Gaming Keyboards vs. Keypads – How To Choose the Right One for You

For gamers, having the right equipment is crucial, and gaming keyboards vs. keypads are no exception. It's essential to choose the best option for your needs. A gaming keyboard is a durable, high-performance device designed to withstand the demands of gaming. Typically equipped with mechanical switches, they are functional and user-friendly. The inclusion of backlit keys makes it easy to use them even in low-light settings. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of gaming with a keyboard vs. a keypad.

When it comes to gaming, the choice between  gaming keyboards vs. keypads ultimately depends on your personal preferences and gaming needs. While a gaming keyboard is more versatile and offers specialized features like improved responsiveness and comfort, a keypad is designed solely for gaming and has special buttons that make gameplay easier, although it can't be used for typing.

The Faculty of Management at the AGH University of Science and Technology states in their article on One Row Keyboard that the keyboard is the most commonly used device to interact with a computer. If you're looking for a more compact option for gaming, a keypad like this could be a great choice in addition to a regular gaming keyboard. Unlike a full-sized gaming keyboard, a gaming keypad has a limited number of keys, but each key is ergonomically placed to enable quick and efficient gaming key presses. In this article, we will compare and contrast gaming keyboards vs. keypads, so you can make an informed decision about which device is right for you. If you need further guidance, check out our related article on gaming keyboard recommendations for more information on choosing the best gaming peripherals for your needs.

What Is a Gaming Keyboard?

Whether you prefer MMO, FPS, or strategy games, nothing beats a specialized gaming keyboard model if gaming is part of your regular activities. A gaming keyboard is a dedicated keyboard made to play games comfortably and well. It is characterized by a good feeling when pressing the keys, less fatigue even after long periods of use, and the capability to register multiple key presses simultaneously. However, gaming keyboards differ in that features and specifications are not necessarily the same for each product. 

A gaming keyboard is a keyboard that is responsive, robust, more efficient, and suits most gaming activities perfectly when compared to a regular one. 

Gaming keyboards like this also have additional keys, called macro keys, which you can program to perform certain activities. For example, you can program a macro key to launch an in-game ability or launch commonly used applications. Gaming keyboards also offer the N-key rollover feature, which ensures the simultaneous registering of multiple keys pressed at the same time. Additionally, for games where precision and typing speed are essential, gaming keyboards allow you to execute commands quickly.

Gaming keyboards vs. keypads: which one is right for you? With their specialized design and features, gaming keyboards can offer faster response times, improved precision, and enhanced durability.
Gaming keyboards are built differently which makes them more efficient when it comes to gaming performance. Source: Amazon.

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What Is a Gaming Keypad?

Although not widely used, gaming keypads are one of the most fantastic innovations in PC gaming peripherals. Gaming keypads are small ergonomic PC gadgets equipped with features and benefits that make them functional. 

A gaming keypad is a small auxiliary explicitly designed for gaming. Use a keypad for its simple design which allows easy access to each key. 

This YouTube video tutorial by RT 4 explains all about gaming keypads and how they can be beneficial. These keypads are convenient and comfortable to use. This gives gamers a competitive edge as less key space makes moving from one key to the other faster. Additionally, gaming keypads are optimized for ergonomics and quick key presses. The best gaming keypads provide a streamlined WASD layout, macro buttons, and quick access to different keys.

In addition, they are great alternatives to gaming keyboards. Keypads are smaller than keyboards and could be great if you have little desk space for gaming. When the going gets tough in the game or combat session, the ergonomic design of a keypad with configurable buttons might make all the difference with easy mobility.

When comparing gaming keyboards vs. keypads, keypads are much simpler to use.
The layout of Gaming keypads makes them easier and more efficient to use. Source: Amazon.

Comparing Gaming Keyboards vs. Keypads 

It's important to note that while a gaming keypad may seem distinct from a gaming keyboard, they share many similarities. At first glance, a gaming keypad may appear to be a reduced keyboard, as it is smaller and has fewer buttons.

When comparing gaming keyboards vs. keypads, it's important to note the differences. Gaming keyboards offer versatility, N-key rollover, macro keys, better ergonomics, and fast and accurate performance. However, they can be noisy, more expensive, and heavy. On the other hand, gaming keypads provide portability and enhanced gaming performance, but they cannot be used for typing and can be difficult to position comfortably.

A gaming keypad should be small and easy to control with one hand while remaining stationary. Although it has fewer buttons, they are customizable and essential for gaming. The keypad effectively performs the same functions as a gaming keyboard, utilizing keyboard-like technologies. Despite its compact size, a keypad provides all the essential functions found on gaming keyboards, making gaming more accessible and efficient for gamers.

Benefits of Using Gaming Keyboards

1. Versatility

Gaming keyboards vs. keypads: which is the best option for you? While gaming keyboards are often seen as versatile all-around peripherals that can serve different purposes and functions, keypads offer a compact and customizable alternative. Gaming keyboards like these are built to withstand wear and tear, making them a popular choice among professional gamers who demand durability and longevity. In addition to their practical features, gaming keyboards can also be aesthetically pleasing, with customizable illumination options for gamers who love flashy setups. One of the advantages of gaming keyboards is their versatility, as they can be used for both gaming and day-to-day activities. Their swiftness and responsive keys make them a favorite among gamers, enabling easy key movement during gameplay. 

2. Durability

Get a gaming keyboard if you're tired of using keyboards that break down easily or don't last long. Gaming keyboards are designed to withstand heavy use and last much longer than regular models. You can hit several keys vigorously when playing your game, and the components can withstand such force thanks to their design. Many gaming keyboards have a lengthy lifespan, with an increased durability of about 50 million keystrokes. Keyboards are necessary for intense games to ensure you are always one step ahead. Unlike some options, you won't need to worry about frequent repairs and replacements if you have a keyboard like this

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is an important criterion, especially if you spend long hours in front of your computer as a gamer. After all, a gaming keyboard's main purpose is to ensure that your gaming experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible. This enables easy accessibility and movement for players. Ergonomic keyboards can lessen typing discomfort by easing the strain users experience when typing. One of the biggest sources of discomfort is typing fatigue, which can accumulate and result in more serious problems. As gaming can get exhausting, many top-notch gaming keyboards have an attached wrist rest like this to alleviate aches and pains. 

If you are a non-gamer, a gaming keyboard will undoubtedly make typing easier and improve your typing speed. Because of their ergonomic design, you may use these keyboards for a long time without experiencing any problems. 

A gaming keyboard can be much more comfortable to use vs. a keypad.
Ergonomic keyboards provide users with greater comfort levels during use. Source: KinesisGaming.

4. Anti-Ghosting 

You'll often see this feature in gaming keyboard specs. Gaming and regular keyboards have a feature called N-key rollover (NKRO). This feature allows a keyboard to register multiple keystrokes at the same time. For instance, if you are playing a game and need to press multiple keys simultaneously, the NKRO ensures that your PC will register all keystrokes. Gaming keyboards like this still offer the NKRO function, as all keys work independently. You can press different keys simultaneously, and they will all register.

With regular keyboards, you may experience a problem called "ghosting." This means that some keystrokes are not registered because you press too many keys at the same time. The average keyboard only allows you to press six keys at a time. It's not a problem if you don't do anything requiring you to press many keys simultaneously. However, if you are a gamer, you will want to opt for a gaming keyboard with NKRO. Many gaming keyboards have this feature but are limited to a 6-key rollover allowing for up to six keys to be pressed simultaneously. 

With anti-ghosting all the keys that are pressed simultaneously are registered.
Anti-ghosting makes sure that your keystrokes are delivered accurately and in the sequence that they were pressed. Source: Fpsgadgets.

5. Customizability

When it comes to gaming peripherals, gaming keyboards vs. keypads is a common debate. Gaming keyboards often come with software that allows gamers to customize individual keys to suit their specific gaming needs. This means that gamers can assign specific functions or macros to each key, which can be especially helpful in games that require complex key combinations. For example, in first-person shooter games, a gamer may assign a key to switch weapons, or to reload quickly. In a real-time strategy game, a gamer may assign a key to quickly select multiple units at once, or to access a specific menu.

Macro keys can also automate repetitive tasks like mining resources or casting spells. A Logitech setup guide suggests assigning keystroke patterns to macro keys for more efficient gameplay. Macro keys can also perform tasks like opening programs or adjusting volume. Check out our e-gaming shortcuts guide for more information.

Gaming keyboards have more programmable keys vs. keypads that have a limited number of keys.
Programmable keys enable shortcut buttons which improve gaming significantly. Source: Redragon.

6. Improved Responsiveness and Accuracy

Gaming keyboards are designed to have faster response times than regular keyboards. This means that when you press a key, the action is registered almost instantly, which can give you an advantage in fast-paced games. Additionally, gaming keyboards often have mechanical switches that provide tactile feedback when a key is pressed. This can help you to type or game more accurately, as you'll be able to feel when a key has been registered. These keyboards are the fastest recording keys as they enable fast registration of actions for gamers. Our article that provides tips to choose the best keyboard for gaming explains more about this and other features to look out for.

Disadvantages of Using Gaming Keyboards

While gaming keyboards are specifically designed for gaming and offer a range of features and functions, there are some potential downsides to using them. 

Here are some of the most common cons of gaming keyboards:

1. Noise

One of the features of gaming keyboards that quite a few gamers find irritating is the noise which can be distracting. However, this sound is determined by the type of switch used. Although certain types like these are comparatively quieter, even the quietest produce a clicking sound each time a key is depressed. In addition, for gamers that enjoy live streaming, these sounds tend to be audible. While some individuals don't mind the noises, others find them irritating, so consider this if you're thinking of purchasing a gaming keyboard.

2. Cost

Gaming keyboards vs. keypads is a debated topic in the gaming world. While gaming keyboards like these tend to be more expensive than regular keyboards, they come with a range of advanced features such as durability, anti-ghosting, and customizable RGB lighting. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, lack these features and are typically less expensive. However, it's still possible to find a decent gaming keyboard on a budget. For example, check out our article on the best gaming keyboards under $50.

3. Size

Many gaming keyboards are larger and heavier than regular keyboards, which can be a disadvantage if you have limited desk space or prefer a more compact keyboard. Users often feel uncomfortable transporting their gaming keyboards from one place to another.

4. Limited Use

Many of the features on gaming keyboards are specific to gaming and may not be useful for other tasks. This means that if you're primarily using your keyboard for non-gaming purposes, you may not get much benefit from a gaming keyboard's additional features.

5. Overwhelming

Gaming keyboards often have a lot of extra keys and functions that can take time to learn and get used to. This can be especially challenging if you're used to a simpler keyboard layout. For some users, the sheer number of customizable keys, macros, and other features on gaming keyboards can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. This can lead to frustration and may discourage some users from using the keyboard to its full potential.

Benefits of Gaming Keypads

1. Ergonomics

Gaming keypads like these are designed with ergonomic support for extended gaming sessions, reducing the risk of hand and wrist strain. They also offer customizable keys and require fewer finger movements, further reducing strain on the hands and fingers.

Keypads have great ergonomic designs that allow for long comfortable gaming sessions vs. Keyboards.
Ergonomic keypads are made to provide users with wrist support. Source: Amazon.

2. Enhanced Performance

Due to their size and structure, which contribute to their enhanced performance, gaming keypads are becoming increasingly popular among computer users. This PC gadget has a suitable mechanical layout and its features ensure a great reaction time. Furthermore, specific key buttons eliminate the possibility of incorrect keystrokes making it the ideal option to increase efficiency and convenience.

3. Portability

Unlike traditional gaming keyboards, which can be bulky and heavy, gaming keypads are often smaller and more lightweight, making them easier to transport. This is especially beneficial for gamers who attend LAN parties, tournaments, or gaming events, as they can easily pack their gaming keypad in a backpack or travel bag. The compact size of gaming keypads also makes them more versatile for use in different locations. They can be used on a desk, on a lap, or even on the floor, depending on the gamer's preference and setup. This flexibility allows gamers to play comfortably in a variety of environments, whether they're gaming at home, at a friend's house, or in a public space.

In addition, some gaming keypads are designed with detachable cords, which further enhances their portability. This feature allows gamers to easily disconnect the keypad from their computer and pack it away without worrying about tangled cords or damage to the cord.

A keypad is much more comfortable to use vs. a gaming keyboard.
The portability of keypads makes them more convenient to use. Source: GamePro.

4. Space-Saving

When deciding between gaming keyboards vs. keypads, one factor to consider is space. By using a gaming keypad, gamers can reduce the amount of space taken up by their keyboard, allowing them to free up more desk space for other gaming accessories, such as a mouse, headset, or game controller. The reduced size of gaming keypads also means that they can be used in a wider variety of gaming setups, including those with smaller desks or workstations.

Furthermore, some gaming keypads are designed with a built-in wrist rest, which can further reduce the amount of space required for gaming. This allows gamers to maintain a comfortable position while gaming without sacrificing valuable desk space.

Cons of Gaming Keypads

While gaming keypads have their advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

1. Limited Functionality

One of the potential drawbacks of using a gaming keypad is that they may have limited functionality compared to traditional gaming keyboards. Gaming keypads often have fewer keys, which can limit the range of functions available to gamers. This can be a disadvantage for gamers who require a large number of key inputs for complex games or macros. Some gaming keypads may also lack certain keys that are commonly found on traditional gaming keyboards, such as a numeric keypad or multimedia keys.

However, it's worth noting that some gaming keypads offer customizable keys, allowing gamers to assign different functions to each key. This can help mitigate the issue of limited functionality and provide a more tailored gaming experience.

2. Not Suitable for Typing

When it comes to gaming, the choice between gaming keyboards vs. keypads can be crucial for a player's performance. One significant disadvantage of gaming keypads is that they cannot be used for typing due to the lack of letters. As a result, they are limited to gaming and may not be a versatile option for users who need to type as well. Additionally, their usefulness may be limited to certain types of games that require specific key inputs, which may not be suitable for all users.

3. Challenging To Master

Gaming keypads can be challenging to master because they have a limited number of keys, and each key serves multiple purposes. This means that specific characters or commands may require a particular combination of keys, which can be time-consuming to learn. People with certain impairments may find it difficult to learn the key-press order and use the keypad effectively. This challenge could result in mistakes during gameplay, leading to a disadvantage for gamers.

4. Compatibility Issues

Gaming keypads may have compatibility issues with different operating systems and gaming platforms, limiting their use for users who use multiple devices or platforms. Some gaming keypads may require additional software or drivers to be installed, causing inconvenience for plug-and-play users. Compatibility issues can be detrimental to a gamer's performance in esports or multiplayer games, making it important to ensure the gaming keypad is compatible with the user's specific operating system and gaming platform before purchasing.

5. Cost

While gaming keypads can be a more affordable option than full-sized gaming keyboards, the cost of gaming keypads can vary widely depending on the brand, model, and features. Some high-end gaming keypads can be just as expensive or even more costly than traditional gaming keyboards. The cost of gaming keypads may also depend on the types of switches used in the device. Mechanical switches are generally more expensive but offer a tactile and responsive feel, while membrane switches are more affordable but may not provide the same level of tactile feedback.

In addition to the initial cost, it's also essential to consider the long-term cost of ownership, including maintenance and replacement. Some gaming keypads may be less durable than traditional keyboards, and may require more frequent replacement or repair, which can add to the overall cost.

Summary of Gaming Keyboards vs. Keypads Comparison

What do you want to improve about your gaming? Gaming keyboards vs. keypads, which is better? Why? Example
I just want a cheap device to game with Gaming keyboards Gaming keyboards offer a wider range of features and functionality at more affordable prices compared to gaming keypads. Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
I want to improve my speed and precision Gaming keypads  Gaming keypads may be a better choice due to their ergonomic design, compact size, and customizable keys. RedThunder Wireless One-Handed Gaming Keyboard
I want a portable gaming keyboard for convenient mobility Gaming keypads Gaming keypads are compact and portable compared to gaming keyboards RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit
I want a device that is easy to master  Gaming keyboards Gaming keyboards are easy to use HyperX Alloy Origins Core - Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
I want a gaming device that is versatile and flexible Gaming keyboards Gaming keyboards can be used for a wide variety of purposes Camisyn 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Tips To Choose Between a Gaming Keyboard and a Keypad 

Having the best gaming device will change your gaming experience forever. There are gaming keyboards and gaming keypads. Everything from the size to the features of these peripherals is designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. Also, they have many features that allow gamers to create highly specialized macros and shortcuts.

When deciding between gaming keyboards vs. keypads, it's important to consider your priorities. If you prioritize typing, choose a gaming keyboard; if you prioritize gaming performance and reaction times, try a gaming keypad. Gaming keyboards are more versatile and offer dedicated media controls, while gaming keypads prioritize performance with a more compact design and customizable keys. 

Depending on your immediate needs, gaming keyboards and keypads could both be suitable. Their features differ, and this will affect the gamer's performance in various ways. For experienced gamers, the choice of a good gaming keyboard is essential. Choosing a keyboard reputed to be more robust and more efficient has enormous advantages for gaming. 

Likewise, gaming keypads can enhance gamers' performance due to the closeness of the keys, making it easy to take quick action and change moves during gameplay but they lack the comfort and functionality gaming keyboards provide.

If you are struggling to choose between gaming keyboards and keypads, here are tips that could help you to make your decision:

Tip 1. Consider a Gaming Keypad if You Want to Try a New Gaming Challenge

Gaming keypads like this provide a distinctive option for the competitive gamer, moving beyond standard keyboard designs. While some players play for fun, others are far more engaged in the competitive scene and aspire to work as professionals. The best tools available will be required if you fall into the latter category. Essentially, it's a keyboard with only one hand's worth of keys. Although it doesn't fully replace a standard keyboard, the idea has several applications.

Imagine you are using your Xbox to play first-person shooter games. For the best gaming experience on a gaming computer, a mouse and the WASD keys of a keyboard are often sufficient, along with a few extra keys. It's quite uncommon to utilize any additional keys to complete a game. Each game type allows the player to control one character's movement, which is often accomplished with the WASD keys.

If competitive gaming is a priority then a gaming keypad would be better vs. a keyboard.
Keypads are a great option for competitive gamers. Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. Choose a Gaming Keyboard If Typing and Versatility Are Important to You

A gaming keyboard like this may be used for other purposes as well. Typing on the keyboard is its main use, but you may also play games with it, so, utilizing a gaming keyboard will allow you to do both. This article from The Nature Hero discusses the advantages of using a gaming keyboard and how it could improve your typing abilities. 

A gaming keyboard would be ideal for typing and gaming and are more versatile vs. keypads.
Gaming keyboards can be used for gaming and typing due to their versatility. Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Try a Gaming Keypad If You’re Willing To Put in Time and Effort to Enhance Your Performance

Gaming Keypads like this are specifically made for gaming, so they deliver the greatest results for gamers because of reduced input latency, quick switching, and many more features. 

Gaming keypads have evolved from being specialized PC gadgets to professional gaming necessities. Keypads help gamers play better because of their many mechanical and ergonomic advantages.

Gaming keypads are complicated to master but can truly enhance a gamer’s performance.
Due to having fewer keys, gaming keypads can enhance gaming performance. Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Opt for a Gaming Keyboard If You’re Interested in Programmable Keys for Shortcuts

Generally, gaming keyboards like this have the amazing advantage of allowing you to program specific keys. You may assign instructions and shortcuts to the keys of your choice which is outlined in our article that compares gaming keyboards vs. regular keyboards. If you frequently hit a certain combination of keys, you may program a quick and simple key to press in the middle of an activity to replace that combination. You may alter the controls in certain games for a more effective setup that raises your competitiveness.

Make sure a gaming keyboard has customizable keys like this one has, before you buy it because not all keyboards have this option. Most of the time, special software is needed to do this, and some manufacturers have better software than others.

A single computer keyboard key that can be configured to carry out a particular function is known as a programmable function key. Programmable keys are crucial for your keyboards to be more convenient and useful. Look for premium gaming keyboards that include customizable keys. 

Make sure that the gaming keyboard that you choose has programmable keys for optimal gaming performance.
The macro keys of a gaming keyboard allow for the customization of key commands. Source: Gaminggear.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Keypad

Tech firms are always releasing new gadgets or equipment to improve the gaming experience in response to the growing gaming demand. The ongoing debate of gaming keyboards vs. keypads is one such example of this. The gaming keypad was created for gamers who want something more compact and convenient. One benefit of gaming keypads is that you may use them with one hand while using the other to operate the mouse. While gaming keyboards offer a more traditional option with a full set of letters, gaming keypads can be a great alternative for those who prioritize mobility and comfort during gameplay.

When choosing a gaming keypad, consider models with customizable keys tailored for gaming, a thumbpad for better movement control, and a wrist rest for enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions

The evolution of gaming keypads has shaped and influenced the first-person shooter (FPS), third-person action-adventure, and massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) genres of PC games (MMO). Each game type allows the player to control one character's movement, often accomplished with the WASD keys.

Tip 1. Choose a Keypad With Customizable Keys for Gaming

Suppose you prefer keypads to keyboards, then look for the ones with customizable keys, also known as key binding. Keypads like this are made so that users may quickly change the key bindings to meet their gaming demands. Some keypads include the standard gaming keyboard part, while others merely provide a collection of buttons that need programming.

Although a gaming keypad has fewer keys vs. a keyboard, the keys can be programmed for optimal gaming.
Customizable keys on gaming keypads provide shortcuts, especially for gaming. Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. If You Want Better Movement Control, Select a Keypad With a Thumbpad 

For gaming enthusiasts, a thumbpad is another feature to look out for when choosing a gaming keypad. The directional thumbpad enables more natural controls and a more ergonomic experience. Also, this is a two-in-one option for console-oriented gamers as it serves as a keyboard and console. 

A gaming keypad with a thumb pad provides a more comfortable position for the thumb making the keypad more ergonomic.
A thumbpad provides improved movement controls. Source: Vertux.

Tip 3. Choose a Keypad With a Wrist Rest for Enhanced Comfort

According to this article from the Journal of Hand Therapy, when gaming for long periods, a lot of pressure is applied to the wrists which can cause discomfort and even pain. A wrist rest is one major feature that should affect your decision-making process, especially as a gamer. This is because the wrist rest on a gaming keypad like this helps to lessen user fatigue during extended use. 

A keypad with a wrist rest is much more comfortable for using during long gaming sessions.
A wrist rest on the keypad reduces fatigue for gamers. Source: Amazon.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Keyboard

When buying a keyboard, most people buy the one they like best aesthetically or the one that fits their budget. However, in terms of functionality, discern what type of keyboard is best for you according to your specific needs. The ongoing debate of gaming keyboards vs. keypads highlights the need to carefully consider which option is best for your style of gaming. A gaming keyboard is the best choice if you frequently use your computer to play games. Not only because of the durability of its mechanisms but also because of the precision it offers and its large number of customization options.

When choosing a gaming keyboard, prioritize durability and outstanding build quality. Consider mechanical models for improved speed and precision, with a lifespan of more than 50 million strokes. Also, look for models with customizable RGB backlighting to match your gaming setup and aesthetic preferences.. 

If you’re purchasing a gaming keyboard, note that the price range is vast, and currently, we can find very cheap mechanical keyboards on the market. Logically, the higher the price, the higher the quality of its materials and durability. And in this aspect, everything will depend on the money you want to spend on them. The important thing is that you consider the features that suit your needs and that affect how you will use the keyboard, such as the type of keyboard switches, wired or wireless connections, formatting, type of material, and other functionalities.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right keyboard:

Tip 1. Choose a Durable Gaming Keyboard With Outstanding Build Quality

When planning to get a gaming keyboard, you should look for a gaming keyboard with outstanding build quality like this one has, because gamers are not the gentlest of keyboard users. There is always a lot of fast clicking and pressing going on. Your current keyboard can handle light tapping, but frantic button-mashing for fast-paced gaming is required which a gaming keyboard like this can handle. Metal backplates are found on most expensive keyboards, eliminating flex and the possibility of damage. The keyboard's internal switches and circuits are supported and protected by metal or robust plastic housings. 

A keyboard with a durable build would be better for rigorous gaming.
Durable gaming keyboards can withstand harsh keypresses. Source: Amazon.

Tip 2. Select a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Improved Speed and Precision

A notable feature to look out for when finding a gaming keyboard is its speed and responsiveness. Gaming keyboards like this respond more quickly than non-gaming ones, making them a great option for gamers. These keyboards respond to keypresses faster without having to press the keys all the way down. They allow for quicker responses in faster games, including RPGs and point-and-click adventures. Also, less force is used to press keys, which lessens stress and hand strain when gaming.

A gaming keyboard that is faster and more accurate can help to improve and optimize gameplay significantly.
Gaming keyboards are fast and accurate which increases speed during gameplay. Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Choose a Gaming Keyboard With a Lifespan of More Than 50 Million Strokes 

One thing that makes gaming keyboards long-lasting compared to regular keyboards is that the switches are made to take rigorous key presses. Non-gaming keyboards only last for approximately 5 million keystrokes, whereas mechanical switches are designed to withstand forceful key presses and can handle between 50 and 80 million keystrokes.

A gaming keyboard with mechanical switches has a much longer lifespan than a regular keyboard.
Gaming keyboards are built to last longer with their 50-80 million keystrokes feature. Source: Carrefour.

Tip 4. Select a Gaming Keyboard With Customizable RGB Backlighting for Aesthetics

RGB illumination is one of the numerous features of gaming and custom mechanical keyboards like this. Users may showcase their personalities by personalizing the keyboard illumination thanks to backlighting. Keyboards can include various lighting features, from discrete accent lights to complete lighting effects covering the whole keyboard. 

A keyboard with a light beneath the keys is referred to as a backlit keyboard. The backlight illuminates the letters and symbols on the keys to allow them to be legible in dimly lit areas. The semi-transparent print on the keys will allow the light below to shine like a window. The little area around the key is frequently illuminated by the backlight, improving keyboard visibility even further. The majority of backlit keyboards let you choose the degree of brightness. This makes it easy to play games anytime, even at night. 

Backlighting of a gaming keyboard allows for gaming in low-lit or dark environments.
RGB Backlighting is one of the most sought-after features among avid gamers. Source: Amazon.

Are Gaming Keypads Worth It?

Gaming keypads are worth it, depending on what you want. Gaming keypads are not a bad purchase if you're a professional gamer or a newbie. This can be linked to its high precision controls, ergonomic design, RGB lighting, and palm rest, just like a standard gaming keyboard. In addition, an integrated joystick is included to enable easy keypress in case of sticky keys. Individuals who may benefit from using a gaming keypad may require some time to learn how to operate it due to the arrangement of the keys.

Gaming keypads can be a worthwhile investment for those seeking better ergonomics, convenience, and improved movement between keys while gaming. While they may not be essential for all gamers, those who prioritize these factors may find a gaming keypad to be a valuable addition to their setup.

Gaming Keypads like this only allow gamers to type and take control with one hand. Therefore, you should know that purchasing a gaming keypad depends solely on your preferences, but it gives more responsive controls for competitive online gaming. In addition, gaming keypads are quite selective. Gamers can only play games that incorporate the conventional WSAD arrangement and probably a few others. Gaming keypads are not a good option if you want a gaming keyboard with hybrid functionality. 

Are One-Handed Keyboards Good For Gaming? 

A one-handed keyboard is a type of gaming keypad that has been designed to offer a more comfortable and high-performance gaming experience. When comparing gaming keyboards vs. keypads, one-handed keyboards are an increasingly popular option. They offer a concentration of configurable keys at your fingertips that can be used according to your needs, typically featuring 20 to 40 keys, most of which are programmable. However, in spite of the benefits, only a few games can be played with them, limiting their usefulness for some gamers. 

One-handed keyboards can offer several advantages over standard keyboards, including cost savings, improved performance, and space efficiency. However, adapting to the new layout may require a period of adjustment. Overall, the benefits of using a one-handed keyboard may outweigh the initial learning curve for some users. 

Just like a regular gaming keyboard, one-handed keyboards are quite comfortable for gaming and have a long lifespan. Because it is a one-handed gaming keyboard, only the keys necessary for operation are included. However, these keys are given most of the functionality of a traditional keyboard. As this research paper from IEEE Xplore discusses, one-handed keyboards are great for mobile workers who don’t always have both hands free. That makes one-handed keyboards like this a favorite of pro gamers as they require one hand to hold the mouse and another for the keyboard. 

With one-handed gaming keyboards, you can advance your games confidently and gain an edge in competitive games. Although they take some getting used to, once you get the hang of them, they help improve performance and simplify command operations during gaming. One-handed keyboards allow gamers to play stress-free for a long time with a design that alleviates hand fatigue, has easy-to-type key placement, and supports contact parts. For some great recommendations, you can check out our article on the 8 Best One-Handed Keyboards to Buy.


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