Gaming Keyboards vs. Keypads – How To Choose the Right One for You

gaming keyboards vs. keypads

This article compares gaming keyboards vs. keypads by sharing the pros and cons of each,as well as providing tips to help you choose between a keyboard and keypad. It also offers advice on how to select the right device based on whichever category is best suited for your needs.

How To Make a Gaming Keyboard Quiet

gaming keyboard quiet

Learn how to make a gaming keyboard quiet by identifying issues that might be causing the noise, implementing practical tips to address these issues, modifying certain features, and checking out our recommendations for quiet gaming keyboards.

How to Change Switches on a Gaming Keyboard – A Quick Guide

change switches on a gaming keyboard

Learn how to change switches on a gaming keyboard with hot-swappable & non-hot-swappable keys by exploring the 5 reasons why switches may need to be changed, identifying the required tools, and following a step-by-step guide for replacing switches on each type of keyboard.

How To Choose a Gaming Keyboard Case for Your Custom Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboard case

This article explains how to choose a gaming keyboard case for your custom gaming keyboard by considering several important factors. These factors include the purpose of the case, the appropriate material to use, the best mounting style for your needs, and the top three design brands that you should consider.

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Keyboard That Is Cute

gaming keyboard that is cute

This article provides tips on choosing a gaming keyboard that is cute, including selecting a keyboard with a cute design and incorporating complementary gaming accessories to elevate the overall cuteness of your gaming setup.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use A Custom Gaming Keyboard Builder

custom gaming keyboard builder

This article provides instructions on how to use a custom gaming keyboard builder, explaining what it is, and how to find the best one. It also describes the difference between a custom gaming keyboard builder and a custom gaming keyboard kit, and provides tips on how to build a custom gaming keyboard on a budget.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Connect a Gaming Keyboard to a Laptop

Connect a gaming keyboard to a laptop

Learn how to connect a gaming keyboard to a laptop with ease, including both wired and wireless options for Mac and Windows laptops. This comprehensive guide covers the use of USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and highlights the benefits of connecting a gaming keyboard to your laptop.

Tips & Tricks To Choose a Gaming Keyboard Stand

gaming keyboard stand

This article provides tips & tricks for choosing a gaming keyboard stand, including the reasons why you need one, different types of stands, their features, and guidelines for selecting the stand that best fits your gaming and work style.

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Gaming Keyboard for Ipads

gaming keyboard iPad

This article helps you find the best gaming keyboard for iPads, with comprehensive information on how-to tips, a comparison of wireless and wired options, and step-by-step instructions for using a one-handed gaming keyboard for an enhanced gaming experience.

How To Disable the Windows Key on a Gaming Keyboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

Disable the windows key on a gaming keyboard

This article shows how to disable the windows key on a gaming keyboard, providing a comprehensive guide on the importance and functions of the key, as well as the specific steps for disabling it on Razer, Logitech, and Corsair keyboards. Gain a deeper understanding of how disabling the Windows key can enhance your gaming experience.

Is a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Good for Typing? Tips & Tricks

gaming keyboard for typing

This article discusses the question of whether a mechanical gaming keyboard is good for typing. It mentions the differences between gaming and regular keyboards and discusses the potential benefits and disadvantages of using a gaming keyboard for typing. It also suggests that there are factors to consider when choosing a mechanical gaming keyboard for typing purposes.

Tips for Finding a Quiet Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

quiet mechanical gaming keyboard

Our article provides tips for finding a quiet mechanical gaming keyboard. It explains the factors that contribute to the quietness of a mechanical keyboard, the benefits of using a quiet keyboard, and the features to consider when shopping for one.

Tips To Choose a One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

One handed gaming keyboard

We provide tips on how to choose a one-handed gaming keyboard, including what this type of keyboard is, how useful it is for gaming, and the benefits and disadvantages of using one.

Tips To Choose the Best Keyboard for Gaming

best keyboard for gaming

Our tips to choose the best keyboard for gaming will show you the features that can help to optimize both gaming and working on the same keyboard and we explain what to look for in a mechanical keyboard.

Tips To Find a Gaming Keyboard That Lights Up

gaming keyboard that lights up

We provide tips to choose a gaming keyboard that lights up including why this is necessary, what the advantages are, tips to find the best back-lit keyboard, and our top recommendations for optimal gaming.

E-Gaming Keyboard Shortcuts – A Quick Guide

e gaming keyboard shortcuts

Find out all about e-gaming keyboard shortcuts by reading through our 27 popular shortcuts for use on any PC while gaming, while playing Xbox games, and even while performing everyday work tasks.

How Many Keys Are on a Gaming Keyboard?

How Many Keys

Learn how many keys are on a gaming keyboard with a breakdown of 4 types of keyboards, the 5 types of keys on each, the 3 different keyboard layouts used in different regions, and their distinguishing features.

What Is a Gaming Keyboard & Tips To Choose One

what is a gaming keyboard

Find out exactly what is a gaming keyboard by checking out their 4 main features, 5 differences between gaming & regular keyboards, 5 tips making them worth it, and 4 tips for deciding which one to buy.

Differences Between Keychron vs. Other Gaming Keyboards

Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards

Find out the differences between Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards and why Keychron keyboards are good for gaming. Also learn about the different Keychron options available, and how they compare with Logitech gaming keyboards.

Tips To Use a Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox Cloud Gaming

mouse and keyboard for Xbox

Our tips to use a mouse and keyboard for Xbox Cloud Gaming explain the 5 steps to connect Xbox xCloud Gaming, 7 tips for choosing an Xbox keyboard & mouse, and which keyboards and mice to choose from for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

E-Gaming Keyboard Layout Tips and Tricks

e gaming keyboard layout

Find out how to choose the right e-gaming keyboard layout by comparing the functionalities, advantages and disadvantages of full-size, tenkeyless, and 75% – 40% keyboards for optimized gaming & work.

Benefits of Gaming With a Keyboard on Your Lap

gaming with a keyboard on your lap

Find out what the benefits of gaming with a keyboard on your lap are and what the disadvantages are, when to use a lap desk and how to choose the right lap desk for your work and gaming requirements.

Gaming Keyboard Recommendations That Fit Your Needs

gaming keyboard recommendations

We share gaming keyboard recommendations that would fit your needs including 7 reasons why you need one, what features your gaming keyboard should have, and we provide 3 great examples with their features and downsides, to help you choose.

What To Do When a Gaming Keyboard Is Not Working 

gaming keyboard is not working

We explain what to do when a gaming keyboard is not working including 7 reasons why it’s not working, the steps to fix each, and the tools needed to fix a gaming keyboard as well as a mechanical keyboard.