Tips To Find a Gaming Keyboard That Lights Up

Gaming is exciting in many ways and appeals to people worldwide. There’s a game for everybody, and this isn’t an exaggeration. One of the reasons why the gaming industry has so much influence is its array of gadgets and how over time, they have been revolutionized via the syncing of advanced functions, aesthetics, and comfort for gamers. A perfect example is a gaming keyboard that lights up. 

To find a gaming keyboard that lights up, consider a white light-up keyboard text for a clean and bright aesthetic, a wireless light-up keyboard for a coordinated setup, zoned backlighting for more efficient gameplay, a light-up gaming keyboard with bright backlighting to avoid eye strain, and a gaming keyboard with customizable backlighting to show off personality and taste.

So, what are gaming keyboards that light up? This, among other areas, which include what backlit keyboards are, the types of backlit keyboards that exist, why gaming keyboards light up, and tips that will guide you in finding the best-backlit gaming keyboard, will be addressed in this article. In the end, we’re sure you’ll be equipped with all the proper knowledge to guide you in getting your first backlit keyboard. As a matter of interest check out our article that discusses whether gaming keyboards are expensive and what makes them expensive to learn more about how much they cost.

What Is a Backlit Keyboard?

Keyboards have various features and one such feature is backlighting which can help to enhance a gamer's gaming performance.

A back-lit keyboard has dedicated lights through all the keys on the keyboard, thereby illuminating the keyboard. Back-lit gaming keyboards are both aesthetic and functional.

As explained in this article backlights of a keyboard are special lights that shine through the keys of a keyboard. They blaze through the keys' transparent letters, numbers, and symbols, This light also shines through the crevices of the keys completely illuminating the keys.

Back-lit keyboards aren't exclusive only to gaming keyboards like this. However, they’re very important in gaming based on their function and aesthetics. The colors of the lights that shine through the back-lit keyboard are the major classifying factors. 

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Back-lit Keyboards vs. Standard Keyboards

If you’re new to gaming and are ready to purchase your first gaming keyboard, you might be wondering if there are any major differences between back-lit keyboards and standard keyboards and if they should influence your purchasing decision.

The only difference between back-lit keyboards vs. standard keyboards is that most gaming keyboards come with backlights, while standard keyboards don’t. Consider a keyboard with backlights for serious gaming.

So, apart from the aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional benefits of a keyboard with backlights, all back-lit keyboards like this perform the same functions as any keyboard. Why not check out our article that compares gaming keyboards vs. regular keyboards to learn more about their differences?

Types of Back-lit Keyboards

There are a few differentiating features of different keyboards like the number of backlight colors available. 

There are two types of back-lit keyboards based on the number of colors. LED back-lit keyboards come with only one color, and RGB back-lit keyboards with multiple colors for various keys.

As explained in this article by Lenovo, an RGB keyboard does more than just project multi-colors of light; it offers more functions, including color zoning and customizing. It’s an upgrade of an LED keyboard like this that features only one light color. RGB and LED keyboards offer gamers illumination for their keyboards in low-light environments. This function is primary to both types of back-lit keyboards. 

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Why Do Gaming Keyboards Light Up?

You may be looking to buy a new gaming keyboard, but the selection of available keyboards could be overwhelming due to the different brands, countless types, and multiple designs. However, when it comes to choosing the right gaming keyboard you need to consider the fact that the backlight of the keyboard is a major feature. 

Gaming keyboards light up to allow for playing games in low-light conditions, to zone certain keys based on the color of the light, improve the aesthetics of a keyboard, and reflect a gamer’s personality and style with bright colors.

Here are the reasons that make a gaming keyboard that lights up a good option for you:

Reason 1. Back-lit Keyboards Allow You To Game in Low-Light Conditions 

When gaming, not all conditions are perfect. One of the most inconvenient situations is gaming in a low-light environment. By low light, we mean slightly dark. Fortunately, back-lit keyboards are built to aid gamers playing in low-light environments. With the keys well-lit, a gamer doesn’t have to strain to find the necessary keys on the keyboard while playing. A gaming keyboard, like this Logitech G PRO, will light up the keys of your keyboard like a Christmas tree. The darker the room, the brighter it’ll be. 

Reason 2. Zoned Backlighting Makes Reaction Times Faster

Zoned backlighting provides the capability to set the colors of certain keys on your keyboard based on certain functions, preferences, and aesthetics. Zoning is unique to mainly just RGB keyboards. These keyboards come with added support and tutorials, like this tutorial for a Razer keyboard, on how to achieve zoning. 

Reason 3. Back-lit Keyboards Look Cool and Are Aesthetically Pleasing 

The connection between lighting and aesthetics, as explained in this paper released by The Warsaw University of Technology, is a fact. Light has always been used to improve the aesthetics of things, places, and objects. These same principles apply when it comes to gaming keyboards. The blue LED backlight of a keyboard, like this K63 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, makes it extremely beautiful. A more colorful RGB backlight keyboard that can feature as many colors as possible takes aesthetics to an entirely new level

Reason 4. Customized RGB Lighting Helps You Show Off Your Personality 

RGB back-lit keyboards like this offer gamers an opportunity to show their personality through color. With the option of several colors at each gamer's disposition, they can pick and use a dominant color or more to represent who they are, their personality, and how they see themselves. This option takes gaming to a whole new level of fun.

A gaming keyboard that lights up allows a gamer to find different keys easily even in low-light conditions.
RGB lighting offers gamers to showcase their personalities through color. Image Source: Amazon.

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Tips for Finding the Best Back-Lit Keyboard 

So far, we have discussed what a back-lit keyboard is, the several types that are available, and their numerous benefits. 

To find the best back-lit keyboard look for a white light back-lit keyboard for a clean and bright aesthetic, a wireless backlit keyboard for a better and more convenient setup, zoned backlighting for optimized gameplay, and bright backlighting to avoid eye strain.

These tips will help you choose the right backlighting for your needs:

Tip 1. A White Light Back-Lit Keyboard Provides a Clean and Bright Aesthetic

The easiest choice for a back-lit keyboard is a white light back-lit one like this. White light is natural, easy on the eyes, and easy for a minimalist aesthetic. A white light back-lit keyboard may not come with the fan fair that other mono-colored LED back-lit keyboards or RGB keyboards do, but it comes with a simplicity that other types of keyboards don’t have. 

A gaming keyboard that lights up with white light provides a minimalist simplicity that multi-colored keyboards don’t.
A white light back-lit keyboard, like the BlackWidow Lite TKL, is natural, easy on the eyes, and good for a minimalist aesthetic. Image Source: Amazon.  

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Tip 2. Look for a Wireless Back-Lit Keyboard To Have a Clean and Well-Lit Set Up

Gaming, either for fun or as a profession, can take its toll on gamers' health, especially when it comes to the use of certain gadgets like keyboards. The type of injuries that can be sustained from using keyboards are classified under Repetitive Stress Injuries as explained in this article by Gold Touch. These injuries are caused by the repetitive use of the hands when using keyboards. To reduce the chances of gamers sustaining these injuries, gaming gadgets are designed to fit the gamers’ anatomy. In this case, we have wireless keyboards, which allow gamers to move their keyboards around without the need to remain in one position punching away at keys. Based on this, get a wireless option like this regardless of the type of back-lit keyboard you purchase. 

Our guide on the benefits of gaming with a keyboard on your lap provides more information about wireless keyboards and how they can enhance your gaming experience.

A feature that may be even more important than lighting is the connection type as a wireless keyboard can alleviate injuries sustained by the repetitive actions of gaming.
Using a wireless keyboard, like the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro, reduces the chances of gamers sustaining Repetitive Stress Injuries. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 3. Try a Keyboard With Zoned Backlighting for More Efficient Gameplay and Better Reaction Times

As explained earlier, zoning allows you to customize certain keys on your keyboard with unique light colors based on their functions, preference, or use. When gaming, especially in pro-competitions, the more efficient a gamer is, the higher the chances of winning. Hence, we suggest you go for a keyboard with zoned backlighting as this one has, to allow for quicker locating of keys to help improve your reaction time.

Zoned backlighting allows you to customize the lighting of certain keys and groups of keys of a gaming keyboard for optimized gaming.
Purchasing a keyboard with zoned backlighting, like the Corsair K70 RGB TKL, will greatly help your reaction time as you can easily locate the right key for each action. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Choose a Backlit keyboard To Avoid Eye Strain When Gaming in Low-Light Areas 

One of the key reasons for the back-lit keyboard is to prevent gamers from straining to see the keys of a keyboard like this when gaming in a low-lit area. Hence, irrespective of the type of back-lit gaming keyboard you go for, ensure it would shine brightly enough in any low-light environment.  

Ensure that your back-lit keyboard is bright enough to alleviate eye strain when gaming in low-lit environments.
Using a keyboard with bright backlighting, like the EVGA Z12 RGB, helps avoid eye strain when gaming in low-light areas. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 5. A Gaming Keyboard With Customizable Backlighting Show-Cases Personality

A customizable backlight keyboard like this comes with the option to use any color of your choice to light up your keyboard. Beyond aesthetics and the need to brighten your keyboard keys in a low-light room, a customizable backlight can be used to reflect your personality. Do you have a color you love the most? Are you feeling blue? Do you feel dangerous? You can express all of these emotions using the colors on your keyboard. 

A gaming keyboard that lights up with customizable lighting and colors can reflect individual emotions and personality.
A customizable back-lit keyboard, like the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL, comes with the option to use any color of your choice to light up your keyboard. Image Source: Amazon.

Summary of Reasons Why You May Want a Gaming keyboard That Lights Up

Reasons Why You May Want a Gaming Keyboard That Lights Up  What Features To Look For  Product Example From Amazon 
A clean and bright aesthetic  White backlighting Razer BlackWidow Lite Tkl
A coordinated, clean desk setup Wireless with backlighting  Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless 
Better reaction times Zoned backlighting Havit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo
Less eye strain Bright backlight EVGA Z12 RGB 
To show off your personality  Customizable backlight SteelSeries Apex 7 Tkl

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