QKK QK02 6500 Lumens Projector Review – Mini & Portable

Want to watch your movies with your friends and family on a big screen but can’t go out to the cinema? Don’t worry, QKK 6500 Lumens mini projector is at your rescue to provide you with a fantastic image and a similar experience to a cinema. It will satisfy your theatre needs sitting at your home.

The QKK 6500 is a mini budget projector perfect for your indoor and outdoor activities. A projector not just for your movies but through which you can play games, view photos and documents or play music on a big screen. Wouldn’t you like a projector which is portable with your smartphone as well? Well, then you are on the right track. This projector has all the good features a projector should have in a mini compact size.

QKK QK02 6500 Lumens Review

Rating: 4.5/ 5

QKK 6500 Lumens Review

The projector’s game has become so strong in the market. We are getting a variety of projectors with top-tier qualities, price, and compatibility. QKK 6500 is also up with the mark with its quality features and is a perfect projector with the right price tag. Listed below are some remarkable attributes which will attract you to buy this product that instant.

High LED Resolution

First thing first, the mini projector comes with high LED resolution. The high LED resolution means more pixels and more pixels give a clearer and better picture. The times for blurry movies are over. With this 6500 lumens projector, you get a 1080p image projection. Unlike the other traditional projector with which the image quality is dropped, but QKK mini projector is up to the mark.

Bigger Screen Projection

The QKK mini projector comes with a 100 inches big screen projection. You can have a more expansive display with this mini projector. It has a “40-170” display projection from 1-4 m distance, ideal!!. As it is said for projectors, the bigger the image, the lower the quality gets, but this is not the case with the QKK projector.

Lamp Life

The thing about this lamp which sounds so promising is its extraordinary lamp life. The product specification says it provides 50,000 hours of lamp life. You do not need to worry about changing the LEDs with this lamp’s lifespan, even if you use it 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 years.

LCD Technology

Moreover, the projector has five layers of LCD. It will ensure the protection of your and your family’s eyes. With this technology, not just your eyes are protected, but the projector’s life is also increased. It will last for a longer time. Sounds interesting.

Multiple Input Options

The projector has many input options such as AV/USB/SD/HDMI/VGA/Headphone. This feature gives flexibility to the users. You can plug in your headphones. You can connect it to your Pcs, laptop, PlayStation or Xbox for games, BlueRay DVD player, and even your smartphone. All in all, the product is all in one projector.

Inbuilt Speaker

This is rare in projectors to have good inbuilt speakers, but this projector comes with a good sound system. You do not need to attach an extra external speaker if you are watching a movie indoors with a few of your friends. It delivers good audible sound.

Warranty and Size

The QKK 6500 lumens projector has a 3 years full warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product or find some drawback, you can return it with a 100% money return. The other fascinating thing about the product is its size and compact body. Unlike other projectors, which are a lot bulkier, this one is surprisingly lightweight.

  • Excellent picture and sound quality
  • portable
  • Affordable
  • Do not work in ambient light.


How do I connect my phone to my QKK mini projector?

The QKK mini projector has an HDMI/USB input plug. To connect your android smartphone to the projector, you simply plug it in the HDMI plug through a type c adaptor. You can also connect your IOS phone to the QKK mini projector.

How do I connect a QKK mini projector to a laptop?

To connect your laptop with a QKK mini projector, it would be best if you shut down your laptop first. Connect your laptop to the projector’s external port with a VGA cable. After this step, turn on your laptop and connect the projector to an electric supply. Please turn on the projector, and you are ready to use it.

Are mini projectors worth buying?

If you are given a good deal as a small portable projector, then why not. The smaller the object is, the easier it is to carry around and use. And if a portable and smaller option gives high-quality results, then it is worth it. You get to enjoy a whole cinema-like feel with just a mini projector.

What are the minimum lumens for a projector?

The number of lumens in a projector depends on where it is used. For example, if you need a projector for your indoor house activities, 1500 lumens is good enough. For auditoriums and big halls, you need 2500 lumens. Whereas a projector with 7000 is perfect for your outdoor movie night in your backyard.

Wrapping It Up

Everyone needs an upgrade to their entertainment. You are not always available to go to theatres or cinemas. To enjoy your friends at home, watching your favorite movies or your wedding film or graduation video on a bigger screen, reviving the memories is the best feeling. The QKK 6500 lumens make all this possible. You can have the best projector at such a low price.

The projector is ideal for its features and flexibility. It has a high-resolution display, 5 layers of LED screening, an inbuilt speaker, multiple-input plugs so you can even connect it to your smartphone, portable, easy to carry with you to a trip or picnic above all remarkable lamp life. To invest in this product is worth it.

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