How To Reset Keyboard – ( Quick Windows & Mac Methods )

Nowadays, we do all of our office and school work on our laptops and PCs. Therefore even the slightest fault in our systems can lead to delay in several important tasks. One of the many irritating issues includes a faulty keyboard. Being one of the most important input devices of the computer system, users always need some quick-fix tips to keep their work going.

How To Reset Keyboard

Different laptops and PCs have their own methods that you can try to get your keyboard working. Before rushing your device to the professionals every time your keyboard exhibits some fault, try fixing the problem yourself at home. Here are a few techniques you can try to get your keyboard working perfectly fine in no time.

For A Windows Computer

Method 1

If you are a windows user, look for the start option on your desktop to get to the main menu. Once you have the main menu open before you, look for the Device manager option and select it. Here you will observe another set of options with one of the options labeled as “Keyboards”. Click on this to open the keyboard settings.

The keyboard settings will show you the available keyboard devices connected to the computer. Right-click the device name you are using, and another drop-down will appear. Once you see the uninstall device option, click on this to confirm the uninstallation of this device.

To finish the uninstalling process, select yes when the confirmation dialogue box appears. Your computer will now restart. Once the computer is turned back on, click on the device manager option once again. Go to the keyboard settings and look for the “Scan for Hardware Changes” option. You will see that your keyboard device will once again appear under the device manager options.

Click on this keyboard name and select the Update driver option. After selecting the “Search automatically for updated driver software,” you will allow installing the latest drivers on your computer. This will lead to your computer restarting once again.

Once the computer is turned back on you, have successfully reset your keyboard. Now try using your keyboard to make sure that the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, you may try some other technique or take it to a professional for a thorough examination of the problem.

Method 2

If you want to reset your keyboard to change the language, you can use another technique. For this process, press the “Win” key and “I” key at the same time. This shall lead you to the window settings. Here you shall find the devices option; click on that. On the left side, look for the “typing” option and select it. This will lead you to another pop-up window.

On the right side of this window, you will see more keyboard settings. Under this label is a sub-option that is named the advanced keyboard setting options. Once again, this will lead you to a new set of options in the new window. Here you will see an option that reads “ override for default input method”.

Click on the drop-down next to this option. You will see a list of language choices. Select the one that you prefer, and that’s all! By completing these steps, you have successfully reset your computer keyboard language.

For A Mac Computer

Method 1

If you are an Apple user, you need to follow a different set of instructions for resetting your MAC computer keyboard. Start by clicking the Apple icon on the leftmost corner of your main screen. Here look for the system preferences option and select it.

In the system preferences, you will find a list of options. For your keyboard resting, you need to find the keyboard button and click it. This will take you to another drop-down from where you can select the modifier keys option.

Once you have a list of the modifier keys, click the restore defaults options and then press OK to confirm your selection. Once you complete these simple steps, you will have completed resetting your keyboard. Try using your keyboard for a quick test to make sure the resetting process helped solve any glitches.

Method 2

For changing the keyboard language on your MAC computer, you need to follow a different set of instructions. Once again, go to the main settings by clicking the Apple icon on the screen’s top. Opening the system preferences, click on whatever language & region options from the list.

Now from the drop-down menu, select the language of your choice. Once you choose your preferred language, your computer will restart. Wait for your system to turn back on. Once this process is completed, you shall notice your keyboard language has been reset.

Hard Reset

In special cases, one or more of your keyboard keys stop working. In this case, trying the resetting process, which is the soft reset, may not be very helpful. This is where you need to give the hard reset method a shot. Different companies and brands have different methods for the hard reset process. You can try looking for the specific instructions on the company’s official websites. However, a generic method can help give you a general idea of how the technique works.

The first step is to remove the plug on your keyboard. Wait for some time before you can plug the switch back in, at least 30 seconds. Now press the Esc button on your keyboard, this is when you can connect your keyboard with the computer.

Make sure you continue holding the Esc button until you see your keyboard flashing. Once you see that the computer has turned on you can leave the button. At this point, the hard reset process of the keyboard has been completed successfully.


Why is my keyboard not typing correctly?

Selecting the wrong keyboard language can be one of the main reasons your keyboard is not typing correctly.

How do I reset my keyboard to default settings?

If you are using multiple keyboard languages, try switching between the languages to reset your original settings.

How do I fix my keyboard settings?

Run the keyboard troubleshooter on your computer and then follow the instructions it gives to fix your keyboard settings.


Several reasons could lead to the glitching of your computer keyboard. But don’t you worry! No matter what the problem, using these simple tips and tricks, you can solve any keyboard glitch simply and in no time. So next time you notice your keyboard acting weird, give these simple steps a shot;  You are sure to be thanking yourself for saving all that time and money.

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