Differences Between Keychron vs. Other Gaming Keyboards

There are many reasons to choose a mechanical keyboard for gaming. Mechanical keyboards come in various designs, offering a vast range of features. One of the most sought-after features that make mechanical keyboards highly demanded is their fast actuation time. This can be achieved by creating a pressure-sensitive switch that provides tangible and acoustic feedback when the key is pressed. Features like this are what make the difference between Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards more obvious.

Compared to other mechanical gaming keyboards, Keychron mechanical keyboards have lower latency, a compact layout, RGB backlights with the option to choose colorful static backlights, and an ergonomic design for comfortable gaming.

This post by Keychron explains more about the features of this brand of keyboard.

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Reasons Why Keychron Keyboards Are Good for Gaming

Keychron is a company that specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty keyboards for professional office and IT workers. Nevertheless, later models have been designed with gaming in mind. Consequently, their keyboards are housed in an aluminum chassis, have customizable mechanical or optical switches, are mostly wireless, and have a backlight (RGB or static). All keyboards are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Moreover, they offer all layouts and sizes (from 60% to 100%) at reasonable prices, in return for such features while high-class mechanical gaming keyboards can cost over $220. 

Reasons for Keychron keyboards being good for gaming are that they have a sturdy construction, slim design, interchangeable switches, the option of both mechanical and optical switches, RGB or constant backlight, and pleasing aesthetics. 

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We explain the reasons why Keychron keyboards are good for gaming, in detail:

Reason 1. Keychron Keyboards Have Gateron Brown Switches for Faster Actuation

One of the key differences between a Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards are the Gateron browns. Due to the evenness and high sensitivity of the mechanical switches, using a mechanical keyboard like this in gaming may greatly increase your winning chances. In addition, tactile switches contain a bump that makes it easier to determine when a keystroke is actuated, allowing you to leave the key and quickly press the next one without the previous switch being bottomed out. The Brown Gateron switch, which is tactile (and has a bump on it) but still pretty smooth and responsive, is a good choice if you prefer a little feedback when you hit a key while playing games.

Reason 2. Keychron Keyboards Have Ergonomic and Compact Designs 

Anyone who works a lot on a PC knows that this can be a burdensome task for our wrists, elbows, and shoulders. A good keyboard can help eliminate this negative effect. Keychron 65%, 75%, or even 96% keyboards like these, have a compact design. The keys are easy to press and you can also place the mouse closer to the keyboard. This is all to minimize tension in muscles to prevent future pain. Furthermore, if you need additional relief while working or gaming, you can buy a Keychron resin palm support like this

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Reason 3. Keychron Keyboard’s RGB Backlight Offers Aesthetic Appeal

It’s understood that adding RGB lighting is a matter of personal taste. However, gamers and streamers love RGB lighting as it makes them feel more immersed in the atmosphere of the game.

Accordingly, Keychron keyboards like this offer the gamer the chance to select either a white LED backlight or, with a small additional cost, 18 preset RGB lightings that can be optionally turned off. Make sure to check out our article that offers tips to find a gaming keyboard that lights up. 

Reason 4. The Hot-Swappable Sockets Are Compatible With Most Mechanical Switches

At the heart of their design, Keychron keyboards like this are meant to be fully customizable and offer their users the freedom to conceive a typing experience tailored to their own choice. They frequently add tools to help facilitate this customization, distinguishing them as a great passageway for the enthusiasts, with relatively acceptable cost, and beginner-level craftsmanship. This video tutorial by ShortCircuit explains more about Keychron keyboard features.

A key difference between a keyboard from Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards is that the RGB lighting of Keychron keyboards make them aesthetically pleasing and allow the gamer to feel more immersed in the game being played.
Keychron keyboards have hot-swappable sockets that are compatible with most mechanical switches. Image Source: Amazon.

Types of Keychron Keyboards

Even though Keychron is a newcomer to the keyboard market, they already have a great variety of keyboards with layouts for all tastes and have quickly established themselves as “the workshop of the customization world”.

Types of Keychron keyboards include the Q Series (Q0 - Q10), K Series (K1 - K14), V Series (V1 - V4), and C Series (C1 and C2). 

Here we explain some of the different Keychron keyboards in more detail:

Type 1. Keychron Q1

This Keychron Q1 is the spearhead product of the Keychron taskforce. It has s a 75% format, made with a steel frame with an even thicker CNC aluminum base, and once unboxed, you’ll feel its sheer mass. This article by GeoSpacial World explains why CNC is used in manufacturing. Weighing slightly over 1.8 Kg, the Q1 could be the sturdiest modular hot-swappable, wired keyboard on the market, so far. Although originally intended for writers and programmers, the Q1 is a very practical keyboard for casual gamers, with its low click latency and compact size. 

Finally, the Q1 price might be intimidating and, in fact, there are other mechanical "barebone" keyboards selling for the same price.

A Keychron Q1 keyboard may be a better option than other gaming keyboards because of its sturdy and robust design.
Keychron Q1 is a very practical keyboard for casual gamers, with its low click latency and compact size. Image Source: Amazon.

Type 2. Keychron K2

This Keychron K2 is a rugged wireless/wired mechanical keyboard. It offers many features for an appreciably affordable price as we show below. This is another reason why keyboards from Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards are unique. It comes in a 75% design, which means it’s a TKL keyboard and houses only essential keys. Therefore, Keychron K2 allows for more desk space, without sacrificing vital switches. Besides that, the K2 is equipped with the biggest battery (4000mAh) for a mechanical keyboard.

When comparing the Keychron K2 to a gaming keyboard it has all the necessary features at an affordable price.
The Keychron K2 allows for more desk space, without sacrificing vital switches. Image Source: Amazon.

Type 3. Keychron K3

This Keychron K3 keyboard is one of the few ultra-thin and light keyboards from Keychron. The user can purchase it with Gateron mechanical (or optical) low-profile switches and keycaps. These switches are also replaceable with Keychron switches. The K3, like other members of the Keychron family, comes with an aluminum body frame and is compatible with Android/Windows or Mac/iOS. Like all Keychron keyboards, users can connect 3 different devices via Bluetooth. The only downside of the K3 is its relatively limited battery life at 1550 mAh. Despite this, K3 works smoothly for Mac users. Should you find that this is not the case check out our quick fixes if your gaming keyboard is not working properly.

The Keychron K3 has an aluminum body and is compatible with various operating systems like other gaming keyboards.
The Keychron K3 is one of the few ultra-thin and light keyboards from Keychron. Image Source: Amazon.

Type 4: Keychron K4

The Keychron K4 keyboard is based on the K2 platform but has a numeric pad in a highly compact and unique 96% layout. The K4 is ideal for intensive work users who need to manage space at home, while traveling, or at the office. It offers high wireless compatibility with PC, Mac, Linux, and Android systems. Additionally, the K4 is equipped with Gateron switches, which are currently considered the most flexible on the market.

The K4 keyboard has Gateron switches which are the most flexible on the market at the moment.
The K4 keyboard is ideal for intensive work users who need to manage space at home, while traveling, or at the office. Image Source: Amazon.

Keychron vs. Gaming Keyboard From Logitech

Although being high-priced, Logitech gaming keyboards are still gaining positive reviews in terms of ergonomics and quality of construction. 

Keychron keyboards differ from Logitech keyboards in that they are not full-sized keyboards, they are intended for different use - not just gaming. They are similar in that they can be used for work and gaming and they are both wireless and wired. 

An example of a Logitech gaming keyboard is this mechanical G915 which has a chassis made of hardened aluminum and comes with a low-profile switch design. Our article that compares gaming keyboards vs. regular keyboards explains the differences between these two types of keyboards. And the experts at Lenovo provide some great guidelines to follow, in this article, when looking for a gaming keyboard.

Let's do a quick comparison between Keychron and 3 Logitech keyboards.

1. Logitech MX Keys vs. Keychron K4

This Logitech MX is a full-size keyboard and Keychron K4 is almost full-size with "FN" and "System" keys, as well as a numeric pad. Both boards can connect to 3 different devices simultaneously, regardless of the operating system.

Despite the similarities, the following table shows several noticeable differences.

  Keychron K4 Logitech MX Keys
Keys Mechanical A variation of membrane switches and scissor-switches (pantograph switches)
Keys Swappable (compatible with all Gateron switches) Reprogrammable dedicated keys
Key mapping QMK compatibility and VIA Logitech software
Typing experience Keys have depth, tactile response and clicker sound Shorter travel distance
Typing experience A palm rest is necessary A palm rest is not necessary
Dimensions 96% format, shorter and full-height Full-size, longer with a thin profile
Weight 0.77 Kg 0.80 Kg
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1 (can connect from farther) 2.4GHz via USB-A receiver
Connectivity FN + 1, 2, or 3 to connect Independent button for each device
Flowcross N/A Flowcross comp control for file exchange
Price ~ $100 - ~ $110 ~ $120 - ~ $180

2. Keychron Q1 vs. Logitech G613

While the Q1 and this Logitech G613 are 2 mechanical keyboards, they’re intended for different market segments. Logitech advertises the G613 as a "Gaming Mechanical Keyboard", whereas the Q1 is meant for professional writing and IT. A key difference between such keyboards from Keychron vs. other gaming keyboards is that they’ve generalized them not only for gaming, but also for office work.

  Keychron Q1 Logitech G613
Keys Mechanical Gateron Phantom Mechanical Romer-G
Modular hot-swappable switches  
Key mapping All keys are compatible with QMK and VIA 6 macro keys, plus independent media buttons
Typing experience Stable and solid typing Satisfactory
Compatibility Windows/Mac/Linux/Android Windows. It can work with other operating systems but with remapping issues
Case build In all aluminum construction, the PCB is mounted on joints All plastic construction
Dimensions 75% layout Full-size keyboard
Weight 1.825 Kg 1.4 Kg
Connectivity Cable only Wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth
Battery life No battery 2 AA batteries for 18 months
Price ~ $170 - ~ $220 ~ $80

3. Keychron K2 vs. Logitech G915

The Keychron K2 and this Logitech G915 are mechanical wireless keyboards. Actually, Logitech advertises the G915 as a gaming keyboard.

Keychron K2 Logitech G915
Switches Swappable switches that are compatible with all Gateron switches Reprogrammable dedicated keys
Key mapping Needs third-party software to remap keys Logitech G-Hub software
Key legends Recognizable key legends Translucent legends
Anti-Ghosting key/n-key rollover N/A
Keys stability Rugged and stable Fairly stable
Typing experience Keys have longer travel and tactile response. Work well with Genshin Impact and even Counter-Strike, without latency issues Muffled sound, has shorter distances, has optional tactile and clicker keys, and works well with all games
Case build Plastic, but the K2 V2 has an aluminum base Aluminum body
Dimensions and form 75% keyboard with a thick profile Full keyboard with a low profile. Even a TKL is bigger than a K2.
Weight 0.794 Kg 1.025 Kg
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1 or Type-C USB cable LightSpeed, 2.4GHz USB-A receiver, or Bluetooth
FN +1, 2, or 3 to connect  
Battery life 4000 mAh allows for 72 hrs of runtime with a Bluetooth connection and 50% constant backlight 40 hrs
Charging cable C-Type USB micro-USB
Price ~ $80 - ~ $110 ~ $150 - ~ $230

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Keychron Keyboards for Gaming 

Keychron was primarily developed as a utility tool. Nonetheless, it won’t disappoint the average player with its performance, even in FPS games like Battlefield, and let's not forget that Keychron is selling a series of gaming keyboards. In this respect, the below table gives some examples of Keychron keyboards.

Keychron Gaming Keyboard Features Keyboard Connectivity Approximate Price on Amazon
Keychron K6 60% layout, wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, interchangeable switches without soldering, compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux/Android. Gaming laptops and desktops that have Bluetooth $75
Keychron K10 Full-size multitask gaming board for Windows/Mac. Wireless/wired options. 4000mAh battery. With a Siri button Gaming on PC and Mac via Bluetooth or wired connection $105
Keychron C1 TKL design. Wired USB gaming and office keyboard. Windows/Mac compatible Gaming on PC and Mac via C-USB braided cable only $75
Keychron C2 Full-size office and gaming keyboard. Mac and Windows compatible Gaming on Mac and PC by a type-C USB braided cable only $75


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