How to Change Mouse Sensitivity on Mac & Windows – 2022

Is your mouse pointer moving slowly on the computer screen, no matter how fast you move the mouse? It means that your mouse sensitivity is slow. The less the sensitivity of your mouse, the slower it will move on the screen and if you bought your mouse for shoulder pain or other issue you want sensitivity to be right. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the mouse according to your need. I am going to give you the easiest steps to increase or decrease your mouse’s sensitivity. You can do it at your home easily.

Most gaming mouses contain a separate button on them that helps in changing the sensitivity of your mouse pointer. While playing games, the sensitivity of your mouse plays an important role. So there is a direct need of increasing or decreasing it, so it contains a separate button. For Windows or Mac, you need to go through some steps to increase or decrease it. They do not contain any specific button for controlling this sensitivity.

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How to Increase and Decrease Mouse Sensitivity (Mac & Windows)

The simple steps to increase or decrease your Mouse’s DPI for Mac and Windows are mentioned here.

1. Steps For Increasing/ Decreasing Sensitivity Of Mac’s Mouse

You can use different types of mouses with your Mac computers or laptops. You just need to plug your mouse into the USB port of the computer to use it. But to increase its sensitivity, you need to follow the given instructions properly.

  1. Look for the apple logo on your Mac computer.
  2. You will find it in the top left corner of your computer screen.
  3. Press this apple logo.
  4. A System Preferences window will open in front of you.
  5. Click on a mouse icon.
  6. On the top of the mouse dialog box, two options would be given. A “Point and Click” option and a “ More gestures” option.
  7. Select the “Point and Click” option.
  8. You can slow down or increase the Tracking speed of your mouse by increasing or decreasing it.

In short, if the mouse pointer of your computer is too fast that you are unable to control it then you can decrease the sensitivity of your mouse cursor through the given steps. You can increase it as well if the motion of the mouse cursor is too slow. There are no separate steps for increasing or decreasing sensitivity, you need to hold the cursor of the Tracking speed either to increase up or decrease it down.

2. Steps For Increasing/Decreasing Sensitivity Of The Mouse In Windows 10

Unlike the gaming mice, you would not see any DPI button on the mice you are using for Windows 10. You need to set the mouse settings to increase or decrease the sensitivity level of your mouse. Following are the steps you must follow accurately.

  1. Locate the Windows Start button.
  2. You will find it on the bottom left corner of your computer screen.
  3. Right-click the Start button.
  4. A menu will appear on the bottom left side of your screen.
  5. Select a Control Panel option.
  6. A “settings box” will appear on your screen.
  7. Click on Large icons, to clearly locate the “Mouse” icon.
  8. Now click on the Mouse icon.
  9. A Mouse Properties menu will appear in front of you.
  10. Select the “Pointers Options” to increase or decrease the speed level of your mouse.

In short, by following these steps you can increase or decrease the level of sensitivity of your mouse. If it’s too fast, you can slow it down. If it’s too slow, you can make it faster according to your needs. While playing video games or for editing purposes, you can increase your mouse speed while for normal use there is no need for too much increase in the sensitivity level of your mouse.

DPI Unit

DPI stands for “Dots Per Inches”. DPI is the measurement of your mouse’s sensitivity level. As we have Kilometers to measure the distance between two points, DPI is the unit to measure the speed of your mouse cursor moving on the screen by the movement of the mouse in your hand. The faster your cursor will move on the screen, it means the more is the DPI of your mouse. If your mouse cursor is moving slowly then it means that the DPI of that mouse is lesser.

Increasing or decreasing your mouse sensitivity means increasing or decreasing the DPI of your mouse. Many mice have an in-built DPI button on the back of the scroll button. But many mice do not contain it. To increase or decrease the DPI of such mice, you need to change the settings of your mouse, by the above-mentioned methods.


How do I change my mouse sensitivity in 2021?

The method of changing your mouse sensitivity level is the same for many years. There is no change in the methodology to increase or decrease the DPI level of your mouse for 2021. You need to go to the control panel and open the mouse icon. Then through the motion slider, you can increase or decrease the speed of your mouse pointer. You need not learn any unique method for the computers of 2021.

How do you enable right-click on the Mac mouse?

Right-clicking has lots of purposes. In Mac mouse, you have an option to enable or disable it according to your need. You need to go to the apple logo to open a menu. Locate the Trackpad and click the “enable right-clicking” present in the box. This will enable your right-clicking of the mouse, which is also useful in playing games and other stuff. You can change the sensitivity of your mouse through the use of this right-click.

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Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, you don’t need to call a professional to solve the sensitivity issue of your Mac mouse or the mouse for any Windows. You can increase as well as decrease it on your own according to the need of your work. For both types of mice, for windows 10 and Mac you need to go to the settings to change the speed level of your mouse pointers.

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