How To Turn Off Gaming Mode on a Razer Keyboard – a Step-by-Step Guide

Razer keyboards are among the most commonly used gaming keyboards. Razer models are characterized by their ergonomic design and incorporation of the latest technological features. In this article, we’ll discuss how to turn off gaming mode on a Razer keyboard. 

To turn off gaming mode on Razer keyboards, go to Razer Synapse on the system, click the keyboard option and then customize. Select “Off” for the gaming mode to be turned off and to turn the gaming mode back on, press the Fn and F10 keys on the keyboard, or switch the gaming mode on through Razer synapse. If this does not work, contact support.

This article covers everything you need to know about the gaming mode of Razer keyboards like this one, including what “Gaming mode” is, its benefits, and why you would want to turn it off. We also elaborate on several ways to turn “Gaming mode” on and off, which is also explained in this video tutorial by Razer Support.

Gaming mode is one of Razer gaming keyboards' distinctive features. To turn off gaming mode on a razer keyboard, go to the Synapse software.
Razer gaming keyboards are some of the most popular keyboards because of their integrated game modes. Image Source: Amazon.

What Is Gaming Mode on a Razer Keyboard

When gaming, distractions can be disastrous to the outcome of the game. This is why gamers who want to optimize performance should minimize the chance of distractions and pop-ups. 

Gaming mode on Razer keyboards is a setting used to disable certain keys, including the windows key. Disabling keys ensures that if a gamer accidentally presses a key that would cause a pop-up or other disturbance it will not function. 

Gaming keyboards are designed to minimize distractions while the user is engaged in a game. Our article about the 10 best gaming keyboards explains some of the other features that help make gameplay more enjoyable for gamers.

Razer is one of the keyboard brands that features game mode on their keyboards. However, not all Razer keyboards have the gaming mode feature. Activating “Gaming mode” on a Razer keyboard can be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, gamers often encounter issues when trying to switch gaming mode off.

Apart from switching off the windows key via gaming mode, you can also turn off other keys on the Razer keyboard like this. For example, you can switch off the “Alt” + “Tab” and “Alt” + “F4” functions through Razer Synapse. This manual from Razer also explains the steps to enable game mode. 

You can use Razer Synapse software to change certain settings on your gaming keyboard like turning “Gaming mode” on and off.
Razer Synapse is a specially designed software that disables certain keys when “Gaming mode” is turned on. Image Source: Amazon.

You might also be interested in learning more about e-gaming keyboard shortcuts. If so, be sure to take a look at our related article for more details.

To turn off gaming mode on a Razer keyboard you should first understand what it is and why you might not want to disable it. As stated earlier, the main benefit is that it reduces distractions caused by accidentally pressing certain keys on your keyboard. However, there are other benefits too.

Turning on “Gaming mode” on a Razer keyboard optimizes the keyboard's performance, prevents accidental pressing of specific keys, maximizes the effect of anti-ghosting, and boosts hardware performance.

Apart from the accidental usage of certain keys when they are pressed unintentionally, “Gaming mode” optimizes the keyboard performance by turning it into a full gaming keyboard, with all keys optimized for gaming. It also maximizes anti-ghosting on your Razer keyboard. “Anti-ghosting” ensures that when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, all commands are registered. As this article from Asus explains, anti-ghosting is a function that allows all keystrokes to register when 6 or more keys are pressed simultaneously. 

Besides gaming mode, Razer gaming keyboards also have “Anti-ghosting” functions to make sure that each key registers when multiple keys are pressed at the same time.
Razer keyboards have “Anti-ghosting” functions that ensure every keystroke registers no matter how many keys are pressed at once. Image Source: Amazon.

Why Do Gamers Want the Gaming Mode Disabled on Their Razer Keyboard?

“Gaming mode” makes the keyboard more responsive and faster, especially in fast-paced games. However, if the keyboard is permanently set to gaming mode, it can become a bother so let’s discuss reasons to turn off gaming mode on a Razer keyboard.

Gamers often disable the gaming mode on their Razer Keyboard if they need the keys that were blocked to function normally. These keys include the windows key and the functions "Alt” + “Tab" and "Alt” + “F4" on the keyboard.

The benefits of having a Razer keyboard like this one in gaming mode are undisputed. And yet, not all gamers prefer the gaming mode being on. A gamer used to using keyboards that lack the gaming mode feature would have developed the instinct not to touch certain keys. Furthermore, a gamer might be playing games while doing other tasks on the computer, so having gaming mode on can be a bit of a nuisance.

How To Disable “Gaming Mode” on a Razer Keyboard 

To switch off “Gaming mode” on a Razer keyboard, you must do it through Razer Synapse. Razer synapse is dedicated software for Razer devices. To use Razer keyboards, Razer Synapse must be downloaded and installed on the operating system. 

To disable “Gaming mode” on a Razer keyboard, go to Razer Synapse on the system, click the keyboard option and then choose “customize.” Select “Off” for the gaming mode.

For more information on how to set up a Razer keyboard, see this guide by Razer.

Razer Synapse is configuration software for assigning control and adjusting the settings of all Razer devices. Razer synapse comes installed with Razer’s Blade models, a series of gaming laptops. However, Razer Synapse must be downloaded and installed separately for other computers. Before you can use a Razer keyboard, downloading and installing Razer Synapse from this download page is required.

Disable gaming mode through Razer Synapse as follows:

Step 1. Open Razer Synapse

Search for Razer Synapse, open it, and click the “Keyboard” tab. Choose “Customize’’ from the menu.

Step 2. Switch Gaming Mode Off

Locate “Gaming mode” from the dropdown menu and select “Off.”

How To Fix a Razer Keyboard Stuck in Gaming Mode

If “Gaming mode” can not be turned off via Razer synapse, it is advisable to contact Razer support. When contacting Razer support, have the login details for your account and the serial number of your keyboard ready for clear communication. 

To fix a Razer keyboard stuck in “Gaming mode,” contact Razer support. Razer runs responsive customer support for gamers who use their products, and the problem is relatively common.

Razer support also has a dedicated Youtube channel that offers solutions to common user problems if you want to first try and remedy the gaming mode issue yourself.

 If you cannot disable “Gaming mode” on your keyboard you will have to contact Razer support for assistance.
Contact Razer support if the keyboard is stuck in “Gaming mode.” Image Source: Amazon.

How To Enable “Gaming Mode” on a Razer Keyboard

There are several ways to enable “Gaming mode” on Razer keyboards. However, note that not all Razer keyboards come with the gaming mode feature. Read the description of your Razer keyboard to know which functions it has.

To enable “Gaming mode” on the Razer keyboard, press the “Fn” and “F10” keys on full-sized keyboards. For mini or 60% and 65% smaller keyboards, press the “Fn” + “U” keys. These commands will automatically set the keyboard to gaming mode. Alternatively, enable the gaming mode via Razer Synapse.

Follow these steps to enable “Gaming mode” on a Razer Keyboard:

Step 1. Locate and Press the Right Command Keys

The F10 key on your Razer Keyboard should have an icon with the letter “G” on it. Locate this key alongside the function key “Fn”. Press both keys at once, and you will switch your Razer keyboard to “Gaming mode.” This will work for full-sized keyboards. However, press the “Fn” and “U” keys for mini or 60% and 65% smaller keyboards.

Activate “Gaming mode” on your Razer keyboard by pressing the appropriate keys.
Make sure to press the f10 key and fn key simultaneously. Image Source: Razer.

Step 2. Switch Game Mode on Via Razer Synapse

The procedure of switching “Gaming mode” on for a razer keyboard via Razer Synapse is similar to switching it off. For Synapse 3, open the software on your system, locate “Keyboard” on the tab and click it. Next, click “Customize”. Locate gaming mode, and from the dropdown, select “On”. For Synapse 2, go to the keyboard option, then gaming mode. Then set the gaming mode to “On.”

As previously stated not all Razer gaming keyboards have the “Gaming mode” function, and therefore will not all be compatible with the Razer Synapse software. Below is a summary of a few of the popular Razer keyboards that do have the dedicated gaming mode enabled by Razer Synapse.

Summary of Razer Keyboards With the Synapse Software

Razer Keyboard Model Estimate Price
Razer BlackWidow V3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ~$70
Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless Tkl Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ~$100
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Call of Duty: Black Ops III Edition ~$120
Razer Deus Ex Black Widow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ~$200
Razer BlackWidow Chroma: Clicky RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ~$130
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth ~$170
Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma ~$110
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ~$300


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