How To Fix a Gaming Mouse That Keeps Double Clicking: A Guide

You click your mouse button to take a shot at an enemy in your favorite FPS game, but instead, your mouse registers a double click, with the second shot killing a hostage which means losing a few points. Does this sound familiar? You have most likely dealt with a double clicking mouse as a gamer at some stage where one click registers as a double click which can be detrimental to your gaming performance. In this article we’ll discuss how to fix a gaming mouse that keeps double clicking.

A defective gaming mouse that causes double clicking can be the result of an old or overused mouse, a dirty mouse, the interference of signal on a wireless mouse, a corrupt Windows update, or low double click settings on Windows.

A mouse that double clicks can be frustrating. We’ll be addressing all critical issues related to a mouse and double clicking. We’ll address the inconvenience that comes with a mouse that double clicks, the possible causes of double clicking in a mouse, how to fix a mouse that double clicks, and how to test if your mouse double clicks, correctly.

A gaming mouse that keeps double clicking could be the result of a hardware problem like a manufacturer defect, the result of overuse, or bad windows double click settings.
A mouse that registers a single click as a double click can ruin the gaming experience. Image Source: Amazon.

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What Is Double Clicking In a Mouse?

Double clicking is when the front left button (for right-handed users) is clicked twice in rapid succession. A double click is a way of simultaneously providing the select and enter inputs on the mouse. 

Double clicking, as the name implies, is registering two clicks on a mouse either by a deliberate double clicking of the mouse button or as a result of a fault in the hardware or software of a gaming mouse.

To begin with, double clicking is a technique gamers use to register higher CPS (click per second) for certain games, as discussed in this thread on Hypixel. It’s one of several techniques gamers use when playing incremental games, and games like Minecraft. Another technique related to double clicking is drag-clicking. Our article about drag-clicking explains this technique and in what circumstances it is best used. 

In most instances, double clicking is a good thing as it is a deliberate clicking of the mouse button twice by the gamer. However, in this article, we’re discussing how to fix a gaming mouse that keeps double clicking when you don’t want it to.

Check out this video tutorial by Pear Crew that explains how to fix a mouse that is double clicking.

Why Is a Gaming Mouse That Double Clicks a Problem?

Many gaming mice have several programmable buttons that can trigger various actions in a game.

A gaming mouse that double clicks is a problem because it ruins the gamer’s performance, can further damage the mouse if not quickly resolved, and makes ordinary operations a nuisance.

Our article about gaming mouse specs provides an in-depth discussion of the possible uses and benefits of these additional buttons. The two main buttons on the body of the mouse control on-screen selections and clicks.

The following points are the reasons why a gaming mouse that keeps double clicking is a problem:

Reason 1. It Ruins Gaming Experience

This goes without saying - as a gamer, you thrive on precision in most games. For FPS (first-person shooter) games, every click matters, and the last thing you want is to shoot a hostage immediately after you hit a threat because your mouse accidentally double clicks. Other genres of games that you might not enjoy because of a mouse that double clicks are MOBAs and Sports games where accuracy is also important. 

Reason 2. It Further Damages the Mouse

A gaming mouse that keeps double clicking is often a sign of damaged hardware. It could be that the "switch" or the mouse's circuit is faulty or damaged. According to this article from Razer, the switch is the part of the mouse responsible for registering clicks. Continually using a mouse that double clicks would eventually lead to its complete damage. The only option is to repair it or you could buy a new one like this.

Why Does My Mouse Double Click Randomly?

Your mouse shouldn’t suddenly develop double clicking issues. Usually, most double clicking problems can be traced to issues with the components of the mouse itself or a fault with the settings of the mouse on your PC.

There are several reasons why a mouse double clicks. If the mouse is dirty, overused, or defective, It could be a hardware issue. A faulty switch or double click settings can also cause a mouse to keep double clicking.

The reason for your mouse double clicking could be one of the following:

Reason 1. A Dirty Mouse

Your mouse could be double clicking because dirt particles and food crumbs are stuck in the mouse button. Liquid spilled onto the mouse button can also lead to the buttons getting stuck when you press on them. A stuck button will stay down for longer and result in a second click. Our article about how to clean a gaming mouse explains the step-by-step process to rid your mouse of any dirt and food particles. 

Reason 2. An Overused Mouse

An old and overused mouse often ends up with internal components that have become loose, damaged, or worn out. An old mouse is more prone to developing both minor and major faults like double clicking. An over-used mouse will need to be replaced with a new mouse like this. Our article about gaming mouse costs offers tips on what features to look out for and what you can expect to pay for a gaming mouse. 

Reason 3. A Defective Mouse From Vendor or Manufacturer

It’s not unusual for defective gaming hardware to be sold by vendors or manufacturers. Products often get damaged in transit. An oversight by the manufacturer can lead to the sale of a defective product. So, if your mouse is relatively new and you notice it double clicks, you can report the issue to the manufacturer or the vendor. According to this article from Corsair, faulty items can be returned to Corsair within 30 days for a full refund or replacement product. provided the fault is not due to user damage. 

Reason 4. A Signal Disturbance

A wireless mouse transmits information to the game via signals. When there’s a signal jam, it isn’t unusual for the mouse to begin malfunctioning. Some of the issues that may arise from jamming the signals of a wireless mouse include slow-clicking or double clicking. The signals from a wireless mouse to the PC can be jammed either by EMI (electromagnetic interference) from speakers close to the mouse or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) from a wireless network router.

Reason 5. A Faulty Switch Or Damaged Components

The mouse switch is responsible for triggering clicks when the button on the mouse is clicked. A damaged switch can act out as double clicking. Other components that could be damaged include the mouse button and the circuits of the mouse.

Reason 6. Wrong Double Click Settings On Windows

You can access the double click settings of a mouse on Windows. When the double clicking setting of a mouse is set to “low,” the mouse will begin to double click. 

Reason 7. A Bad Windows Update and Faulty Mouse Drivers

A bad Windows update would affect external devices connected to the system including your gaming mouse. If the drivers for your mouse develop problems or are outdated, your mouse will malfunction, with double clicking being one of the results. 

Often updating your mouse drivers can fix a gaming mouse that double clicks.
Prevent your gaming mouse from accidental double clicks by installing the most recent driver for that mouse. Image Source: Amazon.

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How To Fix the Gaming Mouse Double Click Problem

A gaming mouse that keeps double clicking doesn’t have to be thrown out right away. There are ways to troubleshoot possible causes of, and execute solutions to the double clicking problem. 

To fix a gaming mouse with a double click problem, increase the double click speed on the Windows settings, clean the mouse to remove dirt that might be trapped in its crevices, remove all devices that might cause EMI and RFI, or buy a new mouse.

As our article about how to fix a mouse that keeps disconnecting explains, there are several issues that you need to look into when determining if and how to fix a gaming mouse.

Tools Needed To Fix a Double Clicking Mouse 

Tools/Supplies Needed Why This Tool Is Needed Example from Amazon
Philip screwdriver To unscrew the mouse Crescent cp24n 2 x 4" Phillips
Compressed air To blow out loose air Falcon compressed gas (152a) disposable cleaning duster 3 count, 10 oz. can (dpsxl3)
Alcohol dab To clean the inside of the mouse  Computer Cleaning kit Electronic Cleaner - Microfiber Cloth Wipes

The following fixes will probably resolve the double clicking of your mouse:

Fix 1.  Adjust Double Click Speed On Windows

We’ve established that one major cause of mouse double clicking is when the double clicking has been set too low on windows. When your mouse starts to double click, checking the double click settings and adjusting where necessary might fix the problem.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your Windows

This step is the same for Windows 8, 9, and 10. Go to the settings on your Windows operating system and click “Settings”, a window will pop up showing several menu options. 

Navigate to “Settings” in your Windows OS.
Select settings in your Windows operating system. Image Source: YouTube.

Step 2. Click on Mouse

Next, look for “Mouse” and click on it. The settings for your mouse will pop up. 

When the next menu window opens select “Mouse”.
Select mouse from the options. Image Source: YouTube.

Step 3. Adjust Double Click Speed

On the slider labeled “Double Click Speed,” adjust the speed of your double click.

Adjust the slider until the double click speed of your gaming mouse is suitable.
Adjust the double click settings by moving the slider. Image Source: YouTube.

Fix 2. Clean the Mouse

Dirt, food particles, and dust specks can lodge between the crevices of your mouse button, leading to a double clicking problem. Cleaning your mouse can both prevent and fix double clicking. To clean your mouse you will need compressed air like this, a clean rag like this, alcohol swabs like these, and a Philip screwdriver from a set like this in case you need to open the mouse up. 

Fix 3. Uninstall the Mouse Driver On the System

There’s always the possibility that your mouse’s driver has developed a problem. To rule out the possibility of the driver being the cause of your mouse’s double clicking, mouse manufacturers like Razer advise you to uninstall the driver after which the driver would automatically reinstall. Then check to see if the problem still exists.

Fix 4. Change the Mouse

There are some instances where changing your mouse would be the best option. For a mouse bought with this problem, you can contact your vendor, who could exchange it for a new mouse, if they offer a product warranty. It’s better to stop using a mouse with a damaged switch or button and just get a new one. 

Fix 5. Use a Wireless Mouse Away From Interference

We have established the two types of interference that can affect the signals from your wireless mouse to the PC. These are Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference. Your speakers are a source of Electromagnetic Waves. So, use your mouse at a reasonable distance from your speakers. Also, use your mouse a significant distance away from your router, as it is a source of Radio Frequency Interference.

Summary of Reasons Why Your Mouse Is Double Clicking and How To Prevent This

Reason For Double Clicking Mouse How To Prevent The Issue
Wrong double click settings Edit double click settings on Windows
Dirty mouse  Clean mouse regularly
Bad Windows diver update Install only approved Windows driver updates
Overused mouse Buy a new mouse
Defective mouse from manufacturer Always buy a mouse with a warranty from sellers
Disturbance of signals of wireless mouse Remove all source of EMI and RFI
Faulty switch and damaged components Buy a new mouse

Does My Mouse Double Click? When To Use a Double Click Test

Do you think your mouse double clicks? If you think it does then you have to run a double click test to know for sure. As the name suggests, a double click test is a test you run on websites with the right tools to detect double clicking. 

Use an online double click tester to check whether a mouse is randomly double clicking.

Google search “Double Click Test,” and you will find multiple testing websites that allow you to perform a double click test. You can perform a double click test on

These double click tests work in similar ways, no matter which website you use. You will receive a push notification prompting you to click multiple times. Alongside these prompts would be at least three columns. One would display measurements showing the speed at which you are clicking. One would show the overall amount of double clicks measured, and the last would show the debounce.

Use an online double click testing website like this, to check whether your gaming mouse double clicks.
Double-click test showing columns for mouse clicks, double clicks, and debounce. Image Source: DoubleClickTest.


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