Projector vs OLED – [ Gaming, TV, Home, Contrast in 2022 ]

Confused with what to choose between a projector and an OLED device? Here are the detailed description and comparison of both projectors and OLED Devices. So you can go through the following thoroughly and can decide accordingly.

Projector VS OLED

What is a Projector?

It is a technological apparatus that is used to project rays of light, creating an image on a big screen. It has a system of lenses in it. It projects an image on a surface known as a projection screen. It is an optical device that makes an image by shining a light through a small transparent lens. Whereas the latest technologies have changed the setup, lenses have been replaced by laser technology in some of the newer projectors. It takes the image from a computer, mobile, or laptop and shows it on a big screen.

What is an OLED?

OLED is a technology that works for displays. This Is termed as Organic Light Emitting Diode, in which each pixel is made up of the material that glows when you connect it to the electricity. It is a technology that is used for creating displays with different resolutions. An OLED demits visible light. They are also used to create television screens, computer monitors, smartphones, and games. They create the display picture with a wider viewing angle. The colors appear direct and corrected without any distortion. They make the image brighter and clearer with great contrasts of color schemes.

Uses of Projectors and OLED Devices

Both the devices are of use; it depends on your use and which device you give preference.

Uses of Projectors

1. Projectors are used in classrooms for giving a presentation with the addition of videos and pictures in the lessons and topics. You can make the explanation more interesting for the students.

2. In many companies, projectors are used to present meetings, presentations, and ideas.

3. These projectors are also used as a home theater at homes.

Uses of OLED Devices

1. These devices are used in television screens and computer monitor screens.

2. They are also used as commercial display screens.

3. They can be used as small screens in smartwatches.

4. They are also used as screens for smart devices for mobiles and tablets.

Comparison Between the Uses of Projectors and OLED Devices

For Television Purposes

OLED Tv devices are more suitable for you if you want to invest in a quality service. For the television screens, you should go with OLED compared to the projector because the projector screen gets distorted. The projector shows huge images. These OLED TVs are easier for your eyes. These OLED devices TVs are more durable than projectors.

For Gaming Purposes

For gaming purposes, one should go with projectors because some of the projectors are specifically designed to lower heat levels and can’t cause any harm regarding heat issues during gaming. Whereas the OLED devices, when used for gaming, can suffer from burn-in.

For Presentation Purposes

You can easily go with whatever you have. Most of the time, schools, colleges, and universities prefer the use of projectors instead of OLED devices. You can use whatever device is available to you.

Prices of Projectors and OLED Devices

The price and durability of every device are different from others. Similarly, the OLED devices have different prices and durability whereas the projectors have different durability and prices.

Prices of Projectors

Projectors come in a variety of different types and prices. Different brands have different prices. It depends on their functions and properties. Mostly the prices are usually high for projectors. Specifically for the good quality ones. Those projectors created especially for home theaters are not really high in prices and have dropped down recently.

Prices of OLED Devices

OLED devices are very reasonable in price. They are premium technology devices but are not expensive. When the first time they came into being, they were expensive, but now they are not very costly and easily affordable.

Comparison Between the Prices of Projectors and OLED

When we talk about the comparison of prices, there are many factors that should be looked upon. The brands, versions, characteristics, and specifications affect the cost of both the projectors and OLED devices. Still, it is observed that OLED devices are mostly cost-friendly and affordable as compared to projectors. Projectors are quite higher in rates than OLED Devices. It is said that OLED devices are premium quality technology at a lower price.

The durability of Projectors and OLED Devices

Longevity or the age of the device somehow depends on how much you are using and how carefully you are handling the device. Here are some of the facts to know about the durability of projectors and OLED devices.


Projectors don’t last very long. They sometimes use lamps that may burn out. Dust and dirt can also easily accumulate in the projectors. These things can affect the functioning of the projectors for a long.


OLED devices rarely need maintenance. The LEDs that power them have a long life span. They will not get affected by your use when you are using it accurately and with proper attention.

Comparison of Durability of Projectors and OLED Devices

In terms of life, durability, or a longer life span, you should go with OLED Devices rather than projectors. If you want to make full out of your money, go with OLED devices. They will last longer and most probably will not cause you any maintenance charges.

Brightness and Contrast of Projectors and OLED Devices

Brightness plays an important role in producing the clear, sharp image exactly that you want. Suppose there are problems with brightness or contrasts. There would definitely be problems with the image produced.


At times projectors need dim light to produce a clear image. Brightness matters a lot because if the screen is dim, the room needs to be darker in order to produce a clear image. Projectors don’t provide a brighter picture. It cannot help you in a sunny area or brighter rooms. Contrast itself is also a part of brightness; as described above, the brightness of the projector is dim, which can cause the contrast to ruin the image.

OLED Devices

OLED Devices, on the other hand, can easily spread plenty of brightness. It has light color schemes to throw an image. The brightness feature is mind-blowing. OLED Devices can keep your shows, videos, and images brighter even in rooms filled with light. Similarly, the contrast of the image is excellent because it also depends on brightness, so when the brightness is alright, the contrast Is alright.

Comparison Between Brightness and Contrast of Projectors and OLED Devices

OLED Devices are quite better at handling light, brightness, colors, and contrasts. They produce sharp, clear images without any lightning problems or hurdles in between. Suppose you want to choose according to the brightness level. You should definitely go with OLED devices.

Pros/Cons of Projectors

  • It has such a big screen.
  • It is easy to mount on the ceiling of the wall. We can say it has space storing features.
  • The big screen is relaxing for the eyes to watch.
  • you can’t walk in front of projected beams.
  • The light of the screen is not bright enough to produce a clear, sharp image.
  • It contains lamps in it that may burn out and cause hindrance to the projected screen.

Pros/Cons of OLED Devices

  • The organic layers of an OLED are lighter, thinner, and flexible than projectors and other LEDs.
  • OLED is much brighter. It has strong contrast colors.
  • They are easier to maintain and produce and can be changed into larger sizes.
  • Water can damage OLED Devices.
  • Manufacturing processes are at a lower level these days.
  • You cannot play your games on it.


Is OLED really that much better?

In terms of the quality of the picture, yes, it’s better than projectors. It produces a lighter, brighter and sharp image that you can view even in a light-filled room. But in terms of gaming, your OLED is not better than projectors.

Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?

The projector is designed for producing a much larger image than a television screen. If you want to watch a movie, you can go with a projector, but it would be No when it comes to everyday TV watching.

Is a projector better than an OLED TV?

It is better to choose a projector if you’re choosing to create a home theatre. But if you want to buy the product for everyday continuous television watching. The projector isn’t better than a TV.

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Final Thoughts

Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages of their own. They do have their own pros and cons of functionalities. What to prefer and what to not depends on your need. For what purpose you need a projector or OLED that will finalize what you are exactly going to use. There are different scenarios on the basis of which you can choose.

By keeping in view all of the aspects of both projectors and OLED Devices, you can choose wisely. Make sure you compare everything picture quality, sound quality, resolutions, convenience, and above all your need for what purpose you have to choose in between OLED and projector.

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