How to Reset Logitech Keyboard – k480, k800, k780, k750

With Logitech, you can find a wide range of different types of keyboards. We have Logitech unifying keyboards, Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, and Logitech Folio. They all are wireless keyboards that function differently. If you find any trouble with your keyboard’s functionality or it stops working and responding, the easiest way to resolve it is by resetting the keyboard. However, if you are going through this for the first time, you might be a little lost. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have listed the detailed steps below for all Logitech keyboards to help you reset your keyboard.

How To Reset Logitech Keyboard

Reset Logitech Unifying Keyboard

Logitech Unifying keyboards are the range of Logitech wireless keyboards that do not use the Bluetooth connection. This wireless keyboard uses unifying technology instead. If you have one of these Logitech unifying keyboards, you must know how it works. It has a USB port with a small receiver. To reset these kinds of keyboards is the easiest. All you have to do is find a reset button on the USB port of the keyboard that you connect to your computer. Also, the reset button at the bottom of your keyboard. Once you find the buttons, press them, and it will do the work. Furthermore, if it doesn’t work after resetting it try to restart your computer after resetting the keyboard. Once the computer restarts, you will see the results.

Reset Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and it stops working while you are typing, don’t worry. It is common and does happen sometimes; you can fix it by resetting it. The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is different from the unifying keyboard. It doesn’t have a prominent resetting button that can do the job in a few seconds. Here are a few of the steps to follow to reset your Bluetooth keyboard

  1. The first step is to delete all the Bluetooth connectivity settings from your computer. If you have windows, go to the start menu then settings. Select devices and go to the Bluetooth menu, unpair, and delete the connectivity settings with your keyboard. On your MAC and MacBook Pro, go to system preferences and choose the Bluetooth menu and do the same unpair and delete.
  2. Once you delete the Bluetooth settings from the computer, the next step is to reset the keyboard by pressing the keys Escape “o” Escape “o” Escape “b.”
  3. After pressing respective keys, you will see a blinking light on your keyboard indicating that your resetting was successful.
  4. In the end, connect your keyboard back to your computer or Mac.

Reconnecting Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

After resetting the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, reconnect it to your computer by following these simple steps.

  1. Press the connect button on your keyboard to pair your keyboard Bluetooth with your computer. You will see an LED blinking after pressing the connect button, indicating that it is in pairing mode.
  2. Now on your computer, go to the start menu> settings> devices> Bluetooth. Next, click on your keyboard name. It will connect to your computer.
  3. If you have a Mac go to its setting preferences> Bluetooth and connect the same way by choosing the correct device name.
  4. Click on finish, and you are done.

Reset Logitech Folio

The Logitech folio that works for tablets has another way to reset it. So let’s see that steps are these to bring solutions to your problems.

  1. The first step is always to disconnect and delete your Bluetooth settings. For this, go to your tablet setting and navigate Bluetooth.
  2. Tab on Blue “I” on the left of the screen. Choose your keyboard name and click on forget this device to remove it from your Bluetooth settings.
  3. After deleting your Bluetooth settings, turn your keyboard off and on.
  4. Now go to your keyboard and press the Home And O key at the same time.
  5. Then press the Home and B keys simultaneously. With this action, you will notice an orange light blinking on your keyboard.
  6. Turn your keyboard off and on again to reset it.
  7. Once you do all the steps mentioned above correctly, your keyboard will reset successfully. Reconnect your keyboard again to your keyboard to keep it working smoothly.
  8. Go to your tablet settings and then Bluetooth. Next, choose your keyboard name to pair it with your tablet again.

Reasons Your Logitech Keyboard Is Not Working

There are many reasons your keyboards stop responding. Look for these reasons and see if you can fix them with these tips and do not have to reset the keyboard.

USB Port

One reason is that your USB port might be defective when your keyboard is not working correctly. You can change the port and insert the USB in any other port of your computer; if it helps you, then well and good, otherwise, you can always reset the keyboard to help fix it.


Even if you reset your keyboard and try changing the USB port, and the problem is still there, there might be a problem with your keyboard battery. Logitech keyboards have a good battery life, but sometimes they can get faulty, with a lot of use. Turn your keyboard upside down and change your keyboard battery. It is better to prefer alkaline batteries as they work for a longer time.

Driver Issues

Your driver can be defective too. This also causes a slow and unresponsive keyboard performance. To change your keyboard driver, go to the start button of your windows click on the control panel. Then, choose the device manager, followed by choosing the keyboard device. There will be a “driver” tab, click on it, and update the driver there. The windows automatically download and upgrade the driver that helps in improving keyboard speed and performance a lot.

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Wrapping It Up

There are dozens of Logitech Keyboards available in the market. All of these wireless keyboards work differently; some are designed for the keyboard and some for tablets. That is why we made this extensive list of steps and techniques for all models of Logitech keyboards so that you can find them all under one page and follow the steps according to your keyboard type. We hope this article turns out useful to you. Best of luck!

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