Wireless Gaming Mouse Vs. Wired – How To Choose the Right One for You

There are two types of gaming mice, wired and wireless. There are many advantages and disadvantages when selecting one kind of mouse over the other. Wired mice generally have a more stable connection than wireless, but the latest high-quality gaming mice have connections that are just as reliable. Wireless gaming mice offer gamers flexibility because they can be placed anywhere on the desk and are not restricted by cable length. Let's take a closer look at a wireless gaming mouse vs. a wired one.

A wireless mouse is more comfortable and more durable than a wired mouse. It also allows gaming from further away. However, it has a limited battery life, increased cost and weight, and generally is more unreliable. To choose the right gaming mouse first consider its weight and durability. Then think of the degree of speed and precision required, its reliability, comfort, and the distance it will be used from.

This video tutorial by optimum tech explains the differences between wired and wireless mice.

A high-tech wireless gaming mouse vs. a wired mouse will have the same responsiveness and accuracy.
High-tech wireless gaming mice offer serious gamers flexibility and accuracy. Image Source: Amazon.

Are Wireless Gaming Mice Better Than Wired?

Wireless gaming mice are on the rise. Wired models might still be popular among traditional gamers, but they are losing market dominance to their cordless competitors.

Advantages of Wireless Gaming Mice

Wireless gaming mice help people keep a clean and ordered workstation. According to this article from the Journal of Behavior Research Methods, the cable on a wired mouse can often get in the way and result in inaccurate clicks which wouldn’t happen with a wireless mouse like this.

1. Comfort

Wireless gaming mice are 21st-century gaming devices widely adopted for laptops and mobile devices. The main benefit of using them is increased comfort as there is no wire that gets in the way of your intended movements.

2. Range

Most modern wireless gaming mice like this can cover a large range. As such, they allow for conveniently playing games on large screens from the other side of the room.

3. Durability

On account of wireless gaming mice not having cables, their lifespan is increased significantly. Users can move them around without worrying about tangled cables.

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Disadvantages of Wireless Gaming Mice

There are a number of disadvantages you might experience when using a wireless gaming mouse.

1. Battery Life

A downside of using a wireless gaming mouse is its limited battery life. Users need to power their batteries relatively often and may need to buy new batteries when the original ones fail. A way around this is to use rechargeable batteries like these, which you can charge with a USB cord. 

2. Cost

Due to the relatively advanced technology used in producing wireless gaming mice they can be quite expensive. Charging docks like these tend not to be cheap either. If the mouse uses batteries the brand of battery used determines the cost of replacement. AA batteries, for example, can be replaced at a low cost, more expensive lithium-polymer batteries will set you back quite a bit.

3. Weight

Wireless gaming mice are quite heavy due to the added battery weight. However, this varies per model and brand. Lightweight wireless options like this do exist; make sure to check weight information before making a purchase.

4. Signal Interference

Although signal interference can be regarded as an outdated problem due to improved technology, some users still experience connectivity issues. High-quality wireless mice will scan for nearby signals and choose the one with the least traffic.

Advantages of a Wired Gaming Mouse

A wired gaming mouse is highly reliable for transmitting information as signals can not interrupt it. They are fast and tend to be relatively cheap. Read our article comparing regular mice to gaming mice to learn about their similarities and difference. Furthermore, this article will explain whether or not you can use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse, so be sure to check that one out too.

1. Price

Wired gaming mice like this are relatively cheap when compared to wireless models because they do not require much hardware for connectivity. The need for more hardware components in a wireless gaming mouse generally makes them more expensive.

2. Speed

A wired gaming mouse operates at high speed and can reach about a 0.125 millisecond response time. Wired gaming mice like this generally have a higher CPI than wireless models. CPI stands for counts per inch, which refers to the sensitivity of a mouse to your movement. While having sufficient CPI is important, there are many other factors that determine how well your mouse allows you to play. Read this article by Steelseries for an explanation of why higher CPI is not always better.

Disadvantages of a Wired Gaming Mouse

Wired gaming mice can get tangled up and tend to be less convenient to use when compared to wireless ones. The cord lies exposed and can be damaged relatively easily.

1. Comfort

Tangled wires and movement blocked by wires can lead to unexpected friction while gaming. Ideally, a wireless mouse is used to maximize comfort. 

2. Durability

Since wired gaming mouse cables are exposed and lengthy, they are prone to damage. As such, a wired gaming mouse is more likely to break than a wireless model.

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Tips To Choose Between a Wireless Gaming Mouse Vs. Wired Gaming Mouse

Still considering whether to get a wireless or wired mouse? We will now provide more in-depth tips to help you decide which type to choose.

When choosing between a wireless gaming mouse vs. a wired mouse, buy a wired mouse for a stable connection, light weight, and to save money. Buy a wireless mouse to be more mobile and to reduce resistance and friction. 

Follow these tips when choosing between a wired and wireless gaming mouse:

Tip 1. Buy a Wired Gaming Mouse To Save Money

A wired gaming mouse like this is ideal if you want value without spending too much money. Do consider that wired mice are more vulnerable to damage so in the long run buying a wireless mouse may pay off. However, if you have a clean desk and are cautious with your items, a wired gaming mouse is likely to be the least costly option.

Tip 2. Choose a Wired Mouse For a Stable Connection

Stable connectivity is non-negotiable when gaming. A wired mouse will help you play without needing to worry about connectivity issues stemming from a jamming signal or flat batteries.

When it comes to gaming, a wireless mouse may not have a connection that is as stable and consistent as a wired mouse would have.
When comparing wired and wireless gaming mice, the former type has a more stable connection. Image Source: Sit work play.

Tip 3. If You Prefer a Lightweight Mouse, Consider Getting a Wired Mouse

Wired mice are often lightweight due to their lack of batteries. A light model like this can be moved quicker and easier. This is convenient when playing games that require accuracy and precision such as shooters. Moving a heavy mouse also puts pressure on the wrist. As such, lighter models tend to be better for both performance and health.

A wired gaming mouse is usually lighter than a wireless one due to the lack of batteries needed to power a wireless mouse.
A light-weighted wired gaming mouse is reliable and can improve your performance in games that require quick movements. Image source: Amazon.

Tip 4. A Wired Mouse Does Not Need To Be Charged

If you want a mouse that does not require frequent charging, you should go for a wired model that is powered by the computer. Ensure that your computer is compatible with the mouse, as incompatibility may result in connectivity errors.

Tip 5. Use a Wireless Mouse for Less Resistance and Friction 

Excess wires or cables around your workstation can cause resistance and friction. Using a wireless mouse eliminates the chances of experiencing such troubles while working or gaming.

Use a wireless gaming mouse if you need a mouse with less friction.
A wireless gaming mouse doesn’t cause friction compared to its wired counterpart. Image Source: Windows Central.

Tip 6. Try a Wireless Mouse If You Like Gaming From Your Couch

A wireless mouse allows for gaming comfortably from your couch as you are not confined to your desk all day as with a wired mouse. You can choose to play your video games from 10 feet away and find the best place to use the mouse from.

Summary of the Benefits of Using a Wireless Gaming Mouse vs. a Wired Gaming Mouse:

Player preference  Wired vs. wireless mouse which one is better Example product Price
Reliable connection Wired mouse Evga X12 Gaming Mouse ~$15
Easy movement, no friction Wireless mouse Hotweems Wireless Mouse, D-09 Computer Mouse ~$10
Low price  Wired mouse Rgb Gaming Mouse Wired ~$10
Portability & flexibility Wireless mouse Coolerplus FC112 USB Optical Wired Computer Mouse ~$15
Lightweight Wired mouse Mini Ultralight Wired Gaming Mouse by LexonElec ~$15
Value for money Wired mouse Logitech M500s Advanced Corded Mouse ~$30
Optimal gaming performance There are excellent models of both types Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse ~$70

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Tips for Choosing the Best Wired Gaming Mouse

If you decide to go for a wired gaming mouse do consider our tips on selecting a quality model. 

Tips for choosing the best wired gaming mouse include considering cord weight, RGB functionality, DPI, and polling rate. 

Also, see this article from the Collegian to learn more about which features to select for optimal performance. And it may be a good idea to check out our tips on how to conduct gaming mouse quality testing.

Follow these tips to choose a wired gaming mouse:

Tip 1. Find a Mouse With a Lightweight Cord for Easy Movement

You can minimize the discomfort of using a wired mouse by opting for a model with a lightweight cord as this will improve movement and allow for switching postures more easily.

A wired mouse with a light cord will still allow for convenient movement.
A wired gaming mouse with a light cord will enable easy movement. Image Source: Meckeys.

Tip 2. Consider the RGB Functionality

RGB or “red, green, blue’’ refers to decorative lights on the surface of the hardware. Streamers might benefit from choosing an RGB-compatible mouse as many consider it aesthetically pleasing. For gamers, the colors can help differentiate buttons, although this is generally more useful on keyboards like this than on mice.

The different colors of an RGB mouse are preferred by some gamers.
Many gamers consider mice with RGB lighting to be aesthetically pleasing. Image Source: Longitude.

Tip 3. Choose a Mouse with a High Polling Rate

Although DPI and polling rate are often used interchangeably, they serve different purposes. The polling rate describes how fast a mouse cursor responds to a change in direction. This means that a mouse with a high polling rate like this Delux wired ergonomic vertical mouse, which sports a 10000hz polling rate, will quickly return to its initial position when directed by the user.

Tip 4. Look for a Mouse With a DPI That Matches Your Style Of Gameplay

The dots-per-inch ratio determines your sensor's sensitivity. A mouse with a DPI range from 800 to 2000 is ideal for most users. Some competitive and professional gamers prefer a DPI higher than that like this mouse has. If you play games that require fast reaction times, consider getting a mouse with a higher DPI range. Our article about choosing a DPI range to optimize gameplay will walk you through the DPI options and what setting is suitable for your particular game. 

How To Choose the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse needs to be reliable. Problems with connectivity and responsiveness can cause frustration during a game, so choosing a wireless mouse that isn’t affected by interference from other devices is important. Our article about how to fix a mouse that keeps disconnecting discusses ways to troubleshoot connection issues. 

To choose the best wireless gaming mouse, look for a model with long battery life. The mouse should also charge quickly and conveniently, and fit aesthetic preferences.

Follow these tips to choose a wireless gaming mouse:

Tip 1. Look For a Mouse With Extended Battery Life

Choosing a premium lithium-ion battery from a reputable brand will save you the frustration of a malfunctioning mouse and the hassle of constantly having to change the battery. See this article by Whats A Byte, on identifying a wireless mouse battery with a long lifespan.

Tip 2. Consider a Model that is Aesthetically Pleasing

Aesthetics should also be considered when choosing a wireless gaming mouse. Many brands offer multiple color and lighting variations to choose from. A mouse with RGB lights like this one can complement the other gaming accessories. Our article about gaming mouse accessories lists 10 useful additions to your gaming setup that both enhance the aesthetic and overall gaming experience. 

Tip 3. Find A Mouse That Charges Quickly & Conveniently

You do not want to be forced to stop using your computer as a result of the battery of your mouse constantly running low. Consider buying a model that minimizes downtime and charges quickly like this one. 


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