My Keyboard is Stuck in Shortcut Mode – Disable & Turn Off

Are you worried that whatever key you are pressing is a shortcut? Then probably your window key shortcuts must not be working. Yes, your keyboard is stuck in a shortcut mode. Even if you are working, the clicking phenomenon would seem perfectly alright, but some keys would still not function as they usually do. Usually, this issue cannot be solved by only shutting it down or starting it again. Instead, you need to follow these instructions to end the shortcut mode of your keyboard.

My Keyboard Is Stuck In Shortcut Mode

The shortcut keyboard will help you to reach a specific goal by pressing two or more keys at a time. You do not need to go to a particular option to achieve some function, but only pressing two or three keys will help you get the same process. For example, you want to shut down your computer instead of going to the start menu and pressing the power button to select a shutdown option. You only need to press the Alt button and F4 button simultaneously. And by choosing the Shutdown option, you can achieve your goal.

Solution Of A Keyboard Stuck In Shortcut Mode

  1. Usually, if the keyboard is not in a shortcut mode, you press a window key and any other key to perform a shortcut function. If there is an issue with the window key, every button you press would present a shortcut. To end the shortcut mode, you need to solve the issues with your window key. It would help if you try to release a button that is causing such an issue.
  2. The second solution to solve the issue of shortcut keys is to try to use an external keyboard. If the keyboard of your laptop is stuck and you are unable to figure out the problem with it, you can use another keyboard by connecting it to the USB port. You can perform your required goal through the usage of another keyboard as well.
  3. Sticky keys are also performing the same function as the shortcut keys. The only difference is that you press sticky keys combination one after the other, but you press keys at a time for shortcut mode. If you are stuck in a shortcut mode, it can be a reason for sticky keys. Press the Shift button five times; a menu will appear. Go to the settings and turn off the sticky keys. It will also help you to come out of shortcut mode.
  4. You can also use an on-screen keyboard if your keyboard is stuck in shortcut mode. Even if you don’t have the facility of an external keyboard, this on-screen keyboard is a great help. Before fixing your keyboard completely from any professional help, you can use this on-screen keyboard to perform your immediate tasks.
  5. If you want to test whether the issue with your keyboard is stuck keys or not, you can check it through this link. This keyboard tester will show the stuck keys on a demo keyboard, and if there is an issue with stuck keys, you would hear a clicking sound. This continuous clicking sound is an indicator that some of the keys are stuck. After figuring it out, you can solve the issue of your keyboard.

In short, through these given methods, you can solve your shortcut keyboard issues. If you are unable to solve your keyboard issue by following one way, you must try others. Or, if you still can not figure out the cause, you must take your keyboard to any professional to solve the real problem. Hopefully, these different methods will help you successfully remove your keyboard from shortcut mode without bothering to take it to any professional.

List Of Shortcut Keys And Their Function

If you have the proper know-how of various shortcut keys, you will face great ease in your work. Some of the shortcut keys and their function is as follow;

Shortcut keys                        Functions

Ctrl+s                                    It helps in saving a document.

Ctrl+c                                   It helps in copying a selected text.

Ctrl+V                                   It allows you to paste a copied text.

Alt+F4                                  It gives you access to the power tab.

Ctrl+N                                  It helps you to open a new tab.


What are the shortcut keys on your keyboard?

There are some shortcut keys present on the keyboard. These shortcut keys are Alt, Shift, Ctrl, Del, etc., pressed simultaneously with other keys to perform any specific function. If any of this key is stuck or has any other issue, you are more likely to face the problem of your keyboard stuck in shortcut mode. You must solve this issue as soon as possible to work typically because this issue would not let you type normally.

Is the use of shortcut keyboards beneficial or not?

Shortcut keyboards are highly beneficial if you are short of time. If you have proper knowledge of the shortcut keys and their functions, you can perform different tasks. But the benefit of these shortcut keys can cause trouble if you are stuck in that shortcut mode. To remove your keyboard from that mode, you can try different methods at home or take your keyboard to any professional for its check-up.

What shortcut keys do you need to know?

Different shortcut keys help in performing your tasks quicker. If you are a frequent computer user, you must know some of the shortcut keys for your time-saving. One of them is Ctrl+c, which helps copy any selected piece of information. Ctrl+V enables the paste of the material on any document. The Ctrl+S is a shortcut key that is useful for saving your typed work. While pressing the Ctrl+N, open a new tab for your convenience if there is some issue with your mouse cursor.

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Wrapping It Up

To conclude, as much as shortcut keys are a blessing, they can be as much hassle. If your keyboard is not working properly and whatever button you press, giving you a shortcut result, means that your keyboard is stuck in shortcut mode. You can remove the shortcut mode of your keyboard by up-above mentioned methods. You can also change different keyboards to check whether the issue is with your keyboard or not.

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