How to Connect Projector Wirelessly – Quick DIY in 2022

With the modifications in technology, no one wants to get entangled in the wires anymore. Wires are like chains that stop you from mobility. If you are in a search of a projector that does not limit you to a single room and can easily be attached to the mobile phone, laptops, or PCs through a wifi connection with no need for wired connections, you might need to spend a little bit more, here are some of the finest projectors under $1000. You can easily see the data of your phones on a bigger screen with no worries about HDMI or VGA ports with these projectors.

How to Connect Projector Wirelessly

With the help of the given instructions, you can easily connect your projectors with laptop screens, mobile phones, PCs, etc.

1. Wireless Connections With Mobile Phones

There are different kinds of projectors present in the market. Some projectors have wifi connections that allow you to connect your smart devices with them. But some projectors do not have any built-in wifi facility. To make a connection between your phone and projector, you need a wireless display dongle. These display dongles will help your projector to receive a wifi connection.


These steps should be followed properly to get the best results of projectors, wirelessly.

  1. You must insert this dongle into the HDMI port of the projector.
  2. You will get a cable in the dongle box, insert that cable at the backside of the dongle.
  3. On the other end of the same cable, you will find a USB plug. Insert that USB plug in the USB port of the projector.
  4. Your projector is ready to get a wifi connection through the dongle.
  5. Turn on the wifi of your mobile phone and insert the password of dongle wifi on your phone.
  6. After the wifi connection, set your screencast settings and allow the wireless display of the projector.
  7. Within a few seconds, you will see your mobile screen on a projector screen or the wall.

Hence, you can easily share your videos, pictures, PowerPoint presentation, or anything on a bigger screen with your family or friends. There is no need for you to go to the cinema to enjoy a movie on a bigger screen with your family. To minimize the expenditures, you can set a mini cinema in your home with the help of connecting your projector with your mobile phone, wirelessly.

2. Wireless Connection With Laptops

The issue most people face is that some of the laptops do not contain any HDMI ports to connect a projector through the wire. You can face difficulty during meetings or lectures after finding out that you are unable to connect your laptop with the projector. This issue has been solved by this wireless connection technology through which you can connect your laptops with projectors with no wire connections.


These steps will lead you to connect your laptop to the projector wirelessly. Try to follow them properly.

  1. Turn off your laptop as well as the projector. Before setting any kind of connection between any two devices, you must turn them off.
  2. Connection of any dongle or a device that will connect both laptops and projector should be inserted in the laptop.
  3. Turn your laptop on, you will see the notification for allowing new hardware on your laptops.
  4. Click a START button and search for a projector sharing.
  5. “Connect to a network projector” will appear and you must click it to start the data sharing between your laptop and projector.

Hence, this technology has made your commitments easier and you can see a small screen on a larger space with lots of audiences around. Make sure to turn your laptop and projectors off before connecting them. If you will not turn them off, you can face a connection problem because the location of a new device is a little difficult for laptops while working. Even without sitting in a conference room, you can have a meeting at any time.

Installation of An App

Many projectors do not need any additional settings to get connected with the smart devices but some of the projectors do require some additional settings to work wirelessly. Some projectors have a demand that you must download an app to establish a wireless connection between your device and projector. For such projectors, there is no need for display dongles but only an app. Such projectors are software transceivers.

Initial Settings

To make your projector wireless, some initial settings should be changed. These steps should be followed to prepare your projector.

  1. With the help of remote control, press the input button.
  2. In the Input Menu, change the settings to the Multimedia mode.
  3. Allow the device with which you want to connect the projector.
  4. Provide a wifi connection to start the wireless functioning of your projector.

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Can I add Bluetooth to my projector?

Another way of connecting your device with the projector is the Bluetooth system. If you do not have wifi connection, Bluetooth will allow you to transfer files to the projectors. One thing you must focus on is that not every projector allows a Bluetooth connection. You must check the availability of the Bluetooth option on the projector you want to use.

Why is my computer not connecting to the projector wirelessly?

You can face many issues in the connection between a projector and your computer. Most of the time, the issue is with the wifi connection. If any one of the devices is not be getting a proper wifi connection, it will not let the screen share through the projector. If you are unable to see the screen through the projector, then you must first check the wifi connections on both devices.

If you have a wired connection between the computer and a projector, still you can face the same issue. But for this case, the wire connection should be fixed. Sometimes the wire between both the devices is loosely attached. You must refix the wire to establish a connection and see your computer screen through the help of a projector.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, with the use of wireless technology, it has become a great comfort to watch a movie or any other document on a larger screen with the help of a projector without bothering about the wired connections and their complexities. Your projectors have become portable and allow anyone to enjoy bigger screens anywhere. If you do not have a wireless connection with the projector, then go for it right now and enjoy it with your family or friends!

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