Tips & Tricks To Choose a Gaming Keyboard Stand

A keyboard stand allows you to alter the height of your keyboard and is usually portable. While a table or desk can be used, they are not always at the proper height to play comfortably because table legs or drawers might get in the way, and chair heights also have their limitations in which case you should choose a gaming keyboard stand that is suitable for your gaming needs.

Some benefits of using a gaming keyboard stand are being able to adjust the height of the keyboard, declutter the desk, and improve the ergonomics of your setup. Use a stand with adjustable height and tilt features to do comfortable typing and gaming. A stand with cable management features is better for a neat and organized desk setup. 

The physical demands of playing games have been established by several research and ergonomic reports. Although when compared to more physical activities like sports, gaming may seem like a safe activity, the dangers involved in gaming are real. These dangers and the decision to prevent and manage them inspired the production of gadgets including gaming keyboard stands like this

In this article, we will look at whether you really need a gaming keyboard stand. We will also consider the types of gaming keyboard stands that exist and tips to guide you when you want to purchase one. Finally, we will discuss the required features of a good keyboard stand. 

Choose a gaming keyboard stand to allow for a better and more comfortable position when gaming and working.
​​A gaming keyboard stand allows users to make minute adjustments to their keyboard level to achieve optimal comfort when gaming. Image Source: Amazon.

Do You Need a Gaming Keyboard Stand?

How often do you play games and what does your posture look like when you play? Do you sit on a chair all day long? Do you arch your back forward staring into your computer screen? Are your hands resting on the table, or do you have them hanging out awkwardly? More importantly, how do you feel after every gaming session? Do you notice any back pain, or do your buttocks feel numb? Your answers to these will give you an indication of whether you should use a gaming keyboard stand.

A gaming keyboard stand can be beneficial for more comfortable and safe gaming. It provides the ability to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard, which can help prevent medical issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. The stand can also improve posture and reduce neck and back pain, promoting a more ergonomic setup. Additionally, using a stand with cable management features can help keep the desk tidy and organized, making it easier to focus on the game. 

You may need a gaming keyboard stand for the following reasons:

Reason 1. Adjusting the Height of the Keyboard for a More Comfortable Typing and Gaming Experience

Most gamers place their keyboard onto a desk. However, desks are not usually adjustable, so a gamer is confined to using the keyboard at the height of the desk. However, most gaming keyboard stands are adjustable, thereby giving you the option to adjust the height of your keyboard relative to your own height and how you intend to use the keyboard.

If customizable comfort while gaming is important, choose a gaming keyboard stand.
Most gaming keyboard stands, like this Besign LSX3, are adjustable and minimize neck pain. Image Source: Amazon.

Reason 2. Decluttering the Desk and Improving Desk Organization

According to this article from Keychron, gaming keyboards come in different sizes to suit the particular needs of users. However, even with the smallest keyboard, a desk space might not be wide enough to accommodate all of your devices without becoming cluttered. Although clutter can be minimized largely by getting a larger desk, there’s still the issue of the available space in the room. Freeing up valuable desk space is one of the key advantages of having an independent keyboard stand. Equipped with a stand, your desk will look more organized and you’ll find the use of your keyboard more comfortable.

Our article about how many keys are on a keyboard takes a look at the various keyboard sizes to help you choose one suitable for the amount of space that you have. 

Reason 3. Improving The Ergonomics of the Setup to Reduce the Risk of Computer-Related Injuries 

Gaming might seem like a safe activity when compared to more physical activities like sports. However, this doesn’t mean gaming doesn’t come with its health risks. Several computer-related ailments can come from using a keyboard, many of which can be prevented or minimized by using a keyboard stand.

According to this article from OrthoInfo, one of the risks of using keyboards is the possibility of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a  condition that causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and forearm due to intermittent pressure on the median nerve which is one of the main nerves in the hand. This pressure arises from the incorrect positioning of the hands. This can be avoided by using a keyboard stand which provides a more comfortable keyboard position that reduces the pressure on the hands. Our article about gaming mouse hand positions has helpful tips to reduce this type of hand strain, while also offering techniques that can improve ergonomics and maximize efficiency when gaming.

Tendinitis, as explained in this article from Europe PMC, also referred to as mouse shoulders, is a condition where the tendons become inflamed. Symptoms of this condition are usually pain radiating from the neck and shoulder to the hands and arms. This is also caused by the awkward placement of the arms in incorrect positions while gaming. 

Another major ailment that can be prevented by using a keyboard stand is Repetitive Strain Injury as explained in this article by the NHS. As the name suggests, these injuries come from the consistent use of the muscles of the hands and the fingers when typing. Where this is common among gamers, because of the demands of games, the use of supporting furniture like this keyboard stand can help minimize it.

Reason 4. Increasing Comfort During Extended Gaming Sessions

According to this article from, gaming, whether done recreationally or as a profession, often requires long hours to be put in. Overall, gamers spend hours on a weekly basis doing what they love. Therefore, optimizing comfort is necessary, or else the gamer’s enjoyment will be affected by continuous discomfort. A keyboard stand like this one provides a degree of comfort. 

A keyboard along with a keyboard stand allows gamers to sit, stand, or even lie down on a sofa or bed. There’s flexibility in how the keyboard can be used which is advantageous for gamers. With comfort, comes the prevention of both physical stress and pain associated with gaming. This video tutorial by CS Studios explains a bit more about how to set yourself up to game from your sofa. 

Our article that discusses the benefits of gaming with a keyboard on your lap looks at the different possible gaming positions, especially if paired with a portable keyboard stand like this one. 

A gaming keyboard stand allows you to choose different postures and positions for optimal comfort while working or gaming.
Keyboard stands with various tiers offer users customizable options to reduce back and arms strain. Image Source: Amazon.

Different Types of Gaming Keyboard Stands

A quick survey of the keyboard stands available on the market shows that there are several types, each one specifically designed for how it’ll be used by clients. Some feature multiple functions, while others offer fewer customization options. 

There are several basic types of keyboard stands available on the market, each with its own unique features. The mountable keyboard stand can be mounted to the desk or a separate surface for a stable platform. The angled keyboard stand provides a comfortable typing angle and reduces wrist strain. The height adjustable stand with desk provides a separate desk surface that can be adjusted to the desired height. The on-desk keyboard stand is placed directly on the desk surface and offers a simple solution for elevating the keyboard. 

This article from the findings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting discusses the benefits of height and angle-adjustable keyboard stands to show how they improve overall user health.

Choose one of the following types of gaming keyboard stands that will be the most comfortable for you:

The Mountable Keyboard Stand

Mountable keyboard stands, as the name implies, are stands that can be mounted to an ergonomic chair. This type of stand is perfect for gamers who wish to retain their sitting position but have their keyboard at arm's length without it being on the desk. It is especially practical for gamers who play on large TV screens that are quite a distance away from the keyboard. 


A mountable keyboard stand is designed to be attached to an ergonomic office chair for comfortable gaming.
Mountable keyboard stands can be installed on any chair. Image Source: Amazon.


The Angled Keyboard Stand

The angled keyboard stand comes with hinges that can be attached to your desk. However, it can be adjusted to a wide range of angles to accommodate ease of use taking into consideration your wrists. A width and height-adjustable angled keyboard stand like this one is ideal for large gaming keyboards and users who have big hands because its size is customizable. If you are a gamer with big hands and want to know more about selecting a good size keyboard then take a look at our article about gaming keyboards for big hands. If you want even more control, you may find interest in how to use a custom gaming keyboard builder. Be sure to check out that article as well for more details.

It is important to choose an angled gaming keyboard stand that can be customized for optimal comfort.
The angled keyboard stand has several adjustable incline levels that allow you to adjust your keyboard's angle for optimal comfort. Image Source: Amazon.

The Height-Adjustable Stand With Desk

Some studies have indicated that standing workstations help to relieve lower back, shoulder, and neck pain. According to a 2019 assessment of 53 participants published in this article from the Journal of Applied Ergonomics, sit-stand desks are effective in changing behavior and getting computer users to stand more and relieve muscle strain symptoms.

The height-adjustable stand with a desk can be adjusted to any preferred height. They come with desks that can be used to hold just about any computer gadget. They’re suitable for both standing and sitting positions while you play your favorite games.

A gaming keyboard stand desk can be adjusted to be high enough to stand or sit and work.
The height-adjustable standing desk offers you smooth, easy, and convenient adjustment to meet your sit-stand needs. Image Source: Amazon.

You may also find interest in learning how to connect a gaming keyboard to a laptop. If so, be sure to take a look at our related article.

The On-Desk Keyboard Stand

On-desk keyboard stands, as the name implies, are placed on a desk. However, they can be adjusted to both sitting and standing heights. They can also be tilted to any comfortable angle. 

Typing on a level keyboard is healthy for your wrists and hands, but typing on a keyboard inclined at a negative slope is even better. The negative angle maintains your wrists’ neutral and straight position and reduces the amount of finger stretching required for each keystroke. Our article about flat keyboard keys discusses the ideal hand angles that users should assume to avoid hand strain and injury. 

An on-desk gaming keyboard stand is positioned on top of the desk and can be adjusted to suit seated or standing positions.
The WorkEZ keyboard and mouse stand’s height & angle are adjustable. It’s affordable, effective, and ergonomic. Image Source: Amazon.

Features To Look For In a Good Keyboard Stand

Understanding the components of a keyboard stand is necessary to know what features to look for when looking for one. A keyboard stand is primarily made up of a stand, and a tray. Both parts are extremely important and paying attention to each one is essential to choose a functional keyboard stand.

To find a good keyboard tray or stand, look for a wide tray as it can accommodate multiple devices, or an adjustable stand, which can accommodate different body types and typing styles. Also, look for a keyboard stand made with durable material to ensure long-lasting use. 

Consider these features when looking for a good gaming keyboard stand:

Feature 1. Wide Trays

The tray on your stand is almost as important as the stand itself. The wider the tray, the easier it will be to rest your hands while typing. Also, some trays come with sufficient space for your mouse and a few other objects. 

Feature 2. Adjustable Stands

Adjustable stands are extremely important for several reasons, mainly because you can adjust the height to the level that suits you best. For adjustable trays, consider angled ones, as they can be rotated to any convenient angle to support the rotations of your wrists without any pressure and will ensure longer gaming hours with minimal discomfort. 

Feature 3. Durable Materials

There are several types of materials used in manufacturing keyboard trays and stands. These include plastic and aluminum, and you could even get some crafted from wood. Whichever you go for, consider the weight, durability and the finishing of material used. You should select lightweight, durable, and easy-to-clean keyboard stands as they’ll last longer and come with low maintenance costs.

Tips for Choosing a Good Gaming Keyboard Stand

A gaming keyboard desk stand is another one of those purchases that are unique to each person’s preferences. If you find that your back, shoulders, arms, and hands feel stiff and sore after playing for many hours then looking into keyboard stand options is a good idea. So, now you’re ready to purchase a keyboard stand but you’re not sure yet what exactly you should be considering. In this section, you’ll get all the tips you need to choose the right gaming keyboard stand for yourself.

If you’re looking for a stand to use while gaming, there are a few options to consider. An adjustable stand allows for a switch between sitting and standing positions, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue. An angled keyboard stand reduces wrist strain by keeping hands at a comfortable angle, while a mount-on keyboard stand attaches directly to an ergonomic chair for easy access. If you need a more mobile solution, an on-desk keyboard stand sits on top of your desk and can be adjusted to different height levels. The best stand for you will depend on your specific needs, such as adjustability, ergonomics, and mobility. 

These tips will help you to choose a good gaming keyboard stand for your needs:

Tip 1. Choose an Adjustable Stand for Both Sitting and Standing Positions

If you’re the type of gamer who prefers to alternate between standing and sitting while playing games, then you should go for a height-adjustable stand with a desk. These stands are also perfect for those who want to avoid the risks of being sedentary. 

Tip 2. Choose an Angled Keyboard Stand for Less Strain on the Wrist

The risks of undue pressure being applied to the wrists and the hands over a long time can be avoided by using an angled keyboard stand. Also, for gamers who already have an issue or two with their wrists, getting an angled keyboard stand is the right choice. This angled stand can be rotated to any comfortable angle. Our tips to choose the ideal gaming mouse grip type and tips to choose an ergonomic gaming mouse are great resources for you to learn to maximize efficiency and reduce hand and arm strain when gaming. 

Tip 3. Choose a Mountable Keyboard Stand for Your Ergonomic Chair

If you’re currently using an ergonomic chair, then opting for a mountable keyboard stand is probably the best option. These stands come equipped with features that can easily be connected to your chair. They provide all the benefits of using a keyboard stand.

Tip 4. Choose an On-Desk Keyboard Stand for Mobile Use

If you love to play on your sofa, while you’re still in bed, or perhaps with your keyboard on your lap, then an on-desk keyboard is what you need. On-desk keyboard stands like this are portable, easy to place on any surface, and light so that gamers can even use them on the go. 

If portability is one of your criteria for your devices and accessories then take a look at our article about wireless vs. wired keyboards which discusses the pros of wireless keyboards and their flexibility. 

Choose an on-desk gaming keyboard stand for optimal comfort and portability.
A height-adjustable keyboard stand with various tiers allows users to place all their devices on the stand and declutter their desk space. Image Source: Amazon.

Speaking of mobile use, you may also be interested in learning how to choose a case for your custom keyboard or how to choose a gaming keyboard that is cute. If so, be sure to check out our related articles.

Summary of Gaming Keyboard Stand Options

Reason for Needing or Wanting a Keyboard Stand Type of Stand That Is Best for This Example From Amazon
Flexible Height Adjustments Height Adjustable Stand With Desk Joy worker Portable Laptop Desk
More Desk Space Keyboard Stand-Mount for Workstation Sunter98 Ok010 Ergonomic Keyboard Stand-Mount for Workstation
Reduced Computer-Related Illness Angled Keyboard Stand Esc Flip Pro Computer Keyboard Stand for Desk 


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