Tips To Choose a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

There’s no way to be a good gamer if you don’t have the appropriate gaming accessories to help you perform well. And the keyboard is one of the most important elements for gamers, along with the mouse. Gamers can choose different styles of keyboards based on their preferences and the type of games they play. It can be a challenging choice though, because gamers can’t get what they need to master their games on a regular gaming keyboard. Fortunately for those of you who use just one hand for gaming, choosing a one-handed gaming keyboard is a simple solution. 

Choose a one-handed gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro keys, RGB backlighting, and mechanical switches. Also, go for a one-handed gaming keyboard that’s compatible with multiple gaming consoles and operating systems. 

There are 3.24 billion gamers that have a great interest in everything related to the gaming world, from new trendy games to improvements in programming tools and hardware components used for gaming. That’s why PC gaming accessories are being developed regularly to provide the best options for users around the world. One-handed gaming keyboards like this are one of these specialized devices that assist gamers with customizing their gaming setup. 

Whether a gamer is using a single-hand keyboard because of a physical limitation or just personal preference the possibility of personalizing their gaming experience goes a long way to improve the gaming experience for all gamers. Having so many features, the one-hand gaming keyboard is a great option for many people who need a keyboard that meets their specific needs. In this article, we’ll show you what to consider when buying a one-hand gaming keyboard.

A one-handed gaming keyboard is perfect for gamers that use only one hand.
A One-handed gaming keyboard helps those who need to enter data onto a computer using only one hand. Image Source: Amazon.

What Is a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard?

People who need to type data onto a computer but only have limited or no use of one hand might benefit from one-handed keyboards. Both the left and right hands can utilize keyboards depending on how they are set up. They come with programmable keys that can be customized according to your preference for ease of use and a better gaming experience. 

A one-handed gaming keyboard is a gaming keyboard that can be used with only one hand. It’s designed to include all the buttons needed for gaming and to be operational by either right or left-handed users. 

Are One-Handed Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Using a normal keyboard can sometimes be difficult to handle for people who have limited or no use of one hand. It’ll slow down their gaming experience and hinder their progress in the game. To avoid disappointment, you should try using the innovative one-handed keyboard designed specifically for this purpose. 

The benefits of using one-handed gaming keyboards include their quick and easy access to all keys, a compact design that utilizes minimal space, the ease of configuring all the macro keys, and their affordability.

People with physical disabilities or injuries that have left them with limited use of one of their hands find a one-handed gaming keyboard way easier to use than a standard keyboard like this. It saves time, and timing is a very important factor for gamers, which can enhance the gaming experience. Our article about how many keys a keyboard has discusses the various sizes of keyboards and how they impact overall gaming efficiency. 

Companies decided to develop many styles of one-handed gaming keyboards to encourage more comfortable positions for people who have to use only one of their hands for gaming. Consequently, a one-handed gaming keyboard like this offers many benefits that make it worth buying. This article from IEEE Xplore discusses the benefits of input assistive keyboards like the one-hand keyboard to help individuals with disabilities when they want to use computers for their work or entertainment. 

One-hand gaming keyboards make it easy to play games or work using only one hand and allow gamers to react and respond quickly.
One-handed keyboards can improve gaming efficiency because they have only the essential keys that are needed for games. Image Source: Amazon.  

These advantages make using one-hand gaming keyboards beneficial:

Advantage 1. All the Keypad Keys and Macro Keys Are Within the Reach of Your Fingertips

Easy access to the keys is one of the most important features gamers look for. Luckily, a one-handed gaming keyboard can be the right choice for this purpose. One-handed gaming keyboards have between 20 to 40 programmable keys; this is significantly fewer keys than traditional keyboards. Some models’ layouts have the same left side as the standard keyboard. One of its main features is that you don’t need to move your hands around to find the buttons - you can easily reach all the buttons just by moving the fingers of your one hand. Be sure to also read our related article explaining what the best gaming keyboard layout is to ensure you purchase the right one for your needs.

Advantage 2. One-Handed Gaming Keyboards Are Comfortable To Game With

It is common for enthusiastic and devoted gamers to engage in very long gaming sessions. That’s why they need to be comfortable. It’s much more comfortable if you’re able to place and keep your hand on the keyboard wrist rest. Using a normal keyboard may force you to sit in awkward and uncomfortable positions for hours. However, the one-handed gaming keyboard can be moved around on your desk, or if you’re using a laptop, you can put it in any position you want. Our article that explains the benefits of gaming with a keyboard on your lap takes a look at how external keyboards improve mobility and comfort when gaming. 

Because of a one-handed keyboard’s small size, your fingers will be over all the keys without you trying to move or look at them. A comfortable gaming experience is important for gamers to enjoy their time and perform well, and a one-handed gaming keyboard is a great choice for this. 

Advantage 3. It’s Easy To Program Keypad Keys and Configures Macro Keys of One-Handed Keyboards

Gaming keyboards offer macro keys that are important for gamers. They can make a huge difference in the gamer’s performance compared to using the standard keyboard. The macro keys of a keyboard like this can be customized for many tasks by programming a command. That’ll save time and effort and will guarantee precision play. Our article comparing gaming keyboards vs. regular computer keyboards explains the benefits of macro keys and how they dramatically improve gaming speed. 

It can be irritating when the keys limit your progress during a game, and this is where a one-hand gaming keyboard with macro keys could come in handy. Unlike traditional keyboards, you can program the keys to a configuration that fits your needs. 

Advantage 4. Most One-Handed Gaming Keyboards Aren’t Expensive

It’s obvious that a one-handed gaming keyboard has a different shape and size than a normal keyboard and literally looks like a piece cut out of a traditional keyboard. Because of its size, it's clear that manufacturers use fewer materials to create it, and this affects the price. Also, the limited use of this type of keyboard affects their price as well since you can’t use them for anything but gaming. 

Even if you decide to buy the most expensive one-hand keyboard like this one, you’ll still save money when comparing their prices to standard keyboards. That's why if you don’t want to spend too much money on a keyboard, the one-handed gaming keyboard is for you. Be sure to check out our article about the 8 best one-handed keyboards to buy for a list of the most popular single-hand keyboards that gamers prefer. 

Advantage 5. A One-Handed Gaming Keyboard’s Compact Design Occupies Less Space 

In general, pro gamers prefer simple tools to use while playing. By getting rid of unnecessary buttons, the compact design provides you with better ergonomics. Not only can you reach all the keys, but it also saves a lot of space on your desk. 

A one-handed gaming keyboard takes up much less space on a desk.
Single-hand keyboards offer all the essential gaming keys with convenient portability. Image Source: Amazon.

Did you know you can build your own gaming keyboard? Make sure to read our related article to find out how!

Disadvantages of Using One-Handed Keyboards

Although one-handed gaming keyboards offer a lot of amazing features that make them a wonderful choice for gamers who are looking for good performance, compact design, and cheap price, there are still some drawbacks that make this type of gaming keyboard not suitable for everyone. 

It’s difficult to play Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games such as Minecraft and World War 2 Online using a one-handed gaming keyboard because of the limited number of keys. Learning how to use a one-handed keyboard takes time, and many gamers might be reluctant to invest the time to learn these new skills. Configuring keystroke commands can also be challenging for beginners. 

It takes time to get used to using a one-handed keyboard for gaming.
One-handed keyboards require gamers to learn new keyboard skills. Image Source: Amazon

Although a one-handed gaming keyboard can be very handy, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind:

Disadvantage 1. One-Handed Gaming Keyboards Are Not Suitable for MMORPGs 

One-handed gaming keyboards might not be the best choice for all genres of games. What makes one-handed gaming keyboards different is that they don’t have the same shape and size as regular keyboards and have a limited number of between 20 to 40 keys. With some games, it may be impossible to play on anything but a traditional keyboard. 

Games like strategy games or MMORPGs require the use of multiple keys, something that one-handed gaming keyboards lack. This is one of the drawbacks that makes gamers quite disappointed with one-handed gaming keyboards. Still, you can use your regular keyboard or your gaming mouse, like this one, alongside a one-handed keyboard to overcome this problem. Setting up macros could also help, but all of these solutions might complicate the gaming experience, according to this thread on Reddit.

Disadvantage 2. One-Handed Gaming Keyboards Require Getting Used To

Changing the system you’re used to isn’t easy at all. Our memory knows all the keys of a regular gaming keyboard like this and changing that may take some time as you’ll need to learn the new key placement and keystroke combinations for each game. You can set up macros to help you issue commands, but you might still find yourself struggling to change your natural moves on a one-handed gaming keyboard. 

Disadvantage 3. It’s Not Easy For Beginners To Configure All the Keys

Professional gamers are used to trying out trends to enhance their gaming performance. Programming and setting up the keys can be amazing in terms of performance, but it’s not an easy process whether you’re a pro or a beginner. If you’re new to using a one-handed gaming keyboard, this can be frustrating at first. The purpose of macro keys is to improve your performance. However, they’ll slow you down if you’re a beginner. You need to know the basics of programming and configuring the keys and this is something that will take some time. 

Disadvantage 4. Some Versions Are Overpriced For a Single-Use Keyboard

Although one-handed gaming keyboards are known for their affordable prices compared to regular gaming keyboards, some versions are overpriced. One-handed gaming keyboards are good only for gaming purposes, and they’re not even the best choice for all types of games. When considering their limitations, it might not make sense to purchase an expensive single-hand keyboard that can only be used for specific gaming scenarios.  

Considering that you’ll need both a regular keyboard and a one-handed gaming keyboard for better functionality outside of just gaming, you won't be saving much. Unless you have extra money or you want to try a trendy keyboard for a specific reason, you should choose wisely. 

Disadvantage 5. Needing To Use a One-Handed  Keyboard With a Regular Keyboard Will Take Up a Lot of Space

Although the compact size of a one-handed keyboard is an advantage, you might face some problems with space if you'll be using your regular keyboard as well. If you need to use your regular keyboard for other tasks, it will occupy space on your desk. Read this article from Standing Desk Topper to learn how to set up the ideal gaming workstation.  

Summary of One-Handed Keyboard Functionalities 

How Do You Want To Change Your Gaming Setup? Will A One-Handed Gaming Keyboard Work? Why? Product Example and Price
I want a keyboard I can use anywhere Yes Because of its portability RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard
I want a keyboard with lots of customizable buttons Yes It comes with 32 programmable keys that are easy to customize Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad
I want a keyboard with backlighting Yes It has five backlit modes with more than 16 million available colors Redragon K585 Diti One-Handed Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
I want a gaming keyboard that I can use for chatting  No Because it doesn’t have all the keys that a traditional keyboard has  

Tips To Consider When Choosing the Right One-Handed Keyboard for Gaming

One-handed gaming keyboards are available with a lot of features and a lot of styles as well. That’s why you could get very confused if you don’t know what’s best for you and you need to know exactly what you’re searching for to get the right one. 

Select a one-handed gaming keyboard with at least 5 dedicated macro keys, an RGB LED backlight for gaming in the dark, a wrist-rest with an ergonomic design, and mechanical switches for low latency.

In this section, we’ll guide you through what to look for when you buy a one-handed gaming keyboard.

A one-hand gaming keyboard should have the features that an ordinary gaming keyboard  has, such as RGB backlighting  and mechanical keys.
One-handed keyboards are also called QWERTY half keyboards because they have almost half the number of keys. Image Source: Amazon.

Consider these tips when choosing a one-handed gaming keyboard:

Tip 1. You Can Get a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard for Right and Left-Hand Users 

This is one of the most important features of a one-handed gaming keyboard like this. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your left or right hand because it’s designed to suit everyone. You can adjust your keyboard to the hand you want to use. Left-handed people often struggle to find devices that are suited to their dexterity and these half-keyboards can be a big help. 

If you are left-handed and are struggling to use a regular mouse then check out our tips on how to choose a left-handed gaming mouse

Tip 2. Choose a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard With Dedicated and Reprogrammable Keys

Macro keys should be a priority for anyone who wants to get a good gaming keyboard. You can program the macro keys to do all the jobs for you while you’re playing. You just need to customize a sequence that will help you without having to remember the function of the hotkeys. Another reason they’re so important is that they can be reprogrammed according to your games and you can set different profiles for different games. Macro keys can help you improve your performance and allow you to enjoy your games even more. That's why you should consider buying a one-handed gaming keyboard that has dedicated and reprogrammable keys. 

Tip 3. Get a One-Handed Keyboard With RGB Backlighting For Gaming in Low-Lit Environments

RGB backlighting provides your keyboard with a multicolored system. It isn’t just about the fancy aesthetics - it’s valuable for many reasons. You can play in the dark or in low-lit environments with a one-handed keyboard like this one with its RGB backlighting. You can still see the keys even without looking down at your keyboard. 

Check out our article about how to change gaming keyboard light settings for tips to enhance your gaming experience. 

A gaming keyboard for one hand should have backlighting to make it easier to play in the dark in or low lit environments.
The Redragon K585 DITI provides more than 16.8 million colors with amazing lighting effects. Image Source: Amazon.

Tip 4. Get a One-Handed Keyboard With a Wrist Rest for More Comfort 

One-handed gaming keyboards are available with wrist rests for extra gaming control and comfort. With this feature, you don’t have to lift your palm to reach out for the keys, and that reduces discomfort which is what gamers that play for long hours are looking for. You can choose from different styles of wrist rests like curved and flat ones. The curved, ergonomic design of this one is great as it suits the player's hand posture and reduces fatigue. The flat design of this one is also great when it comes to the size of the wrist rest. This article from Computer Station nation reveals the best wrist rest for gaming to help you lay your hand in a natural position that effortlessly aligns with your keyboard when gaming.   

It is much more comfortable to game for lextended periods of time, with a one-handed gaming keyboard that has a wrist rest.
A one-handed gaming keyboard with a curved wrist rest, like this one is a great option for long gaming sessions. Image Source: Amazon.

Similarly, you may find interest in learning how to find the best non-mechanical gaming keyboard or how to find a quiet mechanical keyboard. If so, be sure to check out our related articles for more details.

Tip 5. A Wired One-Handed Gaming Keyboard Will Have Low Latency 

Low latency is an important feature that can make a gaming experience completely different. You can win or lose your match depending on this feature. It’s the input lag and the time the keyboard takes to register your reactions and your commands. Unlike a wireless keyboard, a wired gaming keyboard is helpful for this purpose as it connects directly to the computer. The wired gaming keyboard has lower latency and will respond quickly to your keystrokes. 

Logitech One-Handed Gaming Keyboard vs. Razer One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

Logitech and Razer are popular companies that provide gamers with great equipment. Each of them has specific features offering a special gaming experience. They’re always developing their products including one-handed gaming keyboards. Razer is more focused on creating compatible tools for gaming. Logitech products are for work and games, but their quality is a bit limited when it comes to gaming.  You can choose the best one from them according to your needs and preferences. 

A one-handed keyboard from Logitech like the Logitech G13 keyboard has 25 high-quality, programmable keys and wrist padding which offer better control and comfort. A one-handed gaming keyboard from Razer like the Razer Tartarus Pro has two functions to each key for different pressure levels, partial and full keystrokes, and the analog stick which the Logitech keyboards don’t have.

This video tutorial by HardwareCanucks explains the Razer one-handed gaming keyboard in greater detail. 

A Razer one-handed keyboard allows for different pressure levels when pressing keys and features an analog stick.
The Razer Tartarus Pro one-handed keyboard has two functions for each key which supports different pressure levels, partial and full keystrokes, as well as an analog stick. Image Source: Amazon.


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