Tips to Choose a Gaming Mouse for Large Hands

While almost any mouse could do the job when it comes to completing office tasks, selecting the best-fitting gaming mouse is essential for improving your overall gaming performance. Having the right mouse size ensures that you will not experience pain and discomfort in your hand, wrist, or fingers. And choosing a suitable gaming mouse for large hands isn’t as simple as you may think. In this article, we’ll help you find the right mouse for your needs. 

Choose a mouse that is at least about 4.7-inch long, 2.4-inch wide, and 1.6-inch high for large hands. The larger surface area will help support the hand and prevent cramping in the palm, fingers, and arm. 

In the following sections, you will learn more about the reasons why you may need to buy a large gaming mouse like this. You will also find some quick and easy tips for choosing a gaming mouse for large hands, as well as how to decide between wireless and wired gaming mice for big hands. 

Selecting the right size gaming mouse for large hands can help to prevent cramping in the palm, fingers, and arm.
Selecting a gaming mouse that is designed for large hands will reduce hand and arm strain and fatigue. Image Source: Amazon.

Make sure to also read our quick guide to gaming mouse specs for additional tips and tricks.

How Do You Know You Need a Large Gaming Mouse?

While the easiest way to tell if you need a large gaming mouse is to simply measure your hands, there are multiple symptoms you may experience while gaming that indicate that you need a large gaming mouse. 

A large gaming mouse is necessary when the user experiences cramping in the fingers and pain in the hand, the mouse does not feel comfortable with the buttons being hard to reach due to bad ergonomics, or the hand has to be arched while playing. 

This article from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University explains that the design and size of the mouse relative to the subjects’ hand sizes have an effect on the users’ comfort and efficiency. This means that a person with bigger hands will benefit from using a larger mouse as explained in this video tutorial by Patched.

Below are the signs that your gaming mouse is too small for your hand and you should switch to a larger one:

Reason 1. Fingers are Cramping 

Cramping fingers is the most common discomfort gamers experience. While you can stretch and exercise to strengthen the muscles and prevent hand injuries, purchasing the right mouse for your hands will prevent most of the muscle and joint strain in your fingers. 

If you have large hands, your mouse should also be large for you to be able to maintain the optimal grip position. By gripping your mouse properly, you reduce the inflammation in the soft tissue of your fingers, meaning that you no longer have to worry about the cramping feeling in the fingers. Hand grip techniques like the claw grip and fingertip grip, as explained in our article about hand grip types for gamers, are more comfortable when the mouse is the correct size for your hand. 

Reason 2. Hand and Wrist Pain

While cramping in fingers is a common sign that you are using a smaller mouse than you need, you may also experience pain in your hand and/or wrist. When you play for long periods of time, the repetitive movement of the hand and wrist may lead to pain. And oftentimes, this happens when gamers with large hands don’t use mice that are large enough like this one.

Luckily, pain in your hand and wrist can be easily avoided by choosing the right mouse size based on how large your hand is. This article from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University explains how both the design and size of the mouse, combined with the person’s posture, can contribute to discomfort and acute injuries. 

Reason 3. Bad Ergonomics

Just because a gaming mouse was advertised as being ergonomic, it does not mean that the mouse is the right one for you. While ergonomic mice like this are pretty comfortable to play with, your hand dimensions should always be considered. If your hands are large, your gaming mouse should also be large enough to be considered ergonomic. 

This ergonomic mouse has a length of 4.69 inches so that a user with large hands can easily maneuver the mouse and maintain their preferred grip for long periods. 

Reason 4. Having Trouble Reaching the Buttons

Another sign that you need a larger gaming mouse is not being able to reach the buttons effortlessly. If you have to arch your palm excessively while gaming, you should give a larger mouse a try. Ideally, you should be able to reach the buttons without having to either stretch or contract your fingers and palm.

A large ergonomic mouse like this one has an arched body that measures 1.69-inches high to accommodate the palm while also having a width that spans 3.27 inches so that the gamer can comfortably extend their fingers to reach the left and right click buttons.  

Reason 5. Hand Being Too Curved While Gaming

If you notice that you keep bending your wrist when gaming and your hand is too curved, you are probably using a smaller gaming mouse than you need, in which case our guide on how much a gaming mouse costs could help you in selecting a new one. While the fingertip mouse grip style involves arching your hand, playing with a small mouse in this position feels pretty uncomfortable. 

According to this article from the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, adopting an over-arched hand position on a mouse results in an awkward posture that eventually leads to shoulder and neck strain, which can be significantly reduced by changing to a larger mouse. 

Summary of Symptoms and Our Suggested Gaming Mouse Replacements 

Symptoms Indicating You Need A Larger Gaming Mouse What Features to Look For Example from Amazon
Cramping in fingers Large mouse with a long and wide body  Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse
Hand and wrist pain Large mouse with a high arch ASUS ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse
Bad ergonomics Large ergonomic mouse SteelSeries Rival 5 Gaming Mouse
Having trouble reaching the buttons Long mouse with wide button placement Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Gaming Mouse
Hand being too arched while gaming High and lightweight mouse FinalMouse 2016 - Classic Ergo

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Tips for Choosing Gaming Mice for Large Hands

There is no perfect gaming mouse that fits the needs of every single gamer. It all depends on a broad range of factors, including but not limited to your hand size, preferred grip type, and play style. However, choosing the right gaming mouse for you is not that challenging, even if you have relatively large hands.

To choose a gaming mouse for big hands, choose a mouse that fits the hand size, is neither too heavy nor too lightweight, features an ergonomic design, has suitable button placement, and is wireless.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose an ideal gaming mouse for large hands: 

Tip 1. Measure Your Hand Before Buying a Mouse

Even if you are sure that your hands are larger than the average gamer, it is always a good idea to take a measuring tape and determine how large they actually are. To measure your hand size for a mouse, take a tape measure or ruler and measure the distance from the base of your wrist to the top of the middle finger. 

If the size of your hand is more than 17.8cm or 8-inches, then you have large hands and need a large gaming mouse. If the size of your hand is less than that, there is no need to invest in a large gaming mouse. 

A gaming mouse should be a good fit for your hand, so it is best to measure the size of your hand and find a mouse that is large enough.
By measuring your hand size, you can purchase the right gaming mouse that fits your large hand. Image Source: WikiHow.

Tip 2. Think of Your Preferred Mouse Grip Style

Whether you have small or large hands, your preferred mouse grip type influences the size, shape, and weight of your ideal gaming mouse. 

If you prefer a palm grip, then you should go for a large mouse with an ergonomic design because you rest your palm on the mouse itself, and its shape should fit the overall shape of your hand. If you prefer holding your mouse with a claw grip, you should buy a large mouse that features an ergonomic shape that accommodates a wider finger grasp area. If the fingertip grip is your preferred grip type, then you should also think of getting a relatively lightweight mouse to aid swift movements and minimize hand fatigue. 

Even if you know that you need a larger gaming mouse for your large hand, you will still have to consider the type of grip that you prefer when choosing.
As there are different mouse grip styles, you should consider your preferred one to get the right gaming mouse for large hands. Image Source: HyperX Gaming.

And if you need to find a smaller mouse, be sure to check to take a look at our article on how to find a gaming mouse for small hands.

Tip 3. Pay Attention to the Mouse Weight

The weight of your mouse is another factor that you should consider when shopping for one. Typically, gamers select the desired mouse weight based on their preferred grip type and gaming style. If you would prefer a heavier gaming mouse our article that looks at the 5 best heavy gaming mice to buy In 2022 will be a useful resource for you.

If you are holding your mouse with your fingertips, you generally need a lightweight mouse. The issue with having large hands is that a lightweight mouse feels even lighter. Therefore, you may want to opt for a medium-weight mouse like this one when playing with a fingertip grip. If you prefer holding your gaming mouse with your claw or palm, you should opt for a heavier mouse that is large enough for your hands or a mouse like this logitec option that has a customizable weight. Logitec has some other great options as outlined in our guide on the 10 Best Logitech Gaming Mice – [ Top Rated Picks of 2022 ].

A bigger gaming mouse for large hands may feel a bit too heavy so opt for a gaming mouse like this that allows for weight customization.
This Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse comes with five 3.6g weights, allowing you to easily customize the mouse based on your needs and preferences. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Consider the Overall Shape Of a Mouse

If you have big hands and play with a small to medium-sized mouse, you are most likely straining your hands without even realizing it. While opting for a large gaming mouse is definitely a solution, you should also think of the overall shape of the mouse. Getting an ergonomic gaming mouse like this will ensure that your hand feels comfortable while gaming, no matter how large it is. 

An ergonomic mouse like this helps to reduce the strain of gaming for long periods of time.
Playing with an ergonomic mouse reduces gaming injuries in your hand, wrist, and finger areas. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 5. Take the Button Placement Into Account

Gaming mice typically come with multiple buttons, offering gamers a variety of in-game features. While these buttons make gaming more enjoyable and straightforward, their placement actually matters. And when you have large hands, being able to access all the essential buttons is crucial. 

Therefore, along with choosing a large gaming mouse, you should select one with optimal button placement like this one has. Keep in mind that most gaming mice comprise buttons that are fully programmable, which according to this article released from the International Conference on User Science and Engineering, not only improves the user experience but also contributes to efficiency. 

Not only should a gaming mouse be large enough for a gamer with large hands but the buttons need to be optimally placed and programmable.
Choosing a gaming mouse based on its button placement ensures that you have easy access to all the buttons you may need while gaming. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 6. Decide if You Need an Ambidextrous Mouse

If you feel like a low-profile and neutral shape gaming mouse would be best for your large hands, you should probably opt for an ambidextrous mouse like this. While supporting multiple grip styles and being suitable for larger hands because of their lower profile, an ambidextrous gaming mouse can be used for both left and right hands. 

An ambidextrous mouse like this provides a low profile and a neutral shape for gaming with large hands.
Ambidextrous mice are typically low-profile and feature a neutral shape while offering sufficient support and comfort for large hands. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 7. Decide if You Want a Wireless Gaming Mouse

Just like wired gaming mice, wireless gaming mice like these also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so you can easily find a wireless gaming mouse for large hands. As wireless gaming mice move freely, they allow you to hold the mouse as close as necessary. This feature is especially helpful for those with large hands because it gives them the freedom to choose the distance between their palm and the mouse edge.

Wireless gaming mice come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it would be easy to find one that’s suitable for large hands.
Wireless gaming mice offer more hand placement options, allowing gamers to feel comfortable while playing. Image Source: Amazon.

Wireless Gaming Mouse vs. Wired Gaming Mouse for Large Hands - Which One is better?

Choosing between wireless and wired gaming mice is all about what feels more comfortable to use. In fact, your hand size doesn’t really affect the decision between these two options. 

A wireless gaming mouse can be slightly better for large hands than a wired gaming mouse because it offers a wider range of hand placement options for a larger physique. 

Other than that, you can choose between a wireless gaming mouse for large hands and a wired gaming mouse for large hands based on your personal preferences. 

If you don’t really mind changing the batteries occasionally, then opt for a wireless mouse like this one which will create an uncluttered look on your desk. If you prefer having a more stable and accurate connection, then choose a wired mouse like this one instead. 

Ultimately, as long as you select the right size, shape, and style of a gaming mouse for large hands, you should not worry about the mouse being wired or wireless. You can take a look at our article about the 6 best gaming mice for large hands for a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of the most popular mice. 


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