YABER V2 Projector Review – [ Mini & Portable with WIFI ]

Are you in search of a wifi portable projector for conventional use? Do not worry as Yaber, a projector manufacturer, has a solution for you by introducing a mini wifi projector known as Yaber V2. It is the latest model with the latest features. So if you are hosting a movie party for friends or going out on a camping trip, the Yaber V2 projector has got your back.

With the evolution of the projector, the latest ones are coming with more profound features. The projector manufacturing companies are keeping the needs and demands in view for better results. Such as in the case of the Yaber projector manufacturing company.

Yaber V2 has all functions that a person can ask for in a projector and it’s one of the finest projector for under $200. It is portable, lightweight, wireless, and has wifi and remote control features. You can play your games by connecting a VGA cable to the projector, watch movies and documentaries and binge-watch shows on Netflix with good audio and sound quality. All this and much more features in the Yaber V2 projector are available at a low cost.

Yaber V2 Review

  • Technology: LCD/LED
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 px (HD) | 1920 x 1080 px (Full HD)
  • Brightness: 7000 lumens
  • AirPlay / MiraCast / DLNA: Supported
  • Contrast ratio: 6000:1
  • Focus: Manual
  • WiFi connection: Yes (strictly to connect iPhone, iPad and Android devices)
  • Keystone Correction: ±15º vertical and horizontal
  • Screen size: 45 – 200 inches
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 / 4:3
  • Projection distance: 3,8 – 16,4 ft (1,15 – 5 m)
  • Distance/size recommended: 9,8 ft (2,95 m)
  • Lamp life: 100000 hours.
  • Power input: AC 100-240V
  • Dimensions: 7,6 x 4,9 x 2,9 in (19,3 x 12,4 x 7,5 cm)
  • Weight: 4,09 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Design and Setup

While purchasing Yaber V2 projector, you will receive the projector and multiple related accessories. It comes in white color. It has numerous ports for connectivity purposes, such as HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV port, and it also includes a microphone jack. It has a matte surface with compact nature. It consists of 3 fans that make the projector heat dissipate while it is in function.

The front vent consists of a lens, and the rear vent consists of ports and deals with connectivity, The assembling of the Yaber V2 mini projector effortless. On opening the box, you will get a projector with a warranty, instructions, and manual. You will get a simple projection screen that is 80 inches with double-sided velcro tapes.

A small cloth comes in the box for lens cleaning, 3 in 1 audio-video cable, an HDMI cable, a level adjuster, a lens cover, power cable, and remote control. However, it does not come with a tripod stand, but the remote control is there in compensation.

Usability and Compatibility

Out of the box, it is pre-charged, so you can directly use it by inserting an HDMI or VGA cable into the desired device. Yaber V2 also integrates the Zoom function that allows zooming in and out, from 100 to 75%. You can perform this function with the help of a remote. It features a mirroring ability that allows Yaber V2 to mirror games, photos, movies, and videos from your phone or Miracast devices to the projector wirelessly.

When it comes to compatibility, Yaber V2 portable projector is compatible with many devices like IOS, Android systems, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, laptop, Xbox, PC, and DVD or Blu-Ray player. It also supports a hard drive and external speakers or headphones. It shows compatibility with Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV Stick, with which you can get accessibility with apps like Netflix, etc.

Image and Sound Quality

It is recommended for sharp and profound projections to watch movies or display images in a dark room with curtains drawn, or it even works in semi-lit or dim room. An image’s colors fade away in bright light, affecting the projection and the image or movie quality. Yabe V2 features 5500 lumens of brightness, and the contrast ratio is up to 6000:1, which enables it to project an image with impressive quality.

The native resolution of the Yaber V2 wifi projector is 1280x720pa and also supports a 1080p resolution. Another outstanding feature of Yaber V2 is the SCT screen that shows a better quality image with clarity and 60% brightness. This feature is not present in many expensive projectors.

Yaber V2 has inbuilt dual stereo speakers of 3 Watts that fill a small or medium room with sound when it comes to sound quality. If the sound seems low in a large room. While using the projector, you can plug in some external speakers or headphones. Yaber V2 is also featuring Dolby sound technology that offers a movie with surround sound 5.1.

Portability and Cost

The prominent feature of the Vaber V2 projector is its portable nature. You carry it around anywhere you. It may not be of palm-size like other projectors. Still, it is compact enough to fit inside a bag and allows the handy carriage. It weighs 2.2lbs. However, it does not feature wireless portability.

As far as cost is concerned, the Vaber V2 wifi portable projector is not expensive and has various impressive features and projector accessories. It also offers a repair warranty for five years. You can get Vaber V2 mini projector online from sites like Amazon or purchase it from markets directly depends on convenience.

Why Vaber V2?

Why getting Vaber V2 projector is an intelligent choice in comparison to any other projector. In this case, let’s take Vaber Y61. Vaber Y61 projector is similar to the Vaber V2 color white, but it is bulky compared to Vaber V2. Vaber Y61 projector has limited connection compatibility, while you can connect Vaber V2 projector to many devices.

Vaber V2 mini projector consists of a TF card used to insert the SD card to watch movies or shows wirelessly. However, Vaber Y61 does not have this feature, so in that case, you have to use a USB port, and from there, you can play music or movies from the projector.

Vaber V2 projector features keystone correction that allows the image to project in both horizontal and vertical directions. But the Vaber Y61 projector, although it features keystone correction only in one direction. There is a considerable price difference. The Vaber V2 is cheaper, even though the V2 projector has more functions than Vaber Y61. Therefore, this makes Vaber V2 a better option for purchasing.

  • Profound image quality
  • Dolby sound technology
  • Multiple connection compatibility
  • Lacks a tripod stand


Yaber V2 Wi-Fi mini portable projector is light on budget and offers various functions primarily available in sturdy expensive projectors. It features inbuilt 3 watts double stereo speaker with Dolby sound technology, SCT technology that enhances an image’s profoundness. It offers multiple port options along with screen mirroring and zoom functions. It also incorporates remote control usage and arrives within the projector box.

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