How to Program Mouse Buttons – [ Customize in 2022 ]

Are you interested in programming your mouse buttons but don’t know how to do that? There are various ways through which you can configure the mouse buttons. You can take advantage of mouse buttons by assigning them for multiple functions. The mouse is an input device of a computer. The mouse can perform multiple functions like clicking on an icon, selecting and dragging it, etc.

A typical mouse has three buttons, left and right buttons, along with a scroll wheel. The left button’s use is to point an object, select it, highlight it, drag and drop it, and double click it to open a program. The right button gives you the properties of a selected item. You can easily copy and paste something with the right button of the mouse.

The scroll wheel, positioned in the middle of the mouse, serves to scroll the page up and down. With a scroll wheel, you can also open up a page or an object with just a single click. For faster scrolling of a document, press the scroll wheel button.

New models of mice are coming with more than 3 buttons. The purpose of multiple buttons is to give the mouse more functioning as a keyboard. Anyone can customize these buttons for different functions. These types of mice are common amongst gamers.

How To Program Mouse Buttons

Programming your mouse keys can be tricky. To make it easy, there is various software to serve this function. To assign different functions to the mouse, which may have more than 3 up to 6 buttons, we use software and mouse drivers software.

Without any online software, you can program the mouse buttons with mouse drivers. Click on the startup menu. Go to the control panel and locate the mouse properties. After opening the mouse properties, a dialogue box will open on the window.

How to Customize Mouse Buttons

The mouse properties will show the traditional setting of the left, right button, and scroll wheel. However, you can assign different commands to a thumb button or any other additional button. You can select the middle button or side button from the text bar. Remap the additional buttons as a delete, escape, enter, or ctrl command. Select any one of the options and click on ok to stimulate those commands.

If you cannot program your mouse buttons through mouse drivers, you can use Mouse Manager. The software is available on the internet. It is quite simple software. Therefore, it cannot configure advance action to the buttons.

Click on the Mouse Manager software. When the software windows open up, click on the option that says “create a new profile.” In the text box, add keys such as “Control V,” “Control C” to assign commands to the extra fourth and fifth.

Another software that can remap buttons assigning advance commands is named X- Mouse Button Control. This software is a product of Highresolution Enterprise. It is a popular free software available online.

Following a few steps can result in easy remapping of the mouse buttons. The primary step is to download and install this software onto your device.  After installation, you will find its icon in the system tray or start-up menu.

Click on the icon, and the program configuration window will pop open, where you can assign different applications to extra mouse buttons. It can be an application of copy-paste, closing, opening an item, showing desktop, undo, and many more options. Go to the “Simkes” option and write {CTRL}{F4} in the text bar of the application and click on apply option to generate this keyboard shortcut effect. This software can accommodate multiple profiles. Therefore, you can determine certain commands as per certain applications.

Game lovers who want to gear up their game with quick and flash actions can also program the mouse button according to their ease and preference. Programming of gaming mouse buttons is now easy with the help of Logitech Gaming Software with similar steps.

For the mouse button configuration, launch Logitech Gaming Software 8.x by clicking on the icon from the startup menu. Select customize option. When you select the profile of your interest, the selected bar will appear blue.

With the right click on the command editor option, a window will pop up where you can edit or assign the command. The Logitech Gaming Software may discern some games exiting on your computer. Consequently, it creates a command profile by itself. You can always edit it and customize it according to your own liking.

There are many different types of computer mice. The first type is with a metal or a rubber scroll wheel. The purpose of the scroll wheel is to scroll down the page up or down. These types of mice have a portal similar to the USB portal.

The second type is the trackball mouse. This mouse consists of a ball socket that acts as a sensor to detect the ball’s rotation. Another type is an optical mouse with an LED sensor, but it does not work on opaque surfaces, and LEDs can be damaged with consistent use.

Wireless or Bluetooth mice are popular at present times. As the name suggests, it does not possess a wire cable to connect. It connects to any device by pairing with it. The major advantage of this mouse is that you can move it freely.

The use of a mouse can never go out of fashion. The mouse is handy and works faster, and has significantly more functions than a touchpad mouse. Furthermore, you cannot play and enjoy new virtual games with the mouse’s absence.


The development of multiple software to program mouse buttons is very rapid. There is much such software with which you can effortlessly configure mouse buttons to match your taste. The main purpose of the additional mouse buttons is to give it functions like a keyboard and quick movements.

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