Tips To Choose a Gaming Keyboard Dust Cover

Keeping your gaming keyboard clean should be a priority if you want to make sure it keeps functioning well over the long term. If you have a backlit keyboard, it is even more important to clean it, because dust and filth will be more visible. Ensure that your keyboard is clean and keeps functioning well by choosing a quality gaming keyboard dust cover for it.

Choose a gaming keyboard dust cover made from quality waterproof and dustproof materials. Also, be sure to get a cover that is static-free and easy to use.

Choose a gaming keyboard dust cover that will protect it and keep it functioning optimally for as long as possible.
Protect your prized gaming keyboard from dirt and dust so that it keeps working properly. Source: Forbes.

What Is a Gaming Keyboard Dust Cover?

It is very important to protect your gaming keyboard from filth and dust build-up, and liquids being spilled. Consider using a cover to do this especially if you are using an expensive keyboard, as it will prolong its life and reduce the chance of malfunctioning. Gaming keyboard dust covers come in different styles and can be matched to the look of your keyboard.

A gaming keyboard dust cover is a waterproof, dustproof, and flexible static-free dust cover that protects gaming keyboards against everyday spills, greasy fingers, and dust buildup. Gaming keyboard dust covers are simple to use, easy to fix and remove, and washable.

Gaming keyboard dust covers are easy to use and will extend the useful lifespan of your keyboard.
Using a gaming keyboard dust cover will increase the durability of the keyboard. Image Source: Amazon.

Do I Need a Gaming Keyboard Dust Cover?

Dust settling into the keys of your keyboard will eventually cause them to malfunction and need repair or replacement. 

A gaming keyboard dust cover is necessary to protect a keyboard from food or drink spills, dust, and other contaminants.  Invest in a gaming keyboard dust cover if durability is a priority. 

Our guide on how to fix a key not working on a gaming keyboard could be helpful if you need to troubleshoot a malfunctioning keyboard quickly. In addition, dust buildup will spoil your keyboard's functionality by covering the lighting. 

A thin skin-like dust cover like this could work well to protect a gaming keyboard.
An ultra-thin and soft keyboard skin cover can provide adequate protection for a keyboard. Image Source: Pinterest.

Here we share the reasons why you should get a gaming keyboard dust cover:

Reason 1. To Protect Your Gaming Keyboard From Food and Liquid Spills

Spills could be totally detrimental to your gaming keyboard. Even if the keyboard remains functional, a long cleaning process will need to follow the spill. This article from the resource “Using windows 8.1” explains why protecting your keyboard against spills is important. 

Instead of worrying about spills and moisture damaging your gaming keyboard, it is better to put preventive measures in place. Getting a gaming keyboard dust cover that is made of special waterproof and moisture-resistant materials like this one is what we recommend.

Get a waterproof gaming keyboard dust cover as a preventative measure to avoid trying to fix a keyboard after a spill.
A gaming keyboard dust cover is moisture-resistant and will keep your gaming keyboard’s keys dry, clean, and as good as new. Image Source: Pinterest.

Reason 2. To Protect Your Gaming Keyboard From Dust Build-Up

Dust builds up quickly and can easily get between your keys and into the keyboard. Sooner or later this dust will interfere with the keys and compromise their functionality, eventually causing your gaming keyboard to malfunction. This thread on Reddit discusses how to clean dust from a keyboard.

Protecting your keyboard from dust by using a cover like this one pays off in the long run, especially if you are using an expensive gaming keyboard. Our article about why gaming keyboards are expensive explains the technology and build quality of gaming keyboards and might help you realize why investing in a keyboard cover is a good idea. 

It is really a good idea to protect your keyboard from dust so that it will work optimally for as long as possible.
Dust on your keyboard can easily be ignored but will lead to problems in the long run. Image Source: Reddit.

Reason 3. To Avoid Any Unforeseen Damage to the Gaming Keyboard When It Is Not in Use

Most people spend a considerable amount of energy researching and choosing the perfect gaming setup. Yet many don't recognize the need to put effort and care into protecting their setup. A gaming keyboard dust cover will protect your gaming keyboard when it is not in use and give you peace of mind regarding your keyboard's durability. You only have to cover the keyboard with it when it isn’t in use to enjoy the benefits.

Summary of Keyboard Dust Covers and Their Features

What are you trying to achieve? Features to look for in a gaming keyboard dust cover Example Price
To prevent dust from accumulating on my keyboard A keyboard cover that is made from dust and debris-proof material. Computer Dust Solutions Keyboard Dust Cover ~$10
To prevent spills from affecting my keyboard Waterproof or moisture-resistant gaming keyboard dust cover Ultra Thin Desktop PC Silicone Clear Keyboard Cover Skin Protector ~$10
To cover my keyboard when it is not in use Easy to apply and remove. Green Onions Supply Universal Fully Covered Waterproof Anti-Dust Keyboard Cap Cover  ~$15

How To Choose a Keyboard Dust Cover

Choosing the right gaming keyboard dust cover that is most suitable for your gaming keyboard requires careful consideration. A gaming keyboard dust cover can protect your keyboard from debris, dust, smudges, spills, and other harmful substances. 

To choose a keyboard dust cover, look for dustproof, waterproof, and static-free materials while maintaining the look of your gaming keyboard.

These tips will help you to choose a keyboard dust cover:

Tip 1. Your Gaming Keyboard Cover Should Be Dust-Proof 

It is essential that your keyboard cover is of high-quality dust-proof material and protects your gaming keyboard from all kinds of dust-related elements. A keyboard cover made of silicone skin like this one is ideal. 

Tip 2. Your Gaming Keyboard Cover Should Be Waterproof or Moisture Resistant

Accidental spills are a common cause of gaming keyboards breaking or their keys becoming sticky and malfunctioning. So, when choosing your cover, select one made of high-quality waterproof or moisture-resistant material like this one.

A gaming keyboard dust cover can enhance the look of a keyboard and protect it at the same time.
Gaming keyboard covers do not have to spoil the look of your keyboard, many are manufactured with aesthetics in mind. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Your Gaming Keyboard Cover Should Be Static Free 

Gaming keyboard covers made of synthetic nylon or plastic are conducive to electric charges, which can damage the keyboard. Optimally, you want to use a cover that protects this electrostatic-sensitive device. It is therefore best that you choose a gaming keyboard dust cover like this one that is made of static-free material.

Tip 4. Your Gaming Keyboard Cover Should Be Easy To Use

Gaming keyboard dust covers that are easy to apply and remove will save you time and energy. Make sure you choose a dust cover that is washable, flexible, and easy to disinfect when fixing and removing. This will ensure you use it more often and enjoy its protection benefits.

How To Find a Mechanical Keyboard Dust Cover

If you use a mechanical keyboard, you may find it beneficial to use a special mechanical keyboard dust cover. These covers are specifically designed to best protect mechanical keyboards. 

To find a mechanical keyboard cover, look for one that is easy to use, is durable and washable, and has a dustproof and waterproof design to keep the keyboard clean and optimally functional. 

If you want to learn about the key differences between membrane and mechanical keyboards, then take a look at our article, which discusses each kind of keyboard's pros and cons.

A dust cover for a mechanical gaming keyboard is usually shaped and designed to fit over the keys and protect every component from dust, dirt, and spills.
Mechanical Keyboards require a unique dust cover to protect the keys and the rest of the keyboard. Image Source: Reddit.

Tip 1. Easily Applicable and Removable Covers.

Convenience is an important consideration when choosing a mechanical keyboard dust cover. Make sure to get a cover that is easy to apply and remove to make the cleaning process as simple as possible and to ensure you’ll actually use the cover as intended. 

Tip 2. Slim Keyboard Skin Cover

When choosing a mechanical keyboard skin cover for your mechanical keyboard, go for a slim cover. The slimness makes typing easier and faster and shouldn’t affect your accuracy and speed too much. If you want to find out about the fastest gaming keyboards that influence in-game speed and responsiveness, then take a look at our article about choosing the fastest gaming keyboard


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