Tips & Tricks to Optimize Gaming Mouse Drag Clicking

Gamers are consistently looking out for techniques and tips that would put them ahead of the competition. Some shortcuts and hacks can be exclusive to certain games while some are more universal. In this article we discuss how to optimize gaming mouse drag clicking.  

Gaming mouse drag clicking is the technique of increasing clicks per second by dragging fingers over the mouse buttons. To find a good mouse for drag clicking, look for a palm grip mouse with low debounce delay, and use grip tape. Take a drag-click test to determine the drag-click rate. Be careful about drag-clicking on any mouse, because it can damage the mouse button especially if the mouse being used isn’t durable. 

In this article, we will be looking at what drag clicking is; features to look for in a mouse you want to use for mouse drag clicking; how to take a drag click test, and the potential negative effects of drag clicking on a mouse

Gaming mouse drag clicking can put stress on mouse buttons. Make sure that the gaming mouse that you are using is suitable and durable enough for drag clicking.
A gaming mouse is suitable for drag clicking if it can register multiple clicks in fast succession. Image Source: Amazon.

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What Is Drag Clicking?

Gaming mouse drag clicking as the name implies simply describes a way of clicking on your mouse by dragging your fingers in a forwarding motion down the click buttons of your mouse. The purpose of click-dragging is to increase the clicks per second of a mouse exponentially. An increased click per second comes in handy in certain games like Minecraft where the success of certain actions in the game is determined by the maximum possible number of clicks a player can make.

Drag clicking is the dragging of the fingers over the button of a mouse, forcing the mouse to register multiple clicks. Gamers use the drag-clicking technique for games that require repeat multiple clicks to win. Drag clicking can be used in games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Clicker Heroes. 

According to this post by popular games like Minecraft, as well as other incremental games (also called clicker games), benefit from drag-clicking. Incremental games are designed so that the player’s success is based primarily on how often a mouse is clicked. The more rapid the click rate the higher the chances of achieving the game’s objective. 

Drag clicking, based on its definition, seems like an easy thing to do, however, successfully executing this technique depends on the gamer’s skill level and the features of the mouse. A mouse that is made from high-quality materials like this one will be able to withstand rapid clicks and drags without breaking. 

Mouse drag clicking means that more clicks are executed while gaming, than actual clicks done in succession.
Learning the drag-click technique can reduce finger strain from trying to achieve a high click-per-second rate.  Image source: Amazon.

Why Should You Use Drag Clicking?

So, now that you understand what gaming mouse drag clicking is, the question remains, why should you use this technique? We have touched on the key reason, which is to increase the number of clicks per second you can make while playing certain games. However, in this section, we shall be looking at other reasons why and how drag clicking could improve your overall gaming experience.

Drag clicking should be used to increase the click per second on a gaming mouse, and reduce the strain on the finger muscles that may come from trying to achieve high CPS from clicking the mouse button multiple times.

Click-per-second describes the number of clicks you can make in one second with your mouse and can be tested on a website like Determining this number is important when it comes to playing certain games. The whole purpose of drag-clicking is to increase the CPS of gamers so that they can have faster clicks during games.

The following pointers are reasons to try drag clicking:

Reason 1. To Increase the Click Per Second of a Mouse

The primary reason for drag clicking is to increase the click per second of the mouse. The average clicks per second of gamers is between 4-7. However, with the technique of drag-clicking, this number can be increased to anything between 60 and 70. This is a big advantage when playing incremental games and other games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Clicker Heroes

Reason 2. Prevents Strain and Discomfort From Constantly Tapping a Mouse Button

According to this article from the Canadian Center for Occupational Health, there is evidence that constantly tapping the mouse button can strain the muscles of the hand and fingers. The repetitive movement of the same muscle can lead to pain and discomfort in the dominant wrist and forearm, as well as the shoulder and neck. Drag clicking reduces the demand of having to tap persistently on your mouse button and can significantly reduce other types of referral pain in the shoulder blade and upper back. 

To master the technique of drag clicking could help to alleviate latent pain and discomfort while gaming.
Learning the drag-click technique can reduce wrist pain and other types of tension in the dominant arm. Image Source: Amazon.

How To Drag Click on Any Mouse

Drag Clicking is considered an awesome technique to increase CPS, however, not all mouse designs are fit for this. The most important reason not to drag-click is that the process takes a heavy toll on the mouse and there is the possibility of you damaging the mouse button. It is important to choose a mouse that is made from durable and robust materials. 

To drag click, begin by palm gripping the mouse pad. Then use the index finger to run through the mouse button from the back to the front. To drag click on any mouse, it’s important to first choose a mouse with robust mouse buttons. 

Our article about gaming mouse specs is a good starting point when choosing a mouse that is designed to withstand demanding maneuvers. 

This video tutorial by Timefly explains exactly how to drag click and you can also follow these steps to try drag clicking yourself:

Step 1. Palm Grip the Mouse

Simply rest your hand on the mouse with your thumb and finger resting on either side of the mouse. Palm gripping gives you the required grip to easily handle your mouse. Our article about the most popular grip types explains this and two other common hand grips to adopt when gaming and what grip is best suited to each game genre. 

Step 2. Run Your Finger Down the Mouse Button

Once you have a good grip on a mouse like this, simply run your fingers lengthwise down the mouse button you use for clicking. If you are right-handed this will be the left button, and if you are left-handed this will be the right button. 

How To Find a Good Gaming Mouse for Drag Clicking

If you will be drag-clicking, you need to get the right mouse for it. No technique is worth destroying your mouse for. There are certain qualities that your mouse should have before you begin drag-clicking with it. 

To find a good gaming mouse for drag clicking, look for a palm grip mouse with low debounce delay, high DPI, and high CPS. Use drag-clicking tape to cover the surface of the mouse button used for clicking.

Our article comparing a wireless gaming mouse vs. a wired one explains why a gaming mouse is especially suited for gaming movements and what features to consider when choosing a gaming mouse.

To understand why some of these features are required for a good drag-clicking mouse, you must understand how deep scrolling works. When you run your fingers over the button of your mouse, the friction between your fingers and the mouse button causes the button to vibrate. This vibration is picked up by the mouse switch which then translates it to multiple clicking output in the game. 

These tips will help you to find the right gaming mouse for drag clicking:

Tip 1. Look For a Mouse With Low Debounce Delay 

Debounce refers to the delay period between two clicks on a mouse. The debounce delay of a mouse has a huge effect on the CPS of a player. A high debounce delay translates to low CPS. It is important to purchase a mouse with a low debounce delay like this one. 

According to this article from Pulsar support, some mice have adjustable debounce. 

Some mice do not need a debounce delay as they come with optical switches. Optical switches use light to trigger the switches. They are faster than the traditional mice that use a mechanical switch.  

Tip 2. Try a Palm Grip Mouse

Applying the drag-click technique requires you to have a firm grip on the mouse. Not doing so would make it hard for you to execute a flawless drag click. A player adopts a palm grip then the hand is arched over the mouse with the fingertips and palm resting on the mouse body, so an ergonomic mouse like this one would be a good choice. 

A palm grip mouse, just as the name indicates, is a mouse built to accommodate your palm resting on it to make it easy for you to click its buttons. This article from Steel Series explains that there are several types of mouse grips, but the palm grip is the most popular and the best to use when you want to drag-click.

Tip 3. Use Drag Clicking Tape

As explained earlier, deep scrolling works based on friction. When you run your fingers over the button of your mouse, the friction between your fingers and the mouse button causes the button to vibrate. This vibration is picked up by the mouse switch which then translates it to multiple clicking.

Therefore, the more friction, the higher the CPS that will be registered by drag clicking. One of the best ways to increase this friction is to cover the button of your mouse with a rough material like this drag-click tape. 

Make it easier to drag click while gaming, by sticking a suitable tape onto your mouse button.
Mouse grip tape increases friction and improves drag-clicking techniques. Image Source: Amazon.

What Is a Drag Click Test

The click-per-second rate of a mouse is the measure of the number of times a gamer can click in a second. It varies from one gamer to the other. The same applies to gaming mouse drag clicking. The technique is learned and over time gamers can master how to increase their click per second using drag-clicking.

A drag click test measures the click per second of a gamer using the drag click technique. Gamers take drag-click tests to determine how many clicks they can make in a second when they apply the drag-click technique.

You can measure your click per second using the drag-click test. There are lots of automated sites that allow gamers to measure their click per second using the drag-click technique. These sites allow gamers to track their improvement. An example testing site is  

Does Drag Clicking Damage Your Mouse? 

Drag clicking is an effective method of exponentially increasing the click per second of a mouse. However, it is also a demanding one, and a mouse that is made from inferior materials will probably not endure the rapid clicking and dragging. 

Drag clicking could damage a regular computer mouse, however, most gaming mice are durable and strong enough to withstand drag clicking. A low-budget mouse cannot withstand the demand of drag-clicking, but a mid-to-high-budget mouse can typically handle more rigorous movements.

There are several top brands that manufacture mice capable of withstanding the demands of drag clicking. These popular brands are often more expensive than lesser-known manufacturers, and for good reason: hardware manufacturers invest a lot of money in developing their devices and components to deliver the best gaming and computing experience. Our article about how much a gaming mouse costs discusses what features to look out for when buying a good-quality mouse that enhances the gaming experience. Furthermore, our article explaining whether or not you can use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse may also provide you with useful information.

Summary of Popular Gaming Mice Brands and Accessories for Drag Clicking

Brand Drag Clicking Features Mouse Type
Logitech The ambidextrous design allows for drag clicking for both left-handed and right-handed gamers Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse 
Razer The comfortable grip allows gamers to adopt a palm grip hand position and employ fluid drag clicking techniques Razer DeathAdder Chroma - Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Roccat The durable and wear-resistant materials make it a robust mouse that can endure continuous drag clicking Kone AIMO Remastered PC Gaming Mouse
Mouse Grip Tape Textured tape improves the gamer’s grip on the mouse so that the click-per-second rate can easily be increased Glorious Gaming Mouse Grip Tape


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