My Keyboard is Typing Numbers Instead of Letters – 2022

Does it seem odd to you that you type letters using a keyboard but instead of letters, numbers appear on the screen? Do not worry. No ghost has possessed your keyboard, but the ghost of technology around you is why this swapping of number and letter keys is present on the keyboard. In the latest keyboards, a single key performs many functions. There can be different technical issues that can cause these numbers and letters swapping. In case you want to replace your current gadget, here are some of the best quiet gaming keyboards you can get in the market.

My Keyboard is Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

If you want to decrease the size of a keyboard, you can find many functions in a single key. Such keyboards are known as alphanumeric keyboards, where alphabet keys and number keys both are in use. You can use a num lock key to swap the numbers keys into letter keys and letter keys into number keys. If you want to type numbers only, then you have to turn on the num lock key.


There can be some issues with your num lock key. The reason your keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters is the issue with your num lock key.

  1. You have forgotten to turn off the num lock button.
  2. Your ‘num lock’ key must not be working.
  3. Turning off the ‘num lock’ key is more complicated than turning it on.

In short, if you are facing these issues with your ‘num lock’ key and it is not working correctly, then you can face the issue of mixing among the number and alphabet keys. There can be various technical issues that do not allow you to shift number keys into letter keys. There can be many methods through which you can turn the num lock key on and off. Some of them are as follow;

1. By Using An External Keyboard

Without a num lock key, you can not shift the letter keys into number keys. If your num lock key has any technical issue or the button has been disabled, you can use an external keyboard. You should follow these steps to turn on the num lock key.

  1. Plug in your external keyboard.
  2. Connect your external keyboard to your computer.
  3. If the num lock key is on, turn it off.
  4. A small light on this key will disappear with your click. This light is a signal that your num lock key has been turned off.
  5. Disconnect this external keyboard.

Hence, if you have successfully turned off your num lock key, you would be able to get alphabets or letters by typing. These easy steps will allow you to forget your worries about the improper functioning of your keyboard. You just need to plug in another keyboard if you cannot use your keyboard, for turning off the num lock key.

2. By Using A Soft Keyboard

Soft keyboard refers to the on-screen keyboard. If your computer keyboard is not working correctly or the num lock key has some working issue, or you do not have any external keyboard, you do not need to worry. You just need to follow some easy steps to open a keyboard menu on your computer’s desktop.

  1. Press Window+R key. A menu will appear on the bottom left of your computer screen.
  2. You will see a textbox.
  3. Enter “osk” in the given textbox.
  4. Click on the “Ok” option.
  5. A screen keyboard will pop up on your screen.
  6. Find a num lock button on it and turn it off.

In short, if you can not afford an external keyboard or the board is not available at the moment, you do not need to worry. This screen keyboard is a high convenience for you with no wastage of money or time. It performs a similar function as your hard or external keyboard. You just need to understand the steps accurately to turn off the num lock key and use the alphabets or letters instead of numbers.

3. Using Laptop Keyboard

If your keyboard is working perfectly, you do not need to use an external keyboard or screen keyboard. You can turn your num lock key on and off using your laptop too. These are the steps through which you can transfer the numeric keys into letter keys.

  1. Locate the num lock key
  2. You will find this key on the right side of the keyboard, present above the numeric keys.
  3. Press the key to turn it on. To confirm whether your num lock key has turned on or not, check a mini light on the top of the num lock button. To turn it off, simply press the num lock button again.

In short, all these ways are constructive for you to turn off your num lock button to get alphabets while typing instead of numbers. You can use these three ways if you are unable to turn off this button. If you can afford another keyboard, you can buy it. If you have no external keyboard, you can use a screen keyboard as well. In either way, you can solve the issue of mixing the number and letters of your keyboard.


How can I turn on the numeric keypad from the letters keypad on Windows 10?

If you are recently using a letter Keytab and cannot type numbers using the same keyboard, you can do something else. You need to turn on the screen keyboard. To open the screen keyboard, go to the Start menu and open the settings bar. Click on the Ease of Access, then go to the keyboard and enter the screen- keyboard. A screen keyboard will appear using Windows 10.

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Summing It Up

To sum it up, if you are an amateur or a beginner, you can face the issue of swapping the number keys and the letter keys. If you do not want to use the number keys but letters, you can turn the num lock key present on most keyboards. It will turn off the mode of the numbers and turn on the letters mode. If there is an issue with your num lock key, you can solve this issue differently. You can solve it by using external or screen keyboards as well.

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