How to Reset a Razer Mouse – Lag, Freeze & Synapse – DIY

Are you facing the controlling issue of your Razer mouse? Is the mouse cursor moving on its own?. There can be many reasons for this tracking issue of the mouse. These issues can be the blockage of the mouse sensor by the dirt or any other solid material. Another can be the setting issue. Although Razer has produced smoothest gaming mice, still these problems can occur and you need to reset your mouse for its proper surface calibration.

You must be thinking “How can I reset my Razer mouse at home?” So take a chill pill because I am going to mention easy and simple steps that will help you in successfully resetting your Razer mouse at home. This auspicious and tested procedure does not take much time and effort of going all the way to any professional for this minor resetting.

How To Reset Razer Mouse

Some of the easy steps that you must follow to reset your mouse are given below;


To reset your mouse, its sensor must be clean. After cleaning the sensor, you can start the resetting process.

  1. Plugging of the mouse should be done by using the USB port of your computer or laptop. Your mouse must have been in connection to the computer for any sort of modifications.
  2. The flat surface is best for placing your Razer mouse to easily act on it. Mousepads are also the best option for it.
  3. Press three buttons simultaneously. The left-click button, right-click button, and mouse wheel button for almost 7 seconds.

Hence, by following these three simple steps, you are done resetting your mouse back to the factory’s original setting. But resetting must be done after cleaning the sensor of the mouse. It will help you in increasing the sensitivity of the Razer mouse for its better performance. Hence, the steps to clean the sensor of the mouse are given below.

Cleaning Of The Mouse Sensors

Cleaning of the mouse sensors should be done by the following steps;

  1. Unplugging the mouse should be done to clean it. This will prevent any harmful incident like electric shock etc.
  2. Cleaning should be done with light cotton or Q-Tip which is lightly coated. Dip your Q-Tip in the rubbing alcohol.
  3. Application of alcohol should be done on the mouse sensor. Try to avoid harsh movements because your harsh movements can affect the sensors of the mouse
  4. Dry the mouse for almost 5 minutes.
  5. Plug it in again and you are ready to use it.

Cleaning your Razer mouse can solve lots of problems without the need of resetting it. But if you are still coming across any issue, that issue can be troubleshot with the help of resetting it. You don’t  need to spend your money uselessly on something you can do by yourself at your home and without wasting money. Even if the mouse is not working, try to plug it in another USB port or in another computer, to check there is no issue with the mouse.

Features Of Razer Mouse

If you are a die heart lover of online games, this mouse is perfect for you. This mouse has lots of features that will help you in increasing your gaming performance. some of them are as follow;

1. Brightness

This mouse contains LED light in it. If you are interested in playing games in light out, you can get good lighting through this mouse. You can increase or decrease its brightness accordingly. If you like more brightness you can increase it through the brightness option as well as decrease it using the same option. This brightening effect also seems cooler than if there is no light option in the mouse.

2. Sensitivity

This mouse’s sensitivity refers to the cursor’s ability to move faster on the screen by slightly moving the mouse. By default or from the factory’s real settings, it has some level of sensitivity. But you can change the level of sensitivity according to your will as well. This sensitivity is measured in DPI units. As the DPI would be higher, the sensitivity of the mouse would be that much greater. You can change it through the DPI button present on the back of the scroll button.


Why is my Razer mouse not connecting?

Razer mice can face an issue of connection with your computer. If your razer mouse driver has been outdated or installed on your computer, you can face a connection issue. So you must either update your mouse driver or install it for a better connection with your computer. You can install this driver by yourself. Simply go to the manufacturer’s site and look for the latest version and install it.

How do I reset my Razer mouse’s sensitivity?

The sensitivity of the mouse is measured in DPI, which stands for dots per inch. It shows how much your cursor moves on the screen when you move the mouse. Sometimes this sensitivity of the mouse gets decreased over time. You can increase the DPI of your razer mouse by clicking the DPI button at the back of the scroll wheel. With every click, you will notice an increase in the sensitivity level of your mouse.

Why is my Razer mouse so sensitive?

Extra sensitive Razer mice can be a source of inconvenience. You must be looking for the reasons why your mouse is so sensitive. There can be many reasons for this sensitivity. It can be because of the increased DPI level of your mouse. This can be adjusted by decreasing it from the DPI button at the back of the scroll wheel. Another reason can be the processing of razeringaming.exe in your Task Manager. You must locate it and then end it to decrease the sensitivity level of your Razer mouse.

Why is your Razer mouse calibration necessary?

Mouse calibration is also known as surface calibration. Calibration refers to the process where your mouse will get adjusted to the surface where it is being used. Click the left button of your mouse on the screen and move the cursor. Click the left button of your mouse again. In this way, your mouse will adjust its sensor on the screen.

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Summing It Up

To sum it all up, the Razer mouse performs an important part in the life of gamers. They can increase their gaming performance with the help of this mouse. For this purpose, your mouse must be working perfectly. If you face different problems after changing the original settings of this mouse, you can reset it. Resetting to its original settings can enhance its working.

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