Tips For Choosing Gaming Mouse Accessories For Your Needs

Your gaming experience will be more immersive if you take the time to choose your gaming equipment carefully, paying special attention to the mouse. The overall comfort of your  mouse as well as its integration into a more immersive gaming experience can be greatly improved with the addition of a few accessories. In this article, we will recommend some gaming mouse accessories that will enhance your gameplay.

Gaming mouse accessories include mouse skates, grip tape, bungee cord holders, mouse pads, wrist wrests, cleaning kits, and storage accessories. They also include replacement parts such as mouse feet upgrades and cord upgrades. 

Gaming mouse accessories can save you money instead of going out and buying a new mouse. Accessories help to enhance the mouse features like responsiveness and accuracy and we will explain why.

Having the right gaming mouse accessories could help to optimize its performance for even longer.
Mouse accessories not only improve gameplay but also contribute to the lifespan of computer peripherals. Image Source: Amazon.

Summary of Gaming Mouse Accessories

Gaming Mouse Accessory  Why You Need It Product Example From Amazon
Replacement Feet To avoid buying a new mouse for smoother and faster movements Corepad [Gaming Mouse Foot] Skatez for SteelSeries
Grip Tape To improve your grip on the mouse Lizard Skins DSP Computer Mouse Grip for PC Gaming
Mouse Skates For a smother glide Superglide - Fastest and Smoothest Mouse Feet / Skates
Replacement Cord For more flexibility, lightness Battle Square, Paracord Mouse Cable for Gaming Mice
Bungee Cord Holder To avoid wires tangling Klim Bungee Holder for Gaming Mouse
Cable Clips For cable alignment, arrangement, and safety Inchor Cable Organizer
Mouse Pad For better mouse control and accuracy Belkin Large Mouse Pad, 8 Inch by 9 Inch
Extra-Large Mouse Pad For more space for battle game movement SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - XL RGB Prism Cloth
Wrist Rest For wrist support Ergonomic Gaming Office Mouse Pad Mat Mousepad with Rest Wrist Support
Cleaning Kit To clean a greasy or dirty Glorious Keyboard, Mouse & Mousepad Cleaning Kit

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Tip 1. Upgrade Your Mouse Feet For Less Drag and Better Gameplay 

Upgrading your mouse feet, instead of buying a brand new mouse, is a simpler and more economical way to improve your mouse performance. You may choose PTFE mouse feet or glass feet. 

The benefits of upgrading mouse feet include smoother mouse movements and better comfort. It also saves on unwanted costs due to wear and tear on the mouse base.

The shape and size of the feet play a significant role. Smaller mouse feet can be very efficient with control pads, though they can produce some resistance on rough pads. Mouse feet should be chosen based on the size of the mouse and the particular model. For example, these super glide feet are suitable for this Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse. Additionally, these tips may help you optimize your gaming mouse drag clicking. Be sure to check out our related article for more information.

High-quality mouse skates are an accessory that keep your gaming mouse moving fluidly over the mousepad.
Mouse feet are what keep your mouse gliding smoothly on a mouse pad and upgrading your mouse feet allows you to have a better gaming experience. Image Source: Reddit.

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Tip 2. Beat Sweaty Palms by Using Grip Tape

There are several uses for grip tapes. In addition to improving the grip, grip tapes can be used to create a surface with a more uniform feel. Moreover, if your mouse feels too thin, you can try grip tape to increase the build.

Grip tape can be applied on all surfaces of the mouse and helps the gamer grip the mouse better, increasing control and precision. Mouse grip tape also gives the mouse a more substantial feel that can improve hand comfort. 

Grip tape like this can be used to provide a better hold on the gaming mouse while gaming. Check out our guide on choosing the ideal gaming mouse grip to learn more about holding your mouse optimally. 

An accessory that  provides a better grip on a gaming mouse is grip tape.
Self-adhesive, anti-slip grip tape allows more gripping power. Image Source: Amazon

Tip 3. Mouse Skates Reduce Friction and Make All Your Movements Smoother

Mouse skates are usually made from ceramic, glass, or Teflon (PTFE). Ceramic and glass skates have a very low friction coefficient leading to a longer life and less wearing force. Mouse skates with an O-Ring secure surface-sensor distance, which allows consistent mouse performance over an uneven surface.

Mouse skates are accessories that increase user control and accuracy by providing the smoothest and most consistent glide. They reduce friction and help the mouse glide easier. 

Changing mouse skates is a personal choice that many gamers feel improves their accuracy.  Over long periods of continued use the original mouse skates may wear out, prompting gamers to purchase aftermarket skates like these, which make excellent gaming mouse accessories. This could also be the solution to other issues such as a gaming mouse being slow as explained in our article. Proactively replacing worn-out skates can improve the longevity of a gaming mouse, and given that these devices can be quite expensive, we recommend checking your skates regularly. 

Our article about how much a gaming mouse costs covers the range of mice available, from the most expensive to the cheaper varieties. 

Mouse feet are what make the mouse move fluidly over the mousepad for more accurate and precise movements while gaming.
Mouse skates allow a smoother glide and help reduce grip tension which improves accuracy and decreases wrist strain for longer and more enjoyable gaming sessions. Image Source: Amazon.

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Tip 4. Color-Coordinate Your Desk and Level-Up Your Gameplay With a Replacement Mouse Cord

Another gaming mouse accessory that’s useful is paracord. Gamers can replace their regular mouse cable, which might feel stiff and restrictive, with a paracord that gives the mouse a more lucid feel, almost like playing with a wireless mouse. This helps improve their performance in games. Additionally, a lightweight paracord can complement the other desk accessories for a cohesive style.

Replacing a stiff rubber mouse cord with a supple paracord will allow the mouse to have a more fluid feel when playing and will reduce the amount of drag created by a rigid cable.

Replacement mouse cables are also called sleeved cables, and there are many different kinds of paracords. For example, Lethal Gaming Gear has come out with these lean paracords. Alternatively, there are standard ones like this one from Vaxee and this one from Logitech.

If you’re gaming with very low sensitivity, then you might encounter some issues with these different cables. Our advice is that you experiment with the stock cable before you invest in a new one. This video tutorial by Jaypher explains how to replace a regular mouse cord with a paracord. 

If the movement of your wired gaming mouse is hindered by the cable consider an accessory like a paracord to solve this problem.
A gaming mouse with a paracord is the closest thing to a wireless mouse, thanks partly to how malleable and light the cables are. Image Source: Dream Cables.

Tip 5. Try a Bungee Cord Holder To Prevent Snagging & Dragging

The most annoying thing with a wired mouse is when its wire gets in the way while playing. Some would say that such a problem could be solved using a wireless mouse. Others prefer to use traditional wired mice as they are faster than wireless models and don’t require regularly replacing batteries. 

Bungee cord holders ensure the mouse cord stays out of the way during gameplay, and keep it from getting snagged or stuck on other desk accessories. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, from spring arms with fixed bases, to adjustable removable feet.

Our article comparing wired gaming mice to wireless gaming mice explains the advantages and disadvantages of both types to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

In gaming, you can play without a bungee. The only issue you may face is when you swipe fast and hard, the mouse cord might get caught under the mouse itself, which is an irritating mishap. Problems with cable mice can be corrected with a bungee like this.

If the cord of your wired mouse gets in the way while gaming an accessory like a gaming mouse bungee will help to sort this problem out.
A mouse cord bungee prevents snagging and cord dragging during gameplay. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 6. Use Cable Clips To Keep the Mouse Cord Plugged Into the Computer

With the multitude of accessories and cables that crowd your desk, it can turn into a tangled mess very quickly. Cable organizers are an inexpensive way to tidy up your cables and prevent mishaps from muddled cords.

Cable clips keep cords organized and in place. They prevent the cord from being yanked out of the computer by quick or jerky movements. 

There is a wide range of cable organizers, like self-adhesive cable clips that can be attached to almost any smooth surface. Simply peel back the tab on a self-adhesive clip like this one and secure it to your desk. 

The second type of cable restraint is to use cable Velcro strap ties. These cable holders are especially useful when securing multiple cables to each other because their size is adjustable and they are reusable.

The third popular cable organizing method involves cable zipper ties. Zip ties like these are the go-to method for many computer technicians because they are inexpensive and readily available. Their only drawback is that they will need to be cut if the cables need to be repositioned or changed. There are also releasable zip ties like these.

Use a cord holder like this to keep your cables organized and your desk tidy.
Self-adhesive cable clips keep your desk clean and organized. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 7. Use a Gaming Mouse Pad for Better Tracking and To Protect Your Desk

Whether you’re at the office or home, a mouse pad is essential. 

Gaming mouse pads increase the tracking ability of the mouse, protect the desk from scratches, and protect the mouse's feet from unnecessary wear. 

According to this article from the Sensors and Actuators Journal, an optical mouse will work fine on most smooth surfaces with some texture, but won’t work on a mirror or glass-like surfaces. Both optical and laser gaming mice would struggle to successfully transmit their signals on varnished surfaces, so using a mouse pad is advisable.

For gaming, the effect of a mouse pad depends on the game you’re playing, whether tracking or performing flick shots. Games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant, are challenging flick shot games and if you miss a kill, you're probably dead. In these games, you’ll benefit from the additional friction that a high-quality mouse pad like this offers.

In heavy-tracking aim games, such as Apex Legends, the player doesn’t need much friction, as this will hinder their tracking, so a mouse pad like this would be more suitable. 

It is also important to note that the optical mouse requires a darker mouse mat because a bright surface would affect its precision and responsiveness.

A mouse pad could be considered an essential accessory for your gaming mouse to work optimally.
A gaming mouse pad allows for better tracking and protects your desk. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 8. Extra-Large Mouse Pads Can Accommodate the Keyboard and Make Your Desk Look Extra Professional 

Online games require rigorous mouse movements that involve speed, and occasional wide arches. Accidentally moving your mouse off the mouse pad during a game can cost you valuable time and shots. This is where the choice of your gaming mouse mat can make all the difference.

Extra-large mouse pads can accommodate the keyboard and the mouse, and some even come with a built-in wrist rest. A large mouse pad offers the gamer a wide range of mouse movements without accidentally moving off the pad. 

Gamers need space to accommodate their keyboards and mice without compromising comfort and accuracy. An XXL mouse pad like this allows you to have better playing comfort and above all not to miss a target because of a mat that is too small.

During a game, the mouse must be reactive and not create a gap between action and reaction. The mouse mat must be adapted to the mouse morphology and that of the player. A ball mouse should be used with a soft mat, which runs the ball in response to the direction given by the user.

An accessory that could help you to perform better during your game in an extra large pad for your gaming mouse.
Extra-large mouse pads allow you to have better playing comfort and above all not to miss a target because of a mat that is too small. Image Source: Amazon

Tip 9. Stay Comfortable and Prevent Carpal Tunnel With a Wrist Rest

Whether placed on your gaming console or office desk, a mouse pad and wrist rest are two essential gaming mouse accessories for comfortable computer use. They allow you to drag the mouse along a textured surface, properly matching mouse movements to on-screen cursor movements, while ensuring you have enough support for your wrist.

Wrist rests support the wrist and make sure that unnecessary strain isn’t put on the hand and wrist during gameplay. Wrist rests keep the arm and wrist in a naturally relaxed position that can reduce shoulder and neck pain. 

According to this article from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Journal, continuously using a computer mouse results in prolonged radial deviation and ulnar deviation that increases strain in the neck, upper back, and shoulder areas. This paper also discovered that using a wrist rest can reduce this type of strain. Wrist rests like these can be installed separately, or integrated into a mouse pad like this, thereby providing additional comfort and support under your wrist when navigating with the mouse.

To avoid shoulder, back, and neck pain use a mousepad with a wrist rest.
A mouse pad with a wrist rest offers your wrist maximum comfort and support. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 10. Keep Your Mouse Clean and Working Perfectly With a Cleaning Kit

When dust mixes with our palm sweat, they will produce a muddy mixture that can cover your mouse body and pad surface. 

A cleaning kit includes a microfiber cloth, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, dust cloth, toothpicks, a screwdriver, and tweezers.

According to The Guardian's article on how to clean your mouse, our keyboards and mice have a microbe population of 400 times more than that of a bathroom seat. While this magnitude of filthiness may sound scary to you, the answer is simple; just clean and disinfect your mouse and keyboard regularly with a kit like this.

First, use the dust cloth with alcohol to wipe and clean all the sides of the mouse’s exterior. Then use the toothpicks to clean the side grooves and the fine spaces between buttons. Also, use the Q-tips dipped in alcohol to double clean gaps in-between buttons, mouse pulley lines, feet, and feet grooves. Finally, use the microfiber cloth to give it another wipe. 

Don’t forget to unplug your mouse before cleaning. Our article about how to clean your gaming mouse will give a step-by-step process to thoroughly clean your mouse so that it lasts longer. 


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