How to Choose the Ideal Gaming Mouse Grip Type for You

There are three types of mouse grips: palm, claw, and tip/fingertip. These diverse grips can help to improve performance in distinct game genres and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One grip style may be more appropriate for one game but not for another. The way you hold your mouse can have a significant impact on your reaction time, agility, and comfort. Observing your own hand posture while playing is the simplest way to figure out the ideal gaming mouse grip type for you. 

When choosing a gaming mouse grip type, use a palm grip for RPG and strategy games with a high-profile mouse, a claw grip for an FPS game with a medium to high-profile mouse, and a tip grip for a fast-paced FPS game with a lightweight mouse.

In this article, you will learn more about gaming mouse grip types in general and why grip types are important, as well as a step-by-step guide to selecting the best grip type for your gaming needs. Check out this YouTube video tutorial by Rocket Jump Ninja that explains the different gaming mouse grips.

The type of gaming mouse and the gaming mouse grip type that you prefer will have an effect on your performance while playing games.
A high-profile mouse is best for strategy games. Image Source: Amazon.

What is a Gaming Mouse Grip Type?

Gaming mice come in a variety of shapes to meet individual players’ needs. They also allow for distinct grip styles, which promote better control and more accurate movements. 

A gaming mouse grip type is the way that a user holds a mouse to give different levels of comfort and agility while playing. A mixture of different mouse grip positions is used both casually at home and on a professional gaming level. 

As this article from the Journal of Applied Ergonomics explains the mouse’s design and size influence a person’s productivity, comfort, and exertion, especially when participating in a lengthy game.

The way you grip your gaming mouse influences your hand’s arch. Different grip types can be characterized by different arch levels.  The palm grip has a relaxed, low tension grip on the mouse and is identified by a steep arch. The claw grip's two fingers are arched, reducing contact with the palm. The tip grip eliminates the palm and depends on the mouse's movement to keep the arch of your hand flat.

A gaming mouse grip type is determined by the arch of the gamer’s hand.
The degree that your hand is arched determines the curve of your hand when holding a mouse. Image Source: Tech Geek Aura.  

Why Do Mouse Grip Types Matter? 

There are several grip styles or ways people hold their gaming mice. But does it really matter what type of grip you use when gaming? The quick answer is yes. Your mouse grip has a big impact on your overall gaming performance and improves comfort while playing.

Furthermore, different mouse grip styles offer advantages and disadvantages when it comes to gaming. Specific mouse grip styles may be more advantageous for a specific set of games and level of play. It can also influence the type of mouse you should purchase.

Use a Palm Grip for Ergonomics and Control

Gamers that prioritize ergonomic comfort while also wanting control over their mouse should opt for the palm grip. This includes snipers (AWP) and scouts in games like CSGO, FPS, RPG, and strategy games that require steady and accurate movements. 

Use a Claw Grip for Click and Movement Speed

On the other hand, if you require a mouse that can do fast flicking movements and rapid clicks, you should probably utilize a claw grip instead. A claw grip makes your two main fingers more responsive, allowing you to easily make small adjustments or spam-clicking with no effort. For that reason, a claw grip is commonly used by FPS esports, MOBA game players, and CSGO Riflemen/AWPs who favor rapid shooting and faster accurate movements. 

Use a Fingertip Grip for Speed and Precision

Professional gamers who play first-person shooter games, on the other hand, may benefit from a more aggressive tip grip in order to aim at multiple targets or move quickly and precisely while keeping their palm off the mouse. This allows you to simply lift the mouse, improving your in-game movement speed and precision.

A first-person shooter game enthusiast’s preferred type of gaming mouse grip is the tip grip.
The tip grip is popular with professional gamers because it allows for better agility and control in first-person shooter games. Image Source: Facebook.

Types of Gaming Mouse Grips

As a newbie to gaming, you may be unaware that there are numerous ways to hold your mouse while playing. However, if you continue to play, you will quickly understand that adopting the proper mouse grip is critical for improving your gaming skills and performance.

Different types of gaming mouse grips include the palm grip where the entire palm and finger tips are in contact with the mouse, the claw grip which raises the hand so that fingers and the bottom of the palm are in contact with the mouse, and the tip grip where only the fingers to grip the mouse.

While each mouse grip style is recommended for specific types of games, not everyone will fall into these categories. Ideally, you should go with a mouse grip type that is the most comfortable for you. 

The Palm Grip

A palm grip is by far the most common grip style used by most gamers and mouse users. The palm grip makes use of practically the entire hand, including the palm along with all the fingers.

The primary advantage of using a palm grip is that it keeps your hand relaxed as you simply rest it on the mouse. Since you do not need rapid arm movements when holding a mouse like this one, with your palm, it is unlikely that you will face any pain or discomfort while gaming.  Another advantage of utilizing a palm grip is that it allows you to move more smoothly and precisely, which is especially useful if the game needs extended gliding motions.

The palm grip style has the disadvantage of being less precise than other options. In certain circumstances, gamers may experience arm strain and discomfort while playing. This article from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine explains how prolonged mouse use in an uncomfortable position causes pain in the shoulders and arms. 

The palm grip is often beneficial for RPGs such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and The Witcher. This is because employing a palm grip allows you to effortlessly move your cursor over the map and promotes motions that are accurate enough for these types of games.

The type of grip where the palm and all the fingers are in contact with the gaming mouse is known as a palm grip.
A palm grip is when the palm and fingers rest on the mouse’s body. Image Source:  

The Claw Grip

A claw grip is similar to a palm grip, except that your hand makes less contact with the mouse. Furthermore, your fingers are lifted, and only the bottom portion of your palm rests on the mouse like this one.

A claw grip allows for more wrist movement, stability, and precision. However, it may strain your arm or fingers due to the high finger arch. A player with larger hands who is using a mouse that is too small may find they are adopting the claw grip for better control. If you find that you are experiencing discomfort from using a mouse that feels too small then check out our guide to gaming mice for large hands

Generally speaking, a claw grip is best for FPS games and MOBAs, including but not limited to Call of Duty, Warzone, CSGO, League of Legends, Dota, and Arena of Valor. 

A claw grip is as it sounds - the back of your palm and your fingertips touch the mouse in the shape of a claw.
A claw grip is when the fingertips and lower part of the palm rest on the mouse. Image Source: Reddit.

The Tip Grip

When employing the tip grip, no part of the palm comes into contact with the mouse. Instead, you use your thumb and pinky to grasp the mouse, while your other three fingers rest on the wheel, and the left and right buttons.

The tip grip is a more advanced grip style that is mostly employed by elite gamers. This is because it takes practice to become used to arching your hand and keeping your palm off the mouse like this one.

Tip grip is most typically employed in FPS gamers and by professional gamers because it allows for quick and accurate movements, allowing gamers to essentially spam the buttons.

However, using the tip grip can be inconvenient for people with large hands. If this is the case, you may feel cramping or have difficulty gliding the mouse across longer distances. Another disadvantage of utilizing a tip grip is that it takes time to adjust to this grip style, whereas using a palm or claw grip is much easier.

The right technique to hold a gaming mouse is determined by personal preference and the game being played. Certain grips provide varied benefits, and not all grips will work for you depending on the size, weight, and form of the mouse, as well as the size of your hands. If you are looking for a mouse for smaller hands then take a look at our buyer’s guide for the 7 best gaming mice for small hands

Summary of Grip Types and Recommended Gaming Mice

Mouse Grip Types  Pros Cons Gaming Genres That This is Suitable For Example of Gaming Mouse  
Palm Grip  Relaxed grip, improved control for both extended gliding and subtle in-game movements. Less precision, and increased arm and shoulder pain due to the whole arm moving repeatedly. RPG - World of WarcraftStrategy Game - StarCraft FPS - Call of Duty, Warzone, CSGO  Razer Basilisk V3 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Claw Grip  Quick gliding motion, improved stability, and precision. Speed reduces accuracy, and a high finger arch can cause strain more quickly.  FPS Esports - Call of Duty, Warzone, CSGO MOBAs - League of Legends, Dota 2, Arena of Valor SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse
Tip Grip  Quicker reaction time and mouse clicks Less agility, and harder to master  FPS Esports - Professional Level   Zowie Divina S2 Symmetrical Gaming Mouse

Additionally, make sure to follow these easy gaming mouse quality tests to ensure you're buying the right mouse for your needs. Furthermore, you're going to want to pay attention to how much a gaming mouse costs. Make sure to take a look at our related article for more details.

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Do Mouse Grip Types Affect What Mouse I Should Buy?

The mouse grip type refers to the way you hold the mouse, and it is affected by the style, shape, size, and weight of the mouse that you buy. 

Choose a lighter and quicker mouse for tip and claw grips and a larger, heavier, mouse for a palm grip.  

While people tend to purchase lightweight mice like these, there can be benefits to purchasing a heavier mouse, which our article about the 5 best heavy gaming mice explains.

Different grips work with different types of mice because gaming mice have specific designs and control features that make them more suitable for vigorous and swift movements. For instance, some mice are shorter with a rounded back, meaning that they can be used for claw grip while playing FPS and MOBA games. Moreover, mice that are lightweight and small are ideal for tip grip, making them best for professional FPS gaming. Last but not least, large and heavy mice are often used by gamers who prefer holding their mice with their palms. Such mice are often used for RPG, strategy, and FPS games. 

Your type of gaming, preferred grip type, and the size of your hands will determine the kind of mouse that should buy.
Choose the right mouse style, shape, and size based on your preferred mouse grip type and hand size. Image Source: Razer.

Summary of Mouse and Grip Type Compatibility

Grip Type  Mouse type Models  Pricing 
Palm Higher Profile Mouse  Razer Basilisk, Steel Series 600 or 650  ~$75
Claw Medium to High Profile Mouse  Razer Viper, Steelseries Rival 710  ~$100
Tip  Smaller Lightweight Mouse Divina S2, Steel Series Rival 110  ~$50 

How to Choose the Best Mouse Grip for Gaming

Undoubtedly, using the right mouse grip type is essential for advancing your gaming skills and avoiding hand, wrist, palm, or finger injuries. 

To choose the best gaming mouse grip type, first, consider the type of games most often played. Then, determine the problems typically encountered during or after gaming. Finally, select the best mouse grip for gaming, accordingly. 

This article from the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics explains how using a mouse can cause injury and how innovative designs are being tested to reduce this phenomenon. 

But how do you choose the best gaming mouse grip?

Step 1. Determine What Game Types You Want to Play

First, consider the types of games that you enjoy. If you are just starting out in gaming or prefer to play RPG and strategy games, a palm grip is the way to go. If you want to play FPS or MOBA games, a claw grip is the way to go. If you are a professional FPS esports player, the fingertip grip is an excellent choice.

Step 2. Determine What Problems You Currently Have When Gaming

The next stage is to identify the issues that arise during or after gaming. While not every issue you face will be related to your mouse grasp, your hand placement may be a hindrance.

Here are some of the most prevalent issues caused by poor mouse grip:

Problem 1. Cramping

Cramping in the fingers or hands is common amongst gamers during or after gaming. While this may not cause any discomfort, it can cause frustration, which will impair your in-game performance. According to this article from Performance Health, the best approach to keep your hands and fingers from cramping is to exercise. However, selecting the proper mouse grip type can also be extremely beneficial. Choose a palm grip and a larger mouse like this one to rest your entire palm on to reduce wrist movement and keep your hand relaxed while gaming.

To avoid chronic wrist pain adopt the palm type of grip when holding your gaming mouse.
Using a palm grip can prevent hand cramping and severe pain in the wrist and outer palm area. Image Source: Hard Forum.

Problem 2. The Mouse Moves too Slowly

If your mouse moves too slowly, you may find it difficult to aim and respond quickly. If this is the case, your mouse may not be the problem. Rather, you might want to try a different grip type to make your actions faster.

A fingertip grip is the best choice for quick and accurate motions. You can easily lift the mouse by keeping your palm off of it. To improve your overall performance, utilize a smaller and lighter mouse like this one.

Problem 3. Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is also one of the most prevalent esports injuries. While it can be caused by playing for numerous hours in a row, it can also be aggravated by employing the wrong grip type.

No matter how pain-tolerant you are, which is explained in this article by Performance Health, wrist pain might make it difficult to react in time or make precise movements when gaming. To avoid this, consider utilizing a palm grip, which allows you to rest your palm and keep it relaxed during the game. 

Problem 4. Lack of Precision

Precise movement is essential for ranking higher in FPS and MOBA games. If you're concerned about missing out on basic or ultimate skills in League of Legends because your movements aren't as accurate, try a different mouse grip and a mouse like this

A claw grip offers improved control over the mouse and prevents your hand from cramping. You can move the pointer accurately by keeping part of your palm on the mouse and operating the buttons with your fingers. 

The mouse grip that helps to alleviate cramping and optimizes control while gaming is the claw grip.
Adjusting your mouse grip can improve precision and speed. Image Source:

Step 3. Choose the Best Mouse Grip for Your Type of Gaming 

The next step is to select the best mouse grip for gaming based on the kind of games you play and the challenges you frequently encounter. Remember to choose the type of mouse based on your mouse grip and hand size.

Large and hefty mice like these, in general, are suitable for gamers that use a palm grip. Small and lightweight mice, on the other hand, benefit professional players who use the fingertip grip. Finally, short and high-profile mice are suitable for gamers that like the claw grip.

Summary of Mouse Types for Improved Performance and Comfort

Gaming Genre Current Problems Faced Best Mouse Grip Type For Gaming Mouse Features To Choose Example
FPS Mouse takes too long to aim Fingertip grip Lightweight and small mouse for maximum speed HyperX Pulsefire haste Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse
FPS Finger Cramping Palm grip Large but lightweight mouse so you can still move fast Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weights
RPG Wrist Pain Palm Grip  Large mouse to rest your entire palm on Redragon M908 Impact Gaming Mouse
FPS / MOBAs Not Enough Precision Claw Grip Short and high-profile mouse to avoid wrist strain when using claw grip Razer Viper Hyperspeed Gaming Mouse


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