer gaming sessions on your iPad.
An ergonomic gaming keyboard with a detachable palm rest puts less stress on your hands and wrists, allowing you to enjoy pain-free iPad gaming. Image Source: Amazon

Tip 3. Choose a Bluetooth Keyboard for Cable-Free Gaming

No matter how good you are at managing long and messy cables, opting for a Bluetooth gaming keyboard for your iPad will make things easier. After connecting the gaming keyboard to your iPad for the first time, you’ll only need to turn on Bluetooth on your iPad and the keyboard will connect to it automatically. Our article about how to connect a wireless keyboard to an iPad, iPhone, or Mac has step-by-step instructions that will ensure seamless connections every time. 

Tip 4. Opt for a Keyboard With Multiple Connection Options for Versatility

While Bluetooth keyboards are the most popular among iPad users, you should consider selecting a keyboard with multiple connection options, just in case. If you ever decide to use your gaming keyboard with a different device, you can easily do that by switching to a different connection type. Ideally, you should get a gaming keyboard like this one that offers Bluetooth, wireless (with a receiver), and wired (lightning or USB-C) connection types. 

Tip 5. Select a Gaming Keyboard That Comes With a Matching Mouse To Avoid Using Additional Receivers

If you’ve selected a Bluetooth gaming keyboard, then you can purchase a Bluetooth gaming mouse and connect it to your iPad. However, if you prefer using a wireless gaming mouse that comes with a tiny receiver, then getting a matching mouse would be an optimal choice. As you’ll need to get a USB-C to USB adapter like this, you won’t be able to plug two different receivers into your iPad. Our article comparing USB cable devices highlights the most common USB connectors and will help you choose the right one for your gaming devices. 

Use a gaming keyboard and mouse combo so that both devices can be connected using one USB receiver.
By choosing a gaming keyboard that comes with a matching mouse, you can connect two devices to your iPad with a single USB receiver. Image Source: Amazon.

Can You Use a Wired Gaming Keyboard With Your iPad?

With newer iPad models, you can use almost any gaming keyboard of your choice and wired keyboards are no exception. Many gamers prefer wired keyboards because of their speed and responsiveness. 

Use a wired gaming keyboard with an iPad by using an adapter or by choosing a gaming keyboard with a Lightning or USB-C connector and plugging it directly into the iPad’s charging port. This allows you to have a more traditional typing experience when using your iPad for gaming or other tasks. 

Our article about choosing the fastest gaming keyboard takes a look at what keyboards can offer gamers including the speed and accuracy they are after.  

Whether you’re using a wireless gaming keyboard with a USB receiver or a wired gaming keyboard with a standard USB connector, you’ll need a special “USB-C to USB” or “Lightning to USB” adapter to connect the keyboard to your iPad.

You can also choose a wired gaming keyboard compatible with iPads and plug it directly into the charging port. While older iPad generations require a gaming keyboard with a Lightning connector, newer models will need a keyboard with a USB-C connector.  

Use a gaming keyboard and mouse combo so that both devices can be connected using one USB receiver.
To connect a gaming keyboard with a USB receiver or a USB connector to your iPad, you’ll need a USB-C to USB or Lightning to USB adapter. Image Source: The Nerdy Student.

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What Is a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard For an iPad?

A one-handed gaming keyboard or a gaming keypad is an alternative to a traditional keyboard. Featuring a compact design, a one-handed gaming keyboard is designed to save some space on your desk while granting you full access to custom macros. 

A one-handed keyboard is a keyboard designed specifically for gaming. A gamer would choose to use a one-handed keyboard with their iPad if they want to use it only for gaming and prefer having fewer but fully programmable keys. Single-hand keyboards are great for gamers who have limited desk space. 

Our article about one-handed gaming keyboards takes an in-depth look at the benefits of using a single-handed keyboard and what programmable keys it has for gaming purposes.

Unlike regular keyboards, one-handed gaming keyboards like this feature keys that are essential for gaming. While some keyboards include regular keys with the same labels as seen in traditional keyboards, others come with additional controllers, such as scroll wheels, directional pads, and extra buttons.

A one-handed gaming keyboard is suitable for gaming when using an iPad.
One-handed gaming keyboards are ideal for iPads if you want to use the keyboard for gaming functions only.  Image Source: Amazon.

Reasons To Get a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard for an iPad

Along with looking cool, one-handed gaming keyboards are pretty beneficial when it comes to iPad gaming. Some gamers utilize a single-handed keyboard due to physical limitations or personal desires. The one-hand gaming keyboard is a terrific alternative for many individuals who require a keyboard that can provide full gaming capabilities since it has so many functions crammed into such a compact size.

Get a one-handed gaming keyboard for an iPad if it will be used for gaming only and to improve in-game reaction time. It’s best to select a one-handed gaming keyboard with a wrist rest to avoid hand pain, and programmable macro keys to simplify repetitive in-game tasks. 

One-handed gaming keyboards have macro keys for added convenience and ease of use during gameplay. They can significantly improve overall gaming performance when compared to utilizing a normal keyboard. Macro keys on a keyboard like this one can be programmed to perform a variety of actions which will save time and effort while also ensuring perfect play.

You may decide to buy a one-handed gaming keyboard for an iPad for the following reasons:

Reason 1. It Will Be Used Primarily For Gaming Purposes 

One of the main reasons you should consider getting a one-handed keyboard for your iPad is if you’re going to use the keyboard for gaming. If you don’t really need the keyboard for typing, then there’s no need to get a full-size gaming keyboard. One-handed gaming keyboards are portable and take up much less space on your desk than bulky full-size keyboards. Have a look at our article that shares the 8 best one-handed keyboards to buy.

Reason 2. It Comes With Additional Controllers To Improve Your In-Game Response Time

Another reason you should get a one-handed keyboard for your iPad is that some models feature additional controllers, such as scroll wheels and thumb pads. This decreases your in-game response time and boosts your performance in team fights or solo plays. While any gamer can benefit from this type of keyboard, one-handed keyboards with additional controllers are especially suitable for console-oriented players.

A one-handed gaming keyboard is ideal for use with an iPad if typing isn’t a priority but gaming performance is.
Razer Tartarus v2 is an ergonomic one-handed gaming keyboard with extra controllers that allow iPad gamers to boost their in-game performance. Image Source: Amazon.

Reason 3. It Comes With a Wrist Rest To Prevent Hand Fatigue

You won’t really need to search for an ergonomic one-handed gaming keyboard for your iPad as the majority of these keyboards feature a built-in wrist rest. One-handed gaming keyboards like this are designed to provide gamers with a relaxing gaming experience while putting less stress on their wrists and hands. This article from Applied Ergonomics takes a look at the design of a one-handed keyboard and how it can reduce hand and neck strain in users. 

Almost every one-handed gaming keyboard model features a wrist rest, making long gaming sessions even more comfortable. Image Source: Amazon.

Reason 4. It Comes With Programmable Macro Keys For Added Convenience And Ease 

Although one-handed gaming keyboards include fewer keys than traditional keyboards, they aren’t less functional by any means. This is because one-handed gaming keyboards feature fully-programmable keys, allowing gamers to create and access macros whenever needed.

Most one-handed gaming keyboards have wrist rests which makes them more comfortable for long gaming sessions.
One-handed keyboards allow you to program macro keys and grant you easy access to them as you play, preventing you from wasting time on repetitive clicks, movements, and tasks. Image Source: Amazon.


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