How to Unlock Logitech Keyboard – Fix the Locked Keyboard

Are you working on an important assignment, and your Logitech keyboard has stopped suddenly? There is no need to panic as this is a prevalent problem that you can fix quickly and effortlessly. In this review, you will get to know how to unlock your Logitech keyboard. There are many causes of locked or frozen keyboards. It is possible that you accidentally pressed two keys that caused your keyboard to stop working.

The possibility could be that your keyboard is not connected correctly to a computer system or laptop. If you are using a wireless Logitech keyboard, the poor connection may be the cause. It is crucial to identify the cause of the locked keyboard first. Once you know the cause, fixing it becomes easy. It is better to get your Logitech keyboard working as soon as possible because a locked keyboard will be of no use.

How To Unlock Logitech Keyboard

Logitech has produced amazing wireless mechanical keyboards as well and the unlocking of the Logitech keyboard depends upon the cause of the problem. There are following simple steps that you must follow to unlock your Logitech keyboard until you find a solution that makes your keyboard active again. We will start with the simplest and easy solution and move to the more complicated one.

Restart Your Computer

The simplest yet effective method to unlock your Logitech keyboard is by restarting your computer system. This technique is helpful because if the keyboard is frozen due to some program or application, then restarting your computer may clear all the applications. It may be possible that the issue is not with the keyboard but with the computer. So restarting might help your computer system to gain its normal functioning.

Turn Off The Filter Keys

You may have turned on the filter keys unintentionally. In Windows 8 / 9 / 10, it is a feature that keeps your computer rate slow. To regain your Logitech keyboard’s functioning, you need to turn these filter keys off. For this purpose, you need to hold the right key for 8 seconds until you hear a beep sound. A pop-up message will arise that will flash on the screen. In this way, you can disable the Filter key option.

Change The Batteries

Logitech wireless keyboards have a long battery life, but the longevity of batteries depends on the type of battery you are using and your Logitech keyboard usage. Gaming or long hours working can affect the efficiency of batteries. It might be one of the causes that your Logitech keyboard had suddenly stopped working. Turn off the keyboard and change the batteries by flipping your Logitech keyboard.

Replace the old batteries with the new one, and your Logitech keyboard will start working. If you have noticed that the battery life of your Logitech keyboard is not good, try using high-quality alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries have more energy density than other batteries and are durable with long-lasting performance.

Use Different USB Port

The working of the Logitech keyboard usually depends upon the USB receiver. Any problem with the USB receiver will affect the efficient functioning of your Logitech keyboard. For regaining the performance of your Logitech keyboard, try unplugging from the old USB port and plug it again in the new USB port.

If your keyboard starts working, it means that the previous USB receiver was the problem. If your keyboard still does not work, try plugging any device in the USB ports to check its functioning. If the other device you have plugged in starts working, then be sure that the USB port is not the problem area.

Problem With The Receiver

The wireless Logitech keyboard consists of two receivers. One is a standard receiver, and the other is a unifying receiver. You will have to look closely to identify between the two receivers. The one with the orange box along with the black star is a unifying receiver. The receiver that has no logo is a standard one. Unfortunately, standard receivers are not replaceable, so any problem will let you change the whole wireless Logitech Keyboard.

You can replace or reprogram the unifying receiver of your Logitech keyboard if you face any problem. You can get a new unifying receiver for your keyboard from any electronic store or a Logitech store. You can program the unifying receiver easily by downloading software from the Logitech website. Follow the instructions while programming the receiver, and the receiver will start working again.

Reinstall the Driver

The faulty or outdated driver can also make your Logitech keyboard stop working. Reinstallation of the Logitech keyboard driver can help your keyboard start working efficiently again. The process of installing is simple. You have to click on the start button. Go to the control panel, and click the device manager. Open the keyboard device by double-clicking it.

Now open the driver tab for updating a new version of your Logitech keyboard driver. Your window will search for the most recent and best drivers for your Logitech keyboard. If your window fails to find a driver, you can go to the Logitech website and download the driver keeping in mind the model of the Logitech keyboard. Install the drivers, and after that, restart your computer to get a fully functioning Logitech keyboard again.

Clean Your Keyboard

The most important part is cleaning your keyboard. With the passage of time and usage of the keyboard, the dirt can accumulate in the keys of your Logitech keyboard, making its keys stuck at a place or do not work correctly. A stuck key can also prevent other keys from functioning, so cleaning your keyboard is essential for its efficient performance.

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You can achieve the better functioning of your Logitech keyboard again by using these simple methods. I can understand how it feels to lose the connection of your Logitech keyboard in the middle of meaningful work. The locked keyboard can stop you from working, so these are the methods that you can try to unlock your Logitech computer in no time. It will help you to gain command of your Logitech keyboard again.

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