How to Reset Magic Keyboard – Fix Apple / Mac Keyboard

Are you facing any issues in the connection of your magic keyboard? It may be because of the change in its settings. You must reset it back to the original factory settings to solve any connection issues. For this purpose, you need not take your magic keyboard to any professional but you can also do it in your home without anyone’s help. Some of the tested steps for resetting your magic keyboard are mentioned below.

How To Reset Magic Keyboard

This wireless apple magic keyboard needs different checkups to find out the real problems. If you have gone through all the tests and the issue is with your settings, you need to reset your keyboard by carefully following these steps.


Turn on your magic keyboard by pressing the power button. You must hold the key for the time when the green LED light turns on. This is the signal that your keyboard is in working mode. Leave the Power button immediately when the green light turns on.

  1. Press and hold two keys on the keyboard. One is the Shift key and the other one is the Option key. While holding these two keys, go to the Menu bar and select the Bluetooth option.
  2. Release all the buttons when the Bluetooth window appears on the screen.
  3. Look for the “Debug” option from the Bluetooth window.
  4. Select this “Debug” option.
  5. A Debug menu will appear on your screen.
  6. Select the “Remove all devices” option.
  7. Set your magic keyboard again to your computer with its new resetting.

In short, these easy steps will allow you to remove all the Bluetooth devices from your magic keyboard that are acting as a hurdle in its connection with your Personal Computer. This is how you can reset your wireless magic keyboard without wasting your efforts to take it to a professional and also your money. All you need to do is to understand each step carefully and then follow them accurately.

Resetting Your Wired Magic keyboard

These magic keyboards are not always in a wireless form. You can find different sizes of these keyboards, wireless form, as well as wired form. Resetting these wired keyboards is also not too different. Some of the easy steps for connecting and resetting your wired magic keyboards are mentioned below;


You must plug in one end of the cable in your magic keyboard and the other USB end into the USB port of your computer. Your keyboard will get connected.

  1. Press and hold the Alt+Option keys, or Shift+Option keys. By holding these keys, click on the Bluetooth icon.
  2. A Bluetooth window will pop up immediately.
  3. Select the “Debug” option.
  4. A Debug window will pop up.
  5. Choose a “Remove all devices” option.

Hence, the resetting of the wired magic keyboard is almost the same as the wireless magic keyboard. The only difference is to turn on your keyboard, one by pressing the Power button while the other by plugging the wire into the computer. Resetting will take your keyboard back to the factory’s original settings. You can avoid any connection issues by following these simple steps.

Other Keyboards Vs Magic Keyboard

1. Scissor Mechanism

Magic keyboards are slightly different from other older keyboards. One of the great features of a magic keyboard is its scissor mechanism that is absent in other keyboards. Scissor mechanism refers to the scissor-shaped two plastic pieces that attach keys to the keyboards. This attachment is only 1mm apart, which makes the typing quicker than the older keyboards of other companies. Hence, the scissor mechanism is effective in increasing typing speed.

2. Less Noise

The Magic keyboards are a lot quieter in comparison to the other keyboards. This quietness also has its roots in the scissor mechanism of the magic keyboard. The noise of the keyboard is because of the distance between the key and then plug in your keyboard. The more the distance the more would be the noise of typing. You can compare the noise of a typewriter with the noise of Apple’s magic keyboard. You will immediately recognize that the distance of keys and keyboard is the major issue of the keyboard’s noise.

3. Rechargeable

The magic keyboards have built-in rechargeable batteries. While many other keyboards lack this facility of recharging. By using the magic keyboard you can easily connect it to any device through the Bluetooth facility and enjoy using it for a larger period. You need to charge it for almost 2 hours and then you can enjoy its best working for almost 2 months. You don’t even need to plug it after charging while using it.


How do you pair your magic keyboard again?

Once you are done resetting your magic keyboard back to its original factory settings, all the connected devices would lose their connection with your keyboard. This can increase the efficiency rate of your keyboard but you can pair those devices again to your keyboard if needed. You must go to the Bluetooth window and select the option of “Add a device”. You can pair lots of devices again.

Can I connect my magic keyboard to Windows 10?

You can easily connect Windows 10 to your magic keyboard. For this purpose, you still have to open the Bluetooth window again and let your device find the magic keyboard after turning on Bluetooth search. In some time your device will locate your magic keyboard or any other wireless keyboard. You can select the keyboard using Windows 10 and pair it up with your keyboard.

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Wrapping It Up

To wrap it up, magic keyboards are highly useful in performing tasks quicker and quieter. Some of the easiest and simplest methods to connect and reset your wired and wireless magic keyboards are mentioned here. Resetting the keyboard, mouse or any other device is necessary on the regular basis. It can solve many issues like connection issues, jamming issues, and many more. So the resetting of your devices is highly suggested on a daily basis.

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