How to Clean a Projector – [ Screen, Lens, Filter, Fan ]

Are you a cinema lover? If yes, then you can make your little home theatre with the help of an excellent projector for under $1000 and its big screen. To have full-time entertainment with your family, the quality of the image on the screen should be clear or transparent. You can get a vivid image on the screen if you clean the projector and its components continuously and thoroughly.

The projector is a complete package of lots of components. The cleaning of every component either it’s a screen, lens, fan or lamp is necessary to get a satisfactory image on your screen. The question that is often asked is “How to clean a projector?” Cleaning of a projector does not contain any rocket science but its steps should be followed as per instructions.

How To Clean A Projector

As you know the projector contains many parts. You must open the projector and clean its parts separately. Some of the tested methods of cleaning these parts are mentioned below.

1. Cleaning of Projector Lens

The projector lens is one of the important parts of the projector as it is responsible for magnifying the image and the projection of that magnified image on the projector screen. If the lens gets dirty then the whole image would be unclear to you. So, the cleaning of lenses should be given priority to enjoy your movie in your home theatre.

Steps To Clean the Lens

The cleaning of the projector lens should be done continuously. Some of the steps to follow are stated here;

  1. Dust removal should be done by simply cleaning the dust with the dust cleaning paper. You must gently use this paper on the surface of the lens to avoid any scratches on it.
  2. An optic lens cleaner is the best solution to clean the lens surface. Apply this cleanser on a soft cloth and gently move it on the lens surface in round movements. As the surface of the lens is circular, try to rub it in circular movements.


  • Avoid using a hard cloth or any other hard material on the lens as it can damage the glass surface.
  • Do not use the optic lens cleanser on any other component of the projector to avoid discoloration.
  • To clean the surface, gently move the cloth against the lens and avoid harsh movements.
  • Use inflammable cleansers to avoid the risk of fire kindling, as the project emits lots of heat while working.

2. Cleaning of Projector Filters

As the name suggests, these projector filters are used to filter the dust from entering into the projector. Every projector has different kinds of filters, some contain paper filters others contain sponge filters. The same is the case with the location of these filters, they can be present on the downside of the projector or at the sides of it.

Filter of projector

Professional cleaning of these filters twice a year is mandatory but at home, you can clean it once a month.

Steps To Clean The Projector Filter

To clean these filters, you should strictly follow some of the steps that are mentioned below;

  1. Check out that the projector is not plugged in and also its surface is not hot enough to burn your skin.
  2. Paper filters should be taken out of their holder and you can see dust collection on them. You can simply tap the filter on the ground or on the table surface to remove the dust from it.
  3. Brush off the dust by the use of some brush to have extra clean filters.
  4. Sponge filters should be taken out of their holders and simply put in the water tub, to remove dust by washing. It is difficult to remove all the dust from sponge filters by only tapping them on the table surface.
  5. Place it back to its position and turn on the projector safely.


  • Do not replace the filters every time, instead just clean them regularly and use them for a long time.
  • Make sure to dust the filter on a dust bin so that all the dust should directly be taken care of.

3. Cleaning of A Projector Screen

The projector screen is the focal point of the projector’s working. If your projector is working fine, the image that will appear on a screen would also be clear. Although your projector is clean and produces a clear image but if your screen is stained or greasy, you will not be able to get satisfactory results.

Projector Screen

The projector screen is more likely to get easily stained or dusty because of its large surface area which is exposed to dust.

Steps To Clean Projector Screen

Try to clean this screen daily to prevent stains to get permanent. Some of the successfully reviewed steps to clean your projector screen are given below;

  1. Put on some gloves, to avoid producing any other stain or oil smudges on the screen.
  2. Compressed air is best for the removal of dust particles from the screen. Most of your screen would easily get cleaned by the use of compressed air.
  3. Dish soap and warm water mixture will help you to remove oil or grease stains from the blackout fabric of your screen.
  4. Microfiber cloth should be used to clean it gently, soak the cloth in the dishwasher solution and apply it on the screen.
  5. Denatured alcohol can also be used instead of dishwashing solution, to remove more stubborn blots.
  6. Dry the screen surface by using a dried piece of cloth and gently pat it over the screen and your screen is ready to use.


  • Avoid washing the Blackout cloth of the projector in washing machines.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the screen.
  • Avoid using rough cloth for cleaning purposes.

4. Cleaning of A Projector Fan

Projector produces lots of heat while its operation. To cool it down, the projector fan plays an important role. The filter in the projector is present in front of the projector fan to block the outside dust particle to enter the projector. Hence, keeping the projector fan clean is important for the projector’s smooth working and more durability.

Steps to Clean Projector Fan

Some of the steps you should follow if you want to clean your projector’s fan thoroughly.

  1. Removing filters should be done priorly to reach the projector fan.
  2. Take out the projector fan.
  3. Disconnect the power supply of the fan to avoid any electric shock issue.
  4. Blow cool air with the help of an electric air blower to remove the dust particles from the fan.


  • Do not forget to turn off the projector before opening it up.
  • Do not open it up with bare hands.

5. Cleaning the Projector’s Case

After cleaning all the important components separately, the cover of the projector should not be forgotten. Its cover is like a shelter to prevent dirt from entering the projector. After blocking the dirt to enter it, it itself becomes dirty. Do not forget to clean the case of the projector to keep the maintenance of it.

Steps to Clean Projector’s Case

Some of the steps to follow are mentioned below;

  1. Turn off your projector and cancel any power supply in the form of external cables.
  2. Wipe the outer surface of the projector’s case.
  3. Open up the whole cover and wipe it from inside too.
  4. A soft cloth should be used to avoid scratching on the cover.
  5. Soak a cloth in normal water to remove the remaining dirt or stains from it.


  • Avoid the use of any chemicals like alcohol, thinner, detergent, etc. to avoid damaging the case of the projector

Advantages of Projectors

Projectors are helpful in many ways. You can have many advantages using projection technology. Some of these projectors are;

1. Larger image

Many people prefer watching movies on larger screens. TV screens are not satisfactory enough for them. To solve this issue, you can get a projector, and magnify your little image to a big screen. These projectors are best for your little home theatres because of their larger image from 90 inches to about 120 inches of size.

2. Little space

If you will buy a big TV for a big screen, it will take lots of space while the projector takes a smaller space and its fabric is foldable. After using a projector screen you can easily fold it to keep it clean from dust or other stains. You can easily put the projector on the little shelf and get the best results. So, with little space, you can get bigger results.

3. Low cost

To get bigger results it is not necessary to pay lots of money. You can get good results at a low cost as well. The projector is much cheaper in comparison to the other bigger screens. If you buy a TV screen big enough the size of the projector screen, you will have to spend lots of money on it. The cost of a projector depends upon the quality of the projectors as well. If you want to buy a good quality projector it can cost a lot.

4. Easy installation

There is no rocket science involved in setting the projector and getting a good result. It’s not necessary that you must set up a projector screen in order to watch the movie but you can set a projector on a shelf and watch the movie on a white wall as well. So, no need to worry about the installation issues of projectors.

Disadvantages of Projectors

With the positive aspects of projectors, there are always some negative aspects too. Some of the disadvantages of projectors are given below;

1. Maintenance required

The cleanliness of your projector and its different components is very necessary for your projector’s life and its good results. If you will not care about the cleanliness or the maintenance of your projector, then you cannot get durable results. Hence, regular maintenance is compulsory and it can be hectic to regularly clean your projector.

2. Dark settings

Another disadvantage of the projector is that you cannot use it anywhere. A dark setting or dark environment is required to get a proper result. TV screens have this comfort that there is no need to make the setting dark and they easily be used in proper light as well. For cinema lovers, this darker setting is more charming but it can be dangerous for eyesight and vision-related issues.

3. Audio system

With the projector setup, you will not find any audio system. If you are working on a bigger screen with no need for an audio system then it is perfect but if you want a projector for your home theaters then without an audio system, you can not get complete fun. With a projector, you need to set up a separate audio system to enjoy the sound effects with visual imagery.


Are projectors bad for health?

Projectors can be harmful to one’s health in many ways. You must avoid the direct light emitting from the projector falling on your eyes and try not to come between the projector beam and the screen. This light or beam can be harmful to your eyesight. Other than eyes, it also affects human health in many other ways. The hot air emitting from the projector during its working is also harmful. Try not to sit closer to the projector.

Why is there a brown spot on your projector?

Whenever you see the brown spot on the surface of your projector, you must check out the projector’s fan. These spots are the result of overheating or improper working of the fan. If the fan is not cooling the projector enough then the emission of lots of heat can produce such spots on the surface of the projector. To reduce these spots, fix your projector fan as soon as possible.

How do you maintain your projector?

The projector should be maintained properly by keeping it clean and by keeping it in a safe place. Do not keep it on for a long time to avoid the overheating of the projector. As much cool as your projector will be, that much efficient working will be done by it. For this purpose, the projector’s fan should be working well without much trouble.

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Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, a projector is very useful for those who know how to maintain it. You can get a projector for different purposes. It can be used for working purposes, for enjoyment, for researches, and many others as well but if you are failing to clean it properly then soon you will lose your precious belonging. Not only projectors but any technology that you use regularly needs a proper maintenance system. Projectors also need cleaning on daily basis for their flawless working.

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